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Dolphins taking 17-10 lead into 4th quarter

The Dolphins didn't collapse in the third quarter!

Actually, they increased their lead on a Dan Carpenter field goal.

So can they hold on? Is this the first Dolphins victory of the season?

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues. We will find out together if Suck for Luck is dead.


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Refs should be ashamed of themselves for making such a bad offensive pass interference call against a team already 0-6.

Dolphins running on 3rd and 18. Lol.

Does Sparano WANT this job?!?!?! Run on 3rd and 18? Wow...

It has come to a place in which I can't stand Sparano. Anything he does makes me puke. Am I wrong?

Guys sweating this one out! Henning was always an easy target.

playing not to lose again

Miami will give Giants EVERY opportunity to win this game....and so will the refs.....

The Fins are destined to this.

It's up to the Defence Period (my balls are sweating, heavily).

I hate to tell you John but Tony was fired last year the stupid ass owner could not get a replacement so we have this wonderful season to show for it

Running on 3rd and 18 was actually the most sound call that could be made at the time. We're still up 17-13, not down 17-13.

Here we go again.....

...You guys complaining about wide open recievers..Consider this. The defense has given up 13 freekin points. Perhaps the idea is to give the recievers cushion to eliminate the threat of a big play. We have to play help coverages..I'm assuming cover 3, but can't tell because I can't see the whole field. The strategy has been affective so far. Remember, the Giants are Pro's as well. they are going to make some plays. Limit the big play opportunity, and try to keep things in front of you.

What a shitty call. The NFL should be ashamed of themselves. Refs in hockey, baseball and basketball are 10 times better than these clowns.

We need a defensive stop!!!!

13 pts...about to be twenty soon darryl...just sayin!!!

Marlon Moore is also a walking wounded now.

Once again we go into our prevent offense and will lose this game, no question.

Shannon Sharpe is living proof that anyone can get a job in broadcasting. Utterly unintelligible.

Passing on 3rd and 18 would have been playing to lose in that situation and you're up 17-13.

What if it resulted in a pick 6 or something else just as disastrous? I support the play call.

Kevin Kolb...the CON ARTIST....can't even hold a 24-3 lead over the Ravens

And it begins.... Still in the running for Luck. Rams will win, so we are in company with... The AWFUL Colts. If they piss this lead away, as we say every week, Sparano better be gone.

That call on Marshall was BS!! It will be the difference maker.

NO PASS RUSH ON MANNING Seriously put in Misi.

we r this bad because our coaching is THAT bad. here we go again with a last minute debacle...

Manning could throw the football sitting on a couch. Where's the pass rush? There's your answer about our secondary Armando. It ain't rocket science.


Bell against Bradshaw-what a strategy-no pass rush-our corners-no idea of interception or defense

Dolphins getting no pass rush this quarter.

What a joke of a product we put out there.

I know this has been covered, but Sean Smith is God awful. I mean, this guy is a joke. He's just terrible. Please get rid of him

Is Sparano coaching two games? Seems they are stealing his coaching techniques in Arizona...





And that's why we cut Will Allen.

WE WANT LUCK!!!!!!!!

Geez this is hard to watch, our secondary sucks

Holly Cow....Wilson makes a play

Good coverage and tackle Mr. Allen.


I KNEW we had it in us!

Great tackling Will Allen!


Daryl.....its 20 freaking points now......lol

the dream is over....the nightmare start right now

Let's go guys, back on the luck bandwagon!

This is why you dont root for your team to lose. If thier bad they will lose anyway.

What a non-tackle by 3 Dolphins-Will Allen-Yeramiah-gives up-Giants lead-wow

Well, that should just about do it. At least the Rams are winning


huge no come on d one stop since the fins already used 2 to's lol

There it is.

Lousy Dolphins fans...notice how their stadium is sold-out.

Bad play calling, bad execution, Bad defense. Just plain BAD

I told you guys 17 points would be it. We won't score again. The minute Sparano has 17 points he wants to run the football. Fuc***g clueless.

How long is Ross going to back TS. We are the laughing stock of the AFC. Didn't we own it at one time?

If Andrew Luck doesn't declare himself elegible for the draft it will be painful to the extent it will become funny.

Again sacrano did it

The Luck train will NOT be derailed!!!

Not that it's the refs fault, but they sure as hell aren't helping us.

Win or lose, Im proud of the effort our outmanned squad putout today. Who would have thought this game would even be close in the 4th qtr.

We are not sucking for luck.

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