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Dolphins taking 17-10 lead into 4th quarter

The Dolphins didn't collapse in the third quarter!

Actually, they increased their lead on a Dan Carpenter field goal.

So can they hold on? Is this the first Dolphins victory of the season?

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues. We will find out together if Suck for Luck is dead.


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and it became 20 by hitting a WIDE OPEN reciver....followed by extremely poor tackling by the same secondary....


The Fins are like a Jack Kevorkian patient. The drip has started.

We, can, pray to St.Jude or your favorite Deity.

Come on Matt, do your best tebow and get us 7

This team has scored 24 points once... Can they do it again?


Glad I dont have any ownership share in this team.......Focal point of comedy central right now...!!!

Our entitre secondary has been owned all day by Elu, Honestly, who is worse Jimmy Wilson or Sean Smith?

3rd and 18 - run ush up the middle. What the hell... oh wait, that's normal for us. That's on the coaching.

Scared to succeed = doomed to fail.

And there's the proof - Giants take the lead almost immediately.

Wilson another dud from Montana. Send him and Lex out to pasture already.

We go three and out and I will laugh my as- off. This team is the greatest Comedy Show on Earth!!!

Armando-All those 1st, 2nd + 3rd round picks on the D-line have really paid off-no QB, TE, WR, RB-but we have a great D-line-Yeah-right-don't let Ireland on the Plane!

Finally a return

Once again the refs will help a New York team win. Thanks a lot.

We are not sucking for luck.

Posted by: yesterday's gone | October 30, 2011 at 03:37 PM

I AM!!!!!

Sorry, guys. But the team played with some hear today. The defense tackled well and they had some nice tackles for loss. Moore played a good game also as did Bush. If they lose this game I'm not going to be happy because they are one more loss closer to the first pick.

back in buisness at the 40 yard line...

Suck for Luck will not be denied!!! Go Rams!!!

What a call

No gain on first down. LOL!

I smell an INT.


We all know this team blows. Still Im proud of the fight theyve put up today!

Terrible---week in, week out

The good, we suck. The bad we suck. The ugly truth we need some luck.


Sparano you're a fu****g idiot. A real fu****g IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why are we running?

Those two timeouts going to become important here pretty quickly.

That's it...we are now Third and 14. I know what to do....run it up the middle!!

No push-no passes

SACKED!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!

Total meltdown


Same as always

Colts score 10 but down by 10

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha....3 and OUT. It's so damn predictable...You have to laugh!!! This team stinks. Bush played well today. He was right this team really STINKS!!!

Now everyone root for Dallas, so they'll fire Andy Reid and he can be hired here

ONLY ONE TIMEOUT LEFT!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!

Suck for Luck!
Thanks for keeping alive the dream of having a franchise QB on our roster.

It's games like this that prove the NFL is rigged

Sparano you ARE CLUELESS... NFL coach? LOL!!!

Jajajaja Colombo did it again

Not rooting against them here, but if 0-16 happens, it happens. Has anyone seen or heard anything from Ross that gives you the impression he is on the verge of taking command? Mando, you gonna let us in on the bathroom conv, lol?

Armando-ask about this lunatic play calling + no protection-push-minus 7 yards-4th quarter

So F*cn predictable....the reason to fire Sporano now is because of his ineptitude while coaching the game. We get outcoached and outplayed in EVERY 4th quarter. Put anyone to hold the seat warm for the next guy--Rob Ryan.

7 total yards jajajaja

We all know our team is terrible. So whats you guys point?

-7 yrds...sound like things are looking up for us...in the draft that is!!!

Perhaps someone should call a quick slant every now and then for Moore to throw, instead of expecting our lead foot receivers to get open quickly. O wait, that would require a coaching adjustment. My bad.


Negative 7 yards of offense for Miami. Would somebody call dan henning out of retirement?

Sparano makes Cam Cameron look like Vince Lombardi.

Again-1 time out leaves you very little chance to win

Did you watch Luck last Night, you are the Biggest A-hole I have seen on this blog. If the Fins get the 1st pick and Luck says stick it Miami, I will laugh my ass off cause of jerk_offs such as you

AndBurnett drops an interception!!!

Holy Crap! Was that a pass defensed???????

Coaching staff has no reason to coach they have been fired already. They are just dead men walking. The constant fire Tony chats are just stupid. If you can't see he is gone by season end you are just as dumb.

It's not Tonys fault, he didn't draft Sean Smith

Pouncy has a nect injury but when the camera showed him on the sideline his head was moving around like a bobble head doll.

Sucking 4 Luck Pouncy?!?!?!?!

We all know our team is terrible. So whats you guys point?

Posted by: yesterday's gone | October 30, 2011 at 03:42 PM


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