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Ejection, Brandon? Ejection? Really?

I wish he was just joking. But he wasn't smiling and actually said he was not kidding.

"I'm serious," Brandon Marshall said.

I assume he knows better. But I'm not sure any more because some things are impossible to figure out and Marshall is one of those, right up there with the true purpose for Area 51, the final number for Pi, and women.

But still, one has to react with a proverbial SMH when you hear what Marshall today said his gameplan would be for the nationally telecast Monday night game between Miami and New York.

"Hey man, I’m just going to let it out. I don’t care if they have two or three cameras on me. I don’t care if I have penalties, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to let it all out,” Marshall said. “I don’t know if it’s throwing a football 15 yards in the bleachers and getting a 15-yard (penalty) or punting the ball and getting thrown out of the game, something’s going to happen. I’ll probably get kicked out after the second quarter.

"I’m going to have fun on Monday Night Football, that’s all I can say."

Young. Misguided. Not an intelligent thing to say.

"Obviously, Brandon was 50-percent kidding," coach Tony Sparano said in defense.

Um, no coach, he wasn't. At least he said he wasn't.

“My goal is to get thrown out midway through the second quarter. Hopefully I achieve that,” he said. “Whatever it takes, that’s what I need to get the season going.

"No, I’m not joking. I’m serious,” he added. “They’re going to fine me -- probably going to be like a $50,000 fine. That quarter-and-a-half I’m out there, I’m going to play like a monster. I might get in a fight with Bart Scott, (Antonio) Cromartie -- we used to fight in Denver and San Diego. If that happens, that happens, so we’ll see."

Let's see ... Can you rationalize that one for us, coach?

"I know one thing about that guy," Sparano added, "he's not going to do anything to hurt this football team. I know the people in that locker room are important to him, and this guy has worked really hard."

Some thoughts: The truth is Marshall has indeed at times hurt the team. He got a 15-yard personal foul penalty against Chicago last year, wiping out a 16-yard reception, when he threw the football at Chicago Bears quarterback and former Denver teammate Jay Cutler, who was on the bench at the time.

He had issues with offensive coordinator Dan Henning and quarterbacks coach David Lee last year. And his relationship with starter Chad Henne was rocky at best. So, I'm not exactly embracing the coach's defense of Marshall.

Obviously, Sparano has to make that semi-believable defense because he might lose the enigmatic Marshall if he tells everyone that talking about getting into a fight during a game -- four days before the game -- is premeditated stupidity. It is basically telling the officiating crew that you must be watched every single moment.

It is ... what's the word ... oh, yeah ... dumb.

Sparano cannot say that because, well, Sparano needs Marshall. Marshall is still Miami's best wide receiver.

But he is not Miami's most professional wide receiver. The comments today show that.

He is not Miami's most efficient wide receiver. He's dropped at least three, and more likely four, TD passes in four games. (It depends on how one judges the difficulty of one of those).

Marshall explained his comments, saying he felt he was containing his emotions too much this season. And by doing so, he had limited himself on the field. Thus, he reasoned, it is time to unleash his inner "monster," as he put it.

I got a better idea: I say the Dolphins unleash this monster altogether.

The trade deadline is Tuesday. Put Marshall on the block. If you can get a second-rounder for him, do it and cut losses. Be done with the inner or outer monster. Move on.

Of course, I'm being optimistic here. Nobody will give a second-round pick for Marshall although Miami gave two second-rounders for him last year. His worth has dropped like a rock in the last year.


Would trading Marshall now diminish the Dolphins this season? Maybe.

But you know what? The Dolphins will not fold as a franchise without him. Fact is no team Marshall has played on has made the playoffs. If you're not going to the playoffs with him, what's the big deal of not having him?

Trading Marshall would clear cap space for Miami for next season. Trading Marshall would give the Dolphins an extra pick next year. So what's the argument against it, again?

The truth is the Dolphins are an organization that is already looking to brighter days in 2012 and beyond. Those brighter days ostensibly include a young franchise QB. You're going to ask a young QB to deal with an alpha receiver whose best thinking for improving his game is to get thrown out of a game?

I don't know if anyone would give a second-rounder for Brandon Marshall. Fine. Do I hear a third?



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Just another example of this team having lost direction. Marshall just needs some "Luck".

Trade him for a 3rd rounder and a twinkie. He is a distraction just the same way TO was. Let him go and you will see the other receivers get better once the QB doesn't have to worry about spoon feeding Marshall a certain number of passes every game.

of course he hasnt played well here look at what they had going on the offense .... marshall is good they need to use him properly this is jus like dolphin fans beg for em and then when it isnt going great as they think cast them away you know he is only one piece of the puzzle

marshalls not the problem,its an archaic system;we need a 21st century offensive guru who understands that you cant play cautious in todays nfl. sparano's coaching philosophy is from the dark ages.(dont turn the ball over + take no chances + make no mistakes = no wins. we need to spread the field, 5 receivers,run some picks,slants,outs etc. then we'd have a chance. the players would then "buy in" and runs would open up.

Who cares, Mando?

So on top of already having to look for a QB, TE, RT, RG now you want to get rid of the one player who has the potential to be an Andre Johnson/Calvin Johnson type player? Hartline is an average joe, Bess is a slot receiver who is a poor man's Welker, so lets just be totally inept? I totally disagree with you on this. We have to many needs to add another.


If two completely different offensive coordinators didn't know how to use him properly, then maybe he needs learn how to play properly. Now we just saw him make the same blunders with Moore as he did with Henne.

He demands too much attention and delivers too little results.

Any chance BM was just trying to say he is going to play with some emotion in an attempt to inject some life into this lacklustre team? Hey, AS, do you always take what everyone says literally?


When he was in Denver, he had Orton and Cutler, both better than Henne able to launch it deep to him and he would pull down the catches. He was a beast in Denver. He comes here and they throw to him deep once a game and the one pass is either overthrown, underthrown, out of bounds, nowhere near him. Get Marshall Andrew Luck and he will be the beast he was in Denver.

Sometimes, do I despise you you Guys from the Press.

trade him now.He is a cancer that needs to be removed.The quicker the better.

Its not Marshall's fault that he has a terrible QB in Miami. Then add a horrible coach and that's the situation he is in.

I don't blame him for being frustrated! Marshall is the best player on this team. If you get us a franchise quarterback then this guy is putting up monster numbers year after year - period!

A third rounder and a twinkie is probably the best option. The only issue is who get to eat the twinkie???

I say let Henne have the twinkie...Since he will also get the boot once the year is over..

marshall wants to be traded. that is the whole point of these comments. so why oblige him? no second rounder will exceed his ability.


Denver was in a weak division and still didn't win much even with Cutler and Marshall. I don't think Marshall has the speed to get open deep too often. He has had two hip surgeries since his best Denver days as well.

Now, if we were able to get a second round pick for him, and I'd take it. Let Moore and Wallace play more and see what they got.

Can you imagine Marshall ever not being a distraction? I can't.

Marshal wont be in the same class as Johnson&Johnson until he catches the ball when it is within his grasp as often as they do.Hartline is much more than an average Joe,Joey.He is the receiver who will benefit the most if we get lucky enough to get Luck.

who cars MARSHall said .we r 0-4

I dont think Brandon took his medicine today!!!


Sparano shows favoritism with Marshall. He had those two back to back games last year where he blatantly caused unnecessary penalties to hurt the team. Anyone else would have gotten benched at least a quarter, not him. Now he is threatening to do the same and Sparano is already defending him.

Sparanos latest problem is that the only support he has is from some of his players, so he is doing what he can to remain liked by them.

trade him....he is a useless, overrated, overpaid jackass. trade him to the jets before the game! then he can show his lack of talent against us!

Get rid of him and cause more holes....what a brilliant plan. I've give you chance after chance and I keep reading. I can't read it anymore....you have a personal vendetta against Brandon Marshall, what'd he do? Not give you the first interview after the trade? Just refuse to talk to you in general? Grow up and realize while you don't like the guy, he's a hell of a player and helps this team.





Nobody here will have anything new to say until April. Come back then.




ummmmmmmm...hell of a player? helps this team? drops passes, causes problems in the huddle, not a team player......ever see him run a play and then immediately point himself to the sideline because he doesn't want to be on the field for a running play? I've seen him do it twice this year....he is selfish. He doesn't fit in, he needs to get out of Miami. We won more games without him. Bess, Hartline (departed) Camarillo. We can do just as well, if not better without him.

Born with no brains.

Brandon Marshall.

Trade Him.


I passed by here to comment on the blog topic, not to entertain you. Feel free to start your own stimulating conversation.

Maybe he is just trying to get fired up? I'm sure he is a professional and hates himself for all the drops. I am sure he is self-aware of himself and gives 110% and realizes NOW that no matter how much you try to think and control yourself, you really need to be REAL and be himself. Society has lost the ability to control their own lives and become a victim of circumstance!



Hell, can you blame Marshall? First impulse would be to get the hell outta here.

Unbelievable Salguero.

Your writing is lazy, your analysis is pedantic, and now your ideas for this football team are downright illogical.

What is your reasoning for thinking that the Phins are somehow better without Marshall? They are not, plain and simple.

What is more unbelievable is that a writer who frankly has lacked a spark in covering this team suddenly wants the most volatile behind-the-podium personality gone. What else will you write about? You'll probably just add some new names to the recycled story about the quarterback problem that has existed since Dan left. Getting rid of guys with "bad personalities" is a distinctly Parcells-type move, and we ALL appreciate the circle he ran us in just to leave us back in 2007.

Moreover, how does getting rid of Marshall show any type of strength for the Dolphins as an organization? So typical it is of us to run away from the problems instead of meeting them head on, as evidenced by the way we've handled the QB situation since, i dont know, 2000.

The story that should be above this column would explain how this is just what a team in the doldrums needs... I mean, Marshall is smart enough to see it, why can't you? Unwarranted bravado is not exactly an admirable trait, but we've tried doing things the right way, and we're zero for our past SEVEN games.

By the way, not that I should even need to mention it, but your notion that we need another second-round pick given the story on the FRONT of your online sports section is just laughable.

Feel free to email me at dafrantz13@gmail.com, I'd love to hear more about this from you.

prcells hurt the team, actually killed it, ross hurt the team, ireland hurt the team, suckrano hurt the team, suck boy henne hurt the team, so who cares if marshall hurts the team!

thats fine we probably wont know hes gone anyway.... if the ball is thrown to him he will drop it so bye bye brandon


I promise to try to make my comments as interesting as everyone else's.

Just wondering, are your comments entertaining the bloggers?

So, everybody hurts the Team. Why?

"That quarter-and-a-half I’m out there, I’m going to play like a monster."

I thought there were four quarters of football? This team is the laughing stock of the NFL, CFL and Lingerie Footfall League.

Wow.....no Armando...just no. U dumbass

I think his rationale is that if he gets ejected he can't drop any touchdown passes.

What an idiot -- such an immature, stupid thing to say.

"Hands of stone" has contained his emotions too much this season and by doing so, he has limited himself?

The NFL isn't like futbol where your team plays the rest of the game a player short after an ejection. So bring it on! Wallace and Moore better come ready to play. Clay too.

That's what entertainment is all about in Internet. Different opinions.

I remember when you originally wrote this was a bad idea to give up two draft picks for Marshall, Mando.

How come a columnist knew something Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells did not?

Brandon Marshall is like the Dolphins offense. He's a great idea very poorly executed.

Go away Brandon, just go away.


speaking of divas, did you find out what to feed Abe Iguana? Not hot dogs I hope!

The only problem I have with Brandon is the drops. When he does catch the ball he is usually making plays and gaining yards. He is still hard to bring down. The passes he has dropped which really haven't been many are magnified due to them being potential touchdown catches. Getting rid of him is not the answer as he still draws double coverage regularly. There are worse problems on this team than Marshal.

I was very excited when they traded for Marshall but it's now become very apparent to me that he is an overpaid headcase. It's a shame because he has all the talent in the world if he could just get his head straight! I know what a good game plan would be for him......catch the damn ball when it's thrown to you Brandon!!

BM hasn't been such a big distraction this season. A silly shoving penalty against the Browns before a converted FG has been a drop in an ocean of team penalties.

This season has been such a dud that a bit of excitement (maybe) against the jet twits can't be all that bad.

After 4 games now he says he will turn it on? Right.

Marshall has yet to be a difference maker for this team. No way they would have paid him all that money if they had known this is what they'd get.

Dear Mr. Aloco

Are you planning to take your pet iguana Abe Lincoln to The Ford Theatre to watch the Play "Our American Cousin" ? My friend John Wilkes Booth has been bugging me to ask you.

Soiled :)

Somebody give me a drink and leave the bottle. I just read a mock draft where the guy has Miami picking 16th and taking a DE out of NC. He has the Bills taking Luck.

Armando. I want you to have an open mind and consider why I think Marshall has been a disappointment in Miami. I put the blame on Chad Henne. The reason I say that is Henne is erratic at best. Sometimes the throw is a little left of where it should be, sometimes a little high, sometimes on the money, and then sometes WTF was that. Compare that to Orton or Cutler who, although they're not a Brady, Petyton, or Rogers, are, in my opinion, more consistent with location of the football. And I'm not necessarily talking completion percentage here. I'm talking about the football being where you expect it to be when you come out of your break and you are turning to look for it. Trust me, I've played wide receiver before and having a QB that usually places the ball is huge. I'm telling you, even when an inconsistent QB puts the ball where it should be, as a receiver your still surprised since the last 4 were not. I think that's why you don't see receivers catching passes from elite QBs dropping many. It's more about the QBs beng accurate and then consistently accurate than about their receivers being better than ours. Afterall, Marshall has done it with other QBs. He may be a head case but I say if you get him a decent QB, you'll see his play correspondingly improve. Just saying ;)

mundo u are in idiot big idiot
he want the referee to watch it close bcuz
the stinking jets play u dirty

With Iguanas, you have to suck them di-ks to be happy.

Marshall blowing smoke is a non-story. Can't believe I'm commenting on someone commenting on it.

I don't remember any drops when he had 177 yards against the Jets in spite of Henne throwing the ball. People like Dave are insane to think we are better off without him. Nither Hartline or Bess was able to get open on Reevis. I hope he knocks out Reevis or Cromartie. That's worth 50 Large.

I don't remember any drops when he had 177 yards against the Jets in spite of Henne throwing the ball. People like Dave are insane to think we are better off without him. Nither Hartline or Bess was able to get open on Reevis. I hope he knocks out Reevis or Cromartie. That's worth 50 Large.

The ramblings of a borderline-madman.

So, that's Mormon, Spanish and Jewish. No borderline at all.

Um, before Marshall came how long was Miami looking for a legit #1? Yeah let's trade that guy for a 3rd, that'll def help lure Cower, Gruden, or Fisher to Miami! The guy is the best receiver Miami has had since Irvin Fryer, is that even debatable? That was 15 years ago right? And the best WR since then couldn't catch a cold, but got dealt for 2nd correct? I'm not saying don't trade him at all, if you could get a 1st do it. Dallas gave that up and some for Roy Williams in 07'. But to just dump him because he said something? Who cares! He'll catch 100+ balls easy next year from Luck or Landry Jones. Only horrible franchises trade away star players in their primes.

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