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Fact or Fiction: Dolphins coach version

There are a lot of rumors and reports out there relative to the Dolphins coach situation. Allow me to tell you what is true and what is, well, not exactly true for the sake of not calling things lies or misrepresentations or outright errorneous reports:

1. CBSSports.com reported Tuesday that intermediaries for the Dolphins have contacted people close to Bill Cowher about Cowher becoming Miami's coach. FICTION.

The Dolphins have declined comment publicly but I am told by two sources at the highest level of the organization that this is "Not true" and that the Dolphins "will not reach out to anybody" as long as Tony Sparano remains coach. The truth is this is a sensative subject for the Dolphins, and especially owner Stephen Ross, because he reached out to Jim Harbaugh last January while Sparano was coach. He was ripped mercilessly and, I dare say, appropriately, for the no-no and he has the scars to prove it. Ross is concerned he and the Dolphins would begin to get a reputation as a team that goes behind a coach's back if it happens again. So he is making sure it doesn't happen again through the team, him, or any intermediaries of which there is only really one -- Carl Peterson. (Dan Marino sitting next to Cowher on the CBS set and suggesting he should be the next Dolphins coach does not constitute the Dolphins reaching out to Cowher through intermediaries.) Marino is not a Ross representative. He didn't even want the Dolphins to mention it was his birthday during the season-opener at home against New England and threatened to boycott the game if they did. So Marino is not carrying anyone's water. The Dolphins also know Cowher would be offended by that kind of approach --- behind the current coach's back. It would be exactly the wrong way to do this. And while the Dolphins have not been brilliant in the way they conduct themselves lately, even they admit this would be dumb.

2. Cowher is of high interest to the Dolphins because he's a superstar coach who is available. FACT.

Duh. There was a report that made it seem like the Dolphins having interest in Cowher was news. It's news like saying daylight has interest in the sun is news. The Dolphins indeed view Cowher as a target, and probably their top target, in what will be a certain search that begins once Sparano is gone. But Cowher won't be the only target. Jeff Fisher and Jon Gruden will also be targets and don't rule out any "star" caliber coach that might get the axe after this season.

3. Cowher, as Miami's likely top choice, is also Miami's likely next head coach. FICTION.

Firstly, that's impossible to predict. Secondly, there is the thorny issue of what other jobs are available after the season. The truth is Miami would not be first on Cowher's list of places and franchises he'd like to coach if he had his druthers. It simply isn't. Not his kind of town. Not his kind of approach as a franchise. Just not him. He's a blue collar guy. People that know Cowher tell me he'd rather be the coach someplace like say, Chicago or the Giants or perhaps even Houston or Philadelphia or Kansas City. All things being equal, he'd probably rather go to any of those places than Miami. Of course, all things are not equal. The Fins will have a vacancy. We don't know about any of those other places. This, by the way, also refutes the idea the Dolphins are already touching base with him. He is going to wait to see what is available to him before jumping back in, assuming he jumps at all. Now is not yet the right time to be flirting with anyone..

4. The Dolphins will keep Sparano through the end of the year and begin this big search in January. FICTION, but with an asteriks.

Sparano keeps his job until the end of the season is if he starts winning, so that is the caveat. If he continues winless, he continues to put himself at weekly risk of being fired. I've been told that barring a total embarrassing collapse, Sparano will likely remain coach the next two games at the New York Giants and Kansas City. But if the Dolphins are 0-8 after KC, I think that is the week Sparano will be most at risk because the Dolphins return home for a Nov. 13 game against Washington that starts a five-week span in which Miami plays at home four times. The Dolphins will want to do something for their home fans by then and, fair or not, a coaching change is about the only thing that can be done in-season.

5. The Dolphins are keeping Sparano on now because they are officially in "Suck for Luck" mode. FICTION.

To call the Dolphins an organization is almost a contradiction in terms. This football team cannot organize the proper personnel to put on the field for a two-point conversion AFTER A TIMEOUT and some of you think there's an organized and so-far perfectly successful movement to continue losing? Sparano is the coach because so far he hasn't lost total respect in the locker room and there really isn't anyone better to replace him. Period.

6. Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, the former head coach of the San Francisco 49'ers is the most logical choice to replace Sparano on an interim basis. FICTION.

Have you seen the Dolphins play defense so far this season? That unit is so far part of the problem. So what about Mike Nolan's work suggests he deserves a promotion? The truth is no one on staff likely deserves the promotion. But the Dolphins would also look at assistant head coach/secondary coach Todd Bowles and quarterbacks coach Karl Dorrell as candidates on an interim basis. Bowles has the Bill Parcells stamp of being a future head coach. That is one reason he was interviewed for the head coach job in both Kansas City and Detroit. Dorrell was the head coach at UCLA from 2003-07 before joining the Dolphins in 2008. So he has head coach experience, although not in the NFL. They Dolphins will consider both very strongly. And while the team will never say this, naming either of these men would mark the first time in franchise history the Dolphins would have a black head coach. It would be a historical milestone.


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Armando, please explain this to me: if it's false that intermediaries have reached out to Cowher, then why did they publicly declined to comment? If Ross wants to salvage his integrity, wouldn't he want to vehemently deny it?

Secondly, I believe the Colts are a better prospect for Cowher than Miami. Jim Caldwell is on the hot seat - especially if Cowher is hanging a "For Hire" sign. Imagine coaching Manning and possibly having the top draft pick. They can either go with Luck or trade that top pick for a bucket load of more picks - and Lord knows they need it. Sounds like a more tempting prospect for Cowher there than Miami.

people,just think the roster must be turned over,i think of chad pennington that team won 11 games.this mess now is a joke. why wait, get the new GM in now,so he can watch a lots of college players,bring in play makers, good luck in 2012. thanks

T.Martin, you realize Dorrell is the QB COACH, right (not the WR Coach)?

But secondly, if he's horrible, that's a GREAT thing. Point is, we DON'T WANT TO WIN! We want to lose, and get the first pick in the Draft. So if you think that way about Dorrell, he should be your #1 choice.

Andy, there's no disagreement on Henne (between you and me). I was just not trying to get Poizen into a Henne battle (since he's been in a million of them on here and he's already said he's ready for a new QB next year). Looking out for my bro, but it's over, he's a big boy and can take care of himself.

Wolf ha sput some talent in Greenbay...young, energetic, great football background, and oh yea, how is our quality control coach sparano doing????

"And while the team will never say this, naming either of these men would mark the first time in franchise history the Dolphins would have a black head coach. It would be a historical milestone."

I think this point is understated. Not only would hiring Bowles or Dorrell potentially bolster Ross's poor reputation it would instantly provide an end of season "legitamate" Rooney Rule candidate. It makes all the sense in the world this change happens before the Washington game.

Why should we believe you over the national interests that reporting the opposite info?

Aren't you the guy that wanted Kyle Orton? Nuff said.

After making a big show of not wanting to talk to teams which currently have coaches (all of them) Cowher is now "planting seeds that he would like to return to coaching."

Peter King of SI (he knows a lot) is also hearing Cowher could come back, reporting, "I talked to a source very close to Bill Cowher, and he told me money will have nothing to do with Bill Cowher’s decision. It will only be about what place gives him the best chance to win."

It seems that the not-quite-so-noble blue collar guy is gunning for Andy Reid's job, or any other job which might turn out to suit him. The only "candidates" who need not worry appear to be Gruden and Dungy.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/bill-cowher-nfl-coach-2011-10#ixzz1buKQwOOS

Quality Control Coach.lmao...


Nah I hear you and you are definitely stepping out on a limb and a broken one at that if you believe in Henne. But just reading that was mind numbing to come up with any rationalization of that comment.

Quality control coach in line for "interum"...LOL

Ron, I have fond memories of the '08 team too. But we've got to accept facts, it was all a mirage. We had an easy schedule (like we should have next year). We weren't decimated with injuries (which was a stroke of good luck), the ball bounced our way in many a game that year and we had the most accurate QB in the NFL. That team was made to do exactly what it did, be a 1-year wonder.

Next year, the schedule was tougher, injuries plagued us from the beginning and Pennington fell back to Earth (and became one of the injuries). That team could NEVER have been as successful as '08 again. We needed the Wildcat to beat teams, we were winning games by the seat of our pants, that wasn't a team built to last.

I don't want quick success. I don't care if we don't make the Playoffs for another 3-5 years. I want to REALLY rebuild this team from the ground up to LAST! Start with the QB and work from there. The next HC needs to be given time to do this right. These guys were always rushed by Parcells threat of leaving every week. And of course, Parcells being Parcells, he left before the job was complete.

I think the "historical coaching point" is absurd! Who cares if the coach is black or white as long as he wins games. To point out that Miami has never had a black coach there are about 20 or so other NFL teams who are in same boat. But to promote one because they are black to save face is the worst thing I ever heard. It's a slap in the face as far as I'm concerned.

DC, DOnt forget that Tom Brady went out with the knee injury as well. 2008 was the worst that could of happened to us, it just set us further back.

Just a quick note to ANTHONY FASANO who is upset with us SUCK FOR LUCK fans.

Guess what Anthony?

You are the problem.

The reason we fans are rooting for you to now lose is because the team sucks. Take a good look in the mirror Anthony. You are a very mediocre TE. There is a good chance you won't be back either!

We are the ones paying your salary. If it wasn't for the fans, you wouldn't be getting paid nearly what you are now.

You would probably be flipping cheeseburgers somewhere.

So guess what Anthony, if you don't like it, then try WINNING A GAME. Try not SUCKING YOURSELF.


Spiderman....employing Parcells is what set us back....actually it goes all the way back to JJ and forcing Shula out....just my humble opinion

I'm not agreeing with that coaching change philosophy but honestly what else is left for Ross in 2011 other than a PR campaign?

Keep The Parcels fiasco till the bitter end of this digraceful season.These are his handpicked personnel,trades and drafted players. Then, as DC Dolfan opined,start the razing.

This team needs blown up from the top all the way down...probably as far as the waterboy


You are right about that!

The 2008 may have been a bigger curse then a success.

The Wildcat - set Miami's offense back ages with this grind it out style that after 08 never worked again.

Pat White - Miami was reeling off their past success and felt the need to pick Pat White in round 2 instead of say, ANYONE who is stil contributing on a team in the league.

Sparano - He should have been fired after last year and if not for Harbaugh turning down Miami he might have been let go but what made Miami flat out just NOT fire him was the fact he did make the playoffs in year 1.

Any other curse suggestions?

And another thing ANTHONY (Fasano), even if you WANTED to go out for a pass, you can't because you've got to help COLOMBO block! Just like you had to help Carey last year, and so on and so forth for your ENTIRE career here in Miami. Somehow, your old team seems to be able to let Witten go out for passes. The Pats let BOTH of their TE's go out for passes, Dustin Keller is pretty much a WR he's running routes so much. That leaves ONLY YOU! For FOUR YEARS!

So, if you're upset at ANYTHING, be upset at the idiots who can't use olinemen to block and let you RUN ROUTES and HELP THE OFFENSE (including the QB). THAT'S who you should be angry at!

Chris 623,

You make a point with PR campaign lol but a PR campaign like that isn't the way to do it.

I personally would rather let Sparano coach out the whole season that might be a bigger PR campaign. It would be BS but would add to Ross's selling point to his next coach that he made a mistake with the Harbaugh pursuit but he did ultimately give Sparano every chance to turn it around and though he would turn it around.

Nice point DC....

Could someone list the HCs that won a Superbowl, retired to work in the booth or studio, came out of retirement and won another Superbowl with their new team?
Can't think of one right now? Don't worry, I'll wait.

Just say no (to Cowher or Gruden)!

And just out of curiosity with people saying Cowher, Fisher Gruden are retread coaches what would you rather have an over matched positional coach? We have that now. How about a college coach? Oh we did that too with Saban. Maybe you want a coordinator with a good offensive philosophy? Cam Cameron. Maybe you want a coach in waiting or assistant head coach? Wannstedt.

Miami needs to go for the big fish and hook em!

Sparano was not given a chance to turn things around this year. Yes he kept his job, but he has no working relationship with Ireland at all. Ross closed the wallet to free agents, (most didn't want to come here with the current situation anyway). The lockout was the only thing that saved Sparano. Any other year and he was gone as soon as Ross went looking at Harbaugh. This season was doomed from the start and all that is left is to root for the first pick of the draft which SUCKS!!!! A total lost season for us fans!!!

grondz...That logic that because it has never happened means it can't or won't is skewed. What matters is getting the most qualified guy. If he happens to be a booth jockey, or retired, or has 3 arms, or Donald Trumps hair..that is the guy we should hire.

Forget the nonsense about the success rate of retired guys, or announcers. Actually hoh about Dick Vermeil?? The argument is not worth addressing. We have to explore every avenue. If this includes Cowher, or Gruden. This means we have at least measured our options. But to pass just because they are on TV?? gotta do better.

grondz, with all due respect, that's a pointless statistic. So what if no Coach has won SB with 2 different teams after a stint in the booth? Does it mean they can't be the first?

Instead of looking at meaningless statistics to the conversation, why not look at MEANINGFUL statistics. How many wins does Cowher have? How many teams has he taken into the Playoffs? Same for Gruden. If you want insight into what they'd do in the future, those would be the more telling statistics than the fact no other HC won a SB with 2 teams.

That's why my preference is Andy Reid. 12-out-of-13 Seasons with a winning record. That's better than we've had here since Shula.


You are right it does suck to root to lose for first pick but this fan base isn't even discouraged anymore they are desperate! I have watched QB after QB come through Miami and have a good game here are there and that's al we have gotten out of the position. 1 steady Pennington season does not make up for the past decade of failures at the position.

I will admit I was frantic at the end of the Dolphins game this past week to lose a Suck for Luck Bowl would have ruined my day. Miami will eventually win a game or 2 and thats all I think but don't let me down so early in the season. Surprise me with a win vs Washington or Oakland but not against as team who could have as bad a season as us.

Philly would be foolish to let go of Reid. I like the thought though

Andy, you said it doesn't mater if the coach is black or white, as long as he wins games.

The best proven commodity in that regard is Cowher, but he doesn't fit in your opinion.
He also has a proven track record in player personnel since he essentially took over a large role in 99 from Donahoe.

Someone said Cowher is too far removed from the game & keep comparing him to Parcells? Hogwash!

Parcells is a rigid idealouge. That's why he keeps building teams the same way. His ego forces him to try to prove to everyone his way is the best way. He doesn't want to see the NFL for what it is today.

How does this compare to Cowher who was always known for a ground n pound approach yet found his QB & eventually opened up the offense?
Cowher understood a game manager (Odonnell, Stewart, Maddox) was not going to win championships. At least not consistently.

He did change with the times. He is nothing like Parcells.

The NFL Cowher left is the NFL that exists today. A QB driven, explosive play league.

He analyzes the NFL for a living, how is he out of touch? He's shown the ability to adapt. Parcells never did because he didn't want to.

Not wanting Cowher based on his so called perceived simalraties to Parcells is, to me, weak at best.

AndyNJ, If you want to see my resoning about our former QB and how I think he is a good football player, waste your time going over old blogs from pre-season on.

You didn't call me out, to a point I could not answer you, I am over it at this point. I am looking forward to a new QB and a new future.

I am just sick of the discussion, and don't feel like dealing with immature releventless comments that come out about him.

He was not our biggest problem and that is all I ever argued this year.

I agreed with you to forget it because he is gone next year, and I am happy about that also.

"And while the team will never say this, naming either of these men would mark the first time in franchise history the Dolphins would have a black head coach. It would be a historical milestone."

I think this point is understated. Not only would hiring Bowles or Dorrell potentially bolster Ross's poor reputation it would instantly provide an end of season "legitamate" Rooney Rule candidate. It makes all the sense in the world this change happens before the Washington game.


I disagree. Unless you are willing to make Bowles or Dorrell a head coach on a PERMANENT basis, there is no way you should fire Sparano now. I could care less what color the coach is, but if the Fins were to make Bowles or Dorrell the Interim coach, they go on a winning streak and then we fire them to hire a new WHITE head coach, it is going to look very bad and be a major PR hit for Ross.

Leave everything as is until the end of the season (except fire Ireland now just because he sucks!)

Correction, I did say a top 10 QB, and I stick by it. If you want to discuss it... I am in NJ often due to family being there. I will meet you at a bar over a beer and exactly tell you how he can be.

How bout dem apples!

"The lack of Fire/Passion argument is ridiculous.

I guess if Mccarthy or Belli were fired tomorrow, Miami fans wouldn't want them because they won already.

I bet if Tomlin became available we wouldn't want him because A. He won a ring B. all Pitt coaches win C. he was part of a great franchise."

I think what this post is missing would be the fact that great coaches don't get fired, they quit. Bellichick,Tomlin,and McCarthy will never be fired.

In my opinion if they quit, (and this is usually the case with coaches who quit over being fired) they've done so because they're tired and have already accomplished what they wanted to accomplish.

Cowher quit and the most logical reason is he just didn't have the passion for the game any longer. What's the other option? He quit because he was sick of working for arguably the best franchise in NFL history. He had an awesome boss in Rooney,great staff, and very good players. These facts fully support the idea that he no longer has the same passion for the game and in my opinion are not ridiculous in any way. They are fair,strong, and valid points.

"This team is going to win!"

Tony Sparano, August 2011 luncheon.

Poizen, save your apples. LOL

How was vacation?

AndyNJ....I definitely understand your feelings but I don't think we win one or two games this year. I think we'll have the distinction of being the only team to go 0-fer both ways. Lions beat us to the only winless team thank god! Losing to the Broncos and now all the crap being said by the players will insure it. The only way we win is if we get a end of game play in a close game like Camerillos that kept us from going 0-fer already. By the way, what is the over/under on Sparano being gone after the Chiefs game and the start of the next home stand??

The lack of Fire/Passion argument is ridiculous

This is only ridiculous if the person who said it claimed that is the only kind of coach that wins.

If the poster meant looking at the guys we have the last 10 years look like they wander the sideline after smoking Ricky's stash, I would agree.

So compared to what we have, haveing a Harbaugh, or the lions coach or someone that looses his mind would be far more entertaining.

But if you get a real good coach that is docile, that is not a bad thing either.

The point is they need to be a good coach.

I am sick of Sporano looking like he is window shopping at a mall on the sideline.

Cowher isn't my top choice, but isn't bad either. He's the same philosophy style as Sparano, but with better execution. How would he do with a superstar QB? Shula changed his feathers with Marino, Cowher will manage.
I'm starting to join the bandwagon of those who suggest Andy Reid would be a good choice if he were fired. Never had a superstar QB worth much (I don't think Vick ever was, despite the hype), and yet he managed good seasons most every year. Yeah I can see Reid in a Dolphin coaching jacket. Fisher #1 for me, then Gruden/Reid close second, then maybe Cowher, maybe someone not yet named. If we get Luck, the coaches will line up and sell themselves on the job.

Joe S,

I like Cowher just not my first choice is all Im saying. I would be happy if Miami got Cowher again just not my first choice.

...Every blogger is going to have "their guy" Each of the possible candidates are all qualified. Each is an upgrade to the coach we have now. The only perfect guy, is the one that turns this franchise around. Just like the Andrew luck sweepstakes. A new hire guarantees nothing except hope.

The situation here is bigger then the head coach. It has been a clusterbomb of poor decisions, personel moves, and public humiliations. The general manager needs to be taken to task just as the head coach. So whoever the new coach is, the new GM must be on the same page.So that the franchise has some direction. So that we are actually building something with a purpose. So that we have the RIGHT blueprint. Not the old school Parcelian Doctirine that has proved outdated, and overmatched by new smarter, forward thinking GM's

Why are we wasting our time with JP LOSTman? Why not sign LeBron? He's not doing jack right about now.

"I don't have any answers"
(Tony Sparano)

"Was your mom a prostitute?"
(Jeff Ireland)

"How many times do I have to tell you, I'm not going to be the Alabama head coach!"
(Dick Saban)

"Ted Ginn, is a Miami Dolphin..." "Ted Ginn and his family will make us proud!"
(Cam Cameron)

Dorrell????? Would that be the Receivers coach who is now a first year rookie Quarterback coach? And assuming so he is wanted by some of you to be the Interim Head Coach to replace Sparano??? Talk about 'changing deckchairs on the Titanic'? ALL the coaches must go with the probable exception of Nolan.

Do you think that Steve Ross with his tiny little pea brain understands that no coach has ever won a Super Bowl with two different teams? In other words, hiring a superstar coach has never worked; not once.

btw - Carl Peterson sucks donkey balls. It's deeply disturbing that he's even associated with the team in any way.

I'm sticking to my guns on this: We will NOT have the #1 pick, that's just Phin's luck. So let's be realistic. We are not going to trade 2 #1s and 2 #2s plus a player or two for Luck. That would cripple this team another 2 years. So here is the scenario as I see it.

#1 Hire Eric DeCosta. He's Ozzie Newsome's right hand man in Baltimore. The Ravens are universally regarded as having the best personnel crew in the NFL. DeCosta is young at 40 and can build. Here's a short list of some of the players he's played a "strong role" in getting: Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Jamal Lewis, Bart Scott, Haloti Ngata and Ray Rice

#2 We hire Bob Stoops to be our Head Coach and tell him to be as creative as he wants offensivley. We would start a trend in offense like Tampa did for defense (the Tampa 2). Let Stoops send out 5 WR sets, challenge the opposing defense to cover a WR with their 5th CB or a LB. We can be the innovators of the NFL for once. (No the Wildcat doesn't count because it was gimmicky and not run consistently)

#3 With the second or third pick in the draft we select Landry from Oklahoma. He teams with Stoops to form a great QB/HC duo.

3 steps to building a dynasty. Give DeCosta two drafts and couple it with the talent we have here (when they get motivated) and we should have a Steelers/Patriots run of 10-12 years of playoff football with a championship or 2 sprinkled in.

Now that I've said that, forget it all because we have Ross as the owner and he will probably do the complete opposite of everything positive. Lord Help Us!

"I fear we are in for many more years of frustration until we have new ownership. So sad and frustrating to see what this clown has done to our team and stadium."

Can we get a grip here people. I have asked this question to multiple posters and not one person has answered me. Everyone loves to drink the media koolaid but has no reason why the Dolphins 'will never win with this current ownership'.

It's easy to say that but without facts to back up your statement it is just meaningless garble.

The owner tried to upgrade the coaching position. This is a GOOD thing right? So the only problem is that he did it before firing Sparano. Really folks, is that so bad that "we will never win a championship with this current owner". I mean jeez could you be any more dramatic?

Is that all we are basing this on? A rookie owners minor mistake?

So AGAIN,,,,,once again I ask someone from the 'lets run Ross out of town' brigade to please explain WHY you think they will never win with him as owner. I'm f***ing begging ya to explain this one.

From Spielman to Ireland. It doesn't get any better.

Fisher is a huge fan of Chad Henne, although i would like to see Henne back next year (he was able to move the football with this rotten team and coaches...from his back), i know most of you would hate to see that.

Why the obsession with hunger?

Assuming an experienced, successful coach wouldn't "be hungry" because he's not currently coaching is just silly. Which coach ever won a SB with a bad team simply because he was hungry?

I expect the Dolphins to go 0-15 and LOSE the first pick of the draft by beating the Jets at home in Week 16. Both the Dolphins and Jets fans will boo all of the players at the end of the game. It will be the first time Dolphins and Jets fans boo together.

You heard it here first!


What evidence do you see? Im just curious. He has a negative interception to TD ration a losing record and comes up small in crucial situations like the end of games and ends of halfs.

I see you post on here all the time and I actually haven't checked in for a a few months prior to yesterday so I'm not going to come on here like a know it all. I respect your post but when I see something that not only do I not agree with but consider as I put it mind numbing I have to say something.

Saw on CBS Sports (two days ago) that Jon Gruden had agreed to contract parameters to become head coach after the season ends. (Fifteen minutes later, the news item was removed from the website.)

I know Gruden would be PERFECT fit in Miami. Draft the QB he wants... and stack the offense withe weapons for the QB - exactly like what Shula did with Dan Marino. It can be a powerful combination - Gruden and a QB he selects, whether its LUCK, FOLES, JONES, or BARKLEY or someone else. It will take 2 seasons at most to turn this team around and get Miami into the playoffs.

Buffett of Knowledge --- I like your ideas. You are hired!

(Can't be any worse then that shmuck Jeff Ireland!)

Only a fool would continue to waste their time yapping about this pathetic organization.

Phins78 - this owner is CLUELESS.

You are very smart Phins78. Ross is not. There is no reason why we should give him ANY benefit of the doubt. I am shocked he made his millions in Real Estate. He seems like he could be the dumbest owner in the entire NFL.

Gruden has been a COMPLETE FAILURE developing QBs. I don't think he would be a good hire at all. Whether we draft Luck or another QB high in the first, we need a head coach who can develop him.

Ireland sucks love the post. I wrote a similar post the other day but pointed out one HUGE mistake made by the players. Fasano,Dansby,Taylor all think it's stupid and are calling us non fans out for doing so. They're saying we should support them and have their backs as fans.

My problem with that is these guys couldn't care less about us. They want us to have their backs all of the time but when ticket prices skyrocketed leaving middle class families no choice but to watch from home or buy cheap seats in the nose bleed sections these noble players SAID NOTHING.

When parking and concessions, and apparel prices go up they say nothing. They don't have our backs and then chastise us for not having theirs? F**k them.

LBJ at QB, D-Wade at HB, Jar Jar at WR on goal line situations. We would win at least 2 games. C'mon man!

Frequent Eater at Buffet

I agree Miami won't be picking first I see it being Indy and then Miami.

I'm not familiar with DeCosta but I did point out earlier plucking someone from the personnel departments of Pitt, Baltimore, Philly and Packers teams that know how to build through the draft.

As far as Stoops goes I am only speaking for myself here but we been down the college carousel before and Saban who I like as a coach but him bolting back to college left a bad taste in my mouth.

Landry Jones is widely considered second best prospect behind Luck but there is also Matt Barkley. I haven't watched enough of either of them but look forward to the Luck vs Barkley matchup this weekend thats for sure.

But that was a very insighful post, good stuff.

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