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Fact or Fiction: Dolphins coach version

There are a lot of rumors and reports out there relative to the Dolphins coach situation. Allow me to tell you what is true and what is, well, not exactly true for the sake of not calling things lies or misrepresentations or outright errorneous reports:

1. CBSSports.com reported Tuesday that intermediaries for the Dolphins have contacted people close to Bill Cowher about Cowher becoming Miami's coach. FICTION.

The Dolphins have declined comment publicly but I am told by two sources at the highest level of the organization that this is "Not true" and that the Dolphins "will not reach out to anybody" as long as Tony Sparano remains coach. The truth is this is a sensative subject for the Dolphins, and especially owner Stephen Ross, because he reached out to Jim Harbaugh last January while Sparano was coach. He was ripped mercilessly and, I dare say, appropriately, for the no-no and he has the scars to prove it. Ross is concerned he and the Dolphins would begin to get a reputation as a team that goes behind a coach's back if it happens again. So he is making sure it doesn't happen again through the team, him, or any intermediaries of which there is only really one -- Carl Peterson. (Dan Marino sitting next to Cowher on the CBS set and suggesting he should be the next Dolphins coach does not constitute the Dolphins reaching out to Cowher through intermediaries.) Marino is not a Ross representative. He didn't even want the Dolphins to mention it was his birthday during the season-opener at home against New England and threatened to boycott the game if they did. So Marino is not carrying anyone's water. The Dolphins also know Cowher would be offended by that kind of approach --- behind the current coach's back. It would be exactly the wrong way to do this. And while the Dolphins have not been brilliant in the way they conduct themselves lately, even they admit this would be dumb.

2. Cowher is of high interest to the Dolphins because he's a superstar coach who is available. FACT.

Duh. There was a report that made it seem like the Dolphins having interest in Cowher was news. It's news like saying daylight has interest in the sun is news. The Dolphins indeed view Cowher as a target, and probably their top target, in what will be a certain search that begins once Sparano is gone. But Cowher won't be the only target. Jeff Fisher and Jon Gruden will also be targets and don't rule out any "star" caliber coach that might get the axe after this season.

3. Cowher, as Miami's likely top choice, is also Miami's likely next head coach. FICTION.

Firstly, that's impossible to predict. Secondly, there is the thorny issue of what other jobs are available after the season. The truth is Miami would not be first on Cowher's list of places and franchises he'd like to coach if he had his druthers. It simply isn't. Not his kind of town. Not his kind of approach as a franchise. Just not him. He's a blue collar guy. People that know Cowher tell me he'd rather be the coach someplace like say, Chicago or the Giants or perhaps even Houston or Philadelphia or Kansas City. All things being equal, he'd probably rather go to any of those places than Miami. Of course, all things are not equal. The Fins will have a vacancy. We don't know about any of those other places. This, by the way, also refutes the idea the Dolphins are already touching base with him. He is going to wait to see what is available to him before jumping back in, assuming he jumps at all. Now is not yet the right time to be flirting with anyone..

4. The Dolphins will keep Sparano through the end of the year and begin this big search in January. FICTION, but with an asteriks.

Sparano keeps his job until the end of the season is if he starts winning, so that is the caveat. If he continues winless, he continues to put himself at weekly risk of being fired. I've been told that barring a total embarrassing collapse, Sparano will likely remain coach the next two games at the New York Giants and Kansas City. But if the Dolphins are 0-8 after KC, I think that is the week Sparano will be most at risk because the Dolphins return home for a Nov. 13 game against Washington that starts a five-week span in which Miami plays at home four times. The Dolphins will want to do something for their home fans by then and, fair or not, a coaching change is about the only thing that can be done in-season.

5. The Dolphins are keeping Sparano on now because they are officially in "Suck for Luck" mode. FICTION.

To call the Dolphins an organization is almost a contradiction in terms. This football team cannot organize the proper personnel to put on the field for a two-point conversion AFTER A TIMEOUT and some of you think there's an organized and so-far perfectly successful movement to continue losing? Sparano is the coach because so far he hasn't lost total respect in the locker room and there really isn't anyone better to replace him. Period.

6. Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, the former head coach of the San Francisco 49'ers is the most logical choice to replace Sparano on an interim basis. FICTION.

Have you seen the Dolphins play defense so far this season? That unit is so far part of the problem. So what about Mike Nolan's work suggests he deserves a promotion? The truth is no one on staff likely deserves the promotion. But the Dolphins would also look at assistant head coach/secondary coach Todd Bowles and quarterbacks coach Karl Dorrell as candidates on an interim basis. Bowles has the Bill Parcells stamp of being a future head coach. That is one reason he was interviewed for the head coach job in both Kansas City and Detroit. Dorrell was the head coach at UCLA from 2003-07 before joining the Dolphins in 2008. So he has head coach experience, although not in the NFL. They Dolphins will consider both very strongly. And while the team will never say this, naming either of these men would mark the first time in franchise history the Dolphins would have a black head coach. It would be a historical milestone.


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"Cowher quit and the most logical reason is he just didn't have the passion for the game any longer. What's the other option"

Posted by: Phins78 | October 26, 2011 at 01:36 PM

Have you spoken to him lately? Or maybe it had more to do with his wife was going to die of cancer & his kids were going off to school soon & didn't have much time left to spend with all of them? Afterall, he talked about his kids when he resigned citing the need to spend more time with them & family.

What if he left for his family, is he still a quitter? Passionless?

Your points are far from valid if you ask me. There is a reason he is #1 on every teams wish list & none of them appear to share your opinions or perceived valid points.

You mention his staff as part of his success. Which was put together by whom? Everyone but Cowher?

You mention his players which were mostly put together by whom? Everyone but Cowher even though he was given most control in 99?

Your logical thought is how can a man leave that if he didn't lose the desire. Why don't you look at it from the perspective that he helped create that environment of success & DAMN what a good job he did.

You articulated opinions, not valid points. No offense.

My opinion is that Cowher is one of the best coaches of this era. And to dismiss him because you think his desire is diminished is baseless & simply not good enough.

If he wants to get back in the game & win again, I'll take him at his word. Johnson didn't come here just to collect a paycheck, did he? His ego made him want to win. He couldn't. Don't hold Cowher hostage to the Johnsons & Parcells of the world.

Cowher shows more emotion on TV talking about the game than I see from any Dolphin player every week. If that passion is what's needed to lift this pathetic franchise, it must be done.

In my humble opinion.

Can someone give an opinion on what Miami should do if they get the second pick? I think that will be the new Front Office's TOUGHEST decision.
1) Try to trade to get the number one pick....at what cost ?
2) Draft Landry Jones ?
3) Trade down for multiple picks and still target a QB in the first round ?

Oh and I would take JAY Gruden over Jon Gruden. Having lived in Tampa during Gruden's time there I can tell you the guy is a cancer. His players hated him, the media hated him, he had the worst people skills. His fellow coaches couldn't even stand him. He crippled the Bucs organization for years. That cool guy act on TV is an act out and out.
He thinks his poop doesn't stink.
But Jay Gruden has won championships at EVERY LEVEL he has coached at. Check out his bio. Plus he has an innovative offensive approach. Trust me, you will see Jay Gruden's name up for a HC position or two next season.

Cowher will become Miami's newest hc if and only if:

1. Ireland gets the boot
2. We're in 1st overall pick position to get Andrew Luck.

Bank on it!

If I see one more post of bringing Chad Henne back I'm going to pull the little bit of hair I have out. He's toast give it up already.

On another note I really enjoy these discussions it makes work go by faster. Keep em coming!

Joe Schmoe,

if anyone didn't have "passion" it was Parcells. Once he signed his guaranteed contract, he probably woke up every morning wondering if that was the right day to quit.


Gruden has worked the majority of his coaching career with 2 QBS while he was head coach. In Oakland he made a career journeymen Rich Gannon a pernenial Pro Bowl player and MVP. He turned another career journeymen in Brad Johnson into a Super Bowl winner. I don't see how you say he can't develop a QB.

He may have never developed a young QB but Chris Simms is the only one I remember him ever working with and obviously he didn't pan out but never has he worked with a first rounder at QB

Case Keenum 6'2 210lbs

2011 194 266 2685 72.9 10.09 84 23 2 8 184.8
2010 42 64 636 65.6 9.94 63 5 5 0 159.3
2009 492 700 5671 70.3 8.10 58 44 15 16 154.8
2008 397 589 5020 67.4 8.52 84 44 11 25 159.9
2007 187 273 2259 68.5 8.28 86 14 10 13 147.6

Will set most NCAA records at end of season yet no one is talking about him? What is the deal?

What about Fat Rex's bro as HC? We need someone with attitude. Attitude has changed SF completely. Rex made the Jets better. Why can't we get someone with a little trash talk and swagger??

I am done with us waiting for the 2nd round to pick a QB. If you want a franchise QB, no matter if it is 1st pick or 5th pick, WE NEED TO TAKE A QB.

..If the Phins end up with the 2 pick. I think what they do depends on the evaluation process. Do they believe one of the quarterbacks is worthy of the number 2 pick, or does their evaluation say that they can find their guy a few spots down?

There is a huge gap between Luck and the other guys. I'm not sure there is that same gap between the remainder of the first round prospects. This isn't a knock on the other guys, and just because your name isn't Luck. doesn't mean you aren't a possible franchise guy. I just think that there may be some wiggle room to improve your team with more picks, and still land your quarterback should we end up winning some games this year.

If we end up with the first pick(as I think we will) Luck is a no-brainer.

I did personally get a chance to speak to Cowher about a year-and-a-half ago and mentioned to him we needed a real coach like him in Miami and he smiled and laughed. That was the extent of it. (This was before the entire Harbaugh crap that happened at the end of last season).

We all don't see Cowher as a "Miami kind-of-guy", but I think it is a possibility. I think Cowher will look at the open jobs at the end of the season and go where he thinks he has the best chance for success and an owner who he wants to work for.

That is one thing Huizinga had going for him. Every coach loved working for Huizinga. Ross on the other hand has really hurt himself and this franchise with the crap he pulled last winter.

The reason why fans should be mad is if he had fired Sparano last December (as he should have) and fired Ireland, it is VERY POSSIBLE we already would have Cowher or Gruden as head coach right now.

Ross has delayed the inevitable by a full year. We are fans are forced to sit through this miserable season and hear lie after lie for an entire year.

The only good which can come out of this one year debacle is getting the top pick, or hitting on a franchise QB with one of the top picks.

That is why fans are SO frustrated.

That is why we want to suck for luck.

We need MEANING to this MISERY we have had to put up with for the last year. The only MEANING we can get is the top draft choice.

So screw the players if they are upset with our SUCK FOR LUCK. They make as much as they do BECAUSE of us. And frankly, if they played better we wouldn't be having this discussion to begin with!!

Guys, if you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

That means nothing to the discussion, but I just always wanted to say that.

Ireland sucks thanks for the compliment but I'm still waiting for someones list of reasons why the Dolphins will never win with Ross as owner.

I'm not so sure that a man who has made millions in real estate and other ventures is a complete moron because a few fans say so with no facts to back them up. The Harbaugh thing is minor if you look at it objectively. Everything else Ross has done was to try and make the game day experience more exciting for us. None if these things are reason enough in my mind to crucify the man.

He inherited a mess of a football team. He hasn't even hired his own coach,gm, or VP yet. He is still stuck with Huziengas (god love him but his heart was bigger than his brain) leftovers. I want an objective, reasonable assessment of Ross and why we will never win with him from someone. Not this lighting of the torches and grabbing the pitchforks mob mentality that we have been graced with. Not one of those posts make any valid points.

Look I'm not in love with Ross. My problem is I know he's not going anywhere. There is no chance, Absolutely ZERO chance he sells the team in the near future. We have him for the long haul and he wants to prove he can be a great owner. He will not leave until he at least gets the chance to put his mark on HIS team. So if people are saying we will never win with him than we are doomed and there is no reason to even watch football anymore right?

This is why I say again I would like someone to answer intelligently on the subject. Some real reasons or proof, some past owners who were similar and destroyed their teams, ANYTHING to prove their point. But as usual I hear crickets.


Brad Johnson was a game manager and if your like me and everyone else you should be tired of game managers at QB. The defense is what got them in the playoffs and and the superbowl victory. Gruden is not going anywhere, can Don Shula still coach?


Ding, ding, ding, ding, #1 is the right answer.

If you make me GM, here who/what I'd trade for Luck:

- Brandon Marshall AND Jake Long
- 2 future 1st-round picks

If that's not enough 3 1st-round picks. If that's not enough 4. If that's not enough 5.

Get my drift?

Case Keenum 6'2 210lbs

Will set most NCAA records at end of season yet no one is talking about him? What is the deal?

Posted by: Egreen13 | October 26, 2011 at 02:07 PM

Because even had Andrew Luck come out of college at the end of last season. He would be a day one starter right now.

Andrew Luck is considered a once in 20-30yr qb talent. He's far more hope than hype.

fisher should be the hungriest bcuz he was there and didn't win.

Cowher is a defense minded coach but he has the name which Ross is longing for. Thinking about Parcells he left New England because as he put it the he didn't get pick the groceries as far drafting players now we know why.
Jeff Fisher accomplished a lot with Houston and Tennessee working with little and I believe he wants to prove something to Bud Adams. Whoever the coach is Ireland will not be there these guys want there own GM.


If Miami gets 2nd overall pick, I see them going with RGIII. Those thinking Landry will be greatly disappointed.

Landry seems to be a very good college qb, but, there's something about him I'm not quite buying. I think he'll be more of a stat producing nfl qb than playoffs and championships winning qb.

Just have that strange inner gut intuition about him.

Yesterday's done, I understand that and there is no debate there. After Luck is what I am talking about. I am just wondering why everyone mentions RG3 (Live in Texas and watch him alot not by choice....don't believe he will be successful and Baylor loses a lot), Landry and others but no one mentions Keenum. I haven't seen him play but he has the size, he has the stats and he wins, so I naturally was wondering why he is never mentioned. If anyone know the story please fill me in....

6 fuc*in games into the season and its over. All the hype during the lockout, preseason and what not. 6 fuc*in games! Fasano this meatball head says whoever on "suck for luck" is not a fan. Well we dont have to be on the suck for luck bandwagoon cause the team SUCKS anyways.

P.S. Sorry about the meatball head comment, I was out of line. Just a lil frustrated.

The #2 pick would put Miami in a tough spot but the age old draft strategy is that if you don't have a Franchise QB and there are franchise QB potential in the draft you get him or something like that lol.

But Miami would have to decide who is better between Barkley and Landry Jones and possibly Robert Griffin III and pull the trigger. And don't say no way Griffin goes #2. He is very athletic, smart and has a nice arm. Just because he doesn't have the hype train surrounding him now on an OK team doesn't mean come evaluation time he doesn't shoot up draft boards. McNabb was considered a possible top 20 pick and the Eagles grabbed him #2 back in 99. Just saying if the GM/Head Coach do their home work and coach whomever the right way there are franchise QBs outside of Luck

Hey Mando,

it is spelled 'asterisk' not 'asteriks'

Can someone give an opinion on what Miami should do if they get the second pick? I think that will be the new Front Office's TOUGHEST decision.
1) Try to trade to get the number one pick....at what cost ?
2) Draft Landry Jones ?
3) Trade down for multiple picks and still target a QB in the first round ?


I assume the cost to move up to #1 from #2 is going to be astronomical, especially if it is Indy or another team that is okay with missing out on Luck or a top QB. If you can't move up to #1 for a reasonable price, you take the next best QB prospect at #2. (Assuming you have him graded as a franchise type-QB / Top 10 talent). You can't take a risk of not getting a franchise QB. Yes, you may take a shot and miss. But this team MUST take a shot with it's top draft choice. It is too big of a risk to trade back. Everytime we have traded back and skipped on premiere talent with our first round pick, it has come back to bite us in the ass. That is why we have a lot of good to mediocre players and no studs at any of the skilled positions through the draft.

You can't win without some studs at the skilled positions in today's NFL.

Cowher is a defense minded coach but he has the name which Ross is longing for.

Posted by: robert | October 26, 2011 at 02:15 PM

Robert that's exactly why I prefer Cowher. Especially if we get 1st overall pick(LUCK).

Cowher's a defensive guru, not offensive. Dont need a offensive guru with Luck. Just a good oc. With Cowher's great defense and and Luck's great offensive prowess. Can you spell:


YG...I agree. Landry Jones doesn't do it for me. It is more of a gut feeling, then anything else. I just can't see Jones as a worthy pick at number 2...could be wrong. Just my opinion.

Most of the coaches We've had since Coach Shula left have been retreads.Complete failures. I for one thank Nick Saban. For realizing that he made an egrigious error in bringing some of you-alls darling culpepper instead of Drew Brees. So a top collegiate coach should be the top option.Cause Luck is going to make any coach look like an all time great one.Just like Peyton Manning gave Tony Dungy's career a seal of approval.


From what I gather and not speaking from watching him but Keenum is a product of the system. He has 5 guys in route and fiest on so so competition in Conference USA or whatever conference Houston is in. I think his arm strength is considered average at best. Maybe he is a 2nd rounder but from what I gather more likely a 3rd or 4th.

Posted by: Egreen13 | October 26, 2011 at 02:17 PM

I see no one's ever accused Baylor of being a defensive juggernaut have they?

Thats leaves RG3 and Barkley and for some strange reason Barkley doesnt do it for me. Think Jimmy Clausen. Also something about USC QB's I dont like.

I don't mind Fisher being the next HC. As long as Ross tries everything in his power to lure Cowher IF he expresses a true desire to coach again.

Sorry Andy, I will not put myself out there on the topic in this forum. Happy to share a beer someday if you like.

But that's the best I can do.

Funny how a player (Fasano) that's only been here 4 years is calling ME "not a loyal fan", who's been one for THREE DECADES!!!

Memo to Anthony: YOU DON'T MATTER! You'll be gone next year, or will be a backup, and once you leave this team, you WON'T be remembered unless it's memories of our WORST PLAYERS!

And I'll still be a fan of this team, still carrying water for aqua and orange. And you'll be wearing some other jersey pledging allegiance to THAT team.

So, do us all a favor, and keep SUCKING!!


Agreed playing it safe and going for Matt Kalil or Quentin Coples would never pay the possible dividends of successfully finding the right franchise QB if Miami picks #2.

I think as Miami fans we would crap ourselves if we got the #1 pick and Luck pulled an Elway/Eli


I just dont see Landry Jones as a day one nfl starter. Would Jones have the same success as RGIII if he were at Baylor?

Or how much better would Oklahoma be with RGII instead of Landry?

Just wished I could definitively answer those two pertinent questions.


No problem dude. If you ever get to within 20 miles of Philly let me know

Ok, no retread coaches. I may have started this back when I posted the question after the Texans game.

What retread HC coach, who won a SB with their first team, went on to win a SB with their next team?


My point here is not only would the Dolphins be in rebuilding mode, but they would be trying to build history also. Very difficult to do. It isn't that Cowher wouldn't have fire or be inspired, its just he's up against history.

Jeff Fisher would be a good choice. He took his Titans to a SB but didn't win. He is my choice for HC.

6 fuc*in games into the season and its over. All the hype during the lockout, preseason and what not.

Posted by: Spiderman


Hate to say it Spiderman, but the fans gave up on this team after the SECOND game (the home loss against Houston). We knew we had all been fooled again.

By the way, I don't blame Fasano for being upset that the fans want them to lose. I don't think he has the right to call us losers though or criticize us. We have the right to root for this team to lose. If Fasano and company had started off the season winning a game or two, this situation never would have happened.

Fasano makes a ton of money because of fans like us. Therefore, we as fans feel we have a right to tell Fasano he sucks (which he does) and to root against them should we want to for OUR BENEFIT (which would be a future #1 pick and franchise QB).

You see FASANO, I AM a real Miami Dolphin fan. I will be rooting for this team in 5 years. Where will you be? Probably out of the NFL and not giving a crap about the Miami Dolphins. I am in it for the long haul. YOU ARE NOT.

Yesterday...I work on Ft Hood right next to Copperas Cove and have known about RG3 since his high school days. No Baylor is not a defensive juggernaut but Baylor gets consistently beat by Texas, A&m, Kanasas..with and without RG3....they are just beating the other loser teams of the conference regularly with him. Is he good...yep...will he be in the NFL...not so sure about that

By the way...RG3 didn't beat the better High School teams either....

Fisher's a defensive minded hc same as Cowher. Would take him with Andrew Luck too.

I just have a strange feeling that if we selected Andrew Luck, unless Cowher or Fisher's the hc he's going to try and force a trade.

Mark my words, the only two hc's Luck will play for in Miami are Cowher and Fisher. Any other hc in Miami and we'll still be out of "LUCK"!

These are RG3 stats for his college career. You absoultley must make him the #2 pick if you can.

2011 142 182 1950 78.0 10.71 77 22 2 15 205.7
2010 304 454 3501 67.0 7.71 94 22 8 20 144.2
2009 45 69 481 65.2 6.97 42 4 0 4 142.9
2008 160 267 2091 59.9 7.83 61 15 3 28 142.0

Joe that wasn't my point on the players and staff. I'm not saying Cowher is a BAD coach and never did. You didn't read my post correctly. That point was to show that he had no reason to quit because he had a great job. I was trying to look for reasons why he would quit such a great job. I never said he wasn't the one who made the place great. That has nothing to do with my argument.

You say he quit to be with his wife and family but he immediately took a job with CBS after he quit. His wife didn't pass for 3 years after that. They lived in North Carolina and his job is in New York. Meaning he wasn't sitting home at his wife's bedside as your post makes it seem.

Joe you say he is #1 on every teams wish list. Which teams are those? How do you know? "Have you spoken to them lately"? Or are you just repeating internet and newspaper rumors?

So still reading your post and noticing a pattern. You somehow think I was saying Cowher wasn't a good coach. I have never had anything but the utmost respect for Bill Cowher as a coach. That was then, this is now. My opinions are based on who I think will be the best fit for this team. I think that man is Jeff Fisher. That doesn't take away from what I think about Cowhers past success.

And while you're talking about this have you noticed the other rumors that state Cowher wants to coach for a team that is already built? And that he only wants to go to a blue collar type city? That certainly isn't Miami and the rumors that he wants a ready made team don't make it sound to me like he wants to put the work in.

Joe it could happen but of all of the coaching options out there Cowher is the least likely to come to Miami.

And lastly you said that I "articulated opinions, not valid points". My opinions ARE points. I'm making points by stating my opinions, that's how it works.

Key stats

Completion %
TD to INT ratio

I mean how can you knock him?

Question, how many times in the past has a #1 pick refused to report to the team that picked him? Cause all I know about is Eli Manning.

Some of you have this conspiracy theory that Luck wouldn't play here. BASED ON WHAT EXACTLY? The fact that ONE PLAYER did that in the last what, 30, 40 YEARS. Is that your genius idea you pulled out of your arse?

Mark my words, the only two hc's Luck will play for in Miami are Cowher and Fisher. Any other hc in Miami and we'll still be out of "LUCK"!

Posted by: yesterday's gone | October 26, 2011 at 02:29 PM

If the Dolphins are beat out for Luck, some sports writer (insert Mando's name here) is going to steal your "Headline". LOL!

So-called "RETREAD" coaches maybe our greatest hope of landing Andrew Luck with the 1st overall pick. You guys gotta remember talk's now surfacing Luck will only play for certain teams under certain conditions.

If we dont land Cowher or Fisher, I have a strange feeling Andrew Luck and his father(Oliver) will be pulling a Archie and Eli Manning on us on draft day.

*22 TD to 2 Int

78 Percent completion percentage.

Gotten better every year. This guy is a stud


John Elway.

DC Dolfan...Eli is just the latest...Elway did it, Kelly did it...and I am sure there are others

Believe it or nat Andy, I might around the next couple weekends, If so you can name the place and time, It would be cool to talk to another Phin fan. I'll keep you posted.

I believe Jim Kelly was drafted by the Bills and only refused to play until he tore up the USFL.

If anyone of you guys want to get a good assessment on RG3 watch this game.

(4-2)Baylor @( 7-0)Oklahoma State

This should tell us how he fares against good competition.

Spiderman...not saying he isn't good....just saying he doesn't seem to beat the better teams is all. As I was told when I asked about Keenum, stats aren't everything (Keenum will hold most of the records).

The Buffalo Bills selected Kelly in the first round of the 1983 NFL Draft, but because of the Bills' poor attendance and the cold weather, he instead signed with the Houston Gamblers of the rival United States Football League.

Allright Joe!!!! That's the attitude we need! :) Fisher would be a GRRREEEAAAT coach. I am so convinced of this. The guy has always had fire and now I believe he is even more fired up to put his plan into action and be able to say a big f**k you to Tennessee. The guy can coach. The guy has incentive. The guy is tough and no nonsense. The guy will command respect. He has everything the Dolphins are looking for.

On the other side of it Joe I would obviously be fine with Cowher but my first choice is Fisher. I just don't think Cowher wants to work for Ross OR in Miami.


His O line pretty much sucks and defense is even worse than that. He's doing his job that all I ask.

22 and 2 TD to INT.

Ok, so you're basing it on 3-4 players, again, in FORTY YEARS. Matthew Stafford didn't do it, Sam Bradford didn't do it, JaMarcus Russell, Alex Smith, Carson Palmer, David Carr, Michael Vick and on and on and on...

I tell you what, I'll take my chances with those odds over some pessimists' doomsday scenario.

EVEN if that did happen, we'd be compensated so well we'd be sitting pretty. Either way it's a win-win, so why even worry about it. We get the #1 pick, and one way or another, we'll be sitting pretty in the driver's seat. That's all anyone needs to know.

I think I recall Jeff George did something like that to.

I predict the Dolphins will be the Buffalo Bills of 2008, the Detroit Lions of 2010, the Tampa Bay Bucs of 2008.

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