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Fact or Fiction: Dolphins coach version

There are a lot of rumors and reports out there relative to the Dolphins coach situation. Allow me to tell you what is true and what is, well, not exactly true for the sake of not calling things lies or misrepresentations or outright errorneous reports:

1. CBSSports.com reported Tuesday that intermediaries for the Dolphins have contacted people close to Bill Cowher about Cowher becoming Miami's coach. FICTION.

The Dolphins have declined comment publicly but I am told by two sources at the highest level of the organization that this is "Not true" and that the Dolphins "will not reach out to anybody" as long as Tony Sparano remains coach. The truth is this is a sensative subject for the Dolphins, and especially owner Stephen Ross, because he reached out to Jim Harbaugh last January while Sparano was coach. He was ripped mercilessly and, I dare say, appropriately, for the no-no and he has the scars to prove it. Ross is concerned he and the Dolphins would begin to get a reputation as a team that goes behind a coach's back if it happens again. So he is making sure it doesn't happen again through the team, him, or any intermediaries of which there is only really one -- Carl Peterson. (Dan Marino sitting next to Cowher on the CBS set and suggesting he should be the next Dolphins coach does not constitute the Dolphins reaching out to Cowher through intermediaries.) Marino is not a Ross representative. He didn't even want the Dolphins to mention it was his birthday during the season-opener at home against New England and threatened to boycott the game if they did. So Marino is not carrying anyone's water. The Dolphins also know Cowher would be offended by that kind of approach --- behind the current coach's back. It would be exactly the wrong way to do this. And while the Dolphins have not been brilliant in the way they conduct themselves lately, even they admit this would be dumb.

2. Cowher is of high interest to the Dolphins because he's a superstar coach who is available. FACT.

Duh. There was a report that made it seem like the Dolphins having interest in Cowher was news. It's news like saying daylight has interest in the sun is news. The Dolphins indeed view Cowher as a target, and probably their top target, in what will be a certain search that begins once Sparano is gone. But Cowher won't be the only target. Jeff Fisher and Jon Gruden will also be targets and don't rule out any "star" caliber coach that might get the axe after this season.

3. Cowher, as Miami's likely top choice, is also Miami's likely next head coach. FICTION.

Firstly, that's impossible to predict. Secondly, there is the thorny issue of what other jobs are available after the season. The truth is Miami would not be first on Cowher's list of places and franchises he'd like to coach if he had his druthers. It simply isn't. Not his kind of town. Not his kind of approach as a franchise. Just not him. He's a blue collar guy. People that know Cowher tell me he'd rather be the coach someplace like say, Chicago or the Giants or perhaps even Houston or Philadelphia or Kansas City. All things being equal, he'd probably rather go to any of those places than Miami. Of course, all things are not equal. The Fins will have a vacancy. We don't know about any of those other places. This, by the way, also refutes the idea the Dolphins are already touching base with him. He is going to wait to see what is available to him before jumping back in, assuming he jumps at all. Now is not yet the right time to be flirting with anyone..

4. The Dolphins will keep Sparano through the end of the year and begin this big search in January. FICTION, but with an asteriks.

Sparano keeps his job until the end of the season is if he starts winning, so that is the caveat. If he continues winless, he continues to put himself at weekly risk of being fired. I've been told that barring a total embarrassing collapse, Sparano will likely remain coach the next two games at the New York Giants and Kansas City. But if the Dolphins are 0-8 after KC, I think that is the week Sparano will be most at risk because the Dolphins return home for a Nov. 13 game against Washington that starts a five-week span in which Miami plays at home four times. The Dolphins will want to do something for their home fans by then and, fair or not, a coaching change is about the only thing that can be done in-season.

5. The Dolphins are keeping Sparano on now because they are officially in "Suck for Luck" mode. FICTION.

To call the Dolphins an organization is almost a contradiction in terms. This football team cannot organize the proper personnel to put on the field for a two-point conversion AFTER A TIMEOUT and some of you think there's an organized and so-far perfectly successful movement to continue losing? Sparano is the coach because so far he hasn't lost total respect in the locker room and there really isn't anyone better to replace him. Period.

6. Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, the former head coach of the San Francisco 49'ers is the most logical choice to replace Sparano on an interim basis. FICTION.

Have you seen the Dolphins play defense so far this season? That unit is so far part of the problem. So what about Mike Nolan's work suggests he deserves a promotion? The truth is no one on staff likely deserves the promotion. But the Dolphins would also look at assistant head coach/secondary coach Todd Bowles and quarterbacks coach Karl Dorrell as candidates on an interim basis. Bowles has the Bill Parcells stamp of being a future head coach. That is one reason he was interviewed for the head coach job in both Kansas City and Detroit. Dorrell was the head coach at UCLA from 2003-07 before joining the Dolphins in 2008. So he has head coach experience, although not in the NFL. They Dolphins will consider both very strongly. And while the team will never say this, naming either of these men would mark the first time in franchise history the Dolphins would have a black head coach. It would be a historical milestone.


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I am glad that this is clear now because these reports by CBS news are damaging to the Dolphins any future attempts at getting a decent head coach in the future.

Yesterdays gone I've heard that a few times now and I don't agree. Luck is a VERY humble kid. You wouldn't think so seeing how he is so good but that's part of what makes him great. He doesn't have a huge ego and is a team first guy. Last week the team ran for over 300 yds and Luck barely threw any passes. He was still fired up for his teammates and didn't whine about not being involved as much. Anything to win. His family is standup, old fashioned. Refusing to play for a team is a punk move and people with integrity don't do that.

I give the Mannings a pass because there were mitigating circumstances. Archie had a big blow out with the SD GM and didn't like what they were going to do with his kid. He was afraid that they were using him for a different agenda and had no real plans of developing Eliu into a starter. That would make any dad want to pull out.

That certainly will not be the case in Miami. Luck would be handed the keys to the city. He will be the unquestioned leader of the offense and eventually the whole team.

If we get the first pick and choose Luck there is now way in hell he refuses to come here. Mark my words.

All the QBs will play mind tricks if you study them long enough. We stereotype certain guys all the time.

Luck - Upside, I see Aaron Rodgers type. He can make all the throws, extend plays with his very good athleticism, precision touch on passes and ability to throw fast ball if needed. Total Package. Downside, very hard to find any but every player has a possible bust factor I see him possibly not as comfortable outside of a West Coast system and maybe struggling to adapt but still very hard to find any flaws after watching him about a half dozen times in the past 2 seasons.

Barkley - Upside, I see a more athletic version of Eli Manning type. A good but not elite arm. Has the ability to carry a team or crap the bed on any given week. The key as with all QBs is finding what offensive system works best with his skill set and I see West Coast offense in his future. He is smart, gets ball out quickly and has nice touch. His downside could be a product of USC and Leinart.

Landry Jones - very tough because I haven't seen enough of him so I won't compare him to anyone but is widely regarded as 2nd best QB in draft. He suposedly has a great size, good arm strength and great touch and accuracy. He puts up numbers but every QB at Oklahoma seems to yet they aren't all NFL caliber. Josh Hypell put up big numbers and won a championship and was drafted yet never took a NFL snap, Jason White Heismann trophy never played a game in the NFL and Bradford who seems to be the real deal. I don't think anyone can blame his regression on him. A new offensive system under Josh Mc-Buttface, no weapons outside an oft-injured Stephen Jackson. So where does Landy fall in under the Oklahoma QBs. I see a huge risk with him.

Robert Griffin III - He is super athletic and although not Vick or Cam Newton athletic still a great athlete. He's very smart was valeddictorian in highschool, will graduate in 3 years with degree in Poli/Science. He puts up very good numbers but doesn't have to make a ton of downfield throws either. Gil Brandt compared him to having the upside of a Steve Young. He didn't say he was a Steve Young but he said with his athleticism and smarts he can see it but also warned and said he doubts he is ever as immature and bad decision maker as another Young in VY but could be that super athlete who can't put it together on the field.

Just thought I'd share my opinions and some facts

Whats all this talk I hear about the Dolphins moving?

Phins78, read into Cowhers resignation. It was about family. His wife was ill. Yes, she died later but, so what? Is that reason enough to not want to spend more time with your wife knowing your time with her is running out?

Everyone knew she was ill & what the outcome would be. His girls were going to College soon. They just bought a house in Carolina. etc etc etc This is widely known information, it's not rumors or speculative.

Yes, he quickly took a TV job which is travel 1 day a week versus being in the office 7 days a week 18 hours a day as a coach. Would you REALLY like to try to compare the two of them?Do you see no difference bewteen the 2?

Yes, he is & was coveted. When the rumors mount from every open head coachign gig, there must be some validity to them, no?

When the Giants flirted with firing Coughlin, Cowhers name was everyhwere.
In Carolina, Cowhers name was everywhere
In Dallas, Cowhers name was everywhere.
In Washington, Cowhers name was floated quite a bit.
In KC earlier in the season his name started floating about because he got his first coaching gig there.

Do you think his name is always the first one mentioned because he isn't the most ideal candidate? All teams waited to hear if Cowher was ready to come back before going on to other candidates. Is it a coincidence?

The only reason he hasn't come back yet is because he isn't ready. That's my guess.

I didn't say you called him a bad coach. I understand the content of you post clearly but it seems as if you took slight offense to it.

I'm saying, your points or opinions are deeply flawed the way you presented them. And it remains so. It wasn't mean to be offensive, it is what it is.

let's agree to disagree

DC, Indianapolis was the team I think Denver refused to play for, it had 15 years of misery.

Not saying your odds are wrong, but it does show that some QB's will not come to a poor organization no matter what.

So Ross better figure this ship out, because with OUR luck as of late, this same thing could happen with Luck.

His oline doesn't suck, again I watch a lot of Baylor football. Defense is another thing all together. He has very good receivers, decent backs, and again I didn't say he is bad. I just don't know how his game will translate to the NFL. He is very accurate when he has time and he does a great job of continuing the play. In the Kansas State game and the A&M game he threw picks at critical parts of the game that were not great plays by the defenders. All I am saying his he beats who he supposed to, but not the better teams. Stats wise he is almost untouchable this year.

I think Miami would be a perfect situation for Luck IF Miami gets a top HC and gets rid of Ireland.

Fans are clamoring for a franchise QB, and it has been long enough since Marino retired. When the Fins do get it turned around (which they eventually will), it has a strong fan base and South Florida is a great place to live. Plus no state income tax.

Who wants to live in Indianapolis, back up Payton Manning or replace him? Indy talent level is actually worst then ours and key players are getting old (Reggie Wayne) or are free agents (Pierre Garcon).

If Miami got the right Head Coach & GM, I really think we have a lot of upside. Just need to get some studs at some key positions via the draft and we can turn this thing around FAST.


There's more to that stat than meets the eye. Coaches that won the big one quickly realize why they retired in the first place. Cowher quit, left a team one year removed from winning a SB, and would quit on the Phins after a few mediocre seasons. I can't argue that he was a good coach. I just have my doubts that his heart would be in it 100%. Hiring him reminds me too much of the Jimmy Johnson experiment.

Btw, I would take Andy Reid in a heartbeat.

If we have the #2 pick, I agree that you have to try to trade up to get the #1 pick; but at what point do you say you cannot give up so much where it will compromise your future even with Luck.


Sparano LOST this locker room a long time ago!


Armando Salguero knows what he's talking about!

After years of reading his work, I can tell you no, no he doesn't!

Fisher is a huge fan of Chad Henne, although i would like to see Henne back next year (he was able to move the football with this rotten team and coaches...from his back), i know most of you would hate to see that

just looked at keenum, i'll take him,trade out and get another 1st and 2 starters.


I understand your not knocking him, but we need a franchise QB. I think he presents the best upside vs Jones(a product of OU) or Barkley(well we all know USC QB arent that good).

If we dont get the first pick with the second pick RG3 should be the choice IMO but the next game will def let me know if he's worth it. Its a big game against Oklahoma State.

If you can recall his 2 picks he threw I hope you remember the 22 TD he has thrown also.

Of course Luck and Cam Newton and most other #1 overall pick QB's are/were sure things. But it gets incredibly hard beyond them.


If Carson Palmer was worth a #1 and a conditional #1 what do you think a once every 10-20 year QB is worth?

He is probably worth Jake Long and 2 number first rounders. That might get it done with either St. Louis or Indy. Another team it might not be worth it.

But at this point I think it comes down to Miami vs Indy for #1 spot. St. Louis has 2 games vs Cards and 2 vs Seattle and a few other crappy teams. Indy has Tennessee twice, Jags twice so there may be a possible win or 2 in there. Miami possible wins Washington, Oakland, Buffalo but will lose the next 2, and to Philly and Dallas and closer vs Jets

I do, I have seen most of them.....


Phins78 said mark his words. Isn't that good enough for you?

No, seriously, I hear what you're saying (about a dysfunctional organization), but if we believe the reporting, all that will be gone by then. We'll have a new GM, new HC, new Coordinators and Coaching staff, Luck would be installed Day 1, the offense would be formed around his talents and they'd say, "you're already being compared to Dan Marino" (as far as importance to a city and franchise).

Is that something you would walk away from? To go where? Indy (don't they have as much dysfunction)? St. Louis (not a great history of achievement)?

And think about what another team would have to give UP for him. I'm talking MULTIPLE 1st-round picks. Players. Money. Yes, Luck could turn the franchise around. But so could 2 #1 picks in each of the next 3 years.

I only see it as a win-win (can't see a downside anywhere to having the #1 pick).

People saying that a coach can't make a difference in one year, Vince Lombardi took over the Pack after their worst ever season 1-10-1 and the next year fielded a winning team. Don Shula took over a 3-10-1 Dolphins team and had them in the playoffs his first year.

Lombardi did it with basically the same team that sucked the previous season, same thing for Shula. So I'm not buying into a new coach not having an immediate impact regardless of the personnel.

The right coach is a huge difference maker in this league and if Ross somehow manages to pull his head out of his rectum and he finds us the "right" coach, we could start winning in August 2012.


So whats your take? Is he not worth the #2 pick? Where does he stand with the other QB coming out?

My coaching wish list:

1)Cowher. Solid as they come.
2)Fisher. Could list as 1A instead of #2.

If you go the coordinator route:

1) Chudzinski from the offensive side.
2) Rob Ryan from the defensive side.

If you are waiting for a guy to be fired:

1) Andy Reid. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.
2) Jim Harbaugh. No chance but while Ross handled it badly he was after one of the "right" guys.

Wow Anthony Fasano is a joke. Sparano and Fasano should quit and open up a Pizzeria.

Yo Fasano, Gronkoski makes you look like WNBA player.

grondz, we're in agreement, the next HC of the Miami Dolphins should be Andy Reid. Then Andy NJ can watch him lead HIS team to wins, instead of Philly. And Philly can get what they wished for, a new Coach that won't ever be as successful or offensively creative as they are under Reid.

fed up, comments like that will have you sleeping with the fishes.



You make a great point! I keep worrying so much about the dysfunction in Miami and thinking Luck would pull a Eli/Elway I keep forgetting the competition might be worse off. Indy is small market and without much talent at all and to have to replace a guy like Manning he might pass on that. St. Louis I think they would trade to highest bidder and stick with Bradford but say they did went with Luck why would he want to play for them. They have been really bad for years and also in small market.

Miami at least is the city of Miami and has a nice market where if you are a winner you are toast of the town. Maybe Lebron will drop him a tweet and promise to be friends if he goes there.

A side question to the St. Louis point fellas if they did get Luck would you want to trade for Bradford or draft on of the remaining 3?

"I don't mind Fisher being the next HC. As long as Ross tries everything in his power to lure Cowher IF he expresses a true desire to coach again.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe"

I would agree but what is scary about that is if they try everything in their power to lure one coach over another the 2nd coach in will know they were just the consolation prize. Not sure if that would have any impact on those negotiations and coach or not. SO, IMO they need to do a lot of research, pick their guy and know they will get him. Then get him in here as early as possible after the season.

Don Shula couldn't win with the players Jeff Ireland puts together. Unless Ross completely cleans house this Franchise will never be what it once was.


Yeah it's sickening to watch this explosive offense on TV with my obnoxious/homer/fraud fans that are my friends lol.

Reid and Luck would be a match made in heaven. I think Reid is a great coach. He is also one of the best in the business if not thee best at developing QBs

Why do you think Cowhers jaw sticks out so much??
Punched in the eye of the donkey too hard??

Joe, Good points about Cowhers decision. With all of those facts one could lean toward family being the ultimate decision maker regarding his time in Pittsburgh.

"I'm saying, your points or opinions are deeply flawed the way you presented them. And it remains so. It wasn't mean to be offensive, it is what it is."

This is the only place where I'm having difficulty. You say you're not trying to offend but then tell me that my opinions are deeply flawed. The only opinion I believe you could state as flawed is Cowhers reasoning behind leaving. If it is stated that he specifically left for family and Cowher himself stated that, then yes my opinion would be flawed because I didn't have the facts to base said opinion on.

But the rest of my opinions/points are no more or less flawed than anyone else in here. It is my opinion that Fisher would be a better fit in Miami. It is my opinion that Cowher has about 6 other teams he would rather coach than the Dolphins. Those opinions are based on a plethora of facts and point to a low chance that Cowher ends up in Miami.

So I disagree that all of my opinions are flawed. You may not have been saying that but you didn't specify which of my opinions you thought were flawed. That left the post open for interpretation and it looked like you were saying there was no validity to ANY of my statements.

That's right DC! Mark my words, that should be good enough for everyone! :)

Seriously though, Luck is a good kid, from a good family. Those kinds of people don't refuse to play for a team because they've had some bumps in the road.

The Manning incident is apples and oranges.

Spiderman, No doubt he goes in the first round...none what so ever. I would put him at number 3 behind Luck and Jones and ahead of Barkley. Most draft "experts" have him at 4 but I have no faith in USC QB's. Personally after Luck I think you are taking a crap shoot at QB anyway. The reason I like Jones better is I feel like he has a much better grasp under center and will do better at reading defenses there. RG3 will have to work more on that, plus RG3 is much more likely to bail out early rather than step up and look for alternate receivers. I have never been fond of running QB's either (although he is more accurate than most of his predecessors). Just my thoughts, not that they mean anything

LOL Andy, I don't have that problem (watching the Skins is like watching the NFC Dolphins, they just have a better defense).

Phins, I'm all in! Mark your words is good enough for me.

I agree DC, I just gave that tidbit, because it feels like we are cursed, and that would be the next kick in the butt that us fans would have to try and endure.

For what it's worth to anyone.

Luck is the obvious #1 and thats what we all want but in the case for #2 best QB.

Kiper ranks Landry Jones #4 overall, Matt Barkley #12 and RG3 #19.

While Scouts Inc and spray tan McShay rank Jones #3, Barkley #22 and RG3 didn't make top 32 at all

Poizen, if that happened, I'd really have to bail on you guys. I've been a soldier for WAY too long. And I have nothing to show for it. I wasn't even born last time we won a SB. I don't need to win every year, but once in a LIFETIME would be nice. Not sure I could keep supporting a cursed team (heck, maybe it's me, maybe if I jump off the ship Miami will start winning again).


Im not so sure if it first reaction is to bail but its always a plus when you have a QB who able to make something out of nothing. I.e Cam Newton made the Redskins def look silly. My problem with Jones is Josh Heupal and Sam Bradford were able to put up similar numbers, he may be a product of Bob stoops offense. Needless to say I respect you opinion.

I would take Ryan Tannehill or Brandon Weeden before I take Matt Barkley. USC QB's usually suck as pro's. Yes, Carson was good before he got hurt in the playoff game against Pittsburgh.

I have every confidence that if the search for a HC, and the ultimate choice, can be mishandled, botched or otherwise bastardized, this owner and company will find a way to arrive at that messy misaccomplishment.

How's that for negativity bred from experience?

Spider, definitely agree but not if it is the first instinct. I just don't think you win consistently if you rely primarily on running. Vick didn't win consistently that way, Young didn't, and Newton won't (Newton does a great job of going through the progession for a rookie before he bails)

Correction to my Kiper vs McShay rankings.

RG3 isn't listed as a prospect on McShay's board. Meaning he doesn't think he will come out.

Personally, I don't have a problem with Cowher OR Fisher taking the reins. If Cowher comes, he'll want his own staff... my advice is that you give him what he wants. Fisher had QB issues which contributed to the Titans' demise. When Vince Young started having his psychological issues, the only place he had to turn was encinoman QB Kerry Collins.

I do applaud Ross for learning from the mistakes he made last year(assuming the article is true) regarding not reaching out to prospective coaches before firing the one you've got.

And FWIW, love him or hate him, Sporano is not a quitter. He is going to do his job as long as he's on payroll. He's simply not NFL caliber material...

Which leads me to my final point... if somehow the 'Fins go 11-5 next year and win the East, let's remember not to get too carried away.

Bradford is going to be a very good QB. He is dealing with a crappy supporting cast and lots of injuries to the team

AndyNJ, Griffin has to come out. He has graduated and is a senior.


I have to check it on it but he is a Junior. He just graduates this year cause he is smart

IMO Nick Foles needs to be included in that QB short list conversation. I know he seems to be on everyone's list as a 2nd round pick but IMO he'll move up real fast. Have you guys seen much of him and what are your thoughts on Foles?

By the way, Luck will be dealing with the same crap Bradford is dealing with as far as having a crappy supporting cast. But he is the "one" quarterback that I would put all my eggs in the basket for and build around


Sorry outside of being smart which he is he could opt for another year. He was granted a redshirt from his knee injury 2 years ago

Griffin is a JR technically but will graduate early next year. He got red shirted his 2nd or 3rd season due to injury. He'll have the option to stay and play another year.

Nick Foles is big strong arm with zero mobility and zero touch on balls. We have that sort of QB in Henne

Have you ever caught a Henne Pass?

Niether have the Dolphins so don worry about it

He has graduated...He finished and has received his degree in Political Science

Spiderman is absolutely correct. No coach has ever won a SB with one team then gone on to win a SB with another team. Never. There is a reason. Building a SB contender and a franchise takes year after year of 100 hour weeks. This is a young man's activity. Once a coach has won a SB and tasted success they never buckle down with the same intensity - think Jimmy Johnson. We do not want Cowher or Gruden or any coach who is semi-retired. We want a great young OC or DC who has the fire in the belly to do something great, the brains to consistently manage teams that out-perform their talent level, and the longevity to see it through. Go Phins!

fed up,

obviously I have not what's your point. I can see he has a strong arm and I can see he has no touch on the ball. I played football and watched football for a long time and some things are obvious

I've been told that barring a total embarrassing collapse, Sparano will likely remain coach the next two games at the New York Giants and Kansas City. But if

Mando," Embarrassing" Collapes?????, What do you call this year so far????, "A Minor Detour" of Winlessness?????? Lol At Mando..

Some observations:

1) It's funny (not "ha ha" funny, but ironic funny)- I've never seen Andrew Luck play. I don't know a thing about him, other than that there hasn't been a quarterback prospect so coveted since John Elway, yet I admit to having jumped on the "Suck for Luck" bandwagon. I'm going on blind faith.

2) Here's something that's "ha ha funny:

A black, a communist, and a Muslim walk into a bar. The bartender asks, "What'll it be today, Mr. President?"

3) I have a very bad sore throat. My wife told me that I don't have to worry about infecting our dogs. Is that true? There's no inter-species spread of infection?

4) I hear that Lindsay Lohan is going to pose for Playboy. They're about 6 years too late. Lindsay hit her peak around 2005. Still -

5) It's a safe bet that in the last 10 years, no team has been so woeful, so victimized, so devastated, by opponents' QB draws then the Dolphins. Wait. It goes back even longer. It started in 1989 when Jim Kelly defeated the Dolphins on opening day on a QB draw at the end of the game. Gosh - that was 22 years ago.

One thing about Andy Reid that you guys are neglecting is that the guy has VERY serious family problems. Two sons with severe drug addictions who have both been arrested multiple times (we're talking heroin and prescription fraud, not pot offenses).

I live in the Philly area and the sense is that if Reid is canned, he will take a BADLY needed rest from the game to focus on things that are obviously much more important than coaching football.

I will say that living here it's funny to hear much the SAME criticism of Reid that you hear about any coach in trouble, including Sparano.

"Too nice to the players, can't manage a game clock, boneheaded decisions," etc.

I think this is one of those 'grass is greener' things. You may think fans in Philadelphia are idiots for wanting to get rid of Reid, but fans here would call you just as dumb for WANTING him.

In any regard, I don't see him having much desire to hit the restart button next year if he's let go. Too much external baggage going on in his life.

They have a better chance of talking Jimmy Johnson back then signing Bill Cowher. That being said they may want to consider Tony Dungy as he lives in Tampa and being a Florida resident who appreciates the state. The owner Ross and Ireland the GM will have a difficult time finding anyone worth their salt to coach. They will take a recycled coach or someone young and dumb and hungry for a job. Either way, do not expect them to win. Ross allowing the halftime dedication to the UFelons was a horrible decision, and should be whipped like a boy. The Miami Hurricanes should offer a halftime dedication to the Pittsburg Steelers 6th Championship. You know, just return the favor to Mr. Butthead (Ross).


it was a failed attempt at a joke.. as in the dolphins havent caught any of his passes either.cause they suck

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