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Help Wanted: Dolphins need a quarterback

A month into the season and the issue the Dolphins had the entire offseason remains an issue. They need to add a quarterback.

Yes, the situation is different now. Starter Chad Henne injured his left (non-throwing) shoulder during the San Diego game Sunday and is expected to miss significant practice time and likely the Oct. 17 game against the New York Jets.

So it''s not like the Dolphins are searching for a franchise quarterback.

They simply need an arm or two to help in camp the next couple of weeks and be available to play against the Jets should something happen to expected starter Matt Moore.

That means the Dolphins will go QB searching today.

Carson Palmer is available! (Yeah, then the alarm clock sounded and I awoke from my dream.) Palmer is, in fact, not available. The Bengals will not trade him and have not budged on the idea of not trading him.

Come to think of it, if the Dolphins land a Palmer it more likely would be Jordan Palmer, Carson's younger, less talented, less accomplished brother.

David Garrard is available but the Dolphins have shown puzzingly little interest in him. He is obviously the best QB on the market now.

[1 p.m. Update: NFL Network is reporting the Dolphins reached out to Garrard as well as Jake Delhomme but failed to sign either because the club apparently didn't want to guarantee any player's base salary for the remainder of the season.]

Kellen Clemens makes sense. He played under Brian Daboll once upon a time in New York. He's available. He has experience. Matt Gutierrez, with New England for a couple of years before washing out in Kansas City and Washington, is also out there.

[2:30 Update: Clemens is not an option as a source says the Dolphins are not interested.]

Jake Delhomme is out there. He helped the Cleveland Browns stink last year. He could fit in.

[6 p.m. Update: Delhomme is not interested in playing for the Dolphins, according to a source.]

Troy Smith is out there. Somewhere. He's been playing in the UFL so at least he's warmed up and in shape. Patrick Ramsey, whom the Dolphins had on the roster for about five minutes last season is available.

Marc Bulger is retired and I doubt the Dolphins could talk him out of that life just to serve as a backup a few weeks, but he is available.

Daunte Culpepper, who had a workout with the San Francisco 49'ers last month, is available. He would love the opportunity but I doubt the Dolphins would go there because, well, just have a feeling they wouldn't go there.

Other names the Dolphins can consider: Hunter Cantwell, Sean Canfield, Tom Brandstater, Dan LeFevour, Levi Brown, Drew Willy.

[Practice update: Henne, Nolan Carroll, Koa Misi, and Daniel Thomas missed practiced today. Check back for an another update later this afternoon.]


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Question for Armondo - with what you know about Ross do you believe he would cut his losses and sell this team to someone who would take them to LA - Los Angeles has been approved for an NFL team and within the next two years they will have a team. My concern is Ross does not appear to me to be fully invested in an NFL franchise unless they are making money for him and as we all know - that ain't happening right now. So does he give it another year, or hang onto the team and invest in some good players next season (something he didn't do this season or does he sell? I have two names that maybe not so popular with most fans - Jeff Fisher and RGIII of Baylor - check out his game film and stats.

Stop messing with the antithesis of perfection. Don’t change a thing and we are virtually guaranteed to land a franchise QB in next year’s draft. It is no longer “Suck for Luck”, it has become “Keep on Suckin…”

If the secondary is having this big of a problem with communication, just tell them to STFU! Play man on man from here on out.

"I MEAN" what could be worse than seeing a WR rolling around with the ball on the 5 yard line? He was lauging so hard at our coverage that almost couldn't get up and score the TD.

Oh Brother................

MAN UP! (no that's not a pun, I mean it literaly), it can't be any worse than Smith pass defending against Wilson and blocking on Bell!

Mondo, say the Dolphins go unvictoried this yr and have the first pk in the draft. IF Luck is that man, then why does anyone believe Luck would sign with the Dolphins? I wouldnt. Luck would get killed behind this OL we have now. The OL stinks, well just two OLmen really stink. I say pick Luck then trade him to another team for several picks including #1 pick linemen. The Dolphins dont pk playmakers, they pk linemen, ie Carey/Long/Pouncey. 3 #1 draft picks, not one scores TD's or throws TD's. And you wonder why the Dolphins are so BAD or getting worse.

@phins78 Great idea boycott everything then have them move to Los Angelos Ca.After all he is the show biz owner.Great Idea.How about supporting the team and encourage them and be the twelveth man and do your part and stop whinnig.

Start Devlin


we were desperate for improvement at FS the draft before last- the one in which we picked the current FS as a late round bargain acorn "steal".

Not even we can help this team


Things to do this season:

stay the course, forfeit the season, draft Luck and the next 15 years we're back as contenders year in and year out.

not gonna happen unfortunately, cause we not quite crappy enough to be the worst team in the league.


I live in ATL too, not many Dolphins fan up here. Nice to see one a blogger from ATL who a fan!


I live in ATL too, not many Dolphins fan up here. Nice to see a blogger from ATL who a fan!

Question for Armondo - with what you know about Ross do you believe he would cut his losses and sell this team to someone who would take them to LA - Los Angeles has been approved for an NFL team and within the next two years they will have a team.


Never gone to happen. Ross owns the stadium. He can't afford to not having the Dolphins losing in his stadium.

Anyone suggesting that we TRADE ANYHTING!! for a QB is out of their mind! There is no way we should waste a draft pick for a backup is nuts. I think our GM can waste our picks all on his own.

On a lighter note,

Jake Del Homme is out there. He helped the Cleveland Browns stink last year. He could fit in.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/10/help-wanted-dolphins-need-a-quarterback.html#ixzz1ZpyyZzxZ

LMAO! Love the sarcasm. Thx I needed a chuckle today, Mando.

I think we are definitely capable of the worst record in the NFL. Of all the teams with NO wins, ours is the only one that is no longer competing.

Another thing that we have going for us is that of the other 3 teams that have forgotten how to win, 2 of them (Indy & St. Louis) are less likely to spend the top pick on a QB. It's Minnesota that we have to watch out for.

I hope they win some games somewhere along the way.

My hammie Dolphins,

why would Indy not be looking for QBs?

dragon fly,

Draft luck and trade him?? please child you are like ireland and Sparano trying to outsmart everyone making the dumbest decisions.

My hammie, The Vikings just drafted Christian Ponder in the 1st.

On a side note - all the rookie Qb's that have played have looked good so far. So much for the "weak" draft class.

The only team you mentioned that MUST take a Qb, will be the Colts. I think they have to. Manning's old, with neck problems. They learned the lesson this year of not having a legit Qb behind him.

If Manning comes back, they may win some games which would help Miami in this scenario. I can't see Miami winning many games. Maybe Denver? KC? Will 2 wins secure the #1? If somehow Ireland is spared, will he take the QB or trade?

the more i think about it, the more i like it...
the secondary looks more and more like barnum & bailey, and roberto wallace looks more and more like pat surtain.

roberto has good size and speed, and other then special teams his talent is being wasted, he did play secondary in school, has better hands then most defensive backs, knows the routes, and probably would be eager to be that starter. the secondary is so bad right now that it would be difficult to say this would NOT be an upgrade, and it is the bye week. we would definately benefit from a bigger, more talented and atheletic chomping at the bit, reciever turned defensive back who will be looking more to catch the ball(INT'S), and add a recievers perspective to this ailing unit. now picture the secondary, WILL ALLEN(smart vet, not many mistakes, still has it). VONTAGE DAVIS(prbably best D-BACK on team when healthy, great tackler, gives a lot of effort) YERAMIAHA BELL(quiet so far, but experienced, physical, and the back-bone of this unit)SEAN SMITH(o.k. good size, lacking coverage skills)RESHAD JONES(potential threw the roof, learning on the fly, will be good once the light comes on)ROBERTO WALLACE(could be the miising piece and perfect partner to compliment davis, a spark that this unit needs BADLY)
if tony can make this happen, it just might make him look GENIOUS!


ROBERTO WALLACE would be an upgrade in the secondary. it CAN"T be any worse then it currently is. he has better then prototypical size, might proove to be better then vontage davis, no question he will be better then sean smith or NOLAN CARROL. LOVE the IDEA!
the defense has to do something, give it a shot, it is the bye week and all, and he does look imposing and a lot more like PAT SURTAIN everyday!

ROBERTO WALLACE can provide that SPARK the secondary needs. picture a reicever playing the secondary, actually trying to catch the ball, maybe just send him onto the field with the defense, but don't tell him he's the D-BACK, let him think he's still the reciever.

I forgot about Ponder...good point. My comment on Indy is related to the huge contract the Colts gave Manning this offseason. I'm not sure what all the cap implications would be if Manning rehabs, returns, and the colts decide to move on? Who knows, with the rookie cap in place, maybe they'd draft Luck anyway.

We are going to fist pump our way to 0-16. Why are you guys trying to upgrade the team don't you want me to get fired. It makes no sense I will play the worst players which just so happens to be the entire team so trust me we won't screw this up.

you laugh, dion sanders played reciever AND defensive back in the SAME game. just tell ROBERTO he's starting at reciever and send him out with the defense! love it!

It amazing me how much this organization has trouble in getting a quality QB and the fans seem to demand over night success. Since the main focus was on Henne and Moore during the entire pre season, why not see if Pat Devlin has the right stuff? Almost all the
young drafted QB's that Miami didn't select are playing. It is now time to make some changes and fire up the team and start playing the sure hands.

i urge anyone looking for answers to the fins 0-4 start to read a large article posted under the "henne seeks 2nd opinon" blog/foreum
by budtki

Canfield and Moore! Re-unite the Oregon State QBs! lol


Pointless. We have 2 healthy QB's on the roster, and probably a receiver who could play QB in a pinch. Skip it. None of the options listed that are possible would help the Dolphins not lose. That's the whole point isn't it? Any schmuck can take snaps and lose. We have those already, and another isn't worth anything. Skip it.

miami dolphins
miami dolphins
miami dolphins drafting #1

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miami dolphins
miami dolphins drafting #1

sing it!

What about Pat White? This team is jinxed!

we need chuckie! he wont take no BS. from these bums. cuz you don't f#%k with the chuck!

First of all PHINS78 is right - OUR VOICE is us not attending games. Nobody listens to us unless we stop putting money in their pockets.

Second- We do have some talent on this team- our coaches just don't know how to utilize it. Can you imagine a good qb throwing the ball to Bess, Marshall, Hartline, Bush.

We have a very good defensive coordinator and some good Defensive players- but when you leave the field for a break and you are back on the field 4 plays later- it's tough to maintain a high level of playing. Can you imagine if our D played with a lead once? Wow just the enthusiasm would help raise the level of play. Always on the field and always playing from behind=no motivation or enthusiasm. I'm not making excuses- I just think we have some talent and in the right situation we would be playing much better.

We all agree- we want our coaches gone. So we need to stick with him until the end of this season to make sure that happens. A new coach might win a few games then we are out of LUCK

Our inept GM should have signed Gerrad the minute he hit the street.

I like the prospect of Troy Smith; would take him over that other Ohio State Quarterback that was recently available.....

Can I ask a question that I don't think is being addressed here?

Miami's offensive line is like some semipermeable membrane, except that it is bad at being "semipermeable".

Just how many quarterbacks do we actually need as stop-gap if the o-line is as open as a convenient mart? I mean, will one extra mediocre qb be enough if they keep getting pounded? Maybe if our "guru" actually did some actual "guruing" Henne might still be out there playing beyond his mediocre potential.

Can we address that first before we bring in fresh meat for the grinder?

A veteran QB is irrelevant right now. Put P.Devlin as a second QB.The team cannot be worst anyway.
As concerns S. Ross, he's a pitiful football ignorant owner. Not a surprise why the team is in so bad shape.
Even if the Dolphins finish 0-16, it's not sure the staff would select Luck as long as Ireland and Ross are around. They would select a punter maybe or a full back or a TE. This people have made havoc to our beloved team.

How can you write a "Miami Dolphins in depth" column when the Miami Dolphins have no depth?

Armando. We are suposed to receive news from you. Dolphins are in need of a QB for 13 years.

You could have dated this October 1995. How much longer will this take?

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