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Hey, lookie, lookie, Dolphins lead NYG in 2nd quarter

The Dolphins are leading the New York Giants 7-3 to start the second quarter.

No, this is not April Fools. It is not a misprint.

The Fins held New York on fourth down to end its first series of the game and held again on third down to force a field goal on the second drive.

The Dolphins have a TD run by Steve Slaton.

The live blog continues in the comments section. Join me there.


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Moore > Henning

Only into his second game.

4:15ET. Brady.

Aggressive game plan this week.

God i'm shooting myself if we blow Suck for Luck.

and a WHIFFFFFFFFFFFFFF by Jake! Is Jake hurt?

LONG STINKS this year!

Obligatory wasted time out, LOL

Premature timeout right on time

Wont last mando.......
come back down to reality like the rest of us!!!

there goes the il-advised time-out - once per half (at least)

anyone think Sparano was jealous NY kicked a field goal?

I admit, earlier I hit the 0-16 panic button too. With 10 games remaining better judgement has prevailed, plus the availability of premium incoming qb talent, I have wisely hit the reset button!


What's the deal with Long this year. Lingering injury problems?

Im rooting for MY Dolphins to go 5-5 over the remaining 10 games!

There's REGGIE BUSH!!!!!

Miami selects... Jake Long... tackle from Michigan...

He's disguised now as a revolving door.

OH FU#K!!!!!

Go Dolphins!

Thats what Bush can do in space. Please use him adequately

Matt Moore may have the ugliest sliding technique in QB history. But as long as it gets the first down....

we're gonna punch in another one! Holy Cow!

Contrary to popular belief its ok to root for our Dolphins to win!

Run or pass?
I say run it

what a surprise






Glad I thought of that. Nice call Sparano.

Lmao!!! This is crazy! I love it!

Gutsy call.

Oh well. On to Indy.........

Holy Moley!!! TD'S on consecutive drives?

Sparano is going for broke!

He's showing coj*nes!


Who is this team on the field with the Giants today?

Break'm up... who's calling plays? Vince Lombardi? Bill Walsh?

Leave it to my Fins to piss away Andrew Luck.

Go Gints.


Red Zone twice, td twice. Immmmmmmmm loving it!

Contrary to popular belief its ok to root for our Dolphins to win!

Posted by: yesterday's gone | October 30, 2011 at 01:48 PM

Yay! 5-11 and we draft an offensive lineman! YAY!!!!

Dolphins went 90 yards in 12 plays. Solid.

Lets see what Halftime adjustments Tony's got up his sleeve to muck this up

Nice call, but kinda surprised the Giants did not key on Moore running in considering his success running thus far.

WOW, this is what it feels like to score 2 TDS in a row AND be up by more than 10!!

This doesn't even look like the same offense that was on the field last week. Anyone seen pods around Miami this week?

Is the Dolphin playing today?

Gee, are these Giants bad!

7 games asking myself why they would not run a bootleg or screen or something different then run through the middle in the red zone

This team does have a pulse!

How can you guys wish for the team to lose. Lets stick i to these G Men!!

Christ i can't watch this crap. We must Lose!

Ok time for the D to choke now.

I'd like to see more of this ballsy Sparano. As much as I'd like to get Luck, I do want at least a few in the W column.

Andrew Luck WAS amazing last night. After throwing a pick-6 to fall behind, he leads a last minute TD drive to tie, then a win in 3OT.

And when he does an interview, he's so smart and always says the right thing-seems very genuine.

Whoever gets him in the draft is going to be very lucky to have him.

Losers. Try catching up to us in the division, lol.


Damn right buddy!

Honestly though - don't we all cheer when the Fins scors?

I sense an ELi pick coming& to Sean Stinkin Smith!!! @ least we'll get the best offensive lineman available!!

Luck isnt coming here because we arent the worse team in the league. Indy is! Think more Landry Jones!

That a way Dolphins, still waaaay to early to feel good but I'm happy

How can you guys wish for the team to lose. Lets stick i to these G Men!!

Posted by: DKM | October 30, 2011 at 01:52 PM

Pssttt....We're 0-6. The season is over. Its called planning for the future. Think with your head and not your heart. It'll get you ahead in life.

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