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The Dolphins secondary? Terrible so far

How is it the Buffalo Bills are 4-1 and the Dolphins are 0-4 when, looking at each teams' roster, it is nearly impossible to discern that the guys from Western New York have any more talent than those from South Florida?

Well, aside from the fact the Bills have properly identified which is the A-back (Fred Jackson) and which is the B-back (C.J. Spiller) while the Dolphins have not, while the Bills are maximizing the talent in their undervalued receiver corps and the Dolphins aren't, while the Bills are getting good quarterback play and the Dolphins have not, the biggest difference is found in the secondary.

Buffalo's secondary and the rest of the defense does great work turning the ball over via interceptions. And the Dolphins stink in that category. Neither team is exceedingly effective stopping the pass. The Dolphins are 31st in the NFL in that category and the Bills are 26th.

But throw the ball against Miami and you move the ball. Throw the ball against Buffalo and you might move the ball and then again you might have the ball intercepted.

I'm not exaggerating and to prove the point simply consider this:

The Bills on Sunday intercepted Michael Vick four times. That one-game total is twice as many interceptions as what the Dolphins have all season long so far.

And the Bills have done it twice!

They have two games in which they intercepted the opposing quarterback four times. The other game came against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

So twice this season the Bills have come up with twice as many interceptions in one game as the Dolphins have come up with in four games.


The Bills have 12 interceptions on the season. The Dolphins have two.


No starter in the Miami secondary has an interception this year. Miami's two interceptions came from defensive end Jared Odrick and dime cornerback Jimmy Wilson -- a rookie. Indeed, Wilson is a rookie picked in the seventh round.

What does that say about Sean Smith and Vontae Davis and Reshad Jones and Yeremiah Bell?


What does this say about the group?: New England defensive lineman Vince Wilfork has as many interceptions (2) as the Dolphins do. He has more interceptions than any member of the Miami secondary.


Then there's this: There are 10 individuals in the NFL so far this season who have more interceptions than the Dolphins do as a team.


It used to be frustrating when Miami players had potential interceptions bound off their hands and fall incomplete. Those are the good old days. Nowadays, Dolphins players, particularly those in the secondary don't get nearly close enough to have the football hit their hands. That partially explains why Miami gives up an average of 307 yards per game passing, which if it continues, would be an all-time franchise worst mark.

In fact, the Dolphins have yielded 1,128 passing yards in four games. They're on pace to give up 4,912 passing yards for the season. That would shatter the old worst mark of 3,794 passing yards allowed in a season by 1,118 yards.


Surprised? You should not be. We should have seen this coming and definitely the Dolphins should have seen this coming because last year the club was horrible in the pass interception dept. Last season, the Dolphins had 11 picks all freakin' year long!

And that has been something of a theme during the current Dolphins administration. In 2008, the first year Bill Parcells-Jeff Ireland-Tony Sparano were in charge, the Dolphins set the franchise record for fewest interceptions in one year. They had only 8 all season long. Glad to see the addressed the issue over the years.



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what do you mean we have the best duo of corners in the nfl

plus they cant tackle either.

linebackers and D-line are just as much to blame.
If linebackers can't cover or blitz effectively and the D-line gets no sacks then the secondary are sitting ducks.
A good d-line makes an average secondary look good. Our D-line was supposed ot be best on the league! What happened?

Wayy too many issues that were and continue to be ignored...fore them ALL !!!


That would be FIRE them ALL!!!

And everybode were angry when Peter King surprisingly had Bills above Miami before the season started; Now we now better.
Bring in Gruden and 1 p.m. games , dismantel the bubble and START TO EVALUATE GREAT TALENT, NOT ADEQUATE TALENT!
Colombo must leave the state of Florida and never return!

And everybode were angry when Peter King surprisingly had Bills above Miami before the season started; Now we now better.
Bring in Gruden and 1 p.m. games , dismantel the bubble and START TO EVALUATE GREAT TALENT, NOT ADEQUATE TALENT!
Colombia must leave the state of Florida and never return!

Colombo, that is, but I guess everybody (coaches not included) got it anyway.

Your Rite the secondary has been terrible, but any secondary would get ripped apart when a QB has the time in the pocket that Miami has been giving. We have zero pass rush and quite frankly Brady, Rivers and Schuab would tear any secondary apart with that much time.

So yes we are terrible but as a defense not just the secondary..

And Armando,
You write alot of great stuff, I read everything you write. But I find it hilarious how you are all high and mighty on how we must play every game and nit suck for Luck. Then you write articles like these, where you talk about a specific unit like the secondary or the other article were you bring up great points on what the fins need to do to win a game. But you fail to acknowledge the biggest factor Miami needs a QB and Henne was the guy much less is Moore the guy.. Look at the Patriots secondary they are garbage but Brady wins the game.. I know your a professional journalist but if you are a true Dolfan you too would realize Miami needs a stud QB to come in and lift Miami out of being a mediocre team..

They ARE terrible. And Sparano during his show said that unit is improving everyday. How many seasons you need coach? Like any team, this secondary has a couple of good players and I'm not talking about Sean Smith. Most plays you see a wide open opponent WR and/or TE. That's both, coaching and personnel. And the good players don't see their potentials maximized. What a waste! Not one inch of consistency. As usual, "can't wait for next year!"...

Bench them all and let the backup have a try! it can get any worse all pass at will on us any ways!

These MoFo's can't catch a cold!

Their collective heads are still spinning from the 1st game and the buzz saw that was Tom Brady.
Sparano being no genius will put a positive spin on stepping in dog poop.
Ireland being even less of a genius can only ask questions of prospective employees that have nothing to do with foozeball as his mama likes to call it.
Henne will sign with the Jets and kick out butts for 10 or more years. uggghhh

Henne sucks. He will be out of football next year. End of that conversation. George wilson is better than davis, smith, bell, caroll, jones, clemons,
or whoever you want to throw in there. End of that conversation.

Armando, let me rewrite your last few articles in a more concise manner:

"The entire team is a abject failure from top to bottom, and very little of it is salvageable."

I don't know what any other coach could muster out of this set of players, and I don't know what Sparano could muster out of any set of players.

We wont get anywhere near 11 ints this year. Id be surprised if we make it to 5. I know one of our 2 ints was a deflected pass. That is a gimmie imo a real int is stepping up in the secondary and pick it off

Bill Parcells had know idea how to evaluate talent, from the quarterback to linebackers in the 3-4 to wide receivers. He taught and mentored or should I say influenced and demanded that Ireland and Sparano think like him. So now why be surprised at the lack of talent on this team. The OL on the right side needs to be replaced. Moreover the defensive line is big and slow. So don't be shocked that their is no pass rush. Bill Parcells was in charge of talent acquisition and he has failed to produce. He recruited a defense that is more capable of stopping the run. Well the NFL is now a pass happy league. Parcells will go down as one of the worst executive hires ever in the NFL

The two "star"cbs are terrible.Always out of position,always trailing the receiver,can't tackle.Sean Smith is a complete joke.How can this team be this bad year after year?

People are talking about Henne like he is the reason this team is losing. The guy is technically not even on the team anymore and some of you are still talking crap about him. Get over it already and move on with your life. I know I have.

I am all in for the suck for Luck plan. The funny thing is I am not only rooting against my favorite team this year for them to get dibs on Luck but I am also rooting against them because I think I really hate this team. They are just a bunch of losers. I rather root for the 2007 team then this team. At least they had fight in them.

Time to clean house of all things related to Bill Patcells. A new philosophy is needed. I just want Miami to win at least one game. The way I see it, only 3 chances, this week against the jets, next week against Denver or down the line against KC. If we get Luck, will they change the offense? He's a west coast QB....

By the way, before we all laugh at Steve Ross, it looks like going after Harbaugh was pretty smart, he's doing pretty good with a QB most had left for dead....

i attended the bills practices(close to home) this summer and mentioned here that the bills would easily leapfrog us. nobody wanted to hear that as many were still believing the sparano babble. kudo's to mando who has been sounding the warning bell for 2-3 years as regime mis-steps were numerous/puzzling. this regime was never held accountable for anything. mando is the only media guy who isnt afraid to question their decisions!

ross was right in trying to get harbaugh but should have fired sparano before doing so. if the harbaugh trip failed he needed another option; maybe a brad childress/eric mangini or even mike nolan. sparano is probably a good guy but is very limited in coaching on this level.


"While the Bills are getting good quarterback play and the Dolphins have not", that's bullcrap, Henne was playing exceptionally well, but the play of the offensive line which was offensive by the way, was horrible and he was being sacked at a high rate. That my friend is being a douchbag. Why is every sports writer afraid to say that the signing of Reggie Bush was a mistake, the guy is a bust. Why is very sports writer afraid to say that picking Pouncey with the 15th pick was a mistake. I have lost respect for you Armando, what a boffo or bofe if you prefer the Spanish version.

If we keep Ireland.. 4.$ more yrs of floundering around..hw must go also

You failed to emphasize the 30 dropped ints last yr. 2 at least were game winners. The secondary has been awful for quite a while.

Everybody trying to put the blame on individuals, Parcells, Ireland, Ross or Sparano, while they don't realize it is the Organization's.

"While the Bills are getting good quarterback play and the Dolphins have not", that's bullcrap, Henne was playing exceptionally well...

Posted by: Art | October 11, 2011 at 07:38 AM

Extremely well?

Awful 3rd down completion percentage
Awful 4th qtr stats
Awful in the redzone still

pouncey has been a solid addition to the o-line. there is no arguing that. i had advocated for a strong pass rusher like aldon smith in the first rd and it is apparent this team could use a pass rusher. they also could have used the services of someone like nhamdi. during the draft i had stated their need for better cornerback play and how they should draft a cornerback to take the place of sean smith and see what kind of trade value they could get for him. some people on this blog didn't like that idea and now it seems as though sean smith has proven my point for me.
the one thing i did agree with is not going out and getting a qb in the first rd this year. there is so much more talent available at the qb position in the first rd next year; true talent, not the overblown type that says, "you must acquire a first rd qb even if he isn't worth a first rd pick." that's just ridiculous. why waste a pick on another henne or someone not even as good as henne.
they are in the Luck Bowl this year and that's a good thing. even if they don't land him they will have a chance at one of the other true franchise qb's available in next year's draft whether it be jones, barkely or griffin. notice that griffin has moved into the number five position. he was previously in the middle of the pack on the CBS Sports.com Draft Prospect list of qb's. then they need to address the right guard position. that's a good place to start since the o-line stinks. (right guard, get it.)
if they end up with a top five in the draft and maybe can get back into the end of the first rd they should be able to get their qb and another top quality player on the o-line or at cb. it's sad that we are now in draft mode so soon but, as phinsnation says, it is also exciting thinking this team finally has a chance to get their franchise qb. hopefully, they won't screw that up to by winning too many games and taking themselves out of contention for the Luck Bowl.

Not the best CB TANDEM in the NFL....

Say it ain't so....Armando....

CB: keep Vontae, make Wilson a starter and put Smith on the bench. Vontae sucks as much as Smith in coverage, but at least he can tackle.

SS: YB is old but still reliable

FS: Jones or Clemons? Pick your poison...both are absolute busts and will be amongst the first players dumped by the new regime

here's another Baylor prospect to keep an eye on. Terrance Gannaway. Gannaway is one of those guys who has been flying under the radar. last year he played sparingly and had only 295 yds rushing, averaging 6.4 yds per carry. this year, however, he has 536 yds through 5 games with 6 tds and averaging 6.1 yards per carry. what makes him interesting is his size. he is 6' 240lbs. and he runs downhill. he also doesn't fumble the ball. this is the type of guy that the steelers or the giants like to pick up to hammer away at opposing defenses. he can easily carry the load for a team with his size. at 4.62/40 he doesn't have blazing speed but he's also 240 lbs. so he's not slow for his size. anyway, he's not a top round pick at this time and probably won't be coming into the draft but he is MY ACORN going into the draft.

Parcells will go down as one of the worst executive hires ever in the NFL

By promichael
I agree 100% but that title will never stick he has too many fans at the NFL network and ESPN. Parcells was however smart enough to get out of Miami before he was figured out and let Sparano and Ireland take the fall. So I would say Parcells is very smart to run when he did. Thats what he does best. I can guarantee his reputation is undamaged.

I can't believe you People are serious talking about next year's Draft.

Blow the team up. On the OL the only two guys worth keeping are Long and Pouncey. I'd keep none of the QBs, the WRs might or might not be good who can tell at this point? Thomas looks promising at RB - get rid of every TE we have.

And to me on Defense (next year), there isn't one single player outside of Cam Wake that has a starting spot. The other 10 are up for grabs. We need players everywhere.

Didn't we just rebuild?

Difference between Miami and Buffalo secondary can be summarized in one word....HEART! Buffalo had it, Miami does NOT! There's only ONE Dolphins secondary player that's playing with any heart right now, and that's Jimmy Wilson. Vontae has been very disappointing this Season, but I'm willing to forgive some of it due to injury (you can see he's not right), just like I'm willing to forgive some of Jake Long's problems due to injury.

But the rest of that secondary, pedestrian. Not sure why Yeremiah Bell has so many defenders on here (reminds me of the Henne defenders), but what's common among both is you're defending MEDIOCRITY!!! You all can keep doing that if you wish, but I know better, since that leads to a 7-9 season. Bell is CRAP in pass defense. All he's good at is rush defense. THAT'S IT!!! If that's enough for you people, so be it, but it's not enough for me (not when I see well-rounded Safeties all around the league).

Terrible is right Mando. They don't even get close enough to any defender TO make a play on the ball. Either they're out of position, too aggressive, too slow to stay with ANYONE (WR, TE, RB, FB) or just plain old get beat or juked on a route. They suck! All of them. The entire squad. When everyone's getting outplayed by a 7th-rounder, that's when you know you've hit rock bottom.

So now I'm waiting to hear from the suckers that want to defend YB. Please speak up. Tell me how stabilizing he is. Tell me how many tackles he's had. Tell me how he's an asset when he's been part of a team that's been under .500 4-out-of-5 years prior. And how none of that is his fault. Go ahead geniuses, tell me what we'd be missing if we got rid of Bell. I'm waiting.

It's beyond me how this organization can still have fans. There is not one single likable or admirable thing about them.

Only a fool would continue to support them.

It's official. We're now leading in the "Suck for Luck" sweepstakes.


By the way, we HAD a Safety that would have been a great addition to the team. His name is O.J. Atogwe. We could have had him in FA. He would have been the best Safety on the team if we got him. He's now making plays for the Redskins all over the field.

But this GM, this HC were fine with Reshad Jones and Chris Clemons.

And people are surprised we're 0-4, worst team in the league? Shame on you then.

Play pressure D and you get turnovers. Play soft and you do not.

the Dolphins defense is SOFT!

I'm still waiting for the excuses from the genius factory. Come on, tell me how we're right there, just need one or two pieces to fall in line. While Bobby Carpenter is killing it on a 5-0 team in Detroit. Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Crickets! Exactly. Because no one's DUMB enough anymore to want to defend the complete warm sh*t that we see on the field week in and week out. FOR A DECADE!!! No problem ever gets fixed. If a HC is lucky enough to stumble onto a fix for one problem, three problems rise from it's ashes. This team is not terrible, it's a joke. It's a disgrace to the sport of football. It's a slap in the face to any self-respecting human being on the face of this Earth, AND any oxygen breathing species in the Milky Way and the ENTIRE Universe. I thought I'd seen the worst when Detroit went 0-16 that year. I was WRONG. This is the absolute worst team that should become the stuff of legends for decades in the sporting community. The '11 Miami Dolphins should go down in infamy as the worst put together bunch of losers since the Marathon was run in Greece during the very first Olympics.

Thanks Ross, Dee, Ireland, Sparano. You've become famous, more like infamous. Congratulations!

Regarding the secondary, I believe they have started inexperienced players back there which have cost us, not to say that some players are out of their natural position and whoever is making the defensive calls is not doing a very good job of it.

Some of you are just crazy! You can't just cut 90% of the team and start over in the off season. Salary cap ramifications would be huge! There are about 12 starting caliber players on this team and the rest are backups at best. We need a talent upgrade and it's going to take a new coach around 3 or 4 years to clean up this mess!

Me, I would leave the secondary as it was last year also for this Season. Then, next year, in training camp, tinker around with Reshad at SS, Wilson at FS, Carroll perhaps as nickel back.

start with luck.

this team needs cohesion and leadership which is lacking. talent is good enough to win. Ireland and sparano are both at fault here. They forgot about the defense and focused on the offense last year. They both need to go. I just hope our draft pick is good enough to pickup one of the top QBs in next years draft.

this is my plan as GM of the team. i do what i need to do to get the franchise qb you guys all deserve as faithful fans of a sucky franchise. then i do what i need to do to get back into the first round so i can get a top-notch right guard to go with pouncey. that guy would be david decastro out of stanford. he is pouncey at guard. then i go and get a CB; someone like brandon boykin from georgia. a guy with 4.4 speed who can keep up with receivers and also can tackle. then i come back to the o-line and take brandon mosley from auburn. a huge tackle with speed. i put him at right tackle alongside decastro. then i get gannaway, a punishing 240lb back from baylor to spell thomas or to block for thomas. he's also the new short yardage specialist who will make people forget about lou polite. so, now, i have a franchise qb, whether it is luck or jones, etc., long, incognito, pouncey, decastro and mosley on the o-line and thomas and gannaway at rb. on the defensive side i was only able to acquire a cb in the draft but he is a quality cb who tackles like a mutha fkr. 44 tackles, 6.5 for loss in 2010 and 3 pass breakups and 3 int's in his last 2 seasons. am i dreaming? maybe. but, this is the type of ammo this team needs to compete and this is the type of scouting and homework this team needs to do to get the guys who can help win. we don't need anymore frank kearse's who don't make the team. we need to make every pick count.

The thing about not having properly identified the A-back and the B-back is a bit silly because D. Thomas hasn't been healthy. The problem at safety we've been having since Ireland's arrival? Easily solved with an acorn or two. Leave Jeffrey alone!

Again, the topic is the secondary. then Dolphin 77 comes in with Henne sucks, dusty bottom chimes in with the same stupid crap.

Yes I am saying it, if you both believe that comment you are STUPID. He far from sucks, and he is a NON ISSUE in Miami anymore, he is gone for this year and somewhere else next year, f'n move on already! Sorry to anyone else who has to read that response from me.

Anyway. The D-line is just as responsible for these problems, but yes the secondary sucks. Sean Smith one on one has no clue how to defend a deep ball. Vonte was getting beat by the 5th receiver on the Pats roster one one one. Well Brady did have 10 seconds to throw the ball. DAMN! This defense is complete crap. Why didnt Mando spend the time begging vincent to come out of retirement to show our clowns how to play. Even at his age he is far better than the nonsense we put on the field.

Hey Boulder,

I'm pretty sure we are going to have a top 3 pick in the draft. At this point I can't even pick out a win on the schedule. That SUCKS!

A good question for this week is will Sparano be here next week? As much as I HATE to say this, I don't see the Dolphins beating the Jets. So Sad!

Ask yourselves, are we better off today than we were 4 years ago?

there are no excuses, just plain old incompetency from top to bottom within an organization that has no leadership, no class and no head coach. i defended sparano and said he needs another chance. i defended ireland and said he made some good acquisitions. i can no longer defend any of these guys. the truth of the matter is henne IS NOT the franchise qb this team needs. sparano must go and so must ireland. even if they continue to do what they need to do to get Luck (lose) and they end up with the first pick and get him it doesn't solve the problem of having an incompetent coach and an incompetent gm who brings in rejects from the cowboys to play on the o-line. i don't know if there are any good players who really would want to play for a team that is in such a pis$ poor state.

I think the only year out of the last four we had stability in the secondary was in 2008 when Renaldo Hill played free safety and calling the signals. Then they let him go the next year.

So now what's your plan?

Spend the next six months coming here to cackle about the draft?

How many more times is someone going to type Suck for Luck? 9,000,000?

Is there nothing more rewarding to do than this?

We WILL get to the bottom of this, with a little help from our Friends, of course.

there is one thing that i need to bring up that looked extremely suspicious to me and i don't know if anyone noticed it or not.
during the intro to the first game they had a camera shot of cam wake by himself in the endzone working out and the look on his face was very strange. he looked as if he had just been told that his dog just died. did anyone else notice that? seriously. the look on his face should have been one that showed concentration or something other than what his expression was. the expression was like he already knew they were going to lose to new england and there was nothing he could do about it. that's extremely suspicious. just wanted to know if anyone else noticed that.

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