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The Dolphins secondary? Terrible so far

How is it the Buffalo Bills are 4-1 and the Dolphins are 0-4 when, looking at each teams' roster, it is nearly impossible to discern that the guys from Western New York have any more talent than those from South Florida?

Well, aside from the fact the Bills have properly identified which is the A-back (Fred Jackson) and which is the B-back (C.J. Spiller) while the Dolphins have not, while the Bills are maximizing the talent in their undervalued receiver corps and the Dolphins aren't, while the Bills are getting good quarterback play and the Dolphins have not, the biggest difference is found in the secondary.

Buffalo's secondary and the rest of the defense does great work turning the ball over via interceptions. And the Dolphins stink in that category. Neither team is exceedingly effective stopping the pass. The Dolphins are 31st in the NFL in that category and the Bills are 26th.

But throw the ball against Miami and you move the ball. Throw the ball against Buffalo and you might move the ball and then again you might have the ball intercepted.

I'm not exaggerating and to prove the point simply consider this:

The Bills on Sunday intercepted Michael Vick four times. That one-game total is twice as many interceptions as what the Dolphins have all season long so far.

And the Bills have done it twice!

They have two games in which they intercepted the opposing quarterback four times. The other game came against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

So twice this season the Bills have come up with twice as many interceptions in one game as the Dolphins have come up with in four games.


The Bills have 12 interceptions on the season. The Dolphins have two.


No starter in the Miami secondary has an interception this year. Miami's two interceptions came from defensive end Jared Odrick and dime cornerback Jimmy Wilson -- a rookie. Indeed, Wilson is a rookie picked in the seventh round.

What does that say about Sean Smith and Vontae Davis and Reshad Jones and Yeremiah Bell?


What does this say about the group?: New England defensive lineman Vince Wilfork has as many interceptions (2) as the Dolphins do. He has more interceptions than any member of the Miami secondary.


Then there's this: There are 10 individuals in the NFL so far this season who have more interceptions than the Dolphins do as a team.


It used to be frustrating when Miami players had potential interceptions bound off their hands and fall incomplete. Those are the good old days. Nowadays, Dolphins players, particularly those in the secondary don't get nearly close enough to have the football hit their hands. That partially explains why Miami gives up an average of 307 yards per game passing, which if it continues, would be an all-time franchise worst mark.

In fact, the Dolphins have yielded 1,128 passing yards in four games. They're on pace to give up 4,912 passing yards for the season. That would shatter the old worst mark of 3,794 passing yards allowed in a season by 1,118 yards.


Surprised? You should not be. We should have seen this coming and definitely the Dolphins should have seen this coming because last year the club was horrible in the pass interception dept. Last season, the Dolphins had 11 picks all freakin' year long!

And that has been something of a theme during the current Dolphins administration. In 2008, the first year Bill Parcells-Jeff Ireland-Tony Sparano were in charge, the Dolphins set the franchise record for fewest interceptions in one year. They had only 8 all season long. Glad to see the addressed the issue over the years.



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Playing the Jets this week should help our passing stats.

My new pet peeve is "fixable". Maybe TS started it but now I'm hearing coaches all over the NFL say this and that is fixable. Just once I want so and so coach to come out and say "we sucked at blah blah and it's NOT fixable!"

A lot of these problems are due to coaching. I actually like Sparano from what I've seen of him as a person, but he seems to be routinely out coached.

Also it's imperative Ireland loses his job. If you're brining in this many guys from one team you formerly worked for it's obvious you don't have a grasp on the full scope of free agent market throughout the league.

We simply have no judge of talent or any idea how to effectively use the talent we currently have. That is why we suck.

Anyone who watched the Lions last night realize that things can turn around.

2008 - Lions are 0-16 (Miami goes 11-5, Wins AFC East).

2009 - Lions go 2-14, then pick Stafford in the draft. (Miami goes 7-9 and miss the playoffs)

2010 - Lions go 6-10, then draft Suh & Best. (Miami is 7-9 again...)

2011 - Lions are 5-0 and heading towards the playoffs (Miami is 0-4 and going in the wrong direction).

Point is this: the Lions have been the NFL doormat for years, but having the top picks in the draft + a solid HC has this team humming....

Shocker, our secondary stinks. You even said in your post that this isn't a surprise. If it's not, why are you getting so worked up Armando?

DC, good point on Bell. He is nothing more than ordinary. Just like everyone else on this entire roster, with a few exceptions. His best years are behind him. Time to experiment with Jones at SS to see if he's a potential fit next year. Not that he's very good, but, throw Clemmons back at FS. Gawd!

Seriously, the Henne talk is now boring. You have staunch supporters that border on blindness and you have staunch detractors who border on blindness.

Leave it alone. Henne has proven to be consistent at one thing. Inconsistency. I'm tired of the excuses to defned him & tired of the blame game too.

He's had 4 years to prove himself. You judge him by his results on the field. By that, he isn't good enough. Period. End of discussion.

Just like Sparano & Ireland, the experment is over. Both sides should move on. Plenty of other concern areas on this team to haggle over.

How about Vince Wilfork has more picks than anyone in the secondary.

Posted by: DKM | October 10, 2011 at 11:29 AM

What does this say about the group?: New England defensive lineman Vince Wilfork has as many interceptions (2) as the Dolphins do. He has more interceptions than any member of the Miami secondary.


Looks like Armando been reading my posts, I already informed bloggers about this yesterday. Your welcome Armando!

I think the philosophy of the secondary has been that since they are ridiculed for dropping int's, they decided to play off of the receivers so they don't get close enough for that all embarrasing drop.

Why isnt anyone fired at this point? Fire someone. If your not going to fire Morano, Fire his son. Just f'n fire someone PLEASE!

Did anyboday watch the Lions game last night? Their D Line is awesome and its based off of speed, quickness and agility. The DE get around the edge so quickly unlike here where players like Odrick likes to bear hug opponents at the line Misi as well. Man we suck


I forgot about the TebowBroncos in two weeks. With the Jets and Broncos coming up our average passing yards against should go WAY down.

"In fact, the Dolphins have yielded 1,128 passing yards in four games. They're on pace to give up 4,912 passing yards for the season. That would shatter the old worst mark of 3,794 passing yards allowed in a season by 1,118 yards."

Well to be fair that number is skewed by a career night by Brady. However you're correct that there is a definite problem there. Nolan Carroll isn't good enough right now to be in the NFL....and Sean Smith probably isn't good enough to be a starter for most teams.

I just want the Dolphins to keep losing. It is the only way we will get rid of Sparano and crew. Keep Losing!

Yes, I did see the game, I also saw a O-line about 50% better than ours for the bears, which means they completly suck.

that being said, Misi sucks also.

I'm in an apparent bad mood today.

all i know is that aldon smith SCHOOLED nate solder when he played against him last year and there is nobody who can convince me that cam wake couldn't DOMINATE the putz. there's something rotten in the state of denmark.

poizen, i'm afraid everyone who follows the dolphins are in a bad mood everyday. the regime is totally clueless. if given another chance,the same mistakes would happen again. square peg,round hole.

I want to get back to the Defense we had with Jimmy Johnson. Whats wrong with the 4-3 with speed everywhere. Random question Did anyone else take Zach Thomas for granted? I never realize how good he was for us until watching these bums play now.

No, dm1, did not notice that, but I do know C. Wake is a competitor. Apart from Metaphysics, it is either Major Incompetence or outright Conspiracy.

dkm, you have to find tim bowens and daryl gardner again for that d to be what it was, gardner still looks like he can play btw.

ALOCO said:


Lol! I know you know the answer to that question. The 20 year-old fans might not know, or know the connection. Think there is a campaign to hire the Bills DC to be our DC? Maybe hire the Bills DC to be our Head Coach? LMFAO!!!

No doubt JJ was the greatest picker of defensive stars and others that the Game has ever known, until he lost his mojo, in Miami.

Dave Wannstead. I wish we had me as a head coach!

ALOCO said:


George Edwards. What's the big deal?

oscar canosa said:

"Me, I would leave the secondary as it was last year also for this Season. Then, next year, in training camp, tinker around with Reshad at SS, Wilson at FS, Carroll perhaps as nickel back."

LMFAO!!!! I agree, more "tinkering" is what this team needs and we have the 2 best "tinkering" SOB's in the business with Sparano and Ireland! (oscar, I know you're kidding, but some out there may think you're serious!)

I think it was jaison I got into a discussion with on here yesterday or Sunday about the likelihood the Colts would take Luck with the first pick. He tried to indicate it was very unlikely they would take him. This article is from PFT today. I hope this ends any doubt that they will take Manning if in fact they have the first pick:

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that Irsay strongly indicated that his team would be interested in a franchise quarterback like Stanford’s Andrew Luck in the 2012 NFL draft.

“Guys like that come along so rarely,” Irsay said, referring to sure-thing prospects like Manning and Luck.

The winless Colts are the first team to five losses this season, giving them an early lead in the race for the first pick in the draft. This year, the first pick seems like a foregone conclusion: Luck is considered by far the best pro prospect playing college football right now.

So if the Colts get the first pick, do they go for Luck? Or do they trade the pick to a team that will give the Colts a bounty of players and picks that could allow them to build another Super Bowl winner around Manning?

Irsay said he believes the Colts with Manning are a good team — he said he thinks they’d be 4-1 if Manning were playing — but Irsay also seems to think Luck is too big a talent to pass up.

“Even if that means that guy sits for three or four years, you’d certainly think about taking him,” Irsay said. “You see what Green Bay did with [Brett] Favre and [Aaron] Rodgers and you’d like to be able to do the same thing.”

Hmm.., stillhard, I said next year, in training Camp. Yes?

Craig M:

I think it's a lock that any team will pick Luck if they get 1st pick.

The entire defense is horrible. Not all blame should be placed with the secondary. Although, they are pretty bad. Vontae is always hurt...i think he lifts too many weights. Sean Smith is just bad...all talk and no play. Yerimiah couldnt cover a cow that had all 4 legs chopped off. Reshad jones is lost. Its pretty sad a 7th round rookie is our best corner. haha. We will always suck unless someone learns how to evaluate talent and draft good players that will make an impact (excluding pouncey) hes a stud. But drafting o-lineman in the top 10 every year hasnt really panned out too well. The whole organization is in shambles....we have been rebuilding for 11 years now and we are back at step 1. niiiiice.


Agreed. The exception being the Panthers. I think they are really excited about what they have in Newton. They won't take QB first two eyars in a row. And I don't believe the Rams will take him either. They have too much invested in Bradford (remember this was pre-the new labour deal). They're all in with this guy. Everyone else is a player for Luck IMO.

oscar canosa.

Yes, next year we need to tinker more nad if that doesn't work, we can let them develop and then along with some acorns the following season, we can tinker with that. All in all, more tinkering and more acorns is what this team needs (along with more time to develop the acorns and tinkering we have tinkered with.)

In all probability, Peyton Manning will never play again.

A scary thought for me is what happens to the Jets at the end of the season. I've been saying for a while now I don't believe they are very good. I think they will realize by the end of the season that Sanchez is not the answer, if they haven't figure that out already. They're an aggressive teama nd I could see them giving up a boat load of picks to a team like the Rams to try and get Andrew Luck. This would be our worst nightmare.

The Colts are insane if they even consider leeting Manning on the field again this year. I don't believe it will happen. Why jeopardize what's left of his career to try and win three or four games and cost themselves Andrew Luck. If they were smart they would would put him on IR right now.

Craig M., Yes, I don't think those 2 teams would even take him to trade, but if it's their turn, they will control who gets him in the way of trading draft position and future picks..

I am still in shock at how bad this team is. To think I really had some decent expectations this year to even compete for a Wildcard.



Guys, QB was not our biggest problem, I don't care who gets Andrew Luck. LOOK I want it to be us all day also. that being said, there are other QB's that will do us justice also.

Is Luck better than Rodgers? Brees? Eli Manning? Brady? Rothesberger? Warner? Dilfer? Steve young? Montana? Elway? Farve? Brad Johnson?

Some yes, some maybe, some no. Is he better than Marino, NEVER, no one is in my opinion. :)

the point is Luck will BE great in a dolphins uniform, I would love it. But if he had this cast of clowns around him that we have today, he would not be any better than the average Joe.

This team NEEDS LEADERSHIP, from Top Down. Owner, to GM to Coach to MANY players with passion. Polomolu's, Clay Matthews, Zach Thomas's, ect... I am less concerned about QB thatn I am getting a coaching staff that gives a shite. JMO.

We will be getting a "different QB". If not luck someone else. the point is getting the BRAIN behind the athletes that can make them work, and make good decisions to get better.

i think sean smith sucks, bell is just ok, benny sapp had his few ints. and they dropped him after 1 game, they should drop everyone. Will Smith should ve played on the outside where he can make plays. I HATE THIS F@#$% REGIME, BORING BAD FOOTBALL, BRING ANDY REID, GRUDEN, SOME EXCITEMENT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. ROSS FIRED ALL THESE CLOWNS, YOU CAN COACH YOUR OWN FOOTBALL TEAM YOU WONT DO WORSE, SUCK FOR LUCK AND SAVE YOUR TEAM FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS. look at the Lions they suck for top picks year after year lol, now they are Lions!

Ooops I meant Will Allen lol, SUCK FOR LUCK! WE WANT A REAL QB!

Vince Wilfork knows how to play cover 2 thats why he has 2 picks. He even plays bump and run better than Smith and Davis. Hell he stops the run, rushes the passer does it all. We have DB'S on this team that always use communication
as the problem. They should just admit it they are not smart and not very good. The coach and players say the same thing we need to clean it up and fix it but by the next game they make the same mistakes.
Monday night they will make the dirty Sanchez look like an all pro.

Wow Parcells
What a wiz , he should advise on how to sart a team up from the GM point of view on ESPN or something.
Great chef
Horrible grocery getter !!!

What part of the defense hasn't been terrible? Defensive line can't stop the run or rush the passer. Linebackers can't cover tight ends, make big plays or stop the run. Kendall Langford has been terrible; ranked as one of the worst 3-4 ends against the run. Paul Solai hasn't lived up to his franchise tag; currently rated the 19th DT by PFF. Merling has 1 tackle in 4 games. Is that what you expect from the 32nd pick in the draft? Burnett has been a complete bust, can't stop the run and can't cover tight ends. But in his mind he's playing great. Koa Misi is mia. He doesn't make any plays. Reshad Jones is a strong safety playing free safety. Yeremiah Bell is an undersized linebacker playing strong safety. DB's can't cover or make interceptions. All aspects of the defense have been terrible. Oh, and can someone please explain how the highest paid inside linebacker in the NFL, Karlos Dansby, can't get on the field on the last drive of the game against Cleveland? Almost forgot Karlos Dansby is the highest paid inside linebacker in the NFL. Think about that one. BTW, Nick Barnett had 2 interceptions on Sunday and one was returned for a touchdown.

It's a valid argument that Andrew Luck would just be an average Joe on a team like ours. It's possible. But it's also possible he could elevate this team in such as way as Manning elevates a poor team like the Colts. I think some of you are undervaluing the impact a franchise QB can have on a team in this day and age. Possibly you've forgotten since it's been so long since we've had one.

Now that's not comparing Luck to Manning, just trying to make a point in which I strongly believe.

Even more crazy is this, Jason Allen (yes, THAT Jason Allen) has as many INTs this year as the entire Dolphins defense.

Chris, that is a valid point.

I just think we are loosing site of the overall picture. If we do not get Luck it is not the end of the world.

Success is firing more than half these clowns and bringing something fresh and new in.

Luck or no luck, a new and passionte leadership group, and new ideas and players is what we need most.

Even more crazy is this, Jason Allen (yes, THAT Jason Allen) has as many INTs this year as the entire Dolphins defense.

Is it just me or Jason Allen wasnt that bad during his last couple of years here. He had like 4 int one season.

Poizen, you're right it wouldn't be the end of the world. As far as your other point I think it's a foregone conclusion that half these clowns aleady have one foot out the door.


Andrew Luck is regarded as clearly the best prospect in this draft. It's been a while since we could say that about someone coming out. Thing of the last few drafts and tell me one where 7 months before the draft people could say that. Is it a disaster if we don't get him? I don't think it is. I think Landry Jones would help this team too. But as someone else said earlier, I think we've all forgotten what having a top flight QB can mean to a team. I don't care what anyone says, Marino played on some pretty mediocre Dolphin teams and he kept the team competitive. That's what I think Andrew Luck will do for some team. I normally don't get excited about prospects but I'm pretty excited about this kid. Having said that, I'm also excited about Landry Jones' future in the NFL too. I see it now....a top flight QB can elevate the rest of the team. It gives them something to believe in. Look at what Favre did for Green Bay, what Elway did for Denver and what Brady did for New England. How many fourth quarter comebacks did these guys have? (I forgot to mention Montana). All of these guys gave their team something to believe in, someone who caused them to elevate their games. Like or not, we've had none of that here when Henne's played. That's a fact.

And Vontae does lift too much weight he's about the size of his brother Vernon Davis.

Wrong again poizen, while buffalo is getting good qb play, miami is not. Did you read it? You are the stupid one. I will bet anything henne is out of the league. What has he shown to be a worthy nfl qb? Absolutely nothing. Like I said last season it was give him a new oc and he will shine. Well, how did that work out? You can believe he will be a prowbowler or be good somewhere else, but you are only fooling yourself. Now get real!

Wrong again poizen, while buffalo is getting good qb play, miami is not. Did you read it? You are the stupid one. I will bet anything henne is out of the league. What has he shown to be a worthy nfl qb? Absolutely nothing. Like I said last season it was give him a new oc and he will shine. Well, how did that work out? You can believe he will be a prowbowler or be good somewhere else, but you are only fooling yourself. Now get real!

I believe we have more than enough talent to compete effectively and even win several games. As the main culprits, I see improper preparation as the biggest problem on this team and that lack of proper attitude and focus reflects directly on the quality of coaching and level of trust between players and the coaches on up to the owner. You think the players don't know the organization is not seriously committed to them and to winning this season? To a large degree, the team just doesn't buy into Ross, Ireland and Sparano and it is a glaring truth. Parcells helped destroy this team, he needs to be called on it. Everyone knows the game has long passed him by, why do you think he's going to tv? That's where coaches go to learn the modern, current schemes of NFL football and to find coaches and players for their future projects. It's the equivalent of taking refresher and continuing education courses in academia. Nothing will change with the Dolphins til there is trust and new coaches, a GM and owner who these modern day players can relate to. Anyone with any intelligence knows that no mater how good the scheme, if the players aren't drinking the Kool-Aid, well, you know the conclusion. Ultimately it's the leadership that will be held accountable for the wins and losses.

NH, I did see the Lions game, and came away with the same feeling as you.

However (and this is why I'm very angry today), anyone think we'd hit on those players in the Draft like the Lions with this current GM? Would we go after a Fairley-type, or an Odrick-type? Can we stabilize our oline like they did? Would we EVER go after a WR like a Calvin Johnson? Or would we get role players that are just average (Misi) or get near busts (Sean Smith) or guys that really don't develop quick enough to help (Vontae Davis being on that bubble)?

Everyone, ask yourselves that. I mean, look at that pressure on Chicago yesterday. We played them last year (with the same terrible oline). Did we get pressure on them the way the Lions did? But we have Starks, McDaniel, Mehrling. Are they not good enough?

Answer, NO, they aren't. They're not good enough, the scheme isn't good enough, the conditioning isn't good enough, their will and heart aren't in the right place, the Coaching isn't good enough.

The kicker (I've been thinking about this) is what Reggie Bush said. He said they make mistakes in practice, AND DON'T KEEP PRACTICING UNTIL THEY GET IT RIGHT!!! What the crap is that? On top of that, Sparano used as reasoning why he needed Colombo, because "he's used to how we like to practice." And how's that? Half-*ssed?

This is what I'm talking about. Incompetence. At every level.

No one should expect anything different from what you've seen last few years with this FO. They are woefully unacceptable at their positions. Poizen's right, firing should have started 2 weeks ago. But Ross will let them bury themselves. Problem is, each day the anger grows from the fan base. And that means the fuse gets shorter and shorter each successive time (with each new FO). That's not helpful to the continuity a team needs to succeed. But it's also human nature on the fans part. So it's a bad environment for a new FO, as even a few mistakes are blown out of proportion sometimes.

I really hope the next FO is experienced and can come out of the gates running. They'll be finished before they even begin if they cannot.


I think all we have to do is take a look at Buffalo and compare their situation to ours, as Armando has. The comparison is night and day. I don't believe the talent level to be any better on Buffalo than it is in Miami. This is a team that won 4 games last year. Their team is made up of 4-7th round draft picks and undrafted free agents. What they have is a QB the team believes in, a never quit football team and a fan base that is rabid every Sunday and loyal to a fault. Contrast that to what we have and I don't think it's any surprise why one team is 4-1 and the other is 0-4.

Chris I think that is my problem, the one foot part.

Every day I am so pissed off that I am talking about the f'n draft in week f'n 5!

And while I am talking about it, NO ONE IS FIRED.

If they have one foot out the door, lets start kicking them, and kicking them hard so when they go out the door their face hits the concrete!

I'm sorry, I just have hit my breaking point, and this bye week, every day just got worse!

What kills me about Ireland/Sparano is there havent been any movements to replace Columblow on the OL. This guy has given up like 5 sacks. On one play in San Diego Columblow punch the LB (the bust I forget his name) with one hand ONE HAND! What RT can use one hand to protect? And the guy blows pass Columbo for another sack.

And Sparano still supports him and says nothing bad about him. I guessed its pissed of Tuesday cause now I'm pissed!

Excellent Job Armando!

Bout time someone called out Miami's secondary

Like Home says, "tradeseansmith.com"

The firings are going to happen sooner or later. I just try and look at it as a glass half full situation. The longer Ross stands pat the greater our chances of landing the big fish in the draft.

Hey here is something Drew Breeze played 4 years for the Charges in his fourth year he hurt his shoulder the Chargers and Miami said he was Done. Goes to New Orleans and now top five qb. I say resign chad let him compete with a drafted qb and go form there. I hate to see Chad go to another team and become a top five passer that would even be worse. If anything else he would be a great backup

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