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The Dolphins secondary? Terrible so far

How is it the Buffalo Bills are 4-1 and the Dolphins are 0-4 when, looking at each teams' roster, it is nearly impossible to discern that the guys from Western New York have any more talent than those from South Florida?

Well, aside from the fact the Bills have properly identified which is the A-back (Fred Jackson) and which is the B-back (C.J. Spiller) while the Dolphins have not, while the Bills are maximizing the talent in their undervalued receiver corps and the Dolphins aren't, while the Bills are getting good quarterback play and the Dolphins have not, the biggest difference is found in the secondary.

Buffalo's secondary and the rest of the defense does great work turning the ball over via interceptions. And the Dolphins stink in that category. Neither team is exceedingly effective stopping the pass. The Dolphins are 31st in the NFL in that category and the Bills are 26th.

But throw the ball against Miami and you move the ball. Throw the ball against Buffalo and you might move the ball and then again you might have the ball intercepted.

I'm not exaggerating and to prove the point simply consider this:

The Bills on Sunday intercepted Michael Vick four times. That one-game total is twice as many interceptions as what the Dolphins have all season long so far.

And the Bills have done it twice!

They have two games in which they intercepted the opposing quarterback four times. The other game came against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

So twice this season the Bills have come up with twice as many interceptions in one game as the Dolphins have come up with in four games.


The Bills have 12 interceptions on the season. The Dolphins have two.


No starter in the Miami secondary has an interception this year. Miami's two interceptions came from defensive end Jared Odrick and dime cornerback Jimmy Wilson -- a rookie. Indeed, Wilson is a rookie picked in the seventh round.

What does that say about Sean Smith and Vontae Davis and Reshad Jones and Yeremiah Bell?


What does this say about the group?: New England defensive lineman Vince Wilfork has as many interceptions (2) as the Dolphins do. He has more interceptions than any member of the Miami secondary.


Then there's this: There are 10 individuals in the NFL so far this season who have more interceptions than the Dolphins do as a team.


It used to be frustrating when Miami players had potential interceptions bound off their hands and fall incomplete. Those are the good old days. Nowadays, Dolphins players, particularly those in the secondary don't get nearly close enough to have the football hit their hands. That partially explains why Miami gives up an average of 307 yards per game passing, which if it continues, would be an all-time franchise worst mark.

In fact, the Dolphins have yielded 1,128 passing yards in four games. They're on pace to give up 4,912 passing yards for the season. That would shatter the old worst mark of 3,794 passing yards allowed in a season by 1,118 yards.


Surprised? You should not be. We should have seen this coming and definitely the Dolphins should have seen this coming because last year the club was horrible in the pass interception dept. Last season, the Dolphins had 11 picks all freakin' year long!

And that has been something of a theme during the current Dolphins administration. In 2008, the first year Bill Parcells-Jeff Ireland-Tony Sparano were in charge, the Dolphins set the franchise record for fewest interceptions in one year. They had only 8 all season long. Glad to see the addressed the issue over the years.



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Home was thinking the same thing while watching the Bills game against his beloved Mike Vick (with NO offensive line or defense)

For 3 yrs since the first week of his rookie camp
Home has exposed and called out CB Mr. Smith

They all thought Home was nuts

and I mean everyone thought Home was nuts

Armando, did u know Omar coconut head Kelly
has called for CB Smith to go to the Pro Bowl every year for 3 yrs in a row now?



Dolphins beat the Jets MNF Oct 17 2011

"Miami Spread"

I remember Home been calling out Sean Smith for years. I tip my hat off to Home, he was right.

Sean Smith talks a better game than play. And when the ball is in the air he has no clue how to play it.

Tim Tebow has finally been made the starting QB in Denver

Tim Tebow day is going to be very exciting @ HOME in South Florida

Go Phins!

Go Gators!

Home thanX DKM for his acknowledgment

If Shucking, Jiving, Rubber Lipping & whacking your Twitter were NFL stats Smith would be "All Pro"


Dolphin 77, your not worth my time on that topic at all. You obviously have never played a team sport, or been a QB or ever worked with one. I'll leave it there.

Oh, one more thing, the blog is about the f'n secondary, and clowns like you bring up Henne in every blog. IT IS OVER, HE IS GONE, NOT PLAYING THE REST OF THE YEAR! WONT BE ON THIS TEAM NEXT YEAR! MOVE THE F ON ALREADY!

It's official. We're now leading in the "Suck for Luck" sweepstakes.


off to lunch, talk to you all in a bit.

The bottom line is that INTs are caused primarily by pressuring the QB to make poor decisions. We aren't getting pressure from the D-line and that is exposing our weak secondary.
Our best corner (Davis) has been hurt and Smith is a backup at best. Nolan Carroll would be cut on most teams and is honestly worse than Benny Sapp, which isn't saying much. Our best safety, Clemons, is hurt; however, he isn't much better than Jones, who would be cut on most teams. Jones has no clue how to take the proper angles and lets too many WR get behind him on play actions. So, if our corners can't cover and our strong safety can't prevent the deep ball, then blitzing is a worse idea. If the only pressure we get is from Wake, a LB, then dropping him off in coverage to zone blitz is also a bad idea.

The bottom line, again, is that our D-line needs to get their rumps in gear and rush better. That will allow us to change up things and blitz more. More pressure equals more INTs. It's as simple as that.

The 49ers are off to their best start in nine years.
Miami's defense is perhaps the worst in the league.

Does this mean Mike Nolan sucks as a coach?

Just a thought.

Not Terrible...but "Trrrble." Thank you Sir Charles.

I'm in the "Suck for Luck sweepstakes." I'm in it to win it!

Love, the Miami Dolphins


1) ESPN - #30
2) Fox Sports - #32
3) CBS Sports - #31
4) USA Today - #32
5) WalterFootball - #32

I predicted that the Dolphins are the 4th best team in the AFC East, and so far so good..
Andrew Luck--- here we come, we're going to get you... Keeeep up the xcellent work Sparano & Ireland, I hope you keep bringing players from the Cowgirls, the more the merrier..

Me thinks u missed the biggie and thats the terrible OL. And DL. The DL makes tons of difference in interceptions. If a reasonable good QB can stand in the pocket unmolested, he will more often then not pick u apart. Every DB in the NFL depends on the pass rush, which the Dolphin DL hasnt managed thus far. Plus, Vontae Davis stated he and Smith were the BEST in the NFL. So whats the problem? Sorry had to add that. Coaching, coaching, coaching. Just like location, location, location. The Dolphins have to have good coaching and they need to play with a little fear and some intestinal fortitude. These Dolphins have none of the above. Chicken Salad they aint.

that's sad

were those our rankings in the 2007 mess? Do you remember?

Jason Allen.....2 int, 4 passes defensed and tied for team lead in tackles. I really believe that we can not utilize talent properly. Look at B Marshall. Henne will be better on another team than here!

Colombo’s play at right tackle has been so troubling that Chargers radio analyst Hank Bauer made an on-air appeal for him to retire after he gave up a sack in the San Diego game. Beyond allowing two sacks, Colombo has permitted 16 quarterback pressures, second among all NFL offensive linemen.
But Colombo clearly has been the weak link in a group that has allowed 14 sacks, more than any team in the league except St. Louis (19) and Chicago (15), entering Sunday. Not all of them are the fault of the offensive line; running back Reggie Bush was charged with one earlier this season.
But the line gets the brunt of the blame. In fact, the Dolphins have done the worst job of pass protection in the league through four weeks, according to the PFF rankings.
Among the most mystifying developments has been Pro Bowl left tackle Jake Long’s occasional breakdowns.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/10/10/2446631/a-disappointing-offensive-line.html#ixzz1aUWlgqLs

were those our rankings in the 2007 mess? Do you remember?

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | October 11, 2011 at 12:21 PM

Per footballlocks we were - you guessed it - #32.


Team chemistry is our greatest weakness right now. We have a lot of guys across the board that are really good players, but for some reason they just don't play well together.


You forgot one.... Jason Allen gets interceptions in Houston too!

The Dolphins cheerleaders need to get more involved with the game plan and distract the opposing teams better. Can't they all lose their top on a crucial third down play?

The defense is terrible that is why Rob Ryan should be the next coach he is hungry for a job. I know there a lot of Gruden and Cowher supporters I just can't believe they will leave there cushy jobs to come here and work with this. Bring back Zach or Offerdahl to coach the linebackers they were smart and cared.

Robert, As much as our frustration looses sight of this fact. We are a storied franchise in this league. And we are more under the microscope with the media waiting for axes to drop. ESPN weven went out and made the story of Gerard bashing our team a top story.

I guess my point there is. If Gruden, Fischer or Cowher wanted to become coach of the millenium, and their ego's were pushing them. this is the perfect job. Gruden said it on the 1st Monday night game. This is a big job that if you right the ship and actually win a SB here, you are a NFL hero.

I think there are a lot of coaches who's ego's want that, however many have a brain that says, holy crap is it possible?

But I think the job will garner a ton of interest from the people who are ego maniacs, and those people really wanting to coach.

these corners would have been cut by every other team. it's jv vs. varsity out there.

Can we riot the Dolphins facility and make me coach. I'll bring some of you guys along as well. GM, President, Scouts cmon lets do it!

It's all about jeff Ireland and sparano. They are not good at finding talent. I doubt Rey even watch college football. Because if try did, no way would they pass on dez Bryant. Or anyone else they did.

The irony is that vontae Davis and will Allen
Are great corners. If we get one great safety our secondary would completely change.
Again, good thing we didn't draft j Graham or blount

Anyone keeping their eyes on Baylor's Robert Griffin? I've only seen highlight footages and stats of him and I like what I see so far. 19 TDs and 1 INT compared to Landry Jones (13/5) and Luck (14/2)so far this year.

The dude can also run. According to Wikipedia, he broke TX track record in the 110-meter and 300-meter hurdles. He's plenty of smart too: he's finishing college in 3 years and is enrolling in his masters degree.

R. jones is the problem. He is a disaster of G. Wilson proportions.

M. Colombo and R. Jones have single handedly ruined each unit.

luck in the 1st,griffin in the 2nd.

"It used to be frustrating when Miami players had potential interceptions bound off their hands and fall incomplete. Those are the good old days. Nowadays, Dolphins players, particularly those in the secondary don't get nearly close enough to have the football hit their hands."

Ouch....and its a fact Jack. The best tandem in football?!?! embarassing to be a Finfan and will be for awhile.... We've been cursed, and it started at 62-7

I actually think Jeff Ireland is a good GM who can find talent. His problem is that when he does make mistakes, they complete disasters (G. Wilson, R. Jones, M. Colombo, P. White).

As I have noticed, and probably you People too, the first year a Player comes into this Team he looks very promising or great. Then, on their 2nd year they all decline and continue into the years. One reasonable explanation for this is, that other Teams have figured out their weaknesses and we, do nothing about it.

The kicker (I've been thinking about this) is what Reggie Bush said. He said they make mistakes in practice, AND DON'T KEEP PRACTICING UNTIL THEY GET IT RIGHT!!! What the crap is that? On top of that, Sparano used as reasoning why he needed Colombo, because "he's used to how we like to practice." And how's that? Half-*ssed?

This is what I'm talking about. Incompetence. At every level.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 11, 2011 at 11:29 AM

Since the incompetence has made it impossible for me to root for my favorite team, I'll have to be content rooting for my fellow bloggers.


Way to get it done BABY! Yeah, good post!

If that was a PLAY, it'd be a "PICK SIX"!!!!

Taking it to Da Haaaaaaause!!!!


I have another question (because I'm a complete idiot obviously and don't understand). Saw the NFL Power Rankings on espn.com, and somehow we moved UP a spot (to 30). So we'll have to fix that on Monday.

But the guy talks about Miami, and says we're a team trying to turn our Season around.

Huh? Can someone explain how exactly Miami's trying to turn their Season around? Anyone heard of any firings? Any important signings in the last week? No and no. So what are we doing to turn the Season around. Sparano taking the players to Little Haiti and the voodoo fortune teller?

I mean, we're down to a backup QB, and just signed a guy with a blood disease to back him up. That sound like we're trying to turn our Season around?

Just trying to figure out if I missed something.

..What if we do not aquire the rights to the number one pick? The talent level from Luck to the next guy(insert your flavor of the month) is a huge gap. There probably is nobody in next years draft that is ready to play day one after Luck. We will have a top 5 pick, and likely will take a quarterback.. But is this the right move?

There are a large portion of fans that say draft a first round qb at any cost. And at this point it is very hard to argue that point. My point is that we need a ton of players. And that although the talent at quartrback falls off tremendously after Luck. There are still a lot of guys that are very good that will be first rounders. If we do not get the first pick. I think that the prudent move would be trying to trade out of whatever position we have with the idea that the second rated quarterback isn't going to be much better then say the 4th or 5th guy. Try and aquire as many first round choices as possible.

The only position I wouldn't trade out of is the first one. I don't care if the team was offered 3 first rounders. As suggested by Peter King this morning.

Can we riot the Dolphins facility and make me coach. I'll bring some of you guys along as well. GM, President, Scouts cmon lets do it!

Posted by: DKM | October 11, 2011 at 01:21 PM


Hey, then we can pick first EVERY year!

Posted by: Football Expert Because I Watch It On TV | October 11, 2011 at 02:13 PM

I suppose Sparano and company is doing a good job.

Fake GM,

I liked this year's draft- on the assumption we "would manage" at FS and RT/RG, or would improve those positions in free agency. The end result: epic fail.

Good news: we're well under the salary cap!

LOL Odin. I was thinking about that actually. I'm going to the Giants game in a couple of weeks. I don't expect us to have a win by then. Do I cheer for the team, or sit on my hands, or cheer for the Giants (i.e. Suck for Luck)? It's a conundrum.

I think out of principle I can't cheer for my wife's team (Giants) so that's probably out. So it's just cheer for Miami or sit on my hands. Right now that's 50/50.

I'm actually embarrassed to see us play on national television. I was semi-embarrassed by the NE game, but we did score points, so it wasn't AS embarrassing. But against our most hated rivals, in THEIR house, with our crap backup QB, it's not going to be pretty. And the whole country will be watching. For those out of Florida, we'll have to withstand the abuse (especially the NY fans). It's really a horrible situation for us.


They all thought Home was nuts

and I mean everyone thought Home was nuts


Posted by: Home 4 Gruden 2012 | October 11, 2011 at 11:45 AM

HOME! Guilty as charged! I'm Man enough to admit when I was wrong.

Not about you being nuts, I'm still pretty certain you're certified - Car-Ray-Zeeeeeee!!!!

I do have to admit though, about Smith, you were RIGHT and I was wrong(as were about 99.9% of us here at the blog, the front office, the coaches, teammates, etc, etc.).

Crazy don't make you wrong Homes ;).

Big Props on the Smith Call, Crazy Man!

(cheering on my fellow Bloggers :)

DC, saw your rant on Bell, very compelling.

Maybe we're turning the season around because the bye week has given the coach some extra time to come up with a new motto?

We all know this is key to the success of the franchise.

In other words, No, I don't see the fins actively doing anything to turn the season around. Maybe by default. Maybe by virtue of getting some of our strained hammies back (Thomas? Davis?).

Other than that, I see nothing going on.

jt...Winning Super Bowls is difficult. At this point we don't even have an opportunity to think about the playoffs never mind the Super Bowl. A player like Luck gives franchises the hope that at least you have the ability to compete, and an identity to build around. These are 2 things this team desperatley lacks.

Football Expert Because I Watch It On TV ,

Im just kidding you a hole, jeez you post something on these blogs and some jack ass wants to be rude about it. I know football just as much of these clowns I played it and been around it all my life. The reason why their in that postion is because they know someone that knows someone whos close to the game or they played professionally. It's football not rocket science. Maybe it's that hard for you to comprehend but not me.


embarrassed to watch us on tv? During most of the game in San Diego I was embarrassed for the Chargers for being in a such a close game.

...DC. I usually make the people at the bar watch the Phin games. My place, my team, my decision. It has become a running joke in our small town. Who is Miami playing, and have I used their opponent in the suicide pool yet? At this point, I have nothing to say. I have no ammunition for their jabs. I have taken the stance that if we are going to be a bad team. We may as well be good at being bad.. All the way 0-16 who cares. Make it memorable so that when it gets turned around you can say hey..We were as bad as it gets. Seriously. What is the point of winning 2-3 games?

Cut Columbo,
Make reggie a PR/KR,
Make D Thomas the #1 when healthy,
Draft a first round QB in 2012
Should of signed B Mckinnie,

I can go on and on, see what's so difficult about that?

Seriously have you ever written anything positive about this team or the orginization? all you do is feed off everyones anger surrounding this team and show off your true lack of writting skills. No crap the secondary sucks, maybe if the d-line and linebackers actually played a solid game the secondary wouldn't be thrown at on every down. Fire Nolan and his predictable defense. The freaking analyst are calling the defense before it's run. What do you think a real coach is going to do?

All you Gruden homers need to go out a 100 miles from the beach jump in the ocean and sink to the bottome. Gruden always had a GM making his personel decisions for him. He only got a say in the QB's he chose and went through them like a hooker goes through men. In Tampa Bay he took what Dungy built then played Oakland, his old team, with all his old players and his old system in place. If he would have lost that SB he would have been laughed out of the league. Then he did nothing with Tampa. He's a joke and like Parcells has had to take his act to ESPN to boost his rep just like Parcells did and is doing yet again. The only difference is that Parcells has already tanked two teams and Gruden hasn't had the chance yet.

Anyone who has watched Sean Smith the last 2 years has known he sucks. They just refused to believe it was true.

The kid won't tackle. Go back & watch the Cincy game from last year where he intentiaonally ran away from the Rb giving him a clear path to the end zone.

Smith is, was & shall always be pathetic.

Actually, no you don't. Not even close. Your connection to the pro game is via sitting on a couch and watching it on a tv screen.

You've never talked to a single player, scouted a single game, broken down game film, mastered the cap structure, made a single trade, negotiated a single contract, or a hundred other things a GM and/or coach does that you have ZERO experience with.

But if Completely Delusional works for you, go for it!

But if

Posted by: Football Expert Because I Watch It On TV | October 11, 2011 at 02:40 PM

Oh let me guess you have? Instead of coming on here trying to preach to me why don't you let everyone know what type of experiences you have? I'll wait....

I don't want Gruden either, or Cowher. I don't want any former SuperBowl coach, retired, turned analyst, talked off the set and back onto the field, Jimmy Johnson-ish, oh what-the-heck-I'll-work-it-in-between-fishing-trips kind of guys.

I want a coach who craves coaching/winning with all his heart, mind, and soul.

Find that guy, please.

...I don't know if Gruden is the right choice to replace Sparano. Same goes for Cowher, or whoever they decide upon. Any of the "star coaches" has their upside as well as their downside. If you are not a supporter of the guy, you can sight a ton of reasons as to why he will not succeed here. If you are a believer, you can make a hundred good points about why this coach will be the right one.

All of these guys that we talk about are good coaches. To say any of them are bad at what they do is funny..You should give it a try. Any of them would be an upgrade to what we have now. And IMO we would be lucky to get any of them(no pun intended). The real issue is the GM anyway. We will never win with Ireland making the personel decisions. Even if Lombardi walked through the doors(or his ghost)


"went through them like a hooker goes through men."?????????
Should you really be so critical of Armando's "lack of writing skills"? Otherwise, you made some good points

DD, they gotta really love you if your patrons keep coming back to watch the Dolphins, lol.

By the way, have you ever watched "Bar Rescue" on SpikeTV? It's a great show. My wife and have watched all the episodes, now we go into bars and discuss what's wrong with them and how they can generate more patrons, improve the menu, etc.

You should definitely check it out. Might give you great tips on improvements (though I thought I remembered you talking about improvements you made recently, like in the last year or 2). Maybe not.

If the coach of a professional team sees the same thing happeing over and over again and makes no changes, that's the definition of insainity. (I.E. Columbo)

I dont care to see how the salary cap stuff works. (if I was in the businness it will be a diffrent story) I want to have knowledgeable coach who can see that a little change can make a big diffrence. If all the fans can see it why not him?

DC...Bar rescue is sweet. Where I live running a bar, or any buisness is much different then a city, or a place with any population. We have a 100 people here, and depend on tourism for every penny we make. I'm the only bar in town that is worth a damn, and ironically I think about the other 2 when watching that show. Anyway what he does is centered towards the service industry in a bigger city. Here I do not have an employee pool to choose from. So I'm happy if the help shows up sober, or on time(which they do for me..not so much other places)...BTW they have all learned to love the Phins..lose

In reality, it would be the old "putting a room full of chimpanzees behind typewriters and expecting them to produce Shakespeare."

Posted by: Football Expert Because I Watch It On TV | October 11, 2011 at 02:24 PM

If it was good enough for Parcells, It's good enough for US!!!!

DKM, can I be the Defensive Coordinator?

I was Head Coach for 4 years of Pop Warner and 3 years of High School(Freshman Class-.750 career, back to back undefeated seasons-with only 1 loss the following year).

"Football Expert" above is POSSIBLY/PROBABLY right, Me and my resume wouldn't beat out Nolan.

Having said that though, I'm absolutely convinced I can out do SpOranus six days a week and twice on Sunday.

Can I change my app to the Head Coaching Job DKM? I'm not a big name Coach or a Diva, but I do have one Caveat. I'm not working with Jeff Ireland OR Joe Schmoe as General Manager.

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