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The Dolphins secondary? Terrible so far

How is it the Buffalo Bills are 4-1 and the Dolphins are 0-4 when, looking at each teams' roster, it is nearly impossible to discern that the guys from Western New York have any more talent than those from South Florida?

Well, aside from the fact the Bills have properly identified which is the A-back (Fred Jackson) and which is the B-back (C.J. Spiller) while the Dolphins have not, while the Bills are maximizing the talent in their undervalued receiver corps and the Dolphins aren't, while the Bills are getting good quarterback play and the Dolphins have not, the biggest difference is found in the secondary.

Buffalo's secondary and the rest of the defense does great work turning the ball over via interceptions. And the Dolphins stink in that category. Neither team is exceedingly effective stopping the pass. The Dolphins are 31st in the NFL in that category and the Bills are 26th.

But throw the ball against Miami and you move the ball. Throw the ball against Buffalo and you might move the ball and then again you might have the ball intercepted.

I'm not exaggerating and to prove the point simply consider this:

The Bills on Sunday intercepted Michael Vick four times. That one-game total is twice as many interceptions as what the Dolphins have all season long so far.

And the Bills have done it twice!

They have two games in which they intercepted the opposing quarterback four times. The other game came against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

So twice this season the Bills have come up with twice as many interceptions in one game as the Dolphins have come up with in four games.


The Bills have 12 interceptions on the season. The Dolphins have two.


No starter in the Miami secondary has an interception this year. Miami's two interceptions came from defensive end Jared Odrick and dime cornerback Jimmy Wilson -- a rookie. Indeed, Wilson is a rookie picked in the seventh round.

What does that say about Sean Smith and Vontae Davis and Reshad Jones and Yeremiah Bell?


What does this say about the group?: New England defensive lineman Vince Wilfork has as many interceptions (2) as the Dolphins do. He has more interceptions than any member of the Miami secondary.


Then there's this: There are 10 individuals in the NFL so far this season who have more interceptions than the Dolphins do as a team.


It used to be frustrating when Miami players had potential interceptions bound off their hands and fall incomplete. Those are the good old days. Nowadays, Dolphins players, particularly those in the secondary don't get nearly close enough to have the football hit their hands. That partially explains why Miami gives up an average of 307 yards per game passing, which if it continues, would be an all-time franchise worst mark.

In fact, the Dolphins have yielded 1,128 passing yards in four games. They're on pace to give up 4,912 passing yards for the season. That would shatter the old worst mark of 3,794 passing yards allowed in a season by 1,118 yards.


Surprised? You should not be. We should have seen this coming and definitely the Dolphins should have seen this coming because last year the club was horrible in the pass interception dept. Last season, the Dolphins had 11 picks all freakin' year long!

And that has been something of a theme during the current Dolphins administration. In 2008, the first year Bill Parcells-Jeff Ireland-Tony Sparano were in charge, the Dolphins set the franchise record for fewest interceptions in one year. They had only 8 all season long. Glad to see the addressed the issue over the years.



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Alright all, I'm out, talk to you all tomorrow.

Dolfans: We are the 99 percenters who are protesting the garbage that the one percenters produce.

Let's occupy the Dolphins facility!

dr. roberts,

Coaches are fired mid-season all the time. If Gruden did want the job, as he hinted on national tv, why not come in mid-season? Nobody will blame him for the mess. Are we worried that the coaching staff will quit? A bad time to study the players? It's unusual?

Well, dr. roberts, let them get Nolan in there. At least, I, need it.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I recently came across Bill Cowhers phone number here in the Carolina's so I decided to give him a ring.

He told me that He himself, Jon Gruden and Mr. Fisher were just hanging out and playing Canasta and praying while waiting for a phone call from Mr. Ross.

They all agreed it is crazy and ludicrous for the nonsense that is going on in Miami right now and would jump at the chance to right what been wronged to this once proud franchise.

Who would have thought they played Canasta

Soiled :)




Yeah, I know, I know, that's how things work. Not anymore. Now, we Fans have a direct saying in Sports, as there are no secrets anymore. Right?

Who gives a Fu-k who the hell comes in to manage this Mess. We just want a Win, for Godssake!


you are so right!

and if you read your blog, you would have seen my post that suggested an in-house upgrade to the secondary, a big, talented reciever that is wasting on the sideline, the mere fact he is a reciever says he has better hands then most of our secondary and if his instincts as a reciever surface in his conversion to defensiveback he will be actually looking to catch(intercept)the ball, he has decent speed, will be better at tackling, maybe even help shut down the tight-end because of his size, his knowledge of reciever routes and schemes will benefit him and make the transistion an easy one, he used to play D-BACK in school, and looks more and more like pat surtain, as the secondary looks more and more like barnum & bailey. his name is -ROBERTO WALLACE- and i'm shure he would jump at the chance to start.

dion sanders played both reciever and D-BACK during the same game, it is not a goofy idea, in fact i think it might proove to be the ACORN sporano has been looking for, only right under his nose, roberto would be an upgrade, no doubt about that, it couldn't possibly be any worse then it already is, 95 percent of megatron's success is due to his physical tools and size, i think, to some extent it would play a role with roberto as well.
what could it possibly hurt to give it a look.

and he does look like pat surtain!

I know you mean well, dr. roberts, you believe in continuity; but, believe me, this is not the Time for it.

think about it, roberto wallace will actually think he is a reciever, or at least play like it in an attempt to get some badly needed INT'S.
he might even turn out to be the best defensive back we have, it's a really good possibility.

I'm Just as pissed as everyone and they can dicect it as much as they want, the bottom line is they need to spend money for good players and the owner Ross will not pay out the money obviously. He is more concerned with his celebrities! Our Secondary Sucks Our QB is not the hottest and hopefully Moore can hold us till the end I think he will do a decent job. Henne was getting sacked every other play! no wonder he got hurt. It's a major mindfuc We need players and Ross needs to pay for players, I can't believe they got a great pick and they picked a lineman instead of a QB what does that show now!!!

If the Finz don't come out with some balls and beat the Jets I'm really concerned. The Jet's have shown that they can be beat, and if a week off and a different head with hopefully some changes (in the secondary)We can Beat the Jets! We are not that far away from it. I will be extremely disappointed if we do not win that game. If we do not win The Owner has a lot of soul searching, and it's not in Ireland or Sparano, it's in himself. He can let Ireland and the offense coordinator go, but it's 100% his fault for not hiring great players. He should Pay out more money for a better product. PERIOD!!! I don't know who I will follow the rest of the season but it wont be the FINZ!! I hope everyone does not go to the games and empties that stadium until Ross opens his wallet!!

Well, V.Davis did a very good work brain-washing Sparano, Smith (maybe Andy Cohen too) and I don't know who other moron about that him and Smith were the best duo of CB. Can you believe it ?
This is the Miami Dolphins. I'm sure that none of these guys knows anything about the Dolphins history. That is why they dare to talk crap after crap. They don't have any respect for the history of this organization. They don't have any respect for the fans. They take us as the morons they are themselves.

If the Dolphins staff were architects they would start building a skyscraper from the top. Ross would be delighted in buying that novelty.
This is the Dolphins...it's so pathetic.

I use to be on the band wagon to get rid of Henne 100% But this year I wasn't as much because I saw his production of a little success. But still he is not a top eshilanch (sp) of the NFL. he is still average at that. The History of the Finz is historic and now it's turning into a joke. And Ross is turning it into a Circus! It's not Sparano, because he can only coach what he has, Crap in- crap out! Who hires this aweful Offense coordinator from Buffalo, isn't that part of why they are doing better because they got rid of him? he sucks!
Between all these factors that everyone is complaining about this is a poor year for the finz, but I believe the players can get pissed of a bit to win, unless their coaches are holding them back for a better lottery pick and that's crazy!

hey poizen, you got me one one thing, it was the wrong article, but yes, i have played on two state chapionship high school football teams, so you don't know sh$t on that one, yes you are right that henne is gone, but if you are so sure henne is going to be a starter or pro bowler or hall of famer how much are you willing to wager?

I don't think all the players stink, so when I see those arm tackles, missed assignments and bad positioning over all, it must be a coaching problem as always, this defense is not old enough to have aging problems and neither is young enough to have experience problems, is just at the right time to have coaching problems......AGAIN !!!!

Wrap yo lips aroun' dis heah mo fugger....


@Armando You are such a fool to write this article, first of all, all you do is rip this team but let's clear some things upFirst you said we had bad QB play you are wrong to try to blame Hennie he as no line and running game to help him out and still performed very well n don't even mention how his WR have let him down in the redzone...
2- you said we have not identify A and B RB, I guess you have notice that Thomas hasn't played in all of the games and when he has played he has been the A RB. Maybe he didn't start but he don't have to clearly they know he is the A RB.
3- you keep talking bout vonta davis not having a INT, again you haven't notice the man has little playing time this year has not played a complete game, and has missed the last 2 games. so how can he get a INT when you haven't been on the field..

LOL- it's funny how you take information and twist it the way you want to make things look worse than what they are..

Bes1 Armando is not always right for sure and you are right about the line cuz they are not that good!! But really HENNE is a good QB but he is not great at least not yet. But this team is mediocre at best the defensive secondary CAN NOT TACKLE they tackle at the head and arms they are terrible tackling!! The middle LB"s are nowhere to be seen we go from a monster bad ass in Zach Thomas to this? Come on man!! Did you see the attempted tackle by jones on the broken coverage play by the safeties ? Ireland has to go!!! He dosent know what he is doing he is in over his head!!!

THE SECONDARY IS TERRIBLE YOU ARE 100% right Armando!!! Ireland has done NOTHING to better this team in three years they keep thing that these guys will all of a sudden get it and become great!!! ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!

@johnsdolphins` yeah you are right about that LB core and safty.. i agree 100 percent by the way does any one mis Channing Crowder now?

SOMEONE TACKLE ON MONDAY!! I would love to get in front of these guys and chalenge them ask them not to be whimps and get angry and tackle like you want to HURT THEM be mean like ray Lewis , dick Butkus , and those mean kinda guys !!! Play like you want to put their guy out of the game. I mean geeezzz you get paid millions!!!! HURT SOMEBODY!!!

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