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It'll be 6-3 Sean Smith vs. 6-5 Vincent Jackson

SAN DIEGO -- Vincent Jackson is a beast.

He's 6-5 and 230 pounds and runs like a deer. That's bad.

Sean Smith is something of a beast himself. He's 6-3 and can jump to the moon.

So on Sunday it will be Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith covering chargers receiver Vincent Jackson. All the time, practically.

The Chargers expect the Dolphins to match up Smith on Jackson and follow him all over the field. The Dolphins, I'm told, will oblige by doing exactly that. At least that's what a club source is telling me is the plan.

Obviously, plans can change once the game begins. If the matchup is a loser for the Dolphins they would be wise to abandon it. But the idea initially is to let Smith show what he's got.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano was coy about the idea Friday.

“Well, we’ll see, you just got to watch the game, I guess," he said kiddingly. "Are you going to the game? Just watch it, you got to watch it on TV? You’re going to miss good weather I guess.”

I'm in the nice weather. It's nice, The Miami Herald has learned.

With Smith on Jackson, the Dolphins can do a lot of things behind him. They can roll coverages to help Smith out. They can double Jackson behind Smith.

I'm not sure that will be the case every single down. You see, with Vontae Davis not playing on Sunday, Nolan Carroll will be matched against Malcolm Floyd much of the time. [Davis is having a season from heck as he'll miss his second consecutive game after failing to finish either of his first two games with various issues. The hamstring is keeping him out of this one. Koa Misi (neck) and Daniel Thomas (hamstring) are also out.]

This matchup of Dolphins DBs versus San Diego WRs is a study in who is least injured. As you know, Davis is out for Miami. Well, Jackson is managing an abdomen injury and did not practice at all on Wednesday or Thursday. And Floyd has a groin injury and also didn't practice Wednesday or Thursday. Both are listed as questionable. 


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ESPN's 30/30 series is excellent......

puts a human face on what many believe are SUPER HUMAN athletes or events.....

If you haven't watched one......you should check it out.......

dc we dont want to win. just keep losing and we get closer to finally having that franchise qb

Only thing that would make a loss a little easier to handle dusty is if it's followed by the first firing of a HC in 2011. I won't be able to stand it if Sparano's on the sideline every week fist pumping before each loss.

I want a franchise QB, but I want Sparano gone more (and Ireland can follow him out).

kris, you back in b'more. Just read a good book called "The Other Wes Moore." About a Rhodes scholar from Bmore/NY, who went to Johns Hopkins (then Oxford), then served in Afghanistan, recounting a story about a guy from Bmore with his name who took another road (drug dealing, in and out of jail, finally convicted to a life sentence).

Really good book, you should check it out.

If we lose....Sporano MUST GO.....

Its the only sane thing to do......

DC...sounds interesting....i wil check it out....

For the record...

I moved to VA about 2 months ago......that drive was killing me...

Alexandria area......10-20 mins to work......depending on traffic.....

lol, I feel ya! DC to Bethesda SUCKS (damn that outer loop @ Georgia Ave.)!!!

I grew up in Reston, Tyson's was my stomping ground, you around there?

cool. Alexandria isn't too far. Just went to the National Harbor. It's very nice. Lots to see. Go with your boys, leave your girl at home, trust me :)

look at the schedule, 2 of the first three games were the likes of playing alabama and LSU, now consider miami has not been on the favorable side of calls(the likes of some ill timed holding by the browns that was not called, as well as the pats), consider miami is NOT playing inspired, nor to their potential, consider some key drops and the absence of any luck whatsoever and throw in reggie bush's untapped potential. now consider miami, who is certainly due, to be on the beneficial end of some yellow flags, a fumble recoevery or two and a little luck. the defense regains it's form, and sporano finally reads the "how to" section of the reggie bush instruction manual. lets say instead of marshall dropping some key passes, it is malcolm floyd. it is that time of the year when the phins begin to play, their fresh off their extended offseason vacation at 0-3. it is time for all dolphins players and coaches to get serious and with this in mind, and a bit of optimism i'm going out to the tip of the limb and will say miami will win 10 of it's next 13 games. the defense IS better then this, the secondary is better then this especially with a healthy will allen, the ball has to bounce in our favor at least once in a while and weve yet to see what a FIRED UP dolphins team looks like. GO FINS!

dc we already know 100 percetn sprano is gone. so why not let him finish season since that will give us better chances of losing

I would love to DC......

but my wife might as well be my siamese twin....lol....

but a man can dream......

keep dreaming budtki. It's too late for fantasy and dreaming. It is what it is. Miami is mediocre. This FO doesn't have a clue. Put on your seatbelt, brace yourself. This ship is going DOWN, very quickly.

We'll be lucky if we can win 5 games. VERY lucky!

lol kris. Luckily I have lies...I mean hobbies to cover my tracks!!

dusty, I just can't do it. Everytime I see Sparano's face I want to kick it in (like Ryan Gosling in "Drive", stomps a guy's face until it caves in). I can't stand his mug anymore. I just want him gone.

Don't worry, his replacement won't be able to do too much either.

Yeah....Tyson's Corner is right down the street.....

another traffic nighmare during rush hour.....

but I do want to get up thier on a saturday and walk around.....do some" Covert" sight seeing.....

I need some new sunglasses.....


I want to win as well not on board with the SUCK FOR LUCK talk while I'd love to have the next great Q.B. prospect in aqua and orange don't like the idea of simply tanking a season but today's match ups don't exactly favor us. I was reading a bunch of odin's stuff lately and don't get his assault on everybody for voicing a negative opinion, really. We went back and forth all offseason about moves that we figured would be made and then were left scratching our heads while still giving the benefit of the doubt.

We still turn the roster over with this FO like were the expansion 96 Jags or something. You know I can't help it finally getting to me because come hell or high water I'm always on board thinking playoffs in late July early August but lately we can't even dream into November. We need a change in the FO. I read all the talk about Gruden, Cowher and Fisher and can't help but think that between them only Gruden ever had personnel control and ran Tampa into the ground!!

I'd leave Sparano on place till seasons end and fire the architect Ireland today and begin setting the tone but am now really wondering about Ross and if he isn't the modern day Hugh Culverhouse (expansion Bucs owner) The worst part is that this team does in fact have alot of good pieces in place but the change of culture just isn't happening with this coaching staff, again start at the FO and get someone young and hungry who gets it and let him build on down from coaches to the missing elements on this team which aren't all that many.

If Luck falls into that equation for us great but don't alienate the fans who truely love the team with some half a s s performance then start talking draft in the beginning of Oct. like there doing in the S.S. blog, thats just wrong!!

I got to get me some of those lies....i mean hobbies.....

aight, time for breakfast.

I think it's a blueberry pancakes day. FROM SCRATCH FOLKS, DC doesn't use no pancake mix. It's all about fresh in my house.

Later it's mallard duck breast with a blueberry chutney.

Can anyone tell I'm trying to take my blues away?

Also, kris, that's how I get a furlough pass from wifey, cook a good meal, do some chores, then I get my "get out of jail" card! It works!!

See y'all after breakfast.

fin4life it isnt fun but its what we need now. 0-3 seasons over, so whats difference between 7-9 and 1-15, well ill tell ya. a franchise qb or another guard

fin, I'm not like odin or the SS, I don't mind optimism. I was once naive too. I'm just trying to soften the fall for you bro. Don't want you playing Russian roulette in Dec when we're still one of the worst teams in the league. Sometimes optimism blinds you (just like pessimism). I'm trying to stay realistic (Joe Schmoe style). I'm getting older, have heart disease in my family history, can't take another broken heart.

So, stay optimistic, pray, believe, do a dance, whatever floats your boat. But don't lie to yourself. You see the same thing I do. And it ain't good. But I'll look out for you if you look out for me. We're like the Marines, we don't leave anybody behind. We'll get to the finish line one way or the other. Actually, the only one I'd be happy leaving behind is TS. Oh, and Ireland.

please let mike nolan take over the remainder of the year. he is respected by the players and wont be under the thumb of sparano. see if team attitude/performance improves. then make your decision on a future GM and head coach. we also desperately need talent evaluators and a real QB coach(someone who has actually played the position).

Guys don't get me wrong I see it and KNOW like we all did last offseason that Sparano wasn't the answer. These F'n games are tuffer for me to swallow cause works had me loading Cargo in Friggin South Africa for 3 weeks now in the port of Durban. The 1:00 P.M. kickoff for me is 7:00 P.M. local time meaning todays game is over for me at about 1:30 and I gotta be up at 5:00, not much fun when I,m killing sleep to watch a stinker.

My point is why fire Sparano now we all know he will be done seasons end or Ross is then in actuality sabotaging his team. I believe we need a young team exec. like Demitroff who coincidentally we could have had if Parcells had gone to Atl instead. With a young exec. in place you let him build the team. The NFL is year round now not 6 months out of the year like in 93 before FA. He finds the coach and gives him the pieces it's in that scenario with Art Rooney Jr. that Cowher functioned and was the case with Fisher in Tenn. as well. You aren't the only ones who'd like to dent Sparano's head and if up to me Ireland gets it 1st !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The risk you run with Tony finishing the season is this...

for 2 years in a row 7-9 has been good enough....what if he gets there again.....probably means he gets to keep his job.....

say were 2-10....

and we somehow get on a roll and win the last 4 games of the season....

I believe that Jeff and Tony will somehow convince Mr. Ross that they are on the right track....and the 4 game winning streak is proof that they have found the winning formula for next year....

Then....next year were in the same boat......

I think we hae to fire tony as soon as this game is over....I wish they would fire him regardless if they win or lose.....

Just so that we are all clear:
There is no saviour on the way to save this team.
There are no draft picks cleverly accumulated.
Neither Cowher nor Fisher nor Gruden are looking at real estate in the area.
Henne's a free agent, Matt Moore is the next QB of this team.

I watched Stanford vs UCLA last night. Luck led Stanford to a 45-19 rout. What I observed most about Luck, even though the Cardnicals arent a pass happy team, there was no question he had supreme command of his offense and he was the best player on the field.

Just Luck's presence on the field alone gives you the sense the opposing defense felt thier chances of stopping him were slim to none. The guy's accuracy throwing into tight windows is impeccable and far advanced than Chad Henne's ability to do so even now.

Come on Miami Dolphins, sucking for Luck will be the greatest gift this mediocre decade of fish has ever given us.

Please Dolphins, Lets Just Suck For Luck!

We R going to "WIN TODAY"!!!!

John Elway refused to be drafted by the Baltimore Colts and so they traded him to Denver...Eli refused to be drafted by San Diego.
There is no way that Luck would come here.
Indy is my guess.
Although NE could trade Mallett and pick for him.

Just listened to George Steinbriener say...

"They're are Major League Proffesional Ball Players....and then....their are Yankee's......

Man.....we need an owner who bleeds aqua qnd orange.....who has that same sentiment.....Calling Mr. Ross......Mr. Ross....are you up to the task.......


Once we lose to San Diego today our chances of winning 7 games this season are slim to none. My greatest fear is Sparano being fire in season then the team rallies around the interim coach. That would just be our "bad Luck" this happens.

Fire Sparano at season's end. This might be our single greatest arsenal in winning the "Suck For Luck" sweepstakes. I say this because if the team gets to say... 2-6 or 1-7 after the first 8 games. Sparano total loses the team and the entire locker room packs it in.

I dont want no interim hc whom the team will rally around and gain just enough victories to minus us out of the "Lucky Sweepstakes".

kris no chance at that this year. 3 wins is the max, im hoping for 1 only so we get luck to start off the new regimes tenure

lol course luck would come here. and no the pats couldnt get him just for mallet and a pick. luck is manning, mallet lucky to be eli

"say were 2-10....

and we somehow get on a roll and win the last 4 games of the season....

Posted by: kris |"
...yeah..and say it snows in Miami, ... and elephants can fly....and say I get to do Beyonce....

....since we're just sayin...


The Dolphins situation is different. Here look would have the chance to revive what was once one of the leagues flagship franchises. Not to mention he'll play right away with Jake Long protecting his back and Pouncey his front.

I guarrantee if we win the Andrew Luck sweepstakes we'll have zero problems attracting a top hc and coaching staff. Who the hell wouldnt want to come to Miami to coach Andrew Luck and why wouldnt Luck wanna come to a team that had attracted a premium hc and 2 potential hof'ers on the oline.

You tell me buddy?


That is the other half of the equation in firing Sporano during the bye week....that the players fear for their jobs....and start playing hard....and win games.....I totally understand that.....

but....Henne has shown improvment this year.....next year I believe he will be among the to 15-20 QBs in the league....he picked up a new offense like it was 1st grade math.....so his intellligence can't be questioned....and from what I have seen this season....neither can his work ethic........

maybe Henne can win here....with a better HC.....and a slightly scaled back OC.....and definetly a better playing "D"......

Hate to this guys, but this will be the first time in my entire history as a dolfan, that I'll be rooting for the Jets to get a season sweep over us.

But of course if we only won 2 games the entire season. I would also love both to be over the Jets too!

So you're saying if NE offers someone Ryan Mallet and a first rounder for Luck then no one will take it?

Jeffrey Ireland is the weakest link.
Tony Sparano is the biggest loser.
Brian Daboll is the apprentice.
Brandon Marshall is 16 and pregnant.
Reggie Bush is who wants to be a millionaire.
Chad Henne is curb your enthusiasm.

Posted by: another year wasted | October 01, 2011 at 01:04 PM

Post Of The day.

I'll tell you men.....

I have already gone thru 1-15....and I don't think I can stand doing it again.....

1-15 means Wake has to GO.....

Dansby has to GO....

Marshall has to GO.....


and eveyone else will be expendable.....

Not sure if I am willing to see that.....


No matter the improvement, I would start Luck over Henne right now. Henne sucks so badly in the redzone because his his throwing into tight windows accuracy pretty much sucks. Those windows dont get any tighter than when entering the redzone, better known to dolfans as "The DeadZone"!

Henne just doesnt play well in tight spaces. Plus, he's even no good in the open spaces when it comes down to a drive we need and need it now. Henne is deadzone in the redzone and the choke when we need hope!

Look at the history:
Matt Stafford didn't singlehandedly elevate the Lions: Calvin Johnson + Suh + Best + Stafford.
Matt Ryan didn't elevate the Falcons: They already had Roddy White + Michael Turner
Sam Bradford hasn't done anything for St Louis yet.
And then you have Rivers, Romo, Orton, Cutler, McNabb, Vick, Hasselback, Freeman etc.


All 32 teams passed over Ryan Mallet at least TWICE during this draft. So tell me exactly what is the logic of trading your 1st overall pick for Mallet and swapping 1st rd picks for a guy you passed over at least twice, maybe 3 times this offseason?

Henne also has Long protecting his blind side and Pouncey his front side.
Unfortunately the other 3 guys are doing nothing and so Henne leads the league in sacks, knockdowns and hurries.

The thing with the Dolphins is Ross loves money way to much. And after paying Parcels a ton of it, and after extending Sporano's and Ireland's contracts to "improve" the mess he created with the flight to northern Cali during the offseason, he now is holding back on spending. He is stuck now with an incompetent general manager that cannot evaluate talent and a head coach that simply cannot coach. Not to mention a team full of below average, overpaid players. This season is over! Best thing now for this once proud organization is for Ross to sell quickly.

What's up fin nation?

I have looked at some games with Luck.....and while I am by no means a talent evaluator.....

I have to admit I am falling in love with the Idea Luck.....

I'm just not ready to throw in the towel just yet.......

Besides DB......if we have the the #1 pick in the draft.....you know were taking the BEST D-Lineman available......

DB I hope that all works out for you.

The worst teams in the league get the top picks. I have never seen a top QB prospect go to a horrible team and then all of a sudden they are not horrible any more.

LOL At Tired, I too agree that Ross needs to sell, But Whatta gonna do?, Root for the Bucs?


None of those qb's are Andrew Luck either. Luck's 6'4 245 lbs and can move! He's sort of a faster more accurate version of Ben Roslisberger. Yes the same Roslisberger that has already lead Pittsburgh to 2 Vince Lombardis!

yeah..and say it snows in Miami, ... and elephants can fly....and say I get to do Beyonce....

....since we're just sayin...

Posted by: Buster | October 02, 2011 at 10:17 AM


Might not be the best example since it HAS snowed in Miami, as a matter of fact.

Yhis is addicting.....

but I got to break the cord..and hit the gym......so I can be back in time for the 1 PM games......

Kris, Iam over here on the "Left Coast"(San Jose) And Luck is really,really good, But keep in mind, It is a team sport.

Roethlisberger didn't go to the worst team in the league.
Roethlisberger went to a team with talent on offense and defense.

Sam Bradford did go to the worst team in the league and can't do anything with them.

Personally I'd rather trade away our 1st and 2nd picks today for a NFL quality starting Rt and FS.


Henne has terrible redzone issues, not to mention he's one of the league's worst qb's converting 3rd downs. Lets not even mention he has the league's worst 4th qtr qb rating.

Henne's improved at moving us up and down the field a little faster. But other than that nothing's changed from the previous Henne. He's still awful at 3rd down conversions and still the most ineffective qb in the league in the 4th qtr.

Cant believe youre still trying to promote this guy. Henne will never be more than a middle of the pack starter at best. His upside is totally zero. He isnt clutch, terrible in the "deadzone", and one of the worst in the league in 4th qtr production.

Bree, The Whole team sucks, Lets not just put it on Henne, The Coach,GM,Owner are all guilty of suckyness.

Henne is in his last season here.
Whether I believe in him or not doesn't matter.
Matt Moore is the next starter of this team.

Think about this: We moved Carey from RT to RG because NOT ONE OF OUR GUARDS ON THE ROSTER IS QUALIFIED TO START OTHER THAN INCOGS. Olshansky, over the hill and twice cut by other teams signs with us and immediately leap frogs out whole D-line depth chart. That means OUR D-LINEMAN ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO PLAY IN THE NFL EITHER.
By league rule we have to have 53 men on the roster. We're carrying players around just to stay within the guidelines.
This team ruins careers.
If you were Luck's agent would you allow him to sign here?


No offense but youre showing very little ability to think outyside of the box. Everything youre mentioning is Capt Obvious.

Look outside the box son. Being in position to get Luck all of a sudden makes us a premium destination for a premium hc and coaching staff, even gm. Heck those would be in place even before the draft.

We would also no longer be a joke of a destination for premium fa talent. No big names really wanna come here. It seems they now use negotiations with dolphins as leverage for better pay days elsewhere.

I can go on and on. Being in position to draft Andrew Luck would definitely change the fortunes of a once proud and storied franchised. That for the past decade now has seemed to be totally "OUT OF LUCK"!

Please think outside the box on this one!


Just being in position to draft Luck alone will change all of this. He single handedly makes Miami once again a magnet city for better coaching, gm, and player talent!

Breed,A new Coach(Id even take Rex's Brother Rob)Would be a good thing, Can you see the Ryan Brothers battling for a couple years?, I can and it would be a good thing.

God I hope Andrew Luck ends up coming here. That will be the day all dolfans are able to look back upon as the day "our luck" finally changed after over a decade of near catastrophic nfl football!

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