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It'll be 6-3 Sean Smith vs. 6-5 Vincent Jackson

SAN DIEGO -- Vincent Jackson is a beast.

He's 6-5 and 230 pounds and runs like a deer. That's bad.

Sean Smith is something of a beast himself. He's 6-3 and can jump to the moon.

So on Sunday it will be Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith covering chargers receiver Vincent Jackson. All the time, practically.

The Chargers expect the Dolphins to match up Smith on Jackson and follow him all over the field. The Dolphins, I'm told, will oblige by doing exactly that. At least that's what a club source is telling me is the plan.

Obviously, plans can change once the game begins. If the matchup is a loser for the Dolphins they would be wise to abandon it. But the idea initially is to let Smith show what he's got.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano was coy about the idea Friday.

“Well, we’ll see, you just got to watch the game, I guess," he said kiddingly. "Are you going to the game? Just watch it, you got to watch it on TV? You’re going to miss good weather I guess.”

I'm in the nice weather. It's nice, The Miami Herald has learned.

With Smith on Jackson, the Dolphins can do a lot of things behind him. They can roll coverages to help Smith out. They can double Jackson behind Smith.

I'm not sure that will be the case every single down. You see, with Vontae Davis not playing on Sunday, Nolan Carroll will be matched against Malcolm Floyd much of the time. [Davis is having a season from heck as he'll miss his second consecutive game after failing to finish either of his first two games with various issues. The hamstring is keeping him out of this one. Koa Misi (neck) and Daniel Thomas (hamstring) are also out.]

This matchup of Dolphins DBs versus San Diego WRs is a study in who is least injured. As you know, Davis is out for Miami. Well, Jackson is managing an abdomen injury and did not practice at all on Wednesday or Thursday. And Floyd has a groin injury and also didn't practice Wednesday or Thursday. Both are listed as questionable. 


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Breed, It's been 14 years since Danny Boy's left, I remeber Changing my sons Diaper(He was 9 Months) Last time the fins won a Playoff game(Seattle I Think) he's turning 15 in a month.

Chris Mortenson just said on espn that Chad Henne could possibly be on "clipboard watch" depending on our ability to win the next few games.

For any who are a little slow, "clipboard watch" equates to being benched!

This means Matt Moore becomes starter. But how ironic would it be if for 2 years straight Matt Moore plays a role in giving 2 totally different teams the 1st overall pick in the draft.

For Carolina it meant Cam Newton. For us it would mean Andrew Luck!


Call me "fat predjudiced", or whatever. Fat coaches scare me. They all seemed to be only 1 misplaced twinky bar from massive coronary attack. Im so afraid with one of these types, someday a team will be replacing thier hc in midseason for mortuary reason.

That's why I workout so regulary. Fat scares hell out of me!


Poor Charlie Weiss for the Gators. I watched Bama-Florida yesterday, seeing his grossly overweight a*ss pacing the sidelines. I couldnt quit thinking:

"This guy's heart could explode any minute now"!


Been a while would have answered Kris earlier regarding the firing Sparano in Season logic but uou took the words out of my mouth. Remember well in 04 when Wannstadt quit at 1-7 to have the team finnish 3-5 under Bates or last years Dallas team rallying under Garrett late as well putting a smackdown on the Giants in N.Y.

At this point let it ride till seasons end but if Ross had any set on him what so ever he'd address the job Ireland has done now not later!! If he doesn't then I buy the theory that it was Ross all along that kept him from going after some of the targeted positions in FA.

I will say this though if you remember more than once we argued the logic of the Bush trade with Sproles out there basically the same player without the injuries or Burnett instead of Rudd, giving Fasano the 12 mil 3 year extension when Oak basically gave Boss the same in base pay ect.. those moves not on Ross.

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