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A look at the weekend for the possible franchise QBs

It's ironic that on the week the Dolphins will start their 16th quarterback since Dan Marino's retirement -- none of them elite -- the message of Miami's intention to go franchise QB shopping this offseason came out. If you remember, I wrote last week finding a franchise quarterback would be Job One for the Dolphins in the coming offseason.

I will have more on that tomorrow in a column that will interest all of you.

Today, knowing that the priority is drafting or trading for a franchise quarterback with drafting being the more likely approach, I want to start a weekly look at some of the potential franchise QBs that might be available in the draft.

Every week now, I'll update you with what the potential franchise QBs are doing in their games. These are some of those signal-callers and what I thought of their performance (if I saw it):

Andrew Luck: Led Stanford to a 44-14 victory over Washington State. Completed 23 of 36 passes for 336 yards with 4 TDs and 1 INT. I watched the early parts of the game before falling asleep. Luck was not overly impressive early on. He missed a wide open receiver deep on a post pattern but underthrew him badly. The interception happened on the second play of the game, so it was kind of an eye-opener to me because it showed him to be human. I obviously missed the portions of the game when Luck warmed up because he threw all four of his TD passes in the second half.

Robert Griffin III: Baylor lost to to Texas A&M, 55-28. I watched the entire game. Griffin threw an interception when he threw a frustration pass into triple coverage. It was only his second interception of the season against 22 TD passes. I watched the game start to finish. Was tweeting my observations. So you should follow me on twitter. RG3 or RGIII if you prefer completed 28 of 40 passes for 430 yards, with three TDs and one INT. I was thoroughly impressed, interception nothwithstanding. The kid has a gun. He is a great athlete in that he's a national hurdles champion so he can run. And he's very, very, very intelligent. He gladly took the easy passes for 5, 6 or 7-yard gains. And he also hit the 77-yard TD pass when it was there. His accuracy is outstanding. He threaded one pass for a 6-yard TD between two diving defenders. He put it in a tiny box where only his receiver could catch it. I'm going to continue watching this kid, but given what I'd heard and what I saw, I'm a fan.

Landry Jones: Oklahoma beat Kansas, 47-17. I didn't watch but saw a couple of highlights. His presence in the pocket is unquestionable. He completed 29 of 48 passes for 363 yards, with three TDs and one INT. I would tell you Jones has better receivers on the other end of his passes than any other of the elite collegiate passers. Kenny Stills is the truth and Ryan Broyles is an NCAA record-breaker who will also definitely play on Sundays. Jones isn't as athletic a runner as either RG3 or even Luck. His arm doesn't seem as impressive, either. But he attacks the middle of the field as well as Luck. He scans the field with great alacrity. I need to see more.

Matt Barkley: USC beat Cal, 30-9. I didn't watch. Barkley completed 19 of 35 passes with two TDs and no INTs. From what I've seen of this kid, he throws the 9-route about as nicely as anyone. His timing and synch with his WRs is impressive. I haven't seen enough to judge his athletic abilities with his feet. I know the level of competition in the PAC-12 is not on par with the SEC or perhaps even Big-12. Barkely clearly understands matchups. He rarely throws into double-coverage. Like Luck but unlike Jones and RG3, Barkley plays in a pro-style set offense. He is under center regularly. It's not new. He's ahead of the game there.

Who else? Who'd I miss. Tell me in the comments section and give me the breakdown of what they did.


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and the purpose of this blog was....

His breath stinks like something died, farting in his mouth.

It's too bad there's no football being played today.

No more "Suck for Luck". To me it's "Stop winnin' for Griffin". This guy is the real deal.

Yeah, I really wish they played football on Sunday, too, just like they do on Saturday.

Good stuff, please update us with what these guys are doing every week.

Football is a game of inches and Tony Sparano doesn't know how to read a tapemeasure.

I did not invent this game for grown men to act like children on a football field.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"tomorrow in a column that will interest all of you"

Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll ?......your statement is very bold.

Oh yeah...." He scans the field with great alacrity"

I had to look up "ALACRITY"

I hope you will accept my post with alacrity.

Soiled :)

P.S. Brian Cox, good Dolphin player does not = good Dolphin coach....sports talk

With Daboll as our OC we're going to end up drafting Jones or RG3 because, from what we've seen, he attacks and wants an open field, he'll want the running QB aspect too.

I don't like this. I want a QB that plays under center in college (but not Barkley). I hope we don't get a spread QB.

With what I get/see from Daboll, If we don't get Luck outright (without having to trade) we'll easily settle for one of the other QB's (if we draft high enough; highly plausable)

...This is going to be a long road.. We may end up debating who is the better prospect more then the merits of Chad Henne as quarterback.

Andrew Luck is THE TOP PROSPECT. So it is easy to disect his performances and magnify any mistake. It will be easy to translate any of his mis-steps into reasons as to why he is over-hyped and not as good as the F.A.G.S.(Football analist guys)say.. God forbid that a guy that gets paid to have an opinion has a positive one about anything. So stop it. Luck is the best college quarterback in the country.

This doesn't mean that there aren't other guys that are horrible. There are 2-3 guys that look the part of high draft choices. So settle down. The "leftovers" are a much deeper group then the riff raff in last years draft. I would go as far to say that most of the QB's drafted in the first round this year would have been relegated to the second round had they been a part of this class. So if we win a few games we can debate the merits of those behind Luck. But if we do indeed earn the number one pick. Stop with the nonsense that any of the others are worthy of that pick. It is jibber-jabber, and a waste of time.

The thing that is MOST impressive about RGIII is his smarts.....then add that to his World Class Speed.....

If nothing else he gives us options.....

TEXAS A&M QB RYAN TANNEHILL. 6'4, 225 lbs. Former WR playing his first year at QB. Very mobile. Big arm. Threw for over 400 yds and 6 TD's last week against Baylor. TON of upside.


Miami Dolphins 19, New York Jets 17 (Dec. 20, 1992, Carroll's choke)
Dolphins receiver Tony Martin had hauled in a touchdown that made it 17-16 Jets with 2:30 left in regulation. Then, of all things, normally reliable kicker Pete Stoyanovich chunked the point-after attempt wide right. A jubilant Jets defensive coordinator Pete Carroll put his hands around his neck in a choke sign. However, a Dolphins defensive stand and a few Dan Marino completions later, Stoyanovich sunk the Jets with a 37-yard field goal with seven seconds left, and the Dolphins clinched a playoff berth.

Chad Henne w a well rested uninjured throwing shoulder and arm compiled w more study & leadership WILL BE our starting QB

Gruden will be our head coach

Miami will be using the spread offense 4 wide w Bush in the backfield, when not pounding the rock w RB Thomas

If Brandon Marshall was not in a slump and dropped a TD pass in every game and sean smith did not suck wind ranked as 57th CB in the league

than perhaps the Dolphins would be 3-1

Henne is NOT the problem


The problem I have with Griffen is that wit his athleticism, he will run more. Yes he will be great, yes he will electrify us all. But what happens when he gets hurt? Look at Michael Vick. He's playing hurt every sunday now. My pick would be the prototypical QB, Luck.

GO Phins!!

Haul the sheet in as we ride on the wind that our
Forefathers harnessed before us.
Hear the bells ring as the tide rigging sings.
It's a son of a gun of a chorus.

Where it all ends I can't fathom, my friends.
If I knew, I might toss out my anchor.
So I'll cruise along always searchin' for Miami 27 NY Jets 24
Not "Luck", a thief or a banker.

Posted by: Home 4 Gruden 2012

..Disclaimer. I'm not compairing any of this years prospects to Ryan Leaf. Just the situation. Peyton Manning was far and away the highest rated prospect coming out of college. He was disected so much, that even good football people tricked themselves into believing that Ryan Leaf was the better player.

Manning was so higly rated, that naturally there wasn't anything more he could do except go down. It is human nature, and will no doubt happen again this year with Luck(it already has).. Nothing against any of the other Qb prospects. They all seem to have positives that outweigh the negatives.

Like I said earlier, the draft process is a long tiresome road. There will be some that will convince themselves their guy is the right one, good for them. I just hope that if it is Miami's turn, and Luck is there for the taking. They don't try and outsmart themselves by choosing another guy.

Henne is NOT the problem

Posted by: Home 4 Gruden 2012 | October 16, 2011 at 12:58 PM--------------------------------------------------


Just because your NOT the problem...doesn't mean your the solution....

The fact that people feel the NEED to point out that Henne is NOT the problem...shows their is a problem....

Just lose, baby!!

If the best thing you can say about a member of your teams is.....He/She is NOT the problem......well......what have you really said......

If you want to be MEDIOCRE for the NEXT 10 years.....get more players that are NOT the problem....

If you want to rise to ELITE....get difference makers who will make others remark........ they ARE the solution.....

Yup there are some good QB's coming out. Draft Luck if possible because he is least likely not to be a bust.
So all the Fins need now are.
A pass catching TE
RT or move Carey back to RT but he is aging,
LG,RG. that are athletic and not big plodding guys
1st and 2nd WR,Marshall is headcase, Hartline only dangerous within 6 inches of sideline.
Bess is good slot WR.
Another pass rushing DE or LB so that Wake isn't getting all attention.
2 Safeties that can hit,catch cover TE's...
Dump Smith and get 2 cover corners.
other than that the Fins are close to being competitive....

Luck is the obvious choice if we pick first, but RG3 would be a nice consolation prize, and even Landry Jones seems to be the franchise QB we've so desperately needed all these years.

I would be thrilled with any of the 3, but I just hope we get some competent FO and coaching to return the Fins to our former glory!

I find it pathetic that many of you are on your knees, calling off this season in some weird, "suck-it" posture.

It is unfortunite, but the fins will win just enough games this year to fall beyond the three top drafted QB's.


Should have drafted Mallett in April...

I like this whole being on your knees and suck it posture you refer to. I think I will give it a try! Especially if guys are involved!

Kellen Moore

J12 baby! It's a definitive race to the bottom!

Not sure how he did this weekend but keenum from Houston is a pretty damn good qb

Arf! Grrrrrr!

Growl! Bark Bark!!

Woof! Woof!

Bow wow.


Just suck, baby!

@ dbmfins, RG3 is not like Vick he is a pass first run if needed qb much like Cam Newton. He gives an option with his ability to run, plus his smarts and ARM and accuracy. He is a guy who could come in and start a Dabol would have fun creating new plays for him to run. But Luck or Griffin III is what we need.

John Beck in to the game for the Redskins.......

The DC crowd has been asking for him.....

In the words of Marie-Antoinette "Let them eat cake".......

What a difference a good Coach can make! See Buffalo, SF.

Of the college QB's, I've been watching Luck and Griffin the last couple of seasons in various games, and IMHO I think Luck and Griffin have a chance of starting 1st year. Griffin is really smart, graduating early - I believe the QB's best weapon are his smarts...look at Chad P, though not blessed with the best arm, his smarts is what makes him a winner.

I would really like to ask the Dolphins brass to keep Henne, Henne is progressing and would hate for him to leave and become a successful QB somewhere else. Retain Henne for a couple years to see if he can progress to keep the starting job. Kind of like Brees in San Diego, he was average like Henne until they drafted Rivers. Brees was just progressing to the point of breaking out, and I see a lot of similarities.

I'm glad we're starting to hear (and talk) about some of the other QB prospects.

I rea;lize some of you guys don't want to hear it, but the odds are that when all is said and done Miami will not have the first selection and Andrew Luck will never take a snap for the Dolphins.

Could it happen? Of course. But it is less than 50/50 with so many bad teams in the NFL this year.

We need to talk about others as well.

Even if Miami was in a position to draft Luck or Griffin I would still have the uneasy feeling of that "Ted Ginn moment". Until I hear one of those names I won't be at ease.

Boiler Up I second the motion! Kellan Moore = Franchise QB

Washington Redskins fans now know what the rest of the NFL knew years ago.....


49rs upset Lions!!!!

GB only team left undefeated....

I went to Washington State and watched the entire game. You're right about Luck's first half int. He had way too much air under it. In the second half he was nearly perfect with the four TDs and was even pulled mid way through the 4th quarter or he may have had more. His yardage is the sneaky kind where you don't think he's having a very good day until you see the stats. Overall, not one of his best performances.

I'm bored of football today so here is a Bored blog post.

Let's light up the conspiracy board...

Are the Colts sucking for Luck?

Will the J-E-T-S allow the Fins to WIN Monday night?

Will Buffalo and NE allow the Fins to WIN when they match up?

I guess it all depends on many things, you know, things...

To begin with the Division rivals.

The JETS, PATS and BILLS certainly DO NOT want the Fins to SUCK for Luck as it would potentially, if the Fins get a stab at getting him, will again, potentially effect the balance of the division.

Brady will be retiring soon so the Pats don't want to face Luck for the next 15 -18 years just as the Jets and Bills don't want to face Luck.

So is dropping a game to your Div rivles to knock them out of the Luck spot wortth it? Hum.. Well, you would have to look deep into the smoke filled rooms for that answer as for me, it's pure speculation BUT.. Just take a look at the Colts and what THEY are doing.

So with that... well, as of NOW there is a race which includes our rivals so I don't see them dropping any games just cause BUT, perhaps IF it becomes apparent that they have an opportunity to drop a game against Miami it just may take Miami out of the Luck equation or even the #2 or 3 pick which spells relief for the Jets, Pats and Bills. Keep your friends close and your enemy closer.

Mission impossible but these are things that make you go Hum...

Dez Bryant is playing great football. Another screw up by Ireland and Co.

Can someone remind me why we passed on Dez Bryant!


Your right on that one. Ireland didn't like Dez as he asked him if his mama was a ho which put Dez out of the equation. Acorns and value picks is all Ireland knows.

Because Ireland likes Ho's and when he asked Dez if his mama was a ho and Dez said hell no, Ireland went out looking for acorns.


Thanks NY "G"

I wonder if Mike Nolan watched the 48ers and Lions.

NY G, shouldn't a man be judged on his own merits? His own accomplishments? Who cares about his mother....this front office has missed so many vital pick, and then compounded it by the poor retreads they have picked because they are cheapskates!

2 cents, the 49rs v Lions was a great game! I'm glad they let us finish watching it before they switched over.....

redsky, did you see Scwartz go after Harbaugh?

2 cents, no, I missed it.....must have been in the kitchen stuffing my face, what happened?

There is no question, Andrew Luck is the clear choice at QB, RG3 will get hurt, I hate running QBs, much prefer pocket passers who have mobility. If we dont outsuck the Colts and get Luck then I see Landry Jones as a very good consolation or Matt Barkley, we should definately be in position to get one of these guys. To the guy talking about Daboll and which QB he would prefer, hes not gonna have the option as he will be gone along with Sparano, Nolan (probably) and Ireland (Hopefully).
What amazes me is how bad the Colts appear to be all of a sudden and nothing is getting said!!! Either that or the difference between being a perennial playoff/championship team every year and a doormat really is a franchise QB. Whichever its pretty clear if we lose our next 4 or 5 games that should give us clear daylight between Denver and KC and maybe the Colts win one.

Do we win one game this year ?


I concur and apparantly Ireland only cared about Dez's mom when he asked him that question. I couldent care about Dez mom or any other draft or players mom. The players "Earned" the spot of which they were drafted.

hence is why we dont have Dez and many others Ireland and Sparano passed on.

Hence is why we need to purge the fins of Ireland, paranon and all the kids they brought in as they have no clue.

home for gruden henne is done in miami and you are not even going to be the coach, so see ya later!

Husketeer, don't forget StLouis. The Rams are winless along with the Colts and us

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