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Jets beat Dolphins: Suck for Luck continues

The Dolphins are 0-5 tonight after losing a 24-6 decision to the New York Jets.

This team is bad.

And the prospects the rest of the season seem bleak.

Going to the locker room now to see what the deal is. Will report back


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I will agree that the refs played a part. No delay of game on the Pets, and we get an illegal contact the same play? Horse collar tackle, when he clearly had the jersey, outside the collar? Revis is Mr. Incidental Contact, but we get called for much less contact? Marshall had his hand underneath the ball, but it is incomplete, because it wiggled on top of his hand? No excuses, the team laid an egg tonight, but the refs shouldn't pile on.

Due to the Tebow/homefield advantage, Denver favored by 21, and Marshall will be confused and actually line up on the wrong side of the ball and will catch a 45-yard bomb from Tebow before realizing that he isn't in Denver anymore.

Sporano will pist fump after the touchdown, and then realize that Marshall scored for Denver.

The fans will go to the gift shop and buy Jets jerseys.

You heard it here first.

pist fump

We need John McKay at the presser. What did you thinks of your teams' execution. McKay: I'm all for it.

Posted by: Turd Ferguson | October 17, 2011 at 11:42 PM

THANKS for the laugh Turd- I needed that. One of my favorite sports quotes ever! Sadly, it fits this situation ALL too well...

Brandon Marshall = Empty N$gger

Posted by: Occupy NFL | October 17, 2011 at 11:45 PM


Marc Columbo held up his end in this game. Same for Olshansky.
Fasano? Clay? Gates? Wallace? Moore? Marshall???


Marc Columbo held up his end in this game. Same for Olshansky.
Fasano? Clay? Gates? Wallace? Moore? Marshall???

11 more losses to go.

You can do it guys! Fail Forward Fast!


Can we line the team up and throw eggs at them?? Somehow that would make me feel sooo much better right now.

This Just In - "Tony Sparano Fired - Mike Nolan Named Interim Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins."

Seriously, f*ck this team. Maybe Sparano can get work next year running a FG clinic somewhere. I turned that debacle off for the evening as soon as I saw that "Fireman Ed" moron acting like a spastic idiot. Screw the NFL and everything it stands for.



wait...I think we're supposed to give it food or something.

We need wide receivers and tight end to go along with Marshall. Our core is crap.

Ok not taking up for Marshall, but dies anyone notice that something is really off with him this year, not just the dropped passes. Anyone familiar with the meds he is taking? He literally couldn't keep his balance 10 yards after he was running straight down the sidelines. That coupled with all the drops show signs of loss of motor skills. Maybe I'm stretching though.

Have ireland and sparano been fired yet?

Time for a change. The team quit on this one no matter what they say. Special teams coach named interim HC.

This just in.

Sporano Fired.

Native Cherokee named Fisted wolf to be new head coach.

Team's slogan is Pist Fump

New logo is a wold with a fist protruding from its cranium

We need wide receivers and tight end to go along with Marshall. Our core is crap.

Posted by: inimounts | October 17, 2011 at 11:56 PM

And Marshall isn't? Guy can't even keep himself in bounds. Gee, what a stud he is.

Ok I'm going to say it one last time dummies. 109 yards. What about hartline bess
And fasanos meds? Hartline, same amount of drops but 0 catches. Bess: one catch, one fumble. Fasano: zero.
Marshall does this every game, he sets records. Keep the meds.

When was the last time this franchise was relevant? And i'm not talking about the Fiedler years either.

Tony Sparano will go, but please stop asking for Cowher or Fisher, they have the same dinosaur style, run the ball and play defense, isn't that what this regime try to do? In this era you need to have explosive offense style! Stop calling for Cowher or Fisher and Gruden just sign 5 years with ESPN!

Wow, so now its cool to make racial slurs on your site Mando??

We need help fast. Are there any Cowboys rejects available?


Brilliant observation. Marshall's meds could explain the lack of motor skills and the precipitous drop in his ability to catch the ball or stay in bounds.

Either that or he's as drunk as I am.


Stinky fish: idiot.
Anyone hating on Marshall: idiot.
REVIS! look at megatron, Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, EVERYBODY ELSES NUMBERS AGAINST REVIS. damn, I'm so tired of u EFFIN DIPSHITS! I'm out!

Dowless Ross gave up on the team Sparano gave up on the team and all three gave up on the fans and Not just the football game but the game of football as a whole....

Tell me again how the fact the Dolphins can't score in the red zone is Chad Henne's fault? I didn't see him out there playing tonight and we still couldn't score in the red zone. Maybe just maybe there are other people responsible for this too. We couldn't have put the Jets away early when they were struggling on offence and we didn't.

Tell me again how the problems Marshall has catching the ball are because Henne throws to him. The guys a putz.....and certainly not worth anywhere close to $50 million.

Hate to get into personal stuff James but it seems like a fair question...might not be motor could be just focus and concentration skills.

Marshall does this every game, he sets records. Keep the meds.

Posted by: inimounts | October 17, 2011 at 11:58 PM

Yeah, like being the only guy to drive himself out of bounds. Lol, some record.

James you might be on to something....

This has to be the most pathetic and embarrasing defeat, on national TV, in this century; "No fight" in the dog. Too many dropped passes and INTs. Trading field goals for touchdowns, in today's NFL, is a loosing proposition. THe HC, as well as the GM, MUST GO!

...Occupy NFL.

The absolute worst, and perhaps dumbest posts ever written on this blog. What is your problem? This is a forum for opinion, and debate. You should be ashamed of yourself. But I'm guessing someone that writes anything that stupid has no ability to comprehend humility or act like an adult..Please go away.

I'm out!

Posted by: inimounts | October 18, 2011 at 12:00 AM

yes, you are. you are definitely out of it, lol.

Brandon Marshall has the most dropped passes in the NFL. Wow, what a record. We probably couldn't even get a CFL player in exchange for this guy.

Wow, I don't know if Luck wants this mess

Marshall drops yet another touchdown pass, stumbles out of bounds when he had an uncontested run into the end zone. So what happens? Moore spends the rest of the evening force feeding passes to Marshall "to build his confidence" at the expense of Hartline, Bess and Fasano.. offense stagnates & now we sit at 0-5. #19 single handedly killed this team tonight.

109 yards and 2 blown touchdowns( that's just this game) is as good as no catches for a alleged top 5 receiver. And all I was saying with the meds was that his motor skills appear to be off this year at certain points during games. And he hasn't set many records since he has been wearing Dolphin jersey

That was the worst MNF performance i've seen since....well, the Dolphins vs. Jets back in 2000.

Ross was actually pretty smart going after Harbaugh!!
It's Miami was such a mess that he chose the niners.

Wow, I don't know if Luck wants this mess

Posted by: oldschool | October 18, 2011 at 12:03 AM

I don't Please send me to Indy or St. Louie instead. You guys suck!

Quit crying people, Miami is getting what everyone wants anyway, a new coach, new GM, and the top pick in the draft. Andrew Luck would be a dream come true to this franchise and this season would be more than worth it. I mean seriously, what's the difference between 7-9 and 0-16? You suck either way

A mess. Life goes on. The Dolphins will go on. In Miami? With the same owner? Definitely not with the same coach.

They need to get rid of the GM as well. Not auctioning off some players for next years draft is unforgiveable. This team needs to be totally scrapped and that includes removing dead wood. Guys aren't playing and should be sent packing. Trying is not performing. Wish I got paid for trying to work each week. Oh yeah - I don't make in excess of $500k a year so guess different rules apply to me.

Ok...without Henne sucking (which he does...don't even doubt me Henne lovers, he's a chump and a joke!!!) Sparano has also proved to be a wimp. That last "drive" before the half said it all. He is a coward and must go. Period. I wish it were different but it isn't.

So Armando wrote in his blog a few days ago about the plan if things went t!ts up tonight.

I'm seeing the t!tties.

Is everything a foregone conclusion, i.e. no Tony, No Ireland, suck for Luck?

The last time Miami won a Super Bowl:
Richard Nixon was President
South Vietnam still existed
The Godfather Part II had still not been released
Michael Jackson was a 15-yr.-old black kid
Israel had just won the Yom Kippur War
Dan Marino was in grade-school

Gee, what a "historic" franchise.


If you or your wife(depending who's story you believe) stabbed you multiple times in the stomach, you would be a little off too.

Parcells bargain groceries were hard at work tonight trying to look like an NFL team. They reminded me of a marginal Canadian Football League team.

Occupy NFL your comment is classless, crass, uncalled for and unwelcome!!!! Please post your trash elsewhere!

Would say that was a dumb jets fan comment, but they wouldn't be stupid enough to talk about counting time since SB... or maybe they would be stupid enough lol

Would say that was a dumb jets fan comment, but they wouldn't be stupid enough to talk about counting time since SB... or maybe they would be stupid enough lol

Posted by: seriously | October 18, 2011 at 12:12 AM

No Jets fan. Facts are just facts. Unless you have evidence to the contrary, lol.


Don't insult Canadian Football teams....

..Why is it that good players digress when they come to this franchise? Name one free agent that the Phins have signed that has been better in this uniform then their previous team. There is a clear disconnect between our players, and the coaches.

I cannot believe that Marshall just forgot how to catch the ball, or how to run routes. I have a hard time believing that Dansby forgot how to tackle, or cover anything. They have been less then stellar. No excuses, these guys were brought in to be difference makers, and for whatever reason cannot produce here. Somebody help me out here. Because I cannot answer this

Do you really think it's a coincidence that all the dolphins receivers are now taking turns at dropping the ball???

Have had that same question for a while now DD. But remember some (all?) of these talents have had serious question marks, and with a VERY inexperienced staff...

Why would Ross lift the blackout next week to see this pathetic team

Wow. Loser team with loser racist fans. Couldn't happen to better fan base. Karma will bite you guys. You will find a way to win a few.

Let me try Darryl - an Offensive Line Coach masquerading as a Head Coach and a thirty-something head case pretending to be a General Manager!

Wouldn't count on it torturedfool... were doing just fine

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