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Jets lead Dolphins 14-6 to start third quarter

Well, at least Brandon Marshall didn't get tossed from the game in the second quarter.

Other than that, it's a bad night so far for the Dolphins. Yes, they've actually outgained the Jets 215 yards to 100 yards. But Matt Moore's interception to Darrelle Revis, which he returned 100 yards tips the scales toward New York.

The Dolphins offense is terrible on third down -- 0-for-6.

The defense just gave up an 80-yard drive to the Jets prior to halftime.

This is not good, as you might guess.

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Did that last drive really just happen?


Are Hartline, Bess, Wallace or Moore even playing????

Does EVERY pass have to go to bumble hands Marshall?

pathetic coaching from Sparano

Sparano couldn't coach a high school team. It is beyond pathetic.

This Team Deserves To Lose , I Was Rooting For My Dolphins Today But After Seen The Play Calling , Oh Man

This coaching staff keeps repeating mistakes! That's a problem!

Sparano just bent over on national television. dude has no heart.

Man we suck. Just fire everyone please.

Where's Sal Alosi? Maybe he can trip Sparano and knock him out of the game!

Just when you think you've hit rock bottom...someone throws you a shoval

I honestly believe after that halffime quit CLAP by sparano he is tired of coaching the dolphins and is looking forward to getting out i mean that was just to LOSERISH even for him!!!!

WTF was that before halftime? Sporano is so bad he should be fired at halftime. At least act like you want to win a game and just not lose it.

Honest to god, I see sparano getting fired after this game. A full bye week and that is what the Fins come up with?

Igor Olshansky is the only one keeping us in this game.

This franchise should just fold. Hell, even under Marino we couldn't win a SB.

This season is worst than the 2007 season can we please trade Brandon Marshall!

Marshall is by far a drag on this team. They clearly are trying to force him the ball, only problem is he cant catch it. Oce again we are an embarassment on national tv.

Armando - Given what we're seeing tonight, it's tough not to think that it's at least possible that everyone - even those who should be fighting for their job - is thinking about the next year. Any whispers on any of our bigger name players being put on the block?

Mr.Ross, we need Bill Cowher. Let him choose the GM and let's make the Dolphins a contender again.

Dan Henning has to be laughing, with him we won some games.....I'm not sold on Daboll, he can go with TS and JI. Might as well lose out.....season is done!

Was anyone expecting any MORE from this team? There's a reason we're 0-4. And you have a backup in there.

The SUCK for LUCK thing is stupid, and real fans would never want their team to lose. However, for those who believe in it, your number one supporter seems to be our stupid head coach. He is doing his best to TRY to lose this game. We are NOT this bad. The coaching is horrible. Bush is better running to the outside, and on screens. Of course we run him between the tackles. Why isn't Thomas getting more carries? Marshall, shut your trap, and learn A. How to catch and B. How to not run out of bounds. You have cost us two freaking TD's. No heart.

It is odd that down by 8 with a timeout and over a minute on the clock we make no effort to move the football. Great reasoning in 1975. Guess TS wanted to hustle into the locker room to make those killer 2nd half adjustments.

How many fumbles do we have? 3?

You would think with 1:10 left on the clock Sparano would want to get in position to do what he loves to do... Kick another field goal. This team is completely disheartening.

With his job on the line Sporano goes into the half like that against the jets on national tv??? Plus we are winless. Sporano doesn't really want this job anymore. Ross should fire him.

We are 0 and 4 so we kick field goals and mail it in with 1:15 left in the half....

Pretty bad when Jaws & Chucky question the coaches heart at not even trying to score before half.


Once again you are drinking while working. The Dolphins did in fact convert one third down possession in the first half but I am sure you pouring another shot when it happened.

Blatant pass interference penalty on Revis for the pick six. As much as it pains me to say, S4L should be the course for the rest of the season.


Joe Robbie's corpse

Any of you guys want spaghetti?

well i dont know which is worse, having no heart or no brain. but i do know sparano has neither.

BIG QUESTION-let'say colts and fins finish 0-16 who get's 1st pick

Marc Columbos doing his part. And Fasano finally got his hands on the ball in the first half...when he picked up that fumble (or was it a dead ball?)

I can see us running the table from here, get in on a Wild Card.

Gates sucks as a returner

Remove the shoval from Coach Sparano's hands

Fasano. Hey, there IS another receiver besides Marshall.

Tony....you're 0-4, at this point you can't afford to not try to score every time you have the ball! Run out the clock for halftime? Pathetic! He needs to go. He's already given up.

redsky, that's a good point. Everyone was blaming Henning for Miami's struggles on offense. Who do you blame now? Henning?

Gates can't even break a tackle.

a screen to fasano SUCCESSFUL but (scratching my head)

First and goal from the 4 yard line, field goal for the Fins, Same freaking crap, year after year after year. Just terrible!!!!!!!!

Another drop. Clay.

I have heard we would lose the tie breaker with either the Colts, Rams or Broncos due to our strength of schedule in case of a tie.

Another drop

Oopsy a drop & it's not Marshall.

just hit clay in a bad spot

Were there two skillets on the end of Clays arms?


wow nice spin!

into the 3rd qauter and still Its amaizing that no one has even put a hand on Moore yet. if they passed blocked like this for Henne we would have our franchise QB and we would be 3-1 right now.

What a bad call a run on 3rd and 10? lol

Thomas is a keeper.

bright spot

Dolphins have not converted a damn 3rd down either.... Sick...

Los Angeles Dolphins...not too far away before you hear that Stephen Ross is not happy that he is only selling 50% of his stadium (doesn't understand why the fans are not happy with a 0-5 team) and is considering a move to Los Angeles...

Nice run. Let go fins!!!!

Hartline may our best clutch wr.

hey hartline is playing 2 nite?

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