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Jets lead Dolphins 14-6 to start third quarter

Well, at least Brandon Marshall didn't get tossed from the game in the second quarter.

Other than that, it's a bad night so far for the Dolphins. Yes, they've actually outgained the Jets 215 yards to 100 yards. But Matt Moore's interception to Darrelle Revis, which he returned 100 yards tips the scales toward New York.

The Dolphins offense is terrible on third down -- 0-for-6.

The defense just gave up an 80-yard drive to the Jets prior to halftime.

This is not good, as you might guess.

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What a BEAUTIFUL run!!

I have heard we would lose the tie breaker with either the Colts, Rams or Broncos due to our strength of schedule in case of a tie.

Posted by: Chris in the 623 | October 17, 2011 at 10:09 PM

I believe we would lose the tie-breaker with the Rammed and Broncs, but not with the Colts, since their schedule is harder, meaning we with the easier schedule should win our games.

I dont even know if i want the Dolphins to score

Throw the damn ball away WTF

Take a sack & not throw it away?

throw it away!!!!

Ok ket do something stay positive fans come on let's GO!

damn rex ryans gut is disgusting. how is that fat hog not dead of a heart attack?

This is all on the coaching, boys. Every last one of them should be escorted out of Miami Gardens by security.



Another drop. Hartline.

TS seems like you have a case of being a little biatch. I'm prescribing you a heavy dose of man the f ck up!

Damn did I say Hartline's our best clutch wr?


Matt Moore is playing a great game. These STUPID dropped passes.... Killing us.

Hartline pulled a marshall

Third and 18. Do the Dolphins make it.


Looks like they bet against their own team.

Wow B Marsh is a waste!

Strength of schedule isn't determined until the season is complete but we were projected to have the tougher schedule. What I heard but could be wrong.

Megatron and Fitzgerald catch balls at their highest point!!!

There is another punt.

These guys are pros?

Marshall doesn't snatch the ball. He waits for it to arrive and lets the defender get in the way.

Marshall has clearly quit. Time to unload him.

This game's tough to watch even if you root for the team to lose.

Matt Moore is not playing THAT bad. He's ok. His stats would be much better if his bonehead wide receivers could actually catch the ball.

Our play calling stinks and no one can catch a ball!!!!

Lol This franchise is a joke guys. I never thought I root against my team but I can only hope for change.

I have been a Dolfan for over 20yrs. and this is by far the most frustrating game i have had to endure. We should be up by 20. I hope all these losers on the team end up on unemployment tomorrow morning.

Marshall should have gotten ejected in the second quarter.

How is it possible our receivers suck so much?
And what ever happened to Devon Bess? Does he still play?

Marshall not fighting for the ball. Instead of a long FG we punt, maybe Sparano thinks we are NOT supposed to score points. Has he been fired yet? Maybe he got his pink slip before the game, and they asked him to stand in anyway because this does not look like a coach fighting for his damn job.

The offense is actually getting worse with each game this season!

rex ryans gut is so fat its gravity pulled marshall out of bounds.

Looks like the receivers want Luck as Phins QB next year too.

Maybe someone will run into Sparano and break his MCL like Sean Peyton. Maybe then we can get a competent head coach on the sideline.

marshall-melow is a fluff..cannot walk the talk

i'm waiting to hear the beastie boys over the loudspeakers...nnnnnnn drrrroppp!!!

Other receivers dropping balls to make Marshall feel better. Team unity.

3rd quater......what happened to marshall getting thrown out? It would really help us!

Can't wait to clean house, our receivers couldn't catch a cold. They all suck including Marshall, Calvin Johnson comes down with that catch every time. Overrated head case!!

ok the drops are really starting to piss me off i mean CMON MAN!!!

The jets score one more time and game is over

Why do you not go for a 53 yrd fieldgoal?? Seems like the coach gave up also. Time to Fire his Lame A**

I'm just saying. There's a reason we're 0-4.

Play calling stinks? Duboll may actually cdall more passing plays if the recievers start actually catching the ball.

They seem to be trying to lose.

Denver knew the deal with Marshall. They just unloaded him when his value was high. Can the Fins seriously ask for 2 second rounders for him? That is what they paid...

Hey, Karlos Dansby made a tackle close to the line of scrimmage.So there's that.

Your right lets keep Marshall.

Here comes a 12 play 90 yard drive

Marshall. Just isn't that good period

Marshall is a waste of space from the 20 yard line to the goaline.

2nd time Burnett's been beat for a big gainer!

Kevin Burnett, the big upgrade at covering LBs, just got beat for a 24 yard pass by Dustin Keller.

This game is already in "play to not lose" mode by both teams.

defense bends, and then breaks.

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