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Jets lead Dolphins 14-6 to start third quarter

Well, at least Brandon Marshall didn't get tossed from the game in the second quarter.

Other than that, it's a bad night so far for the Dolphins. Yes, they've actually outgained the Jets 215 yards to 100 yards. But Matt Moore's interception to Darrelle Revis, which he returned 100 yards tips the scales toward New York.

The Dolphins offense is terrible on third down -- 0-for-6.

The defense just gave up an 80-yard drive to the Jets prior to halftime.

This is not good, as you might guess.

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Nick Burnett back to his old self again.

going to bed now. F THIS

Can we not still trade Marshall?

Announcer said Fins are suffering from self-inflicted wounds.

Burnett. Nice

Most disappointing game i have ever seen in my 20yrs as a Dolfan. We should be blowing these guys outta the water. Suck for Luck? What for? We suck enough as it is.

then there's that

Still cant cover a TE!!

Fing tight ends. We suck

Where is our pass rush?

Burnett is so bad - I can't believe it but I want CROWDER BACK

What can we get for the scrub Marshall? Maybe a 3rd? Wet dream talk here... A 2nd?

That guy is not a go to receiver, he is a Punanny!

Starks stoned by a te

And the slaughter begins

I think I could play against this pass rush.

No pass rush and still cant cover a TE!!

This is getting horrible.

Wow Sanchez look like a premier QB playing us!

Can we please just not show up at any home games. Please just DONT COME TO THE HOME GAMES! I cant fuckin watch this anymore

The route is on. I love the announcers making fun of our D

EFFING pressure the fn QB for Pete's sake!!!

Jon Gruden is ripping the Dolphins

Do we really blame our secondary when the QB has 5 seconds to linger in the pocket?

Nolan got my fax. You suck

This is painful

lol, Sanchez points to where he's throwing the ball, and makes the completion with no problem. Miami sucks.

I wonder if crowder watches and laughs

We're the new Lions.

Why would anyone that is retired -- like Cowher or Fischer want to come back to coach this group of losers?

Maybe our receivers should attend the same "catch" course as other teams...cuz we can't catch the ball to save our lives! Such pathetic display....the same display as our so-called "Head Coach" going into half time.

Does any of this scream: 'keep your GM' to any of you?

Is Dansby still on the team?

I have a pet turtle that could get more pressure than Soliai. He doesn't even cost 12 million.

Gruden is a waste of salt. Rode Dungy's coattails to superbowl.

Tony Sparano is coaching his last game as the Miami Dolphins head coach tonight. Unless Miami wins, he's gone. If the Jets score another TD, this could get ugly. Ugly means buh bye.

Vontae Davis hasn't played in three weeks and he looks like it.

Wish they threw one of those on Revis sometimes!!!!!!!

Screw crowder, everyone watches and laughs

Game clock is at zero, no flag. Ball is way overthrown, we get penalized... Yep. Put Jets uniforms onthe refs. Why not?


We can trade Marshall tomorrow.


Fire Sparano.

I know that players have to play. But really we have players. Jake Long, Dansby, Wake, Bush, Marshall, Davis, - a lot of these players were pro bowl player - of course on other teams. This has to be all about coaching. All these players look good on other teams - then come to Miami and fall apart. Seriously - we have more talent than New England (not counting Brady of course). It is all about the system and how you discipline players.

Apparently Sparano doesn't know you could throw the ball into the stands & it's still illegal contact.

This is disgusting. Our safeties are the reason we doing get turnovers. They should be cheating towards Dustin Keller because they are picking on Burnett and anyone can see that

You play to win the game!. Fire Sparano after this game.

Panthers won. Yay.

Screw suck for luck. Our battle cry should be "We Just Plain Suck"!

Don't worry guys, it's all "fixable".

can't stop a nosebleed


Any chance Tony gets whacked tomorrow after this pathetic performance even coming of a bye?

Good point Turd. Seriously. Thanks for reminding me of that. Nice to learn something. This game is over.

What a bunch of pathetic LOSERS!!!! Captain Fieldgoal is working overtime tonight. Reminds me of the Pittsburgh game last year where we didn't capitalize early on great opportunities to go up big early. Seriously, our only chance is that the Fins can kick 6 field goals and win 18-17. Hey, nice drops there Marshall! Way to FIGHT for the ball or anything else tonight> Going to do something BIG on MNF? The only BIG thing your doing is casting a BIG stench on the field. The QB can only do so much> he's new, but showing he obviously just looked at the playbook for the first time last week. I hope we get Luck, there's a shot if they go 2-14 and the two wins I would hope for are against the Jets. Ain't gonna happen.

Kevin Burnett couldn't cover Dan Marions Achilles

Our D will soon give up. And I dont blame them. We cannot score TDs Sparano should be gone by midnight or Ross is satisfied with losing.

Why did we pay soliai? Ohh...

Man...I wish Miami had reporters who would question "coach-speak" tomorrow when Sporano tells fans how well Moore did in his first start in Miami and how well the defense did.

Getting hard to watch. This is yet another embarrassment for the fins. Shula must be chomping at the bit.


we need a pic

Anyone who believes that Gruden rode Tony's team to a Super Bowl Is forgetting who that team beat - I believe it was the Raider team Gruden built! Bring Gruden to Miami!

Check that, I meant Kevin Burnett at 10:18PM.

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