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Jets lead Dolphins 14-6 to start third quarter

Well, at least Brandon Marshall didn't get tossed from the game in the second quarter.

Other than that, it's a bad night so far for the Dolphins. Yes, they've actually outgained the Jets 215 yards to 100 yards. But Matt Moore's interception to Darrelle Revis, which he returned 100 yards tips the scales toward New York.

The Dolphins offense is terrible on third down -- 0-for-6.

The defense just gave up an 80-yard drive to the Jets prior to halftime.

This is not good, as you might guess.

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Columbo playing well

Yes, Moore threw it away. Great play (too bad that would have been more helpful last quarter).

Great. There he throws it away. Couldn't throw it away when we needed the points, though.

One bright spot... Have to find one... Offensive line looks good tonight.

moure ,my as aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Right on turd

funny most thought we were only ...........


NOW WE still need QB, WR, TE, RT, RG, RB, NT, DE, OLB, ILB (2) CB, SS, FS


I know we are by far the worst team in the NFL, but I hate idiot commentators. Ness was wide open there, and held a little. Morons

i can get mad anymore this team is Pathetic and irrelevant.

That's all we are short on offense. It's not much, it's just very very important, as Indy shows. Every great superbowl bound team potential has a qb except for steelers and look at their d

DC dolphin,
They play Jacksonville twice, Carolina and Seattle at home. They'll get a few wins. ST Louis on the other hand...


This is so embarassing. Really at this point Sparano would welcome the firing I am sure

Moore takes forever to figure out what he wants to do and somehow doesn't see wide open receivers (who would drop it anyway so what the hell)

LOL John. When the QB plays well, the oline plays bad. When the oline plays well, the WRs play bad. When the WRs play good, the defense plays bad.


miami looks like they need a prozac

Hopefully Miami will not be on any more prime time games. To see professional athletes intentionally quit is a disgrace to any sports fan. Miami does not even have professional pride.

Posted by: TomWI | October 17, 2011 at 10:31 PM

I would call the Thanksgiving Day game prime time.

Why do the stupid coaches insist on running Bush up the middle?

My son just asked me what number I would like on my Miami jersey for Christmas...I said number 2, lol...how embarrassing, you want a punters number because he is the best player for your favorite team...

Hey Mando maybe you can start working on that 4th qtr blog so that it's up with 4 minutes left in the game.

How did this defense just DIE???

100% of this teams problems comes down to coaching.

Question. Would you pull a Sitka and trade away a ton of picks to get u luck

I finally digress... Time to change coaches

dolphins should move to Hialeah and called themselves the Hialeah Tuna

We need far more than Luck. We need a coach who is not the amateur we have in our employ now. Cam Cameron was horrid, but Sparano is horrid AND arrogant. I wouldn't trust him as parking lot attendant

sean smith is having a case of the cramps

I think mando is missing

just a cramp

I'm sorry as a human being that smith is hurt but at least he's finally off the field. He should not be 'in' te nfl

Jets are going to finish 3rd in the division and miss the playoffs. A few playmakers but not a good team.

Wtf? More cramps?

Pattern badness (L not needed ... we got 4 Ls already and getting the 5th)

Sparano should be a short order cook at an Italian restaurant in pa

break out the midol!!!



ive never seen a team cramp as much of us! lol

Luck is not the only great option 'in' the draft. He's one of four.

Our Dolphins are so bad; i'm embarrassed to be a fan.

this isembarrassing. ROSS are you watching this?

Smith has cramps again. That time of month.

Didn't Tony tell us this team would win? Maybe I didn't hear him correctly.

Maybe gruden will get so frustrated he will come to us!!!

game will be over in next 5 minutes

If the Dolphins get the first pick, Andrew Luck might just go to Grad School.

I'm glad that our DC tells people we have no conditioning

Who is our #1 receiver, Brandon Marshall or Marshall Brady?

Do we have defensive lineman?

The d needs to grab their vaginas and get a turn over

More cramps! unbelievable - not professionals. out of shape. I just can't believe this

We have nothing to lose by calling risky plays, trick plays etc. Experiment and give the entire bench a chance to play. Use Fasano, Hartline, Bess more, keep throwing the ball.

game would be over already if sanchez is half decent qb

I agree. The 1-15 team was not this bad. That team never quit in any game. This team quits as soon as they get behind.

The biggest FIGHT BM put on tonight was during the BM he had in the locker room after the pre-game meal...

I didn't know a team could be this bad. The mnf crew is not even criticizing anymore, that's how bad we are.

Do u see how soliai gets OWNED down after down?

Marshall! Marshall!~ Marshall!


Nice hit by Bell!

Y Bell is a beast.....still playing hard on this horrible team

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