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Jets lead Dolphins 7-3 to start second quarter

Very frustrating in the first quarter for the Dolphins. They've had opportunities. And they've refused to take those opportunities.

Matt Moore has missed wide open recievers -- including Charles Clay in the end zone for a TD. Then he threw an interception returned 100 yard for a TD.

The Dolphins, trailing 7-3, have been otherwise up to the task of playing even against the Jets.

The live blog continues as the Dolphins are inside the 10-yard line to start the quarter. Join me in the comments section.


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Run i


who is this Yeah! a hole?

This is why the Dolphins are BAD. They run with authority then fizzle out at the goal line. Good teams find ways to win, bad teams don't know how to win!

Brandon Marshall's allergic to scoring tds. Even gravity prevent5s him from scoring. Trade Marshall now!

Armando I Really hate this typepad!!! IT IS BUGGING OUT

Here we go fans

Dolphins are now 0-5 on third down conversion.

Marshall with another dropped TD!

is that really drop # 5 in the endzone this year


Marshall does not have great hands. It's a shame. He can make the great snags.

please some body tell sparano,no more cheers fg

Miami has the Dolphins, the greatest football team. We take the ball from goal to 3 yard line like no one's ever seen.
We're in the air; we're on the ground; we're always in control,
And when you say Miami, Field Goal!

can mashall run in a straight line...this is a complete joke.

let's go D

Miami has the Dolphins, the greatest football team. We take the ball from goal to 3 yard line like no one's ever seen.
We're in the air; we're on the ground; we're always in control,
And when you say Miami, Your talking Field Goal!

good lord. broken record on offesnse.

Dolphins dominating but Jets leading. Typical Dolphins.

and please, how about some imagination in the red zone.

This franchise is an embarrassment.

Ok here comes our defense. make something happen

Jets have no first downs and there winning!

They have two plays on the 5 or shorter; run it 3 times, or try 3 fade passes to the corner...

Sorry guys, maybe next time.

Davis looks good tonight.

Does marshall have a nervoius Revis Tic or something?

What sucks is that Marshall just toasted Revis and moore throws it a foot behind him on an easy slant

Jets offense is playing PATHETIC, and yet their WINNING!!!!

Hey, at least no penalties yet. We haven't even had an offensive penalty to kill a drive.

Got to give the defense credit, they came out to play tonight.

What's this? An incomplete pass to a TE?

Defense is tackling well so far.

Both teams look terrible. Worst game of the year.

Great job defense!!!!! Another 3 and OUT.

Dolphins should be ahead at least 17-0 right now. Then I remembered these are the 2011 Miami Dolphins.

Sanchez is awful.... Plaxico who?????

Dolphins dominating this game, still losing. So frustrating.

D looks good, that was a bad pass by moore. would be nice if marhsall go it tho

The Dolphins offense is on the field. Dolfans around the world now worried Jets are about to score again.

the jets are futile. and with a decent qb this game is 21-0.

Anyone who thinks this Jets team is going to win the SB are either fools or smoking crack cocaine. I can name 10 teams in the NFL right now who are WAY ahead of the stupid Jets.

All day!!!! Where has this been?????

i've been a fish fan forever. but this team reminds me of all the worst of our worst teams. gutless, stupid, infuriating. for the first time ever, i'm ready for us to be totally humiliated the rest of the season so this whole thing gets blown up. i can't stand matt moore, marshall, columbo, sparano, ireland, parcells, etc. we need to be so thoroughly crushed every game that management thinks there's no redemption. what play broke me? it was marshall running out of bounds while wide open. it was confirmation this time is full of losers and they're not even lovable

Revis 7 Dolphins 6

Marshall is a distraction. He forces QB's to look for him and ignore every one else. Dump him.

Marshall's great until we get in the redzone. To bad this game's determined by final score not final stats.

huge recovery by fasano

Thomas fumbles again. That's the knock on him. That HAS to improve if he's going to be THE guy.

Sparano looking to extend his winning streak in Jersey.

Total yards Miami 195 Jets 21

Jets 7 Miami 6

We are a piece of hot garbage.

Everytime I see Reggie Bush run up the middle I hate it.

The dolphins have disgusted me in many ways over the years.

But this one is shaping up to be one of the very worst.

This game should already be over. Somebody wake me up.

Can we stop running the football now? Daboll, hello???

Dolphins now 0-for-6 on third down conversions.

Beating the crap out of a team and we're still losing. Only the 2011 Miami Dolphins.

Wow Wilson!!!!!!

Nice play by Jimmy Wilson!

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