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Jets lead Dolphins 7-3 to start second quarter

Very frustrating in the first quarter for the Dolphins. They've had opportunities. And they've refused to take those opportunities.

Matt Moore has missed wide open recievers -- including Charles Clay in the end zone for a TD. Then he threw an interception returned 100 yard for a TD.

The Dolphins, trailing 7-3, have been otherwise up to the task of playing even against the Jets.

The live blog continues as the Dolphins are inside the 10-yard line to start the quarter. Join me in the comments section.


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who thought Daboll was going to be good? he is living up to my expectations.

Please stop running the ball with reggie... Good lord!

Only the Dolphins could be outplaying an opponent in every possible category and still be losing.

The Dolphins should change their team colors to brown and yellow.

someone explain to me why marshall can't run in a straight line unobstructed to the end zone?

3rd and 8 Moore checks down to Bush on a 3yd pass with a defender draped all over him. Moore had time to find another reciever for 1st down yardage.

Is it bad that our best player is our punter

middle of the 2nd and.

Its still amaizing that no one has even put a hand on Moore yet. if they passed blocked like this for Henne we would have our franchise QB and we would be 3-1 right now.

Armando, just curious, if Indy and Miami end up with the same record, like let's say 1-15 or 2-14, who end's up with the first pick in the draft?

Let's go defense. Let's go make a play

Finally the 2 qtr blogs up. This app suxs Mando!!!

Sparano figured out how to fix the defense.

Play the Jets!

if Henne was playing right now..what would the score be?

lack of redzone scoring, both old qb and new, same ole same ole from the Miami Field goal Dolphins

That was the Jets first first down....and we're still losing...

hey Tony get a clue and stop blaming the qb's

Dolphins totally dominate and still goes into halftime losing 14-6!

Seriously.....We really should be mashing on these guys.

This one is going right next to that loss to the Colts where we had the ball for like 45 mins.

if Henne was playing right now..what would the score be?

Posted by: g | October 17, 2011 at 09:41 PM

24-6 Jets. Revis would be on fire.

Nice job by will Allen to blow up that LT run.

Tony McDaniel good play. Nice to have him back. Him and Starks are the only d-linemen worth keeping imo.



Why is Davis giving so much ground?

Is it my imagination or do the Dolphins only get worse each game?

Doesnt look like our dline even tries to get to the qb.

Well they figured out pretty quick how to kick our A S S. our secondary suxs.

Defense is pursuing well.

I believe I am just now developing a inferiority complex...and I've been on food stamps and sell my plasma for quite some time now

The defense will give up points eventually. Our offense can't get anything done!

Mando you really think TS will be here next week if we lose this game?

Mr Bing: They get worse every game

Life sucks for fin fans.

if we ever needed a turnover, it's now

We're not sucking for Luck. We just plain suck. Period!

Woooo-hoooo!!! 2nd qtr blog just updated!!! At least there's still 2 min left!

If Sparano had an ounce of dignity he would resign at half time.

this is brutal to watch. trade marshall. hes not helping us win get what you can for him and move on. let the youngsters play and get some experience.

This sucks.

Amazing. Jason Taylor and Cameron Wake aren't getting any sacks at all. What the hell...

tony the tool is afraid of the "BEAST OR MONsTER OR whatnot

more beer

Why r we not calling timeouts????

One more

This team needs Bill Cowher in a hurry.

The Twinkie Defense has been employed by the Phins-- creamy soft in the middle.

That wasn't predictable!!!!!!



This is pathetic.

Too bad Jason Taylor isn't playing tonight.

they have been doing that qb draw stuff to miami ever since sparano has been here. just proof that we get worse with time

Has anyone 'in' the league been burned new 'in' 'the sparano era on that qb sneak than us?

Wow we've made the Jets look great and there O hasn't done a thing until just now. TS suxs.

It's over... I am so over this... 4 years of horrible draft... This my friend is the product. We can't beat this sorry team???? This is bad! Gnight

What did I say. Totally dominating and still go in at the half down 14-6.


How stupid did the Dolphins look there! Sanchez walked in!

Mando the phins are pathetic. This team is very similar to the 1-15 debacle

This is where its gets out of hand. All teams except the Dolphins make adjustments.

Question for all you Henne haters. What if we go get Cowher and he really likes Henne and decides to sign him. Will you hate Cowher too?

Can anybody tell me why we stopped blitzing sanchez?? What it was working too well???

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