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Jets lead Dolphins 7-3 to start second quarter

Very frustrating in the first quarter for the Dolphins. They've had opportunities. And they've refused to take those opportunities.

Matt Moore has missed wide open recievers -- including Charles Clay in the end zone for a TD. Then he threw an interception returned 100 yard for a TD.

The Dolphins, trailing 7-3, have been otherwise up to the task of playing even against the Jets.

The live blog continues as the Dolphins are inside the 10-yard line to start the quarter. Join me in the comments section.


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the third quarter post is up. go there now, please.

Second half adjustments by the Jets,miami will stay the course. Look for a totally different 2nd half.

Im embarassed to be a Dolphins fan

Anthony, that's a great point. Where's Hartline? Bess? And yet Moore and Wallace aren't getting a chance? What are they doing that's so special to get so much playing time? Ross needs to clean house. We need Bill Cowher.

If sparano is still the coach of this team tommrrow morning after just waving the white flag before halftime I am no longer a fan.. What do you think that tells the team when the coach blatantly says " I quit"

Bad drafts, bad trades and bad free agents.

Fins have it all covered.

LOL John, was THIS the breaking point bro? Couldn't you tell last December?

Same story, different game. No consistency from the QB. Defense gives over time.

The only thing keeping us in it is the horrendously bad play of the Jets. But they seem to be shaking that off.

Anyone else notice that Marshall was not in the picture when Revis scored.
Is Revis that much faster? Or did Marshall not give chase?

We might be witnessing Sparano's last game as Fin coach.


Tomorrow being last trade day could be the end for some Fin player considered untouchable for a conditional 1st round pick.

I want to cry, we have the dumbest coaches, least motivated and most unprepared players in the league. A QB that can't find 2 wide open receivers and then throws a 100 yd INT for TD should be benched at the half. Put in Rosenfals or Devlin! Quit forcing the ball to Marshall, throw to whoever is open! (which is usually no-one!)Go for every 4th down from now until end of season, why not, we have nothing to lose! Fire Sparano after tonight for quitting on his team at the half by not throwing the ball! We need playmakers with speed and brains, not big dumb cowboys retreads!

Elf its not a crush i have on Henne, its the fact soo many people dont see the big picture. He is a younG QB who spent all season on his back and still put up good numbers. we have been giving up on QB'S way to long in this city, its timeto support one.

Bonehead play calling and execution. The kicker can't get it into the endzone. Sparano and the coaching staff must go.

TS seems like you have a case of being a little B I T C H. I'm prescribing you a heavy dose of man the f-ck up!

Still no 3rd quarter blog. The herald is like the phins, awful

Remember Henne's words: These guys will never stop quitting"

Sparano is pitiful.
How come this coach is still in the Dolphins ?
What he just did at the end of 2nd quarter is amazing. He's a coward. This team is a disgrace.
Only field goals. Perhaps Sparano hasn't realize that the Dolphins are 0-4 and that they're loosing right now.
For God sake, somebody tell this guy that TD's actually exist in this sport. Damm it.

No 3rd qtr blog, this app I bought suxs!

Thomas is a beast and the monster. Marshall, well he hasn't done anything!

I'm eager to see B.Marshall to be expelled. C'mon, Marshall keep your promise !

Marshall is playing like a beast....for the Jets!!

The dolphins have a group of guys who are dumb and have no balls

their problem? .........no leader at all!

no leader on offense no leader defense no leader on the side line! zip, zero,

These guys are depressing

come on damn you all see whats going on call it like it is sporano sucks and the team isn't going to play for him......... we have players , their not focused their not going to play to theor potential.Somebody say something please! call like you see it!

we should be going out in a blaze of glory , not worrying about interceptions or fumbles or anything what do we have to loose , another game big deal grow some!!

what nothing to say? anyone? anybody? nothing?

oh i guess i am the only fan left out here ! not anymore!!!

I thought the Dolphins were bad, really bad. But what we're witnessing this MNF is beyond words.
Yes, it's depressing and infuriating. This team is a joke, garbage, junk. It's Sparano-Ireland Magnus Opus: diarrhea after eating some chili and beans.
This team just plays like litte and tiny mice against such a bad team, the Jets.
0-16 for sure.
99 yd TD by Brady
100 yd interception.
What else, a field goal by the Jets of 70 yds would be nice. It's just shameful.

suck suck suck suck for luck
Im telling you all thir geting paid extra for this. its the pits, i just thought about somthing watching the game, its got to really smell bad over there siting beside those jet fans man they really stink, well looks like the jets just won there last game to this sanchez guy really stinks.

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