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Jets lead the Dolphins 17-6 to start fourth quarter

Reggie Bush has a neck injury and his return is questionable.

Sean Smith is also out of the game because he has cramps. His return is questionable.

It is also questionable the Dolphins can mount a comeback against the Jets, as they trail 17-6.

Let's see if the can.

Join me in the comments section below as we finish out the live blog.


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I love gruden

Wow - did you just see Marshall on the sidelines - does he look like he could give a crap about this mess?

I'm done kids, though i will read the rags this week to see if Tony Two-fingers got some concrete slippers. Goodnight all!

Let's not bang on Marshall, I'm shocked at the number of catches he has on Revis, The QB and game plan sucks, our line sucks

Solai $700,000 tackle.

Solai is making 3 million a tackle

Fire Ireland and Sparano NOW. Promote Nolan and Suck for Luck! Pay Cowher what he wants! Peterson will fill in for his friend for 6 months.. Make a move NOW Ross! Why wait! This team has no respect! Trade Brandon (Where's the beast) Marshall!

I'm ready for Marshall to start a fight with Revis. At least it would be entertaining

We have sunk to a new low. A shame the NFL doesn't have a B league that we can be relegated to -- we need shock treatment

Yeah he's a joke !!! He knows he's done . Whether its this week or the end if the season it doesn't matter

Sparano needs to go. Tonight. I know this will probably do little to turn things around, but to condone this attitude is humiliating. This coach is EMBARRASSING the fans, the city, and THE OWNER. He has to be let go out of f'ing principle. If Sparano worked a real job with this performance, he would be gone. He HAS to go...

Anybody want to buy my vintage 1972 Aurora ABC Monday Night Football Electric Football set? My plastic Dolphins have gone undefeated 12 times! But now I'm through with this team!

What a pathetic group of underachievers! They make the 07 team look like all pros. At least they had injuries as an excuse and never quit.

woeful for wilson!

If you want SOMETHING to be happy about, a small bright side to this mess tonight, at least the Jets suck, too.

NO WAY the Jets go to the Super Bowl this year. I'd be shocked if they even make the playoffs. So there is that.

And the jets aren't even that good

Steve you must be drunk or in shock. Moore has done well tonight, Marshall not so much.

Trade brandon Marshall for ted ginn jr! He can drop balls in the end zone just as well but for alot less money! And he can return punts and kicks so we have a scoring threat somewhere on the field!

Screw Cowher, he sucks too

Over a billion dollars.... Not very well spent

Bush injured thx to the moronic, stupid, retarded coaching staff that insisted on running him between the tackles and never exploited his speed and gamebreaker abilities while targeted on the open field. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Heck if he was gonna get injured he at least should have been returning kicks where he can make a few guys miss. No more Mr. Ross, fire Sparano AND Ireland tomorrow. Trade Marshall for Chris sake, get a 2nd and 4/5th rounder. Cowboys and Bears will make it happen. If he had only shut his mouth his valued would be higher, idiot!

people are assuming luck will come out this year. would you want to play with a bunch of quitters?

Talking heads just ripped the Dolphins on national TV

Good nite everybody. See you in April at Radio City.

1-15 was tough but the that team had pluck and I really wasn't embarassed as I am with this group. Even the 4-12 played much better once Wanny was gone.

F*** Sparano and F*** this team, including ownership. Great to see Ross with his crook confidant Perez, both of whom come from a Real estate background, knowing absolutely NOTHING about football! Please get us a man who gives a crap!

Gates and Clay are busts Can we please hold Ireland a countable?

god-awful for griffin!

0-5; oh well, I have always liked consistency. Just eleven more games to lose for the S4L trophy, hopefully!!!

Soon the management and coaching broom will sweep the bad eggs from the stadium that "I" built. Put my name back on it and your curse may be lifted.

Kind regards,

Joe Robbie's corpse

I hope Bush isn't hurt too bad. It would be a shame to not have him banging between the tackles anymore.

In my dozen years of getting NFL Sunday Ticket,and seeing all teams, I can say with authority that these Dolphins are the absolute WORST team I have ever seen. Totally clueless, gutless, heartless and untalented.
By the way, these Jets are pretty bad too, no matter what Rex Ryan says.

Pathetic. Someone should write a book on how to turn a perennial contender into a wasted decade. Dontcha love a throw to Gates (who sucks) on 3rd and inches, while the ball zips past a wide open Hilliard. Why do people think Marshall is a great player? Bess would do more if he got targeted as much as Marshall. OL is a joke as always. No pass rush, none, nada, nichts. How many years does it take to find someone who can cover a TE? I can't wait for Sparano and Ireland to be fired. Thanks D Thomas for a little window of hope so that I can stomach watching a game. Throwing in the towel after 4 games sucks. At least there's college football.

Wonder if TS is crying behind those glasses. How low can you go TS?

OMG fumble away. Shoot me now....

Bad, to worse, terrible, horrendous, disastrous

Remember Dan the man with less than a minute to go after Bernie Kozar with Cleveland scored..... And the guys in the box where saying that Cleveland left to much time on the clock.... Sure enough Dan drve down the field a scored the game winning touchdown....

all these coaches are great, and then they suck, it just depends on whether u have a franchise QB, Bilicheat is a PUD, but he got lucky and luck into Brady

Marty Shottenheimer!

JETS ball. Kill me now

Sean smith sux

I would like to see the Dolphins be the first team in NFL history to refund the season ticket holders money, fold up their tent and just go home. Give the other teams an extra rest the week they were supposed to play. Or on the other hand, just fire everyone! Thomas might be the only real player on this team.

15 days to prapare this??

wow can it get any worse?

Nice catch smith

tanking for tannehill!

Wow Mando, the Herald stats on this app already shows us as a LOSS for this game!

Let's not forget, 3 of our 5 receivers are UDFA's. (Acorn soup)

Make Sporano walk home! He doesn't deserve to fly on the plane with the team!

U GUYS KNOW OWEN???????????

0 -5 GET IT-- 0 IN 5


Sean Smith making a habit of dropping interceptions. ughhh

Holy crap sean smith dropped an int!! cant believe it.

Sean SMith... ANOTHER big mouth, drops an interception. Our biggest mouths can't catch a damn ball.

If Luck doesn't come out this year, he's a freaking Moron, and I don't want him anyway if he's that stupid, FYI, get real on that argument

Jawarski just said "Vontae Smith".


Why is Smith still on the team???

Will tomorrow's Miami Herald say "Sparano Fired!"


"Sparano Still on hot Seat!"


Why does Sean Smith not catch that?

Ireland drafted Odrick because his name sounded like odd pick.

News here news here... Bushes tampon knocked out at 11

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