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Jets lead the Dolphins 17-6 to start fourth quarter

Reggie Bush has a neck injury and his return is questionable.

Sean Smith is also out of the game because he has cramps. His return is questionable.

It is also questionable the Dolphins can mount a comeback against the Jets, as they trail 17-6.

Let's see if the can.

Join me in the comments section below as we finish out the live blog.


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Are we in good path for a better Lock next year, right?

Parcells and Ireland are the ones at fault for giving Sparano chicken sh*t talent to work with.

I'm not so sure anyone would have done better.

But, he will be the fall guy.

We'd have a winning record with a healthy Pennington.

fist pumps to my homeys 3 points yeeh haw

why was Hartline not involved in first half when it mattered?

WTF? Why is Moor still in there. If he get's hurt, We're toast!!!!

Wait a second....


never mind.

Pist fump.


Depressing...again. If Marshall would have made some basic plays he should make we'd have won this game.

As someone else pointed out, if we lose to Denver we're looking at 0-16.

Please change name of blog to:

Dolphins in Deep Shyt.

Odrick, Clay and Gates are busts
Please hold Ireland accountable

Now Bess just "fell" after catching the ball - I am beginning to wonder if there is something going on ... you know what I mean?

Bess is great at fumbling and falling down

fist pumps to tebow

Notice how the Bills got better when they started playing a game per year in Toronto? I think the Dolphins should do the same, but in Colombia - you know, in that city where that guy that kicked the ball in the wrong goal was from. I think the Phins would cut down on their mistakes.

O line has finally collapsed.

Dave is on the money! Henning had a better record!

Our bench just sacked Moore.

Well there's some good news I guess

They won't fire anybody tomorrow or any time soon! This season is hopelessly lost! Who would want to coach this sad team. Just clean house at the end of the season.

Well I was dvr'ing and just caught up to real time...what a waste. We actually had some early breaks that usually never go our way against stinkin jets, and still lose by 18, to a bad jets team.

6 pts. Hahahahahahahaha. 6.

Revis getting all the credit. Again, not deserved. Played a good game. 2 interceptions, but 1 was after he interfered, 2 was one I could have caught. We love to overrate NY teams. Tomorrow's news will be how the Jets are back in the Super Bowl hunt. They beat a bad team. Get over it.

Jets - still blitzing ... nice. Ryan is a jerk

Please change name of blog to:

Dolphins in Deep Shyt.

Hartline-drop-really-does no one want to help their QB?

you guyz have lost your flippin mind....knock off the non-sense! We could have the first 15 draft pix of the draft...IT WON'T MATTER! Our coaches can't get the job done!

nice drop Hartline...must be taking lessons from Marshall!

Maybe next week, guys.

moore seeing starts.. Rob Ryan new coach anyone??


Wow Moore took a beating at the end!

Now we throw?

moore seeing stars.. Rob Ryan new coach anyone??

Oh My freak.

we end with a sack.'
So appropriate.


For all those bad mouthing Matt Moore. He played tough. His receivers dropped passes. It was his first start since last year. Give him some credit...

Great protection O-Line-4 1st rounders who can't block pass or run!!!

Game ended at exactly 11:30. Rarely happens.


Fisting is what we got.. Tony your all set... see ya next week.


sparano stays, ireland goes, marshall=gone, major house cleaning with players. sparano tell everyone to play like they are auditioning for their jobs. but, ross- keep sparano, daboll and nolan. wra need to catch the f---ing ball!

iam no longer buying direct tv waste of money.. 3 hours of my life again shot....

Don't think anyone won't give Moore credit for playing tough when his teammates clearly quit

Matt Moore the only bright star on the team tonight. Last 3 minutes he took some big hits. Marshall is a marshmellow not a beast or a monster. Can't hold on to that ball no matter who the QB is.

if TS stays than it is a suck for luck, the players bought into it.


We need to use our first round pick on a field goal kicker. Like the Raiders did with the Polish Cannon.

We could be pist fumping all the time.

It would we a pistfumping orgy.

Look at the bright side. No heartbreaking last second losses.

We're going to make Tebow look good next week!

I blew $300 on GaMeDay for this??

pist fump.

I am a Redsox fan... a lot of commonality with the quitting on the coach

There is almost no words to describe just how bad we are! Bad in every frickin area! Now we can go home and celebrate the Broncos quarterback! Good move Ross!

We need a Tebow pist fump.

We could call it the pistebowfump.

fist pump.

We got fisted tonight.

I would trade Marshall for a conditional 1st round pick tomorrow.

B. Marshall fulfilled his promise: He played bestially and as a monstruosity.

I believe Tebow will find a way to win. so it's going to be a long season.

Did u guys here that??? 8 teams either winless or one win. Eight teams at least that are trying for luck. 8. That's approximately 12 or 13 percent chance. Let's try not to forget that. Apparently our owner shouldn't forget either.

Not much to say after this one.....pretty much what I expected.

Would love to hear from the Marshall defenders after this one. Had too many drops, didn't go after the balls in the air and couldn't even stay in bounds on a sure TD catch. Tell me again how it's been Henne's fault that he hasn't made the ctaches? Oh yeah Henne didn't play. I'm sure there were people on here tonight that blamed this one on Henne.

I won a Dolphins jacket in the bar tonight. Girl asked me if I wanted the Dolphins one or Jets one. I was AWFULLY tempted to take the Jets one and I HATE the Jets. Our team stinks....no question. Don't really care what happens the rest of the way....just get me to April and the draft.

Well that could have been the worst game I have watched as a Dolphin fan. I am canceling my Sunday ticket until this team is slightly competitive. They have no heart, out of shape, horrendous coaching, no leadership, and possibly the worst front office in the NFL. There are so many reasons this franchise is where they are right now it's not worth rehashing. If any of you are fans you should boycott this team as much as you can until something is done.

i would trade marshall for a six inch sub

I can see Ryan making the playoffs and saying that beating the Fins turned their season around.

If we mess up and finish ahead of 7 other teams, we are SCREWED!

We must LOSE to CHOOSE!

Luck, RG3, Jones...

Take your PICK, the Fins are SICK!

Finsfan the poet! Lmao!

Sad, tough to listen to pity compliments from Ryan

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