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Jets lead the Dolphins 17-6 to start fourth quarter

Reggie Bush has a neck injury and his return is questionable.

Sean Smith is also out of the game because he has cramps. His return is questionable.

It is also questionable the Dolphins can mount a comeback against the Jets, as they trail 17-6.

Let's see if the can.

Join me in the comments section below as we finish out the live blog.


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The Fins should see if they can get Dominik from the Bucs to replace Ireland.

Message to the Jets-WOW you beat the shittiest team in the league! Big deal.
Message to Steven Ross-I bet you feel pretty special when you put your signature on all those paychecks!
Message to you Ireland, aka Idiotland, when is our date on the octagon coming?



You wanted that Michigan loser on the bench. You got it! Now you have someone worse!


Move the team already!

Craig, sometimes ur an idiot. Hating on Marshall.....109 yards. In our offense. That would average out to 1700 a year. Hope he does this every game.
How about hartline? As many drops and 0 catches. How about bess? Fumbles his first catch. How about fasano? 0 catches. How about gates?
WHY DO U JAKASSES KEEP HATING ON MARSHALL, when the rest of our core is so pathetic and getting worse? Shame on u Craig, ur on here enough u should know better. We have one playmaking star, and es who u want gone.

Anyone have Rich Kotite's number? Send BM to another team in exchange for a BM that's about all we'd be able to get.

Marshall hasn't made a big catch all year. He's dropped a ton of potential TD passes. He's an off the field liability with all his talk, on the field he did nothing tonight to back up all the rap he smacked all week. Didn't help his QB at all and had a lot of balls thrown (read forced) his way. The Fins should have been up 10-14 pts in the first quarter that pick six swung the whole game.

Ur a dumbass

You gotta clean out the whole house, Mr. Ross. You can't do anything about Parcells abandoning ship. You CAN hold people accountable whom Parcells put in place--starting with Sparano who didn't have the credentials to be a head coach, along with Ireland who has proven he has a lot to learn.

Not the only one saying Marshall stunk it up tonight> NFL analysts including Jaws and Gruden are saying the same thing.

Mr. Ross, the team have a loser attitude, please fire Sparano and a have a little dignity. We are so tired to see the Dolphins lose and lose again!!!

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