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Gruden apparently out of everyone's coaching search

ESPN announced within the hour that former Oakland and Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden has signed an "exclusive agreement" with the network  that will "keep him on sports television's signature series and out of coaching for the next five years."

That obviously means scratch Gruden from the list of folks who might be lining up to coach the Dolphins should Tony Sparano not be able to turn things around and keep the Dolphins on their present winless course.

Gruden guided the Tampa Bay Bucs to a Super Bowl victory during his tenure with the team.

“Jon is a rare individual who has been successful at everything he has done, going from one of the youngest coaches to win a Super Bowl to reinventing himself with this new broadcasting career in his 40s," Bob LaMonte, the agent for Gruden said in a statement. "He has an unmistakable enthusiasm for football that will continue to entertain fans on ESPN.”

This obviously affects the Dolphins. As I reported to you in my column today, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is already making contingency plans on what to do with the Dolphins if his team doesn't turn things around.

Part of that plan would include hiring a new coach. The thing is, Ross doesn't want just any coach. He thinks one way to get the Dolphins on the right track might be to hire a "star" coach that would have final say over all football operations matters. That coach would then hire a general manager of his choice.

Obviously, Gruden would have qualified as a "star" coach. Gruden served as an NFL head coach for 11 seasons with the Oakland Raiders (1998-2001) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2002-08). He compiled a career record of 100-85 and led his teams to five division titles. Gruden’s best season was 2002 when the Buccaneers finished the regular season 12-4 and captured the Super Bowl XXXVII title with a 48-21 victory over the Raiders, the team he had coached just one season earlier.

So the list of possible "star" coaching candidates shrinks by one. That list now only includes Jeff Fisher, Bill Cowher and Tony Dungy. (I don't think Dungy wants to come back to coaching, but I'm putting his name there anyway.)

I must warn you: As I write in my column, Ross may opt to go another direction on the hiring front if the Dolphins don't turn things around. He might hire a "star" personnel man or GM type. He might hire his own Football Czar typeand that person would hire a coach.

And that hire might not necessarily be a "star," but simply a coach the "star" Football Czar/GM believes is ready to take the Dolphins to the next level.

[Update: Mike Florio makes the point on ProFootballtalk.com that ESPN is refusing to say how this contract extension prohibits Gruden from going to the NFL. Thus, Florio believes Gruden can go to the NFL at any time if he wishes. So there's that.]


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My prediction for tonight game.

Dolphins in a blowout

24 to 7

Matt Moore passes for 300 hundred yards an 3 TD

B marsh goes over 100 receiving!

D Thomas over a 100 rushing!

The Defense forces 3 TO!

Matt Moore is the next Tom Brady! :0

So much for those "Spidy" senses. :)

Hope your right.

the dolphins would only benefit from placing some badly needed irons in the fire. the proverbial STRAW that broke the camels back(in pounds of stink) is miami's decision making, it has decided that contrary to most teams, it only needs ONE good reciever(flawed judgement 0-4), it has decided that the identity and staple short yardage game(lou polite) was'nt so important(why is henne out for the season?) it has decided that MAYBE we can get andrew luck in the draft, heard enough? i have. and i would also like to play a game of chess with mr. ross, for money of coarse. the fins can't think two moves ahead, they have no contingency plan other then loose. you would think that the owner would at least give his team an optionable winning scenario in the likely event that they are unable to draft andrew luck, in-fact, the ryan mallet scenario provides a multidude of benefits that deem it to be a better all around move. here's an extremely simple piece of advice for the defense for tonights game, we as a defense have been unsuccessful at getting to the QB, we cannot seem to get the pressure that makes him hold the ball, or make a bad decision, ANSWER... it all starts with the hands, GET THOSE HANDS UP, especially with shorty sanchez! if the hands go up, sanchez's hands will go down, and THAT will provide the extra second that cameron wake needs, and that sack or BATTED ball will spawn indecision, or a turn over and put FEAR into sanchez. put the irons in the fire, get those hands up, good things can only come from it. how many passes of henne's has been knocked down? how many batted balls does our defense have???? ross needs to make the QB position an exclamation point and give fans a reason to believe that next year there will be NO problem at QB, and ryan mallet will provide him that WIN/WIN scenario, if you really look into it, ryan mallet is a brilliant move.


They put me through the sausage grinder and look how I turned out. I used to be 6'5".

I think I'm being overly optimistic.

I see Bill Cowher with Rod Woodson as the D Coordinator, in the Dolphins future.


Your mask is on a little too tight bro and as I have told you before, you are not supposed to drink the bong water.

I think Brian Billick belongs on that coaching list

Everyone relax, I will turn this thing around for you all next year.

My first moves will be to hire my hair to coach the defense and Mr. Ross' nose to coach special teams.

Gosh, I think this team is due to blow someone out, I just see it happening this game. You haters will love me when they do. Remember my spidy senses are tingling.


Brian Billick is a dimwit. I am leaning toward Herman Edwards.

wouldn't it be nice to hire reid and trade some of our backup qb's to recoup our 2nd round picks miami has handed out for junk over the years. seriously tho if reid has all these family problems why would he come to miami?no thanks to cowher as well. i know too many pitt fans who would make sloppy seconds jokes.cowher couldn't win the big one till big ben came aboard.


Your last comment was partially correct; this team is ready to "blow" somebody.

To add on to my prediction.

Coloumbo will give up 3 sacks instead of the normal 2!

Jason Taylor would get his custom FF against Sanchez!

Wake will do his hulk thing he does when he get his sack!

i keep seeing and reading Gruden won w/Tony's team... thats b/s! Tony, who i happen to like but lets face it couldnt get that team over the hump... Gruden DID!

Billick may or may not be a "dimwit" but he has been more succesful than Herm. Of course YMMV. Plus Billick hasn't sunk down to doing Coors Ligt commercials. That has to mean something.

But seriously I think we have a shot this game.

I wont be around for a week Spidy, so if your right, I will definiltly give you props!!! I would love to see us blow out the Jets.

It will just take me a week to do so, be patient. :)

somebody brought it up here before but gruden won that sb because he faced his old team and knew what they were going to do. even with a new coach and system in place.

Andrew Luck, 6 ft 4 in ,235 lb

Ben Roethlisberger, 6 ft 5 in ,241 lb


I thought you were on vacation what are you doing on the blog?

PA, I know the Philly folks hate Reid. But, unlike here in Miami, I'm not so sure they really have a good reason to hate him. Maybe he's getting a little long in the tooth this Season. But the guy has ONE (that's not a typo) losing Season out of his, what, 11-12 Seasons as HC. PA, I repeat, ONE SEASON!

How would you like that in Miami? Maybe we don't get to the big dance, but it'd be nice to make the Playoffs 8 years in a decade, right?

On your points, I agree, Andy does some questionable stuff. Timeouts are frustrating, agreed. And that DC move with Castillo was God-awful, you're absolutely right.

But don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Reid is an offensive genius (he's proven it time and time again). He'd install the West Coast offense here, would know what type of offensive players to draft, and we'd see a whole new Dolphins team (that people ain't seen since the Marino-era).

I think we could do a lot worse than Andy Reid. Also, wait until Reid leaves Philly. They won't be 1/2 as good for many years after that, just my prediction.

The Dolphins Suck


But Dolphins Win tonight MNF

Miami 27 NY Jets 24


You do know I was being sarcastic, right? Besides, I think Herm's Coors Light commercials were done very tastefully.

luck and the rapist are similar in build. at least if miami gets luck we know our new coaches daughters will be safe.

Bring in Cowher & Marino

Why not?

They work good on tv together

Next season Cowher & Marino


For the first time in my life I no longer care. I don't care if I watch the game tonight or not. I haven't missed watching a game in as long as I can remember, and although the game will be on tonight, I'll have some other man's girl at my house, and the sex will be far more important than whatever coma-inducing product Miami puts on the field. Don't care...

Leaving tonight after work. Going to NY from Mass. All my NY friends happen to know I am coming "home". UGH!

you better be right, or I get a double dose. New England and JET fans.

My only prediction for the game:

Tony Sparono will be wearing sun glasses, chewing gum and will be walking aimlessly like he is window shopping at the mall.

All HOME games blacked out for the rest of the season

until next year when both

Cowher & Marino run the Fins!


Sex will only last for 15 min or less. If any of you guys last longer than that please give me your secret.

horny goat weed?


I thought you wanted Gruden, now Cowher. Who's next on your list?

Miami 27 NY Jets 24

Andrew Luck is not coming to the Dolphins...

Neither Gruden nor cowher nor Fisher are coming to the Dolphins...

There is no stockpile of draft picks cleverly accumulated...

The contract of the following positions are expiring:
QB, RT, RG, NT, OLB, FS(not expiring)

Home on the Herald:

Can I get Boomer Esiason and Shannon Sharpe with that package too? I figure we can change the name of the team nickname to "Stallions" and Shannon can be the "face" of the franchise, literally. He of the horse face.

Let me know.

Miami 27 NY Jets 24

And Marino had a job with the Dolphins he quit after a week.

Alcohol Spiderman, Alcohol

Just Beat the Jets!

...Before the start of this season any mention of trading Marshall would have brought a WTF response by yours truely. The thought at this point is not so crazy, but perhaps a neccesity.

I would argue that trading him now would be a bad call just from the standpoint that I don't think we would get much value. I think we have to see if he can improve so that if we did plan on moving him, at least we would recieve some compensation. I see it as a player in the same mold of Randy Moss(even though the two are not even close talent wise. Moss was all time great at points in his career). The similarities are that both were traded to bad teams. It has become apparant that Marshall as a Phin has been a flop. Perhaps a change of teams will help him, and us.

A lot of people are going to say look at all the receptions, and how he frees up space for others. True. But it has not translated into Big plays, TD's and most importantly wins. This is not all on Marshall. But if you are going to rip Henne for poor red zone execution. You have to hold Marshall accountable as well. To many drops, not enough production from a guy that was considered a top class reciever before arriving here.

There are a few reasons to keep him around. And trading him now nets us nothing. But it is an idea that the team needs to seriously look at.

With Cowher one thing's certain. We will play great defense. Hopefully he adds a very innovative oc. We may already have that with Brian Duboll.

We also need a oline coach that knows real oline talent. These 3 things added with drafting a franchise calibre qb will have us in great shape for the next forthcoming decade.

No just Cowher & Marino

the other two are idiots

WTH is horny goat weed?

Cant have Gruden

so got to move on to Cowher & Marino

Why I'm a true Dolphins fan (not that others are not, but why I am):

EVEN THOUGH, I'd rather lose every game and get Andrew Luck...
EVEN THOUGH, I have ZERO faith in Matt Moore...
EVEN THOUGH, I don't think this team can win more than 3 games this Season...
EVEN THOUGH, I want Sparano/Ireland gone ASAP...

I am STILL rooting for this team to win tonight. I will still dress in my jersey like every week and watch the game all the way through and not go to sleep at halftime even if we're getting crushed. I will NOT be suggesting we "Suck for Luck" during the game. And I will NEVER be happy with a loss to the Jets or any other team in our division.

With all that said, it's still a win-win (win or lose) for us. Change is a-comin', and not in the form of a President, but in the form of a franchise QB wearing aqua/orange NOT named Marino.

The thought brings a tear to my eye.

Yes Carl I picked up on the sarcasm. Thats why I threw in the Coors Light bit. But seriously, Billick over Herm and day of the week.

HAs anybody really thought about the idea of Brandon marshall getting kicked out. Would anyone be surprise if he did? He did tell us he's "not joking".


You babysitting your cousin's teenage daughter doesn't qualify as having another man's woman over your house; Unless you live in West Virginia or certain parts of the deep south. Anyway, good luck with her.

great defense not guaranted at all with cowher. his teams were allowed to be physical and punish the opposing qb and receivers for making plays. not saying cowher couldn't adjust but defense is a whole new style nowadays.

For the record NOT for trading Marshall, but, ANYONE else on the team not named WAKE, INCLUDING the famous dissappearing LONG can go

Marino & Cowher are the only faces on the franchise for next year

The job Wayne offered Marino was a fake job, just to list his name and sell tickets

Now Home is talking bout the "Real Deal"

Cowher & Marino


Miami 27 NY Jets 24

horny goat weed is a herbal stimulant. supposed to do the trick for guys. or so the package says. you asked i'm just throwing out an idea.


Why would Cowher come out of his gig with CBS to work 60 hour week? He has a superbowl ring and is makeing 2 million a year for his "expert" analysis.

Carl, or Menace...It's not a teenager, it's your mom...She likes it in the pooper

DD, Marshall aint improving, been in the league too long now. What we've seen now is exactrly what you get from Marshall.

The worst thing you could do is draft a franchise calibre rookie qb and have him cut his nfl teeth with Brandon Marshall as his #1 wr. Drafting a franchise qb also means cutting ties with Marshall if we're smart.

Think about that and let it marinate in your mind for a fews days if need be. I'm sure after careful weighing of the facts you'll come to these same conclussions.

Hopefully it doesnt take you a couple days and you pick up on it right away.

If we bring in Cowher and Marino, will James Brown come along too? So as to add a little "soul power". We can put him in charge of making useless, shallow comments that add nothing to the conversation and ordering pencils.

pretty sad when you know your team will be horrible the whole season. even sadder i want miami to win 2 games this year. tonite against the jets in ny and cowboys on thanksgiving .turkey would taste that much sweeter...........


Your last comment will not make up for your ineptness with woman. Try Viagara or Cialus and get youself a sturdy blow-up doll. Good luck.

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