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Gruden apparently out of everyone's coaching search

ESPN announced within the hour that former Oakland and Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden has signed an "exclusive agreement" with the network  that will "keep him on sports television's signature series and out of coaching for the next five years."

That obviously means scratch Gruden from the list of folks who might be lining up to coach the Dolphins should Tony Sparano not be able to turn things around and keep the Dolphins on their present winless course.

Gruden guided the Tampa Bay Bucs to a Super Bowl victory during his tenure with the team.

“Jon is a rare individual who has been successful at everything he has done, going from one of the youngest coaches to win a Super Bowl to reinventing himself with this new broadcasting career in his 40s," Bob LaMonte, the agent for Gruden said in a statement. "He has an unmistakable enthusiasm for football that will continue to entertain fans on ESPN.”

This obviously affects the Dolphins. As I reported to you in my column today, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is already making contingency plans on what to do with the Dolphins if his team doesn't turn things around.

Part of that plan would include hiring a new coach. The thing is, Ross doesn't want just any coach. He thinks one way to get the Dolphins on the right track might be to hire a "star" coach that would have final say over all football operations matters. That coach would then hire a general manager of his choice.

Obviously, Gruden would have qualified as a "star" coach. Gruden served as an NFL head coach for 11 seasons with the Oakland Raiders (1998-2001) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2002-08). He compiled a career record of 100-85 and led his teams to five division titles. Gruden’s best season was 2002 when the Buccaneers finished the regular season 12-4 and captured the Super Bowl XXXVII title with a 48-21 victory over the Raiders, the team he had coached just one season earlier.

So the list of possible "star" coaching candidates shrinks by one. That list now only includes Jeff Fisher, Bill Cowher and Tony Dungy. (I don't think Dungy wants to come back to coaching, but I'm putting his name there anyway.)

I must warn you: As I write in my column, Ross may opt to go another direction on the hiring front if the Dolphins don't turn things around. He might hire a "star" personnel man or GM type. He might hire his own Football Czar typeand that person would hire a coach.

And that hire might not necessarily be a "star," but simply a coach the "star" Football Czar/GM believes is ready to take the Dolphins to the next level.

[Update: Mike Florio makes the point on ProFootballtalk.com that ESPN is refusing to say how this contract extension prohibits Gruden from going to the NFL. Thus, Florio believes Gruden can go to the NFL at any time if he wishes. So there's that.]


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Brandon Marshall will be poison to a rookie qb. We will definitely need to unload Marshall once we draft our future franchise qb.

Can you imagine Brady, Rodgers, or Bress putting up with Marshall's bs? I think not, Marshall would become our our rookie qb's worst nightmare.

..You look at Brandon Lloyd who was traded today for a sixth round pick that could be a 5th. I think that over all Marshall is a superior player to Lloyd. But not over the past 2 seasons. One was a Pro-Bowler, and ranked ahead of Marshall as one ot he top 100 players in the league(not that means much as far as trade value). My point is that right now Lloyd is a better player, and that is all Denver recieved. Marshall is filled with potential, and has greatness inside of him. I just do not think we would get true value for him right now. So it would be worth keeping him in this scenario.

It is very obvious what Denver is trying to do. Go very quickly into an abyss. I thought John Elway was smarter than that.

Did someone actually mention Herm Edwards?

His own words: You play to win the game.

His real life results as an H.C. - 0.422 win percentage.

Say no thank you to this loser!


This just in: Denver has been in an abyss for several years now. Thanks for the insight.

maybe herm meant the madden game?

Some of you guys on here can't spell "dick" if it slaps you on the face.

It is very obvious what Denver is trying to do. Go very quickly into an abyss. I thought John Elway was smarter than that.

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 17, 2011 at 03:07 PM

Bring in Marino! ROTFLMAO!

i have the feeling herm could't win the lotto if you gave him the winning numbers in advance.he would replace a number cause it wasn't one of "his guys"

Herm is a veritable genius. I am hiring him to run this rag tag team completely into the ground. Oh, and I am bringing in Jimmy Buffett to run the offense.

Are the owners of these low ranked Teams tanking their Season to "Suck for Luck". Pleeease. They are holding on to their $ same as everybody else is doing, even my third party payer.

Look for some deep passess tonight from Moore since he throws a better deep ball than Henne.

Ben Roethlisberger:

2001 Miami (OH) 63.3 cmp%, 3105 yds, 21 tds, 2 ints.

2002 Miami (OH) 63.3 cmp%, 3238 yds, 22 tds, 11 ints.

2003 Miami (OH) 69.1 cmp%, 4486 yds, 37 tds, 10 ints.

354 yds carrer rushing

Andrew Luck:

2009 cmp% 56.3, 2575 yds, 13 tds, 4 ints.

2010 cmp% 70.7, 3338 yds, 32 tds, 8 ints.

2011 cmp% 71.3, 1719 yds, 18 tds, 3 ints.

867 yds career rushing

Concerned i didn't know those were labeled.And you know this how?

..Yesterdays Gone. I agree with you to a point. I think that a guy like Luck could benifit from a Reciever like Marshall. Vis versa Marshall could thrive with a quarterback like Luck. Look at what Steve Smith is doing this year with Newton..His career has been jumpstarted. Last year he was labled as done, and a distraction. In fact if we did have the opportunity to draft Luck no way do I trade Marshall.

Luck is the only guy that I think this works. The others, I would agree with you 100 percent. I think that Marshall would be a poor fit


You are wrong, Marc was slapped in the face by a "dick" and he spells quite well.


Luck also plays in a tougher conference!

Cause I've done I few slapping on my "dick" in faces in my heyday.


I prefer to slap my dick on her forehead. It usually gets a good response. The face is a bit demeaning.

..You look at Brandon Lloyd who was traded today for a sixth round pick that could be a 5th. I think that over all Marshall is a superior player to Lloyd. But not over the past 2 seasons. One was a Pro-Bowler, and ranked ahead of Marshall as one ot he top 100 players in the league(not that means much as far as trade value). My point is that right now Lloyd is a better player, and that is all Denver recieved. Marshall is filled with potential, and has greatness inside of him. I just do not think we would get true value for him right now. So it would be worth keeping him in this scenario.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | October 17, 2011 at 03:07 PM

DD, for god's sake think outside of the box man!

Dumping Marshall takes care of two very critical things for us. One, his rocky relationship with Henne was part of the offensive problem. What hc in his right mind wants to expose his rookie franchise qb to Brandon Marshall. Marshall's "no-shows" in clutch situations makes his extensive baggage not worth the price of admission.

Two, even if only a 4th-5th rounder for Marshall, we still dump a huge contract not worth the dried ink of his signature. Ireland bombed with not drafting Dez Bryant, spinning two 2nd rounders on Marshall instead.

Job one for a new regime will be erasing past mistakes. Marshall's should indeed be included on that list.

Forehead/Face whatever floats your boat. To-ma-toes or Toma-toes. If you catch my drift..


I am here with your mom. We would like to know where you stashed the good Scotch. Also, we both think it's time you moved out of her basement and got your own place.

Per PFT - Garrard will have back surgery.

Glad we didn't pursue that bozo any harder that we did.

Bill Cowher + Dan Marino + Rod Woodson + Luck = next years playoffs baby !!!!!!

DD, if you were hc/gm Im sure you would eventually find it to be a huge error to expose your rookie franchise qb to a malcontent like Brandon Marshall. The guy snaps when things arent going his way.

He plans to get thrown out of the game tonight. Why would someone of sound mind public make such a boneheaded statement as that? Marshall is a bufoon and the sooner we cant part ways the better.

Time to find out exactly what we have in guys like Wallace, Gates, and the other young wr we have. Marshall could again blowup in our faces any minute now. His troubles are beginning to far outcede his performances.

1) The next coach *should be* somebody who has proven the ability to develop a young franchise QB. Gruden doesn't fit that description. Neither does Cowher or Dungy for that matter. The guy who best fits that description is Andy Reid.

2) There is, as much as I hope it doesn't come to pass, at least a chance that the Dolphins FO will look at what Rob Ryan has done to slow down Tom Brady and consider him as the next HC. Rob Ryan is a very good DC but Miami needs a very good PROVEN HC.

3) The Carl Peterson factor suggests that it can't be ruled out that Marty Schottenheimer is brought in as the next "czar" and that would pave the way for Brian to come in as the next HC. Let's hope that isn't how it goes down.

Bring in Dan Marino. ROTFLMAO!

Here's a great sign to see if Sparano cares to do ANYTHING different to TRY and win:

Do we have ANYTHING in the playbook to go out on our first series and surprise the defense? Long balls, trick plays, WHATEVER.

If we do the normal 3-and-out, 2 3-yard pass plays and a run for 1-yard, then I can tell everyone it will be a long, long, LONG night.

If you have a backup QB, you NEED to help him by getting the team out to an early lead. If we don't score on our first possession, then we're as good as done.

17-16 PHINS


Your post got me to think, perhaps we should have pursued "Bozo" instead of going with Henne again. I mean the clown, not Garrard. I bet we would have had at least one win by now.

Yesterdays Gone... You make good points. Hard to argue what you are saying. I think that at this point there is no reason to cut ties with Marshall. There is just too much talent there to let pass for a 5th round, even 4th round pick...

You could be right that we have seen everything Marshall will give us while wearing these colors. My point is we have nothing to lose by letting him play out the season, then re-evaluating. Even if he is injured, or continues to underperform. Any team in a trade will be banking on his talent, so his value will be equal to what it may be tommorow. What is the difference between a 5th and a sixth..they are both longshot picks anyway.

I'm not against trading him. I'm for weighing the options. Trading him at the deadline eliminates this.

We're now due for a blowout loss. Expect a blowout loss. I predict we lose tonight by 17pts or more and we end the night with Sage Rosenfeld as our new starting qb.

Guarranteeing a top 5 draft pick 2012. Maybe even 1st overall!

T. Martin:

I have no plans to bring in Schottenheimer in any capacity, nor any member of his family for that matter. I've decided to listen to my hair and Mr. Ross' schnozz for advice. They are both trusted advisors.

yesterday, you're forgetting to account for 1 thing in your prediction. It's that the Jets actually suck.

I'm gonna go out on a limb & say Miami wins a squeeker. Worst case scenario we at least cover the spread.

As much as I know we suck, I just can see the Jets trouncing us.

DD, Marshall isnt worth the value of his contract. We signed him in hopes of getting a "clutch" pro bowl #1 wr. Well he doesnt look headed for the pro bowl this season, didnt last season, and he definitely hasnt proven to be clutch.

Im talking about heading off potential future problems between Marshall and our franchise calibre qb. Plus dumping a huge underperforming contract to boot. Marshall is a possession #2 wr. He has not solved our #1 star wr problems in Miami.

We still need a star #1 wr in Miami with Marshall aboard.

Brandon Lloyd to the St. Louis Rams increases their chances of winning some ball games.

In the race to "Suck for Luck" Miami's chances just improved!!

...Seriously, we have to run it tonight. Usually I set the mark for 35 attempts as to may for this team to have a chance. Subtract that number by at least 5.. If Moore attempts 30 or plus passes we will get smoked, or Moore will get hurt, and ..we will get smoked.


The only shot Miami has of experiencing a sqeeker is if Spermano lets one rip on the sidelines during the game. Outside of that, I don't like our chances.

I beleive we would have a slightly better chance of winning this game tonite if Demi Moore were starting tonite instead of Matt.

Shmoe, you forget the Jets suuck mainly on offense. We suck on both sides of the ball. Our defense will be just what the doctor ordered for what ails him.

While our offense maybe tremendously overmatched against the Jets defense. Im going out on a limb and say we score 10pts on offense tonight. I would take Sanchez over Matt Moore anyday!

How can we get the Colts to Win????

Once again, it's "Catch 22."

If Sancheezy were the QB of the Dolphins, Sparano would figure out a way to misuse him.

DD, wake up man. If we run the ball 35 times our average per attempt will be about 2ypc. That's 75yds rushing for the game if we're lucky. That aint gonna beat the Jets.

Look for Jets 1st priority to be shutting down the run. The run box will be fully loaded. Then they'll blitz hell out Moore on 3rd and longs.

As I mentioned in another post, we'll finished tonight's game with Sage Rosenfelds as our new starting qb.


Your thinking is a little off. We should be rooting for the Rams to run the table in reverse. They won't draft Luck since they already have Bradford. If they got the pick they would entertain trade offers for it which puts us in the running for Luck.

The team that I am most worried about in the Luck sweepstakes is Indy. They or Jacksonville appear to be even worse than us. If Indy gets it, they will definately draft Luck. I'm thinking Peyton may never play again. And even if he does, they can do an Aaron Rodgers with Luck and let him understudy for a couple of years. It worked out fine for Green Bay

yesterday, teams are gashing the jets with the run which we are actually half way decent at. If Thomas plays, we'll be in the game. Jets excel at ST. Offense & Defense are average.

To me, this is a very winnable game & nothing would please me more than to watch Jets fans, players & coaches make excuses all week about how they lost to a winless team & are still winning the Superbowl.

If Miami wins any game, this is who we'd want it to be against.

That's true, our level of suckage can be achieved only through a total team effort. We suck in all three phases of the game (granted, we have a good punter).

I'm afraid it could get really ugly tonight. I suspect they will just stick Revis on Marshall long enough for BM to get good and frustrated and take himself out of the game mentally, and Ryan will task the rest of the defense will stopping the running game. If Moore can't get the ball to guys like Bess, Bush, & Fasano, the offense will do very little. Once we're down a couple scores, Ryan will bring the blitz. I too believe we will see Rosenfels before the game is over.

Shmoe dont get your hopes to high. I have a very irritating feeling the fins are well overdue for a really bad beatdown.

With Matt Moore as our starting qb I see Rex Ryan blitzing nearly every down. We will find it very difficult to run or pass tonight.

It wouldnt surprise me at all if it only takes a score of 3-0 to beat the Dolphins tonight.

What is this super bowel everyone refers too. I went into the washroom this morning at the office and someone left a bad stink. That guy has a super bowel.

Ade the dolphins sucking or blowing? I'm reading conflicting posts.

From that perspective, we really are super bowel contenders...we leave a bad stink every where we play.

I view half-time as a courtesy flush...


Blog Fodder:

LOL. Awesome post. The whole half time courtesy flush re-set was perfect.

Marc in Toronto:

The answer to your question is but a simple one: the Phins suck in the first half of games, then blow in the second half.


If you are French or of French decent, please go away. The most useless ally of the U.S. is without a doubt France.

I'm with DC Dolfan here-I was going to Dolphin games when I was 13 sitting in the stands at the Orange Bowl, stomping on those metal bleachers to deafen any possible chance the opposing team had to hear the QB! THAT'S what I want back for my team! Those were the days all teams DREADED coming to Miami, playing a 1 PM game and by mid-3rd Qtr, when they were keeling over from exhaustion, those Dolphins were just getting warmed up! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT DOLPHIN FANS!




JEFF FISHER!!! He's available right now!!!

There is another Ryan we should be looking at after years end!!!!

Meg Ryan?

Sorry, I'm a bit jaded.

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