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Live blog: Gator Day celebration

There are more than a few Denver Broncos fans in the house. The Gator pep band or whatever they call it is here. Lots of Gator fans.


Anyway, the Dolphins inactives today are Reshad Jones, Steve Slaton, Ike Alama-Francis, Ryan Cook, Will Barker, Will Yeatman, and the mighty Pillip Merling. Tyrone Culver starts for Reshad Jones.

There will be a live blog today. It happens in the comments section below. I update the blog at the start of every quarter. So join me at kickoff.



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Alright Miami! I got enough beer to make it through this mess today.

we are missing so many plays this year, dropped passes every game, dropped int.'s


Hey hey all

It could be the worst game of the day, but ...

The NFL Network is here.

YahooSports! is here.

The NY Times is here.

CBS sportsline is here.

Fox sports is here.

Marshall is not a number one receiver. Number ones make plays. They catch passes.

Mallet was Henne's backup at Michigan when mallett was a freshman.
Henne set the bar so high that Mallet transferred to Arkansas (look it up).

The issue is not Henne or Mallet.
Top QB's that go to teams like the Falcons, which have 12 pro bowlers, have careers like Matt Ryan and Dan Marino (they never actually win anything but they are considered successful).

Top QB's that go to a team like ours have careers like Bradford and Henne.

Luck knows that and will never, ever come here.
And Henne's told the team he's leaving.

Matt Moore/Pat Devlin are the future of this team.


Last yr DBs dropped 30 ints. Have the WRs been working with them. They look the same to me

Mando they are there to see how bad we are and watch tebow suck

So sick of seeing Reggie Bush's Pizza Hut commercial. Thinking a large meat lover's pizza is a better deal for Bush!

when we do flop lets get as much media coverage as possible

Punters are gonna have a record setting day in this one!!!*lol*

Why is this team so bad! That was an awful throw, no protection and there is a damn broncos fan here at wild wings.

marshall is a bum , has to go another drop right in his hands .........loser

Kendall Langford limps off the field.

Denver have home field advantage ?

Cant pass protect or run block. Pathetic. No team or QB can be successful with this bad of an offensive line.

tyrone Culver just go outrun to the sideline by Tim Tebow. Terrible.

I wonder if dolphins front office is happy that more people rooting for Denver and tebow

The highest paid 3 1st round pick o line can't protect our QB-Brandon drops and Tebow gets 1st downs

Jay. I'd trade bush for a cold beer. He is a waste.

Soiled...YOU DA MAN....

Thanks for the link

Every time i think of a former CANE player that kills the Fins the first name that comes to mind is Willis M.!

The team is upset about suck for luck but it's ok to honor the other teams qb

BM will be just fine when he has an offensive line to allow pass plays, a better QB throwing the ball and a better WR than BM opposite him on the field. That is all he needs!

miami's defense is so slow

I feel my turrets starting to act up....the oldlady getting the soap ready for to wash my mouth out

Fair catch Bess-wow-these guys are dumb and dumber.Gates gets yards-so let's not use him-Hartline gets 25 yards and they don't throw to him for another quarter, Bess gets 1 throw per Quarter, etc

Nice catch besd

How long b4 the suck for luck chants start Mando???*lol*

This team says they are playing to win........the first pick in the draft that is....I see no different thus far!!!

won`t matter if we get Luck, we have no one who can catch the damn ball

so many dropped passes what the hell

Lets pile on Bess now....yeah...h sucks...lets trade him

Why is Bess still returning punts?

Marshal coaching Bess up

Bess-drops-never-except today=7 quarters no touchdown

No need to pile on the team speaks for itself. Brian Dawkins is 57 years old

wow, what an offense!

This game may be decided by which defense or special teams can score first.

How is it that Brandon Marshall manages to drop pass after pass? Is he doing this on purpose because he really does not want to be in Miami? If so, he better think twice about it no other team will even think of him if he continues to look like a and act like a spoiled rookie. Just my opinion! Oh yea, I'm also having a difficult time with this Gator Day idea!!

we are a bad team.....

I wonder if we should blame Moore....or blame everyone else but moore....

They should punt on first down.

Another sack. Who gave that up?

Mando-Why can't we protect the quarterback + catch the ball-a Gray Y team can


I think Brandon Marshall should be traded to the Vikings in return for Greg Camarillo and Toby Gerhardt. We will get some smart Stanford guys in here who give all they have, get rid of the modern version of Alvin Harper, a malcontent misfit. Toby and Greg will be on scene to play along with Andrew Luck. All you folks who kept screaming for a "diva" received, hope you have learned your lesson.

- MM

bill cowher was very fired up talking about honoring another teams qb in your own stadium. makes me wonder whether he would ever consider working for someone like ross.

matt moore sucks

Can we get rid of this team and just start over as an expansion?

hope this game be the final for Sparano

The Broncos are blitzing DBs because they don't fear Matt Moore reading the blitz and beating it quickly enough.

0-16 is becoming more and moore likely......


moore has thrown some great passes in the last two games that have been dropped. its sickening its like they arent focused at all.

marino seemed distraught talking about the dolphins in pregame.

Kris we should blame the front office, parcells and ireland for the lack of talent. We should blame the coaches for not developing what little talent they have and the players for giving up

Oh the Dolphins are getting beaten quick enough Mr. Salguero

Kris, how is that feed working for you? I am not having any luck with it?

Langford back in the game now.

Cowher is just another run 1st HC. He is not the answer in Miami.

Hire Joe Philbin instead and while Ross is at it he ought to mine the Packers front office for a better GM too.

We didn't need McGehee or Sproles did we?

Conor D Marshall wants a new quarterback, he is fully on the train choochoo suc-4-luck

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