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Live blog: Gator Day celebration

There are more than a few Denver Broncos fans in the house. The Gator pep band or whatever they call it is here. Lots of Gator fans.


Anyway, the Dolphins inactives today are Reshad Jones, Steve Slaton, Ike Alama-Francis, Ryan Cook, Will Barker, Will Yeatman, and the mighty Pillip Merling. Tyrone Culver starts for Reshad Jones.

There will be a live blog today. It happens in the comments section below. I update the blog at the start of every quarter. So join me at kickoff.



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try this

Tebow is horrible

I honestly don't know how you can watch this crap every week Armando. Not envious Of your job.

odrick celebrating a sack of tebow is comical.

Tebow is not an nfl caliber qb

Nice plays by Odrick and Solia

Tony just separated his shoulder fist pumping that missed FG

Why don't we play press coverage? Tebow is zero threat to throw the ball downfield.

I was really hoping the game would be blacked out. I'm such a dolphins sucker to watch this crap

My only joy this yr is seeing Sanchize

And jets suck!!

tebow might ruin this for us... Come on throw a TD!

This will be a record setting day for sacks allowed also......this could be the worst game played by two very BAD teams that u will find on a sunday in professional football there is.....

celebrate field goals Tony.....for us or against us...good or bad....field goals

Hartline=14 yards

Soiled ur a riot

Well hold'em to FG's then position for FG's, that's the Sparano/parcells way.

They are just doing what Tony knows.

This is like watching two one-legged men in a butt kicking contest. Two terrible teams. We have no future right now as fin fans.

Hartline goes against the grain and makes a catch

Incognito has had enough

Much better! Thanks Soiled

OK, this is the Dolphins third offensive series and they still haven't figured out the Broncos' DB blitz?

At least they are finally running the no huddle offense.

It is only 3 years too late.

I hope we have agood back up punter.

Fields will burn out quickly at this rate

We r in fist pump territory. Yyyyiiiippppeeee

This drive has field goal written all over it.

"Much better! Thanks Soiled"

You should be cursing me

Incognito out

This has a 6-3 final score. Feel doesn't it

Just kick it it already!!!!

Can the Dolphins convert a 3rd down here to keep a drive alive in the red zone?

RBM....feed us great.....had to do a diwn load tho....

With no tds in 7 quarters I say don't even try for field goals today. 4 down territory every drive inside 20.

Nate Garner in at left guard for Incognito

We gonna win.


well said...

Ok set up the fist pump

Oh look a dropped ball it's a disease that keeps spreading

The refs giveth 5 yards and our poor excuse for an offense gives it right back

The end is nigh

Failed pass in the flat to thomas?

Bench Marshall!!!!!!!!

nice play Columbus

catch the damn ball!!!!!!!

i have issues

3rd drop!!!

Expect less scoring than in last nights world series game with the Cardinals and Rangers

Can ANYONE on this Fcuking team CATCH A BALL OR A COLD!!!!!

This is getting painful. How bas can this offense be.

That was a Colombo special

Ed, 3 points aren't going to do its this time.

No 3 points won't do it but 6 might

2nd quarter blog ?

0-3 its a blowout

Makes me long for the days of ole Aligator arms Ginn.

I wish the other players had the fire Moore has-Do you job!

No fist pump.....c'mon sparano might as well go out with a bang.....****

This game could come down to a battle of the placekickers. So far, advantage: Dolphins.

Offseason trade Marshall for a 7th rounder, shave Bush, cut all QBs and force Taylor to finally hang it up. So much house cleaning to be done

We are the texas state fighting armadillos.

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