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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Jets on MNF

Well, remove the St. Louis Rams from the list of teams that might be in Suck for Luck mode. The Rams traded a late round conditional pick for wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, formerly of the Broncos.

The Rams want to get help for quarterback Sam Bradford and figure Lloyd, who made the Pro Bowl last year, might be able to do that. That remains to be seen.

What is certain is the 0-5 Rams are trying to salvage their season.

The Dolphins are also trying to salvage their season, by the way. Someone suggested to defensive end Kendall Langford that the Dolphins Suck for Luck. "U outta ur rabbit ass mind!" was the response.

So there is that. Onto the game against the 2-3 New York Jets, losers of three consecutive games.

Did you see the Buffalo Bills use of C.J. Spiller on Sunday?

They basically turned him into a wide receiver. They asked him to return punts. They made him work but not in ways a guy his size should not -- in other words they didn't ask him to run the ball between the tackles.

That's what I'm hoping the Dolphins do with Reggie Bush tonight.

I expect Vontae Davis will start. I expect Daniel Thomas will play. I expect the Dolphins to win. (At least that's what I picked in both The Herald or The Herald's Pigskin Challenge.) I know, I know, you have no respect for my picking of games.

I will update the inactive players as soon as they available.

[Update: the inactives are Steve Slaton, Chris Clemons, Ike Alama-Francis, Will Baker, Ryan Cook, Will Yeatman and Phillip Merling.]

And we shall have a live blog starting in the comments section below as we get around kickoff at 8:30.



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Soiled :)

Dear Mr. IT guys

Wipe YEAH! of the face of the earth

Soiled :)

One of those victories against the NY Jackasses in "GIANTS" Stadium was because of Ted Ginn Jr.'s returns for TD's.

This game is really a win-win. Win and we beat the Jets. Lose and we're closer to Luck and getting Sparano fired.


Whoops 6

haha I agree Rob. I'm taking the Fins to win but I have no basis for that decision.

Okay Brandon Marshall - you're on national TV.
Hope your tirade results in the expulsion of numerous Jets players.

Please punch Sal Alosi in the mouth for me!!

I hope someone gets kicked in the balls tonight, at least give me a good laugh.

Borderline Personality Disorder = B Marshall. Sparano should bench him for his comments!

Inactive for the Dolphins:

Chris Clemons
Ikaika Alama-Francis
Ryan Cook
Will Barker
Will Yeatman
Phillip Merling.

I am very concerned that Chris Clemons is out. I am worried about our present safeties being in the right position.

Im in Australia....how much longer before kickoff and is there a link via computer....im at work....lol....help guys

Mr. BigAlfy

Try this "www.firstrowsports.tv/sport/american-football"

Soiled :)

Yeah Oscar, I hope Clemons is back soon!

40 minute for the kickoff and the link could be:

.02 What about Slaton?
Active or not?
Amondo has him inactive.

hop on boys...........the SUCK 4 LUCK-PLAY SOUR 4 COWHER


I don't thnk I would ever say this or have but the dolphins wil hit a new low next two weeks. We will help sanchez get a grip and tebow make some noise because our secondary is so awful.

Hey Mando,
What are your thoughts on bringing Rob Ryan in as HC? He always has a great game plan for the Patriots. Just saying

With our "Luck" he'd end up being the next Ryan Leaf.

Hello folks. Thanks for being here.

Ruben, if you read my column today I wrote about how Steve Ross wants a star head coach or GM.

I don't know that Rob Ryan qualifies as a star. He's never even been a head coach before.

I like Rob Ryan, but Ross is gonna go for a big name HC. Cowher, Gruden, or Fisher. Personally out of those 3 only one I hate is Gruden. Never impressed me much as a coach and he's already won so the fire won't be there.

Yeah Ziggy I think that sometimes too. But its about flipping time we spend a 1st round pick on a QB instead of wasting them on the Ted Ginn's and Jason Allen's of the world.

I did read your column, I was just more curious on your thoughts on the idea...
thanks for the quick response



You mention Ted Ginn, he's performing like a star in SF, why is it questionable players always blossom when they leave Miami? It's got to be the coaching right?

Mando since Gruden is out, in your mind is it between Cowher and Fisher or is there other possible star coaching options? and who are possible star GM's available?

Armando -

Gruden is out of the picture now with his 5 year exclusive deal with ESPN MNF....Any other options for a "star" coach other than Cowher & Fisher??

Armando any news or thoughts on the PICTURE the Herald used for AL Davis

I thought it was unprofessional

Tony and Solied...thanks Guys....awesome...Armando...you KNOW that Sparano cannot get it done....when will you actually write THAT column?????

We are despearte for LUCK

Am I wrong in thinking Miami has more to lose bye winning against the stinking Jets as opposed losing against the stinking Jets and gaining a better draft position ?

Sure, beating the Jets always feels good but lets face facts.....we suck....I don't say that with any pride or joy.

Pulling out a few victories here and there will not help us out in the long run.

I can't believe i'm posting such a question but there it is.

Soiled :(

Yea h8d makes us wish Ross sealed the deal on Harbaugh

Gruden just said hes signed for 5 years with ESPN....was that correct????

Also said Burnett and Dansby MUST step up....great...I coulda said that...

hate to say....but we need LUCK....its all about the QB these days...cannot win without a STAR QB...

Wish I was a trailer park with YOU GUYS...one day im comin....cant wait

Armandito who do you think is the favorite to coach the team next year?

Mr. Mojo, I do not know what picture you're talking about. I read my Herald at home not online.


How you doing.You had some of your best articles the last couple of weeks. Denver gives away its best offensive weapon for a sixth round and promotes their 3rd QB to starter. It sounds like their all in for the "Suck for Luck" chase. What's your take on the lloyd give away.

After I finish to read your column today I realize that the only person that could be named vice president of Football Operations than the people would love and accepted with great respect-beside Cowher- is our Dan Marino.
Now he will be willing to take that Job again? if Elway is doing the Job with Denver why not Marino with the Dolphins-ask your source if the Marino option is close to a near future Thought-

Serpico, I don't think there is a favorite right now. It is two months away so do not discount anyone who is bigtime.

.02 What about Slaton?
Active or not?
Amondo has him inactive.

Posted by: PriceMaster | October 17, 2011 at 07:45 PM

Oops - sorry dude - yes Slaton is out.

Tony, when I get a chance, I will ask. But Marino didn't want to do it back 10 years ago. He's got a pretty neat gig on TV. Why would he want to do it now?

when AL passed they put a pic where he looked horrible

If some of you knuckleheads would actually read the blog and not just show and start asking stupid questions that have already been answered several times, you wouldn't look like such knuckleheads.

Society has become so anti-reading. (ie, plain stupid)

The picture Mr. MOJO was talking about was of The Crypt Keeper but the caption said it was Al Davis

I think we need to just bring in Cowher and that way everyone can begin to fear the Teal Curtain

Why isn't Henne starting?

Armando, you better that me know what happen between Marino & Wanstead...he would like to do because of the Dolphins... he really love the Organization

Is it true Gruden signed on as an announcer? That's what they said. Is that true? I think he will coach next year.


I know aardvarks that write better English.

Armando I'm with you in regards of Gruden, beside that he bring only one dimmension to the table.

Are we still in 1st place?

Sullys, Denver is just doing things to what they can to improve their situation for next year. They are seeing if Tim Tebow is good or not. They are adding a draft pick for a WR who was going to be unsigned after the year and they weren't going to re-sign. And after getting rid of Lloyd, they are playing younger WRs.

They in play for the future mode.

Miami vs. NYJerks:

NYJ leads the series 47-43-1.

Time to balance that equation!!

GO MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BOOM!!!! Here comes Rex Ryan down the buffet line


If you get a chance, can you throw a hotdog at rex ryan for me.

I don't think anyone with a great TV gig and lucrative contract will give it up for a stress filled job and 16-18 hour days!

Bing.o I found a link direct to stupidity

Yes Redsky.

I've tried to explain that too. Few seem to understand.

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