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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Jets on MNF

Well, remove the St. Louis Rams from the list of teams that might be in Suck for Luck mode. The Rams traded a late round conditional pick for wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, formerly of the Broncos.

The Rams want to get help for quarterback Sam Bradford and figure Lloyd, who made the Pro Bowl last year, might be able to do that. That remains to be seen.

What is certain is the 0-5 Rams are trying to salvage their season.

The Dolphins are also trying to salvage their season, by the way. Someone suggested to defensive end Kendall Langford that the Dolphins Suck for Luck. "U outta ur rabbit ass mind!" was the response.

So there is that. Onto the game against the 2-3 New York Jets, losers of three consecutive games.

Did you see the Buffalo Bills use of C.J. Spiller on Sunday?

They basically turned him into a wide receiver. They asked him to return punts. They made him work but not in ways a guy his size should not -- in other words they didn't ask him to run the ball between the tackles.

That's what I'm hoping the Dolphins do with Reggie Bush tonight.

I expect Vontae Davis will start. I expect Daniel Thomas will play. I expect the Dolphins to win. (At least that's what I picked in both The Herald or The Herald's Pigskin Challenge.) I know, I know, you have no respect for my picking of games.

I will update the inactive players as soon as they available.

[Update: the inactives are Steve Slaton, Chris Clemons, Ike Alama-Francis, Will Baker, Ryan Cook, Will Yeatman and Phillip Merling.]

And we shall have a live blog starting in the comments section below as we get around kickoff at 8:30.