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Live blog of Giants-Dolphins (with Cowher transcript)

There's a game at MetLife Stadium today. Remember?

Dolphins versus Giants?

I will have a live blog of the event starting in the comments section below. Join me there.

Also, I have for you the complete statement from Bill Cowher on CBS today relative to his coaching future. As you know from my last post and tweets, Cowher has said he will not coach next year.

His comments:

"I'd just like to say this. I've not been contacted directly or indirectly by any football team or any organization. It's all speculation, and it's unfortunate because it affects the lives of many people that are in the profession. I am here to say to you today, I do not plan on coaching next year. I love where I work, and more importantly I enjoy the people that I work with up here. So I can put all the speculation to rest. And if I have to repeat this in December again, I will. But you know what, J.B., it's a tough profession, I know there is speculation out there. I'm flattered by it to be honest with you. But at the same time it affects too many
people's lives. I like what I'm doing right here, and I plan on being back in the same seat next year.


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It never fails, when Miami scores the special teams or the defence lies down.

And apparently so do the Giants offense, lol.


Its what happens to good teams when they play bad teams!

Admit it. You Fins fans are just watching this in anticipation of seeing a REAL QB at 4:15.


Giants are doing a great imitation of the Dolphins...Penalties galore

Kevin "BURN"ett- burned again...

All day to throw!!

Dolphins D. Making Eli look like the old Peyton in every play.

Tony McDaniel in the middle of the field on a zone blitz drop.


Never been a fan of the 3 man rush.

IS there anyone rushing the passer?? 3 MAN RUSH from the 20yd line---really????????

God this defence sucks, all those wasted picks

All right!!

Alright Mike Nolan!!! the Prevent D!

I think the Dolphins have touched Eli twice all game - once by a cornerback and once when the Captains shake hands before the game

where's the D=Line?!

We haven't seen any Wildcat 2.0 in this 0-6 season.

Would the Fins record have been any different if they did?

Will we see it today?

Giants have yet to recieve thier loseritis innoculations. The doctors will meet them in the lockeroom at halftime.

If manning was a little like his brother he would have had an eternity back in the pocket...Somebody had to get open eventually!!!!

Jimmy Wilson will do best at Safety.

Dont want my Phins to do bad....Just want the Giants to do REALLY REALLY WELL today

Sparano fist pumped the Giants field goal

I think by the end of the day and with our pass rush ( LOLOL ) Eli will able to get Xmas shopping done and mailed.

Times almost up.... We WIN!!!!!!!!!!

Never mind 3 quarters to go.

Jimmy Wilson would make a great press corner. He has the physicality for it.

Sparano fist pumped the Giants field goal

Posted by: Joe T | October 30, 2011 at 01:33 PM

Uhm, anything else new in life?

Dolphins special teams discipline strikes again.

Alright, time to revert back to the Horrid offense we all know and love*lol*

Ten 3 Indy 0
NO 0 Rams 0

Where is JT?

Finaly, bcak to Miami Football..this team frightens me...

Odds are that it will not happen, but, I'm rooting for a Dolphins victory today. Even if this team went on a roll and we finished say 5-11. We still have a chance to draft a better qb than we had in Chad Henne.

Lets go Dolphins!

lets GO indy!!!!

I smell a winnnnnnn!! Ok, sorry, I got some fresh and the blood rushed to my head.

Odds are that it will not happen, but, I'm rooting for a Dolphins victory today. Even if this team went on a roll and we finished say 5-11. We still have a chance to draft a better qb than we had in Chad Henne.

Posted by: yesterday's gone | October 30, 2011 at 01:37 PM

Did you not see Andy Luck last night?

Guys, forget sucking for anyone, at 5-11 we can still draft a really good college qb!

Where is JT?

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 30, 2011 at 01:35 PM

Who cares? What year is this, 1999?

Guys, forget sucking for anyone, at 5-11 we can still draft a really good college qb!

Posted by: yesterday's gone | October 30, 2011 at 01:39 PM

I don't want good. I want Great.

It's the Bush and Marshall show


The Suck for Luck campaign makes sense logically, but it makes me feel a little dirty. It just feels wrong.

Then again, a decade of losing feels wrong too.

Splitting the remaining 10 games gives us a 5-11 record. Thats still a top 10 draft position.

0-16 did you know that there are at lest 5-6 legitimate extremely talented qb's coming out this season? They're all better than Chad Henne!


ok JERKOFF is a douche! "The Dolphins won't win the Superbowl this year."

Is this us playing right now? Dang, today's looking like a good day. We're playing loose now.

Every TIME a play doesn't go as scripted...Miami has to burn a T.O....

When will we get this fixed....

Have we made it to the 2 min warning with all 3 of our time outs in any game this season?

Finally a trap.

Just admiring the great play by the guy we picked instead of Matt Ryan. Perhaps injuries taking a toll. Was treated there like a revolving door. WTF?

What a run by Bush!!

Slayton?? Hilliard at the goal line.

Stupid bunny ass call

Whohooo!! Matt Moore!! Go Fins!!

That's it. Calling new plays.

Graet call..love mmoore

Is it wrong I'm happy I want to win and lose @ the same time .

We will win this Game.

No Balls Sporano....showing some balls....

Good for him....

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