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Ladies and germs, your new starting QB ...

Matt Moore.

Yeah, that's probably the ticket.

Matt Moore. The Dolphins have had multiple conversations with David Garrard but neither side seems to be budging on guaranteed monies at the time of this writing. I guess that could change, but not right this second.

And while the haggling continues (or not) and the picking over of other discard QBs continues (or not) the team has wasted three days without hiring someone new or better than Matt Moore to start Oct. 17 against the New York Jets.

Understand, this week is basically over. Thursday is the final work day. Players will be off Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. They will come back Tuesday and be off again on Wednesday. So unless the new QB is on the field tomorrow afternoon, four days passed without a resolution of a QB issue.

I suppose Chad Henne could be the backup to Moore or even start if the miraculous happens. But I really don't see too many miracles happening so far this 0-4 season for the Dolphins. So I'm betting on Matt Moore as the starting quarterback against the Jets.

I'm sooo excited.

Anyway, don't be down on Moore. He's a good guy. He's something of a gunslinger. He's fearless. He's just, just, well, limited.

He spoke with the media on Wednesday -- as starting QBs do. And this is what he had to say:

(On working with the first team) - “It’s been good. It’s been good getting a lot of work in, much needed work. Getting upset with these guys and just getting reps, those are things that I need as a player and that are good as a whole and for everybody to get reps with me as well.”

(On feeling rusty or behind since the season started) - “No, I mean, those just much needed reps, that’s all. It’s good to get on the same page with everybody and the only way to do that is practice with them and get reps with them and all the obvious reasons so it’s good being in there.”

(On your mindset if you’re going to start) - “I don’t know, it’s all up to Coach (Tony) Sparano. Right now, I’m taking reps because they’re telling me to take reps so that’s where we at.”

(On the importance of the offensive line believing in you) - “Yeah, it’s big, I think as a quarterback if you’re O-line doesn’t believe in you, then you’re in big trouble, that’s a big deal. Your way to earn their belief or trust is going out and playing well, putting us in the right situation. Games like last week, being in battle and things like that, but it’s definitely a big deal for us and them to have a mutual respect for each other.”

(On trying out two other quarterbacks) - “I don’t know, if that’s what they’re doing. Don’t mean much to me, but if that’s what they got to do, that’s what they go to do.”

(On your feelings after watching film) - “Obviously, there’s some things I wanted back at the end of the game. Some good things I think that I’m happy about and I want to continue to do these things. Been in that situation before, coming off the bench and so disappointed that we lost, some bright spots, but obviously, some things we need to work on.”

(On having time to preparing during the bye week) - “Yeah, I mean, with the circumstances, getting reps is good, just trying to get better in the time that I’m in there and hopefully be ready if needed.”

(On anything you learned last week from playing) - “Like I said, I’ve been in that situation before, played minimal games in this league. I kind of knew how it’s going to be, kind of take it back a little bit, just practicing from the scout team to live bullets, it’s a little quicker than you anticipate on the sideline so I kind of have to get use to that quickly, but all and all, but once I got in there and got into a little rhythm, it’s was kind of back on the horse again so it felt good. Like I said, in every game, you’re going to have plays you’re going to learn from and there were some from that game, but it felt pretty good.”

(On knowing the history of quarterbacks after Dan Marino’s retirement) - “Yeah, I don’t really, to be honest with you. All I can worry about is this team right now, making myself the best player possible. Obviously, (Dan) Marino was a great one, it doesn’t matter who’s back there, the guy who’s going to make the plays and win ball games ultimately, is going to be the guy. Whether that’s 15 guys in 15 games, or one guy, they’re going to find the right guy so I can’t really speak on that.”

(On the adjustments needed for the players to feel comfortable with you) - “Well, I don’t know if I have to adjust. I think every guy’s different. Well, I take that back, I have to adjust a little bit, but at the same time, with more reps, they’ll get use to like my cadence quickly. The running backs the past two days have gone through ball handling drills where we’re working with each other and they’re kind of feeling me out because there are some differences from any quarterback not just between Chad (Henne) and I, but every quarterback is different. So just little things I need to work on and there were some cadence things in the game that we got squared away, the OL to myself so some little things we need to keep our ears open for and those guys will tell me what I need to change, what I need to do, and we’ll go from there.”

(On what you learned about the offense from watching) - “A lot, that’s one of the positives from being on the sideline I guess and when you’re not out there, you see the game from a different perspective and see it from a different angle, it definitely helps you. Things you might not see on the field, you’re able to see in different situations, you’ll be more heads up to certain things you might get from seeing it on the sidelines.”

(On the team wanting a win) - “Yeah, no doubt (laughing). Yeah, no doubt, that’s the name of the game and I can’t speak highly enough of this group in here. I know it’s not what we want right now, but these guys we’re working, and we’re hungry.

(On you wanting a win) - “Yeah, it’s been rough, but like I said, you don’t have time to think about the past in this game, you have to keep moving forward and keep grinding and working towards the next one, that’s my mindset.”

(On talking to Chad Henne about how he feels) - “A little bit, I don’t know, I think it’s a day-to-day thing with him. I hope everything will be alright, but really don’t know much right now.”


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Oder, You were talking all day how you "Got Injured",(What you do fall over the steps while drunk Iam Sure) and were givin Morphine, Own up to it tough guy.

Posted by: Just The Facts. | October 05, 2011 at 06:13 PM

For now on I'm just calling you "Glutton For Pinishment"-LOL!

You got busted AGAIN Blog Hit Troll-ROTFLMAO!

Own THAT! You've TOTALLY lost all credibility LOSER ;) Good Job!

Just for the record, I injured myself while DRUNK on a trampoline with a Beautiful Blonde Hottie half my age.

Ah, Sweet Memories, painful, but SWEET.........

PS: Dufus, they give you a shot of Morphine in the EMERGENCY room when you break a bone. They don't give you prescriptions and vials of it to take home, driving or hunting, etc, etc-Sheesh.

You might want to consider things like this when you make up your next LIE about me :)

Oops, I meant to say: #1 YEAH!

If barker going to replace Columbo at RT? My guess is Miami will activate Pat Devlin from the practice squad to backup Matt Moore, and Henne will go on IR.

Matt Moore needs to do two things which will help him to succeed. He needs to pump fake sometimes and run out of the pocket when he ses the pocket collapsing. This is why we failed on third down so much. Matt Moore depended solely on the offensive line instead of extending the play by scrambling. They should also sign David Garrard. He may be able to take them to the playoffs; with all of the talent that they have on offense.

Matt Moore, just go out there and do what you do best - Deliver your team a #1 Pick!

Matt Moore, just go out there and do what you do best - Deliver your team a #1 Pick!



The truth always comes out during an interview. The question was ( on the team wanting a win ) Matt replied," Yeah no doubt(laughing )I know its not what we want now, but these we're working, and we're hungry.

IT also reminded me of a recent C Henne interview where he stated, ( this team will never stop quitting ) Is this a mistake in words or the true feeling of the players ?


I think Mat Moore has the guts that HEnne lack of. His playing time in the preseason seemed to be quite good.

SO, if we started winning and missed the #1 pcik next year just because the guy was able to win 6 games, I'll be mad, really mad in January not only for the missed chance to touch rock bottom to start rising again under a new head, BUT because of the nonsensical stubborness of sticking with Henne no matter what in such a lousy begining.

This new Contract is horrendous. So in the next 7 days they work 2 days, no pads I assume and get 5 off?? High school kids practice more. Pathetic

I like this guy for no other reason than NOT saying 'I mean (yada, yada) 10 or 15 times

Scott from Delaware obviously missed the other blog. Ireland is safe no matter what according to many different Dolphin Sources. He has Carl Peterson on his side and Ross really trusts him. So to answer your question, YES, Ireland will have a job next year, right here.

This is going to be FUNYYYYYYYYYY

....watching the Jets with their multiple blitz packages against Moore and that offensive line of Columbo and Carey.

He is going to be running for his life. I predict 8 sacks and another QB witha DISLOCATED shoulder. Who is our 3rd sting QB? LOL. He better start getting warmed up.

Jets 27 Dolphins 6

SUCK FOR LUCK - this team is well on its way, LOL.

What did u expect anything different Armando? I coulda told u that Moore would be starting as long as henne was out on Sunday even before they got him off the field! For the first time in my life I'm gonna fist pump for field goals cause that means more likely the first pick in the draft and I hope Ireland is gone with spo! We need a complete enema of the crap that is inundating our front office!

Alright. Let's win some games. 12-4. Come on

The pirate pass that joint to the left hand side cause I want some of that!

Mr Ross your a billionaire its chump change
sign David Garrard

Henne, Moore, what difference does it make ?
The problems of this team are much deeper: coach, GM
and maybe the owner.
Whatever it happens, we will see in draft 2012 the real face of this administration.
For the time being, leave Moore as starter and Devlin as backup. At this point I think that most of the fans don't care anymore about this season.

I'll just say this... Good luck to Matt. When Henne went down, my first through was: "Hey, we might actually win a game this season!"

Its so sad. In re: to Mondo's other blog post - I think you're totally right Mondo. If the team can't even put players on the field to win games, its just a big B-slap to all the fans.

See ya fins - call me when you guys decide to get real and *try* and win a game. Then maybe I'll plunk down some money to watch.


I saw the first Fins game in 66 at 9 yrs old and have watched at least 90% of games since. Sorry , just can't root for the other team and get on the Suck For Luck band wagon. Don't think Garrard is the answer. At times he plays like Josh Freeman , just a very inconsistent Josh.

Assuming Henne's out for the rest of the year, I believe his hope to be the first string QB will be over or to be a Fin next year.

This is the last year of his contract. He hasn't played enough for the FO to make a decision about his new contract (what he's worth).

Then you have the likely posibility that a new HC with POWER will want to also be the GM (or be able to pick his own) and the rest of the staff. If this happens, he'll either be 2nd string or traded.

It just doesn't look good for Henne. Maybe he'll do better elsewhere.

I have never questioned your decisions since you have been the owner of the Miami Dolphins. As a matter of fact and as far as I know, you have been dead-on in your judgment as evidenced by your unsuccesful attempt to hire Jim Harbaugh. It is just the devious, low class way you go about your business that I don't appreciate.

I am sure Matt Moore is a good guy. Henne is a good guy too, but when it comes to winning games, all that matters is the play on the field. We need a franchise QB, and the best way to do this is to draft one.

The Fins should look into making Mark Dominik from the Bucs their new GM.

He picked Preston Parker who's doing great. The Fins and everyone else passed.

Check this comment.

"Dominik didn't waste time putting his handprint on the Bucs. He immediately purged many popular veterans, including Derrick Brooks and Warrick Dunn, while drafting a core of young stars like quarterback Josh Freeman, receivers Mike Williams and Arrelious Benn and safety Cody Grimm and trading for tight end Kellen Winslow. Last season, Dominik raided opposing rosters for rookies like running back LeGarrette Blount and guard Ted Larsen."

He's only 40 and would never have made the Dez Bryant's mother comments.


I have been a fan since 71, I was 5 years old at the time. It has been to many years since this team was great, and I would be willing to sacrifice this season and even go 0-16 to help build for a brighter tomorrow. I know Luck is not the cure all, but so many people compare him to Patton Manning and call him a sure future star that I think he is a goo start in the rebuild of this team. I also like Cohwer more that Chucky as our future head coach.

Mr.Ross is not going to spend any money on a qb like Garrard, this guy knows that the Phins can land the number one pick in the coming draft, this means after the season is over the Dolphins will be on ESPN and NFL Network 24/7 until the day of the draft, like all billionaire he likes the spot lite and with that the opportunity to land a franchise QB like Luck.

Some of these very powerful Men try to accomplish 3 to 4 objectives in one pass; in Ross' trip to CA last year, try to sign Jim Harbaugh, survey land in case he decides to relocate the Miami Dolphins, shame Tony Sparano into resigning, etc. Of course, in order to do the above they have to break some arms. We know, we have another of those type of Man near Miami, about 90 miles away.

It is all about Control, which demonstrates a deep Insecurity.

(On knowing the history of quarterbacks after Dan Marino’s retirement) - “Yeah, I don’t really, to be honest with you. All I can worry about is this team right now, making myself the best player possible. Obviously, (Dan) Marino was a great one, it doesn’t matter who’s back there, the guy who’s going to make the plays and win ball games ultimately, is going to be the guy. Whether that’s 15 guys in 15 games, or one guy, they’re going to find the right guy so I can’t really speak on that.”

Lets see what Moore can do.....I hope he gets to start long enough to end the Henne debate.....so tired of it.....

They never gave Thigpen a real shot......and Moore will need more than one game to prove if he can play or not.....


If we go with the HENNE STANDARD in QB YEARS.......

Moore is still in his rookie season....since he has ONLY STARTED 13 GAMES.....even tho he is by all logic in his 5TH SEASON.....

but before you Henne Defenders go to hard on Moore a week from Sunday.......remember....

Moore is ONLY a ROOKIE....in HENNE YEARS.....

hells yeh!!! suck for luck!! I want my dolphins to be either awesome or terrible. I'm tired of mediocrity.

go dolphins!!

I get the feeling this will be the very last tidbit of remotely interesting news until a new HC is named. I don't see what else now can possibly matter until then.

Henne years lol, so what's Peyton Manning in Henne years...172 years old lol.
I like the "Henne Years" thing, good on bro

Swamy, I like your thinking man, good studf

Moore sounds like Sparano, talking in circles! Let's see how he does! Can't hurt! With Luck looming on the horizon!

no matter what a dolphin source says,lol hilarious. how dumb can some people become??

By the way I have been with Dez Bryants mom for 200$ she wasn't that bad.

just beat the jets plz

jeff ireland is dumb as a retarded rock.

Just cut to the chase and put Devlin in. We don't want Moore screwing up and winning a game or two!!


What about Carson Palmer, is he still available for a mid round draft pick? Or maybe a Tim Tebow for a 3rd rounder? Try something for pete's sake and don't just give up and go with Matt Moore?! Geez, Garrard, Edwards, Croyle, Delhomme, any of them are more experienced and better than Moore! Is Chad Pennington healthy yet? What about Favre??!! Just one win is all we want, and then you can draft Luck for next year.

As long as MM doesn't play scared to lose he should do fine. If anything it looks like it's Sanchez who's feeling the pressure and playing scared.

john just quit, we will draft luck. dont sign some qb now so we can win 6 games instead of 2. that would ruin the draft for us. we have to get the number one pick

Why do the suck crowd feel so compelled to blurt out the same stupid phrase over and over? We get it. You want to suck. Feel free.

No need for the constant bleating. What a bore!

If we win 2 games let it be against the Jets! But not if we're going to lose Luck! If we beat the Jets AND get Luck, the season is a success! Sad to say!

Just Our Bad Luck: Right Now We're 0-4

1. Moore immmediately takes team on 3 game win streak. (3-4)

2. Lose 4 straight. (3-8)

3. Win 2 straight. (5-8)

4. Lose 2 straight. (5-10)

5. Win last game. (6-10)

Final record 6-10. Colts win Andrew Luck. We immediately negotiate to send our 8th overall 1st rd pick to Colts for a damaged Peyton Manning after Ireland and Ross try to sell us what it a steal it was for us to acquire him for "Only" a bth overall pick.

Only thing thing is after the shoulder surgery Peyton never regains the form we all onfce knew. Scammed again!

I'm glad Moore is going to get a chance to start, I wish him LUCK!

Best Case Scenario To Win The Andrew Luck Sweepstake:

Go 0-15 until we arrive at our final game. If finish 1-15 and another team has tied us at 1-15, hopefully that team was one of the teams on our scedule that we lost too!


No offense. But how fvcking Chinese does the name "Bill Cowher" sound to you?

That's about as Chinese as Mao Tse Tung is Dutch! LOL..................................


Thx for the info. I really was unaware of that. But it does make very good sense. Same amount of loses against a weaker schedule.


Hopefully everyone that beats us sucks like hell after they beat us, before too!



the guys name was Steve Macintosh (yes, of Scottish descent).

Moore is ONLY a ROOKIE....in HENNE YEARS.....

Posted by: kris | October 05, 2011 at 09:29 PM

What a joke!

Double standard! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Moore didn't bite as a puppy so you know the drill:

Moore Sucks!

5 years, washed up back up!!!!

You know it!!!!


Seems we were right5 on cue with the Cleveland loss. They sucked before they beat us and still suck! LOL............................


Did not know Cowher actually really is of Chinese decent. Thx for the info.

ALoco, do you think Cowher could talk Yao Ming out of retirement to play DE on passing downs? That kid may not get any sacks but he sure would be batting down qb pass attempts at the line of scrimmage like crazy!


Since we are probably going to have a new coach next year I know a lot of people want Gruden or Cowher but if Ireland is back those 2 will not come to Miami. They make a lot of money in the booth why deal with this headache. Rob Ryan is hungry for a coaching job he will bring a free spirit infusion to this team they need it.

Moore will do almost as good as Henne did. No QB can win with this mess.

He'll have slightly better chemistry with Marshall as Moore plays a little Loos-er! More like playground stuff. All for naught though, Marshall will still drop the ones that matter.

Ultimately, Moore will be injured, probably against the jets.

Then it's Devlin and onto the first pick of the draft.

Mark it down, I HAVE SPOKEN!!!!

We finally got. LUCK key to have Moore as a backup, that is just pure LUCK!!! LMAO.
I think Its funny!!


That was funny, but you know as well a I do, DC was right.

Moore will stink it up, but in yours and the rest of the clowns here opinion, it will be all everybody elses fault except Moore's-ROTFLMAO!

Other than Henne, "I MEAN" what QB would be expected to suceed with Marshall, Daboll and the 31st ranked defense?

I will be laughing at you guys, as I can hear it now ;)

BTW, did you notice how Moore ALMOST threw 4 picks in just over three quarters of play?

Don't worry though, us REAL, realist won't be too hard on him. Not like the rest of you biased(you know whats)were against Henne.


Odie in the OC

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