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Miami's "above average" pass protection to be tested

Ponder this statistic: The Dolphins are among the three worst offenses in the NFL at preventing sacks of their quarterback. Miami has yielded 22 sacks, which trails only league-worst Seattle (24) and St. Louis (22).

Now consider coach Tony Sparano's take on Miami's protection: "I would say that the protection as a whole right now I would call it slightly above average. So I think in our league right now above average is about where you’re going to be. I don’t think anybody is great protecting a passer in our league. I really don’t. I think with the limited amount time that you’re in pads and the limited about of time that you have to practice, I really don’t think anybody is great. I think above average is probably pretty good. I think we’re kind of slightly there. We have a high number of sacks right now, but those are for a bunch of reasons."

Obviously the statement and the numbers do not match on their face.

That kind of statement makes most media crazy because they seem totally disconnected from the truth. And thus, fans reading the media account think Sparano is totally unaware of exactly how atrocious his offensive line really is.

But ...

Stop. Breathe. Relax.

Allow me a second to translate, if I may. No, I do not speak coachspeak fluently. But after a few years of listening to the droning of these guys, I think I can kind of sort of understand every other word more or less.

The truth is Sparano is no doubt referring to the protection of his quarterbacks as much more than offensive line play. It includes tight end blocking and running back blocking. And when he mentions that the number of sacks is high but the protection is still "above average" he is clearly saying sometimes the quarterbacks have held the ball too long. He is probably also saying sometimes receivers are not getting open quickly enough or maybe not at all.

Now, there is no way I would defend Miami's offensive line play while protecting the quarterback. Matt Moore got absolutely rocked by multiple blitzes last Sunday and while some of those were successful against terrible blocking by Daniel Thomas, among others, some of the problems were indeed up front as well.

So hopefully you don't think Sparano to be living in a fantasy world when he tells you protction has been "above average." He probably should have specified whose protection he meant and whose he didn't.

Having said all that, the entire picture that makes up Miami's protection -- offensive line, running backs, tight ends, quarterbacks getting rid of the ball on time while receiver get open quickly -- better be at their best on Sunday.

That's because the Giants have perhaps more talent along the defensive line than any other team.

The Giants share the NFL lead in sacks with 21 -- and that while premier pass-rusher Justin Tuck was missed four out of six games with neck and groin injruies. There could be moments in Sunday's game when Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, Jand ason Pierre Paul will be pinning their ears back on Moore at the same time.

We will know then exactly how "above average" Miami's pass protection really is.


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It's all just so hilarious. 0-6, players arguing if they stink or not, a coach who speaks to the press daily but can barely utilize the english language, a GM who can't seem to ever find a winner, an owner who can't seem to say/do anything right, etc. The Fins are the best comedy on the planet.

We all know we are looking at a new GM, new head coach, new coaching staff, new QB and many new players. It's all coming soon to a Fins Stadium near you.

But in the meantime enjoy the comedy show called the Miami Dolphins!!!

This misery has almost made me speachless, or more likly postless.

This just in, Marc Columbo just released from his 3 point stance from the first offensive play of the season. As he turned he asked "Hey, where did everybody go?"

the grounds crew have helped him and explained that everyone is in NY and ready to play the giants for week 8. So he promptly headed to the airport.

This means columbo will line up for the dolphins at right tackle in NY.

THIS JUST IN! Matt more just reserved his spot on the IR list!

And on a lighter note.

The grounds crew is really happy with grass underneath Marc Columbo, the only explaination is, ONLY the grass loves to have this BIG TURD ON THE FIELD!!!!

F my life.

ALoco, I would put the assessments of the blog writers who follow college football against Jeff Ireland's crew anytime.

Ha Poizen, fml has been my Facebook status since yesterday.

The handling of Dez Bryant.

Long over Ryan.

Pat White

Not getting a TE who is worth a sh--.

Sean Smith as an NFL cornerback?

All our Safties

Needing to create the Wildcat and having it be your only option to score.

Hiring D Backs who can't catch a cold let alone a football.

Henning and Daboll and all their touchdowns in the red zone????

Making Solai a multi-millionaire.

Giving someone who can't speak the english language a head coaching position in the NFL.

The handling of JT.

Reggie Bush between the tackles.

Not paying A. Bradshaw.

The Turnstile we call an O-Line.

Not having a solid inside linebacker since Zach.

The 999 QB's since Marino who all leave battered, bruised and out of the NFL within 2 years.

Making Dansby a multi-millionaire and watching TE's around this league make him look foolish every week thereafter.

22 sacks in 6 weeks.

Tedd Ginn, his family, and taking him #1 when we could have gotten him in the third round and we would have loved him.

Punchlines to the joke called Miami Dolphins.

It's just so damn hilarious!!!

Paltry Special Teams

Armtrong not being good enough to start as a Dolphins WR

Welker to the Patriots?

Wannstedt a head coach?

Your MVP for three years in a row? Your Punter!

Walden not good enough? Watch Green Bay lately?

Making Tebow look like a God from Heaven.

A stadium 1/3 full for the last decade.

Not taking advantage of 1:00 starts in Miami in September?

Fist pumping after field goals in the red zone, week in, week out???

Stop it...I can't take it anymore. My sides hurt from laughter. Please stop it!!! Really?!?! Too much laughing....please stop!!

Sparano reminds me of the defense minister from Iraq that boldly stated US forces were no where near baghdad as the statue of Saddam was being dragged to the ground!


Good one!

JPAO, you're on a roll brotha...LOL!

See how much better we all feel when we stop thinking the Dolphins are a serious NFL team and just a comedy of errors. It just makes watching games on Sunday so much more entertaining.

This Just IN

Tony Sparano IS Clueless!!!

O wait, is that not news, my bad, How about

Miamis Offenive line is Atrocious!!!

And some people still might actually wonder why sparano is a qualified offensive line/head coach.....his press comments pretty much sums it up!!

Pats cut Leigh Bodden.

Do the Miami Stink Bugs jump on this?

Oh wait, we have the best tandem in the NFL.


Sparano's poor use of language, his inability to express a clear thought accurately, reflect a mind that works loosely and by approximation - concrete and absent insight. I remember listening to Bill Walsh talking about the 49ers or Shula, when he was moved to speak, talking about the game and both were clear, concise, often funny, sometimes cutting but always understandable. Sparano is just in a role over his head and the performance of the team, the selection of and instability of the assistant coaching staff and the generation of a system that makes players play below their ability level reflect in it. Nice guy but not the sharpest pencil in the box.

I have officially eliminated Tuna Helper from the list of foods that I will consider eating.

Guys, it might be time to forget about Cowher


If I am ever fishing and I catch a "Big Tuna" I am going to beotch slap the thing.

Then I'll name it Bill and throw it back in the water.

Dolphins-Giants meetings are a rarity.

The teams have met only six times, with New York holding a 4-2 advantage, though the Dolphins are 2-1 in New York.

The defensive line of the Giants are probably counting the minutes till gametime.I feel really bad for Matt Moore.Better have plenty of ice,and advil on hand.

Also assessed by TS as "above average".


Matt Moore, 1 TD in 96 passing attempts.

Craig M and others, tell me again how Moore isn't that bad?

PLEASE! I'll try to be nice, but statements like these show very little understanding of football.

I think we could safely replace the FO with the cast of Lancelot Link.

I think I'd get more out of the pressers...

Chad Henne is not that bad (not that good either, but that's another story).

Matt Moore is a COMPLETE JOKE! He's the closest thing to starting a practice squad player without actually starting a practice squad player.

I couldn't tell you who was better in a competition between Matt Moore and Brady Quinn. That's how bad he is (both of 'em).


Great reads on your last two posts been waiting for Mando the Fan to finally call it like it is. I`ve been reading your articles since the early 90`s and know you and Cote are both fans as well. I did always understand that it was your job and you couldn`t afford to alienate the team but in the past you did tend to be more critical when the situation warranted.

I will give you a couple more though, it wasn`t the media or the fans that passed on Aaron Hernandez in Rd.4 for AJ Edds either (situational player they envisioned)

It wasn`t any of us either that gave Justin Smiley a 25 Million Dollar contract while cutting Donald Thomas who could have been a solid back up at either Guard spot while bringing in former Cowboy after former Cowboy to replace him to no avail.

It wasn`t any of us who passed on MLB Barret Rudd to sign the often injured Kevin Burnett or let FS Renaldo Hill walk to replace him with Gabril Wilson.

It wasn`t any of us that drafted Phillip Merling while passing on sure fire DE Calais Campbell whose now blowing it up in Arz. which in turn made the move more necessary for osteosperosis ridden Jared legs Odrick while passing on FS Earl Thomas and WR Dez Bryant.

I`ll stop now !!!! I just got the sudden need to visit the corner liquor store and pound a gallon of whiskey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's that Armando? The Dolphins stink? Thanks for letting us know. Can't wait for the next story that tells us how bad the Dolphins stink because I'll probably forget after leaving the blog.

Why do you always get into such a huff when someone criticizes the media? Because the accusation is unfounded? LMFAO. 90% of the crap you guys write is unfounded, ("Carl Petersen is on the plane with Ireland and Ross"). So you're mad about Bush saying something that isn't true and what I'm saying is that the media constantly prints stories that aren't true. So I'm not taking either of your sides and I can't believe anyone is.

Who freakin cares what Reggie Bush says about the media? WE DON'T. I didn't even give it a second thought until your last blog. He's a mediocre player on a crappy team, it matters not what he thinks. You making a big deal out of it brought it to light more than if you had just ignored his nonsense. WHO CARES. The season is over, a new coach,gm,and vp will be brought in and hopefully this time we get the right people. Until then, who f***ing cares.

The Giants have the deepest set of talent on the DL especially at DE that I have personally seen in some time. It`s covering up a pretty weak group at CB for them, great pass rush will do that. I really hope that they roll Moore out some to the left ESPECIALLY and try and get creative because if he goes into a regular 3 to 7 step drop, Uminyora, Tuck and especially Pierre Paul with Boley blitzing straight up the gut will turn his lights out and quick. Bad game with horrible match ups up front with our slower than hell OL Vs. their quicker than C H I T and physical DL.

empty backfield, 5 wides, everybody's hot.

Matt, throw the damn ball, son.

Bill Cowher has no interest in coaching the Dolphins because it's too much work. He's waiting for a coach (from a talented team that under achieved) to quit so he can step in and more easily get to the playoffs. He's not interested in having to put in hard work to build a team from the ground up, he already did that. And he's not interested in coaching in a city where people would rather go to the beach than to go to a football game. He wants a blue collar type town like Pittsburgh and is probably hoping the Cowboys beat Phili so the Reids gone rumors will heat up. That would be his perfect landing spot. I really don't think we have a shot in hell to land him but I guess stranger things have happened.

Moore is gonna get blasted on this weekend so will Losman. I cant believe anyone would pick the Dolphins.

Talking about players we passed on, Jason Pierre Paul is another that we let get away in the trade down for Odrick (anybody see those back flips he did all the way downfield at the combine, freak athlete with right atitude) but in thinking it over if he were a Fin he`d probably still be on the bench learnng to play OLB while getting wasted away on ST`s like we did with Wake a couple of years ago were he gets hurt and we`d have cut him.


Just picked up your post to me. I never said he was great. What I had a problem with was Armando's comment that 'Moore led his team to the first pick in the draft last year'. The guy started THREE games last year and played in four. My point is that he is an adequate backup. Who would you rather have? Curtis Painter? Thigpen? Brunell? He was never brought in to start. We're stuck with him now unless he goes down and if he does go down you might be wishing he was back after watching JP Losman play.

I get the posts listing all the good/great players we passed on. But have to believe we'd have found a way to make underachievers out of most of them.

Leigh Bodden chopped by the Pats today. Go and sign him and add some frickin' depth to the clowns playing cornerback on this team. I'll take him over a healthy Noaln Carroll.

Armando, Why are you defending this blathering IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Why don't you write how this FOOL cannot speak the English language???
I'm sick of hearing SparanoSpeak.
Maybe the reason the team sucks is his total inability to communicate!!
Mr Ross Wake UP!!!

The Dolphins need to let the Giants win this game as a thank you for blocking the Cheatriots undefeated run.


I dont think any of the fron office guys care about making improvements to the team they all know there getting fired.

Think about it if you knew you were getting fired would you give 2 shits about the company?

I agree the Doplhins need more individual accountability. Manning throws for 250 in the first half.

MM8 = TT16.

I feel like I've elevated my game since Mando is censuring me now.

Moore had better be a good runner. Because these guys are sack machines and with Poor ol Columbo, I can see Moore running left all day long.

I applauded TS on his first season and thought things would be great. He has become a tried and true turd with very little pride. The consummate double speaker should be selling snake oil or run for senate.

I hope the Jests sign him next year as a oline coach. That would be wonderful. It would also be good to read him in the New York times for a laugh.


One other point, what makes you think Moore has the supporting cast to catch any TD passes while he's out there. They couldn't catch them when Henne was out there, why would it be any different under Moore? It's not all on Moore, why he has 1 TD pass in 96 attempts.

The Giants are going to be coming at Moore all game. When he's flat on his back every few plays you guys can blame him for that too. They way things are going Moore will be on the sidlines injuried pretty soon and we'll be watching what Losman can do. Might even start this weekend.

Is Pat Devlin activated for the Giants game ?

Hope So .

sparano would never play devlin,. he knows hes already fired. he wants to win to ruin miamis draft

dusty bottoms,

Correct on that one.


come on guys... the heck is the coach supposed to do?... trash his own players in the media? i give him credit for being as honest "as he CAN be". his job is to coach his players... not stroke the media and make US feel better. sure... so far... the on feild product is pathetic. but it's not for lack of trying. i LIKE Sporano... but we know he's gone. and so does he as his house is up for sale. changes are coming... until then... lighten up... GO BUFFALO... i mean MIAMI!

even if we get the first pick we should trade it away.........trade down because case keenum is the best qb coming out in this years draft.........hands down

The title should read above average on passing the opportunity to block someone!





Wow, the house that Parcells bought the groceries for is all bad. There is nothing positive about the Miami Dolphins. Thanks Parcells you did a great job. (Sarcasm)


The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

I blog like Tony Sparano coaches. Talk to myself a lot. Usually no one answers...

You know, the so called "experts" who predicted the Miami Dolphins winning a max of 3 or 4 games were so close to the truth. With the exception that they were actually being nice. Everyone of us Dolfans took exception to their "insult" of predicting the Fins to suck one more year. Now after 6 games, we can only wish those experts still aren't right, but this time because 3 or 4 games would just make us suck for at least 1 more decade, with no chance at getting a franchise QB. Please take us out of this misery and just "Suck for Luck".

case keenum be lucky to even play in nfl. houstons offense makes any qb look good. made kolb and klingler look unreal. they both sucked

Let's fast forward to after they April draft. By then we will have a fresh new FO and a new 1st round QB.

By August everyone will convince themselves that we had a great draft and are on our way.

By October our season will once again be over.

By November everyone will see we have a long way to go.

They'll be tested alright. Final score, Giants 38, Dolphins 0.

Then, by 2013, Buffalo will be a powerhouse. NE will be better than they are today. The Jets? Who knows. The fins? Well, its going to be a long road.

Hey "Rocko" if we're lesbians than obviously we like v**ina. You're calling us lesbians as if it's a put down and you're the opposite.

Enjoy your one man crusade against the posters in this blog while you continue s**king c**k.

Gian there are 3 to 4 franchise qbs in the draft this year, we'll get one of them. All of whom are better than last years class of qbs taken in the 1st,2nd, and 3rd.

October 2017

That will be the next time the Miami Dolphins will be favored to win a game.

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