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Brunch is served: Heaping helping of Andrew Luck

I hate doing this but I have no choice: It seems all you people care about is Andrew Luck.

Oh, you have a passing interest in whether the Dolphins win one game or not. You want to know if the Dolphins are going to make a change at the top of their personnel department and on their coaching staff and when those might come. And, until Tuesday's passing of the NFL trade deadline, you have an interest in whether anyone is coming or going via trade.

Other than that, it's all about Andrew Luck.

Andrew Luck this. Andrew Luck that. Suck for Luck. Etc., etc., etc ...

Fine, I will feed the machine.

I present to you as much Andrew Luck as you can bear. By the way, as you watch, notice he's human. Yup, Andrew Luck is human, The Herald has learned. He isn't perfect. He makes mistakes. The game and opponents sometimes beat him.

I'm sure someone will also bring up the fact he doesn't exactly play in the SEC, either.

But his footwork is awesome. He has a quick enough release. He moves well in the pocket and can run a little bit. His accuracy while on the move is outstanding. You will see him on more than one occasion come off one receiver and onto another. You will see him on more than one occasion look at one side of the field and come back to the other side and throw -- something Miami quarterbacks haven't done a lot of lately.

He can attack the seams of the defense, which has been lacking around here since Chad Pennington. His arm is strong enough. He already plays out of the pro-style set so there isn't a wide learning curve in getting him under center and familiar with drops.

So, yes, he will be the first overall selection in the next draft, assuming he remains healthy and comes out. And I will therefore feed your ravenous appetite for Andrew Luck:

After the 2010 season, Luck could easily have been the first overall pick in the NFL draft had he opted not to stay at Stanford. He stayed anyway so the rest of this season he must stay healthy, and show some improvement on 2010 play like this:


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You didn't mention the money part of it so I will.
Draft picks will start at the following positions next season:

Only a fool would continue to care or support this team.

They should declare bankruptcy and get out of all of thier contracts.
Make everyone a free agent.
Start over from zero.
Because they are screwed from a financial standpoint.

When you are comparing the depth chart to the budget you can't just pretend that it will work - you have to make it work.
Belichick understands this because he got his undergrad degree in Economics at Wesleyan.
How many of the following are number one picks of the Pats?: Brady-Welker-GrennEllis-Hernandez-Gronkowski-Branch

Our skill players are Moore-Thomas-Fasano-Bess-Marshall-Hartline-Bush
No wonder we can't win anything

Our highest producing defensive player to date is Olshansky. Seriously.

Other than Andrew Luck Baylor’s quarterback is much more of a passer than a scrambler. Both his 19-1 touchdown to interception ratio shows and his 82.3 completion percentage suggest that.

Miami needs a quarterback more than any other NFL team, and Robert Griffin III could find a home in Miami if he keeps up his great play going into games against the defenses of Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Texas.

Griffin is a smrt individual, earning his degree in just three years, while also being a track star in high school.

Isn't Griffin small for an NFL QB though?
Didn't we go down that road with Beck?

Those are 3 tough games coming up for him.
I could more see Griffin in Regggie Bush's role.

Then again Tyrod Taylor is the #2 in B'more so a smaller guy can get a chance.

I echo the same sentiment. Robert Griffin III is the REAL DEAL at QB.

Escapability, ellusiveness, raw speed and a DEADLY ACCURATE ARM both on the move and in the pocket make for a very exciting player.

82% completion percentage is off the chain!

He is my initial choice at QB. There will be the usual up and down college QB prospects all the way up to and including the combine and pro days.

Great prospect that brings a ton of dynamic potential.


I think we got to go RT RG 2nd & 3rd.
Then again we should offer everyone on the team up for trade. Trade deadline Tuesday right?

If someone offered us thier first rounder next draft for Marshall & Dansby today should we not do it?
We have Moore/Wallace/Gates on sidelines to take Marshall's reps. And we can re-sign McQuistan to take Dansby's reps.


Griffin's reported size is 6'2" and 220lbs. We won't know for sure until the combine what his true actual size is.

While 6'2" and 220lbs is definitely not the prototype 6-4 240lbs QB. I believe his movement skills and accuracy will be able to buy time and make throws by creating throwing lanes.

Griffin is at a height that a number of QBs have had success with. Players such as:

Mike Vick is 6' and 215lbs, Drew Brees 6' and 209lbs, Joe Montana 6'2" and 205lbs, Steve Young 6'2" and 215lbs.

I guess it depends more on the style of QB you want.


San Fran and Oakland would be good trading partners. Seattle also.

Here's the trade:
Marshall & Dansby for a FS and next draft's #1.
San Fran would definitely do that.
And Seattle just got rid of Curry.

Marshall & Dansby take up huge cap room. With the 2 1st rounders we get Luck and the best NT and we have cap room to sign them.
RT, RG, OLB 2nd, 3rd & 4th rounds.

This is my favorite Luck highlight. I can only dream of him destroying some Jet Defender..

Check this video out if you had not seen it already:


PriceMaster you the real SMF

Henne beat Jets 3/4 times.
Funny huh?
He beats 1 team consistently and it's the Jets.

It would depend on where they were in the round.

At this point I would say everyone is for sale at the right price.

I don't think we will get any 1st round offers for Dansby or Marshall.

Hard to say at this point as many personnel moves the Fins make lately are question marks?

Tough to tell.


Anyone else got any trade ideas?
(Reminder: Adults please reference salary floor/ceiling in all posts regarding personnel changes)

I'm saying we give BOTH Dansby & Marshall for a FS and a 1st rounder.

Given the state of talent on this team we need cap room a lot more than Marshall or Dansby.

Yeah outstanding. The things I know about Luck vs Henne, he's got great touch, which is part of what we've been missing in the red zone, he makes others around him better and he's got that confidence about him that others feed off of and makes them play better/harder.

Let's hope and pray for some Luck....

Just talking about QB's gives me wood, and ideas....just in case anyone wants to share...................

Get the 1st overall pick and draft Luck. Move Sean Smith to fs, Reshad Jones to ss, and Jimmy Wilson replaces Smith at corner.

Draft a RT 2nd rd. Then make at least 2 huge fa signings on defense. No one will touch Marshall for more than a 4th rounder. He's proven in Miami he's a #2 possession wr, not a #1 deepthreat.

Carlos Dansby is playing hurt, they guy played hurt all last season and is doing it again this season. You can see he is not 100 percent and niether is Jake Long. But lets Just talk Dansby and Marshal. Marshal is playing horrible this year and I doubt anyone would give up a first rounder for a broke linbacker and a reciever that is crazy and has a case of the drops.


Thanks for the clips. I know it is hard to stay focused during this horrific start of the season.

You heard the people shout out about Luck and you brought the fellas in some good vids.

(hat tip) Cheers,

PriceMaster, both Marshall and Dansby have $50 million contracts. No one would touch either based on the remaining money left on thier contracts alone.

Parting with either would be via release. Both are underperforming based on size of contracts.

Marshall was never worth 2 second round picks. Ireland got shafted and is still walking funny.

Marshall is one bad day away from swallowing a shotgun blast.

yesterday's gone,

I was reading an article it was very intresting I wish I could find it, I would have posted it. It talked about the way Fans so often overvalue thier players. At the beginning of the season I would look threw our schedule and say, oh yeah that should be a win. We got this guy, and this guy will be a beast this year. But I realize that we have a bunch of very servicable guys and not any real ballers. The secondary shuffle you suggested doesn't do anything. Thats like saying lets put Colombo at gaurd and Carey back at tackle. The fact is the both suck!! And I do not see a SS or FS that is a true baller or can ever become a true baller on our roster..

Thats foul bro, but funny!!

If we draft Luck, Ross will only want him to be paid $100,000 per year since he doesn't want to open his wallet for anyone.


IMO Sean Smith would make a great fs. He has corners speed. His height gives him great wingspan. I'll always believe Smith's true nfl calling is as a fs not a corner.

Reshad Jones isnt a fs, Georgia had him at ss for a reason. Y Bell cant cover his own shadow. Sure he can tackles, but we may as well just play a lb at ss based on Bell's coverage skills.

Still early but Jimmy has shown he can make plays at corner. I believe he makes a much better corner than Sean Smith.

In my view, our secondary is so awful because too many guys play out of position.

I cant for the life of me figure why Bell is still our starting ss. We are the only team in the nfl he would be a starter for.

Y Bell is only a run support lb in a db's body.

Its HAS to be LUCK....we cannot I repeat CANNOT second guess this.....it could set us up for 10 years....just focus on LUCK and redo the Oline.....new coach keep Ireland....

Lets go Phins

Being 30 minutes from Stanford and attending a couple games I must say that Mr. Luck brings the stuff, Id say almost a cant miss.

the local KRON 4 in SF introduced the 'suck for luck' facebook' page out here on the sports segment. first time I've heard it out here. dolphins & colts are the front runners...

praying to lose every game but don't think we're that terrible.

at least Henne is out of the way so he won't muck it up.

GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!

Would all of you get it through your thick f==ckin skulls once and for all. IRELAND IS NOT DRAFTING LUCK!!!!! and yes Ross is retaining him as gm. This team is history for years to come until Ross sells. Why is everyone deluding themselves with this Luck hysteria? It's not going to happen even if we go 0 and 16.

DolfanSF, I too saw it, but had knowledge of it from this blog, The big Question is gonna be will he come out?He's still a Junior, He still has his SR. Season left .I hear he really loves the Collage game, Who knows.

he's calling his own plays, ala P.manning, and he's on course to break elways school records. too good to be true... think the colts are giving peyton the year off intentionally..

Joe T, You dont think they'll draft a O-Lineman do you?LOL

I still think the Fins are the worse team in the league, And the players also realize it too, They gave up last year in the fink 8 games, I think they were 2 and 6, And got BLOWN out by the pats in the Finale, Was shocked the next day that the Idiot owner did'nt fire him on the plane ride home, Chances are good if he did Haurbaugh would be the HC of the fins, Seems to be working out for the 49ers.

Thomas looks good. thats the only positive I see in this team, and B.marshall if he had good QB play.

surprised how well niners are doing with haurbaugh. well maybe not so much, they had a good D, Gore, Davis, and a hungry young team. good for them.. actually, like the raiders out here. they look strong to me..

Gotta get Thomas running full time, Could help attract a Good HC, cause lets face it, Ross being a Idiot wont help this team get a good coach unless there's a plus side to this nightmare.You know,A decent Running Back A good LT a 1st round draft pick, Might be inticing to a quility coach, I rooting for Fisher, Hasnt won anything which makes him hungry.

The fact that Ireland is staying on pretty much seals our fate FP4Gs. Ross has singlehandedly destroyed this franchise. Pretty sad for all of South Florida right now. Can't wait for the Heat to start playing again.

Joe, Gotta say Wayne Huizanga started the slide IMHO.

The problem is this;
If the Fins draft nr 1 they have to take Luck.
If not, fans would leave and never return.
If Fins draft nr. 2 they will probably draft a LG, because you just cant trust these people to draft a qb with in the 1st round.
There are probably "good talent in later rounds"

Thats why I want the nr. 1 pick, no matter what!!!

Sometimes you have to suck it up so you can get Luck. This is a golden opportunity. If any Dolphins reads these blogs, please suck. You do anyway but suck as much as possible.

Hell, right now I would take a 3rd & 4th pick for Marshall & Dansby each. that would give us three 3rd rounders and three 4th rounders. Then use those picks to move up in the draft like we did to get Thomas.

C'mon Peyton. Heal up and get your butt on the field ASAP!!!!

Armando, This suck for Luck nonsense reminds me of 2007. I would hate to think that the Dolphins would lose all of their games. It may happen if the worst game planner in NFL history, Tony Sparano remains as coach. Thus you now find yourself writing to feed the frenzy. There are several other QB's that may be available to the Dolphins but Carson Palmer may also be available. Then one can address the huge defensive and OL issues. Wow what a regression for the Dolphins, 2007 all over again.

I will gladly go 0-16 for this kid. And, if Carolina or St. Louis end up with the #1 pick, I would trade virtually anything for him.

You want Three #1 picks for him? Deal. Jake Long and two #1s for him? Done. EVERYTHING should be on the table.

This guy is a potentially league-altering prospect at quarterback. He's the kind of player that could guarantee relevance for the next decade and a half. I don't usually support tanking, but if there was ever a year to actively root against your team, this is it.

We've all suffered long enough. One more year of pain could be all it takes for 15 years of football bliss.

Oh, and have no fear guys.... Luck is definitely going to declare for the NFL draft.

Here's the list of players on offense who are seniors for that team -

- The starting and back up LTs
- The center
- The starting and back up RGs
- Both WRs
- The tight end

There's no chance he comes back for another year knowing that so many critical parts of his offense will be gone. He's going to win his Heisman and enter the draft.

If the Dolphins do end up with worst record in football, they will find a reason not to draft Luck. Thats the way this team has been operating for the last 30 years. Luck won't help us if doesn't have an offensive line in front of him !!!

When we traded for Brandon Marshall I told everyone he not that good, he stinks. He's a woman beater. We couldn't give him away, no one wants him... he's trouble !!

People don't get it. This current administration can't make any trades, scout good players, pick impacting free agents. So until Ireland goes and they make a wholesale change this franchise will and has become the old Detroit Lions of the AFC conference. P.S. also new ownership would help.

cant root for dolphins as long as our head coach is awful and our GM is an ass kissing moron. Never go to another game that is for sure...lol

i'm sure ross is looking to unload this team as we speak but very unlikely he can find another sucker. ireland/sparano need to go asap so we can hire new talent evaluators who put more value on the "fight" in a potential player. we don't have any because of ireland and none are developed because of sp-morono!

Don't trade anyone yet until next year! Get a front office who knows what they are doing 1st with the personnel! Good LORD! WAIT ROSS! DON'T LET IRELAND MAKE ANYMORE PERSONNEL DECISIONS PLEASE!

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