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Brunch is served: Heaping helping of Andrew Luck

I hate doing this but I have no choice: It seems all you people care about is Andrew Luck.

Oh, you have a passing interest in whether the Dolphins win one game or not. You want to know if the Dolphins are going to make a change at the top of their personnel department and on their coaching staff and when those might come. And, until Tuesday's passing of the NFL trade deadline, you have an interest in whether anyone is coming or going via trade.

Other than that, it's all about Andrew Luck.

Andrew Luck this. Andrew Luck that. Suck for Luck. Etc., etc., etc ...

Fine, I will feed the machine.

I present to you as much Andrew Luck as you can bear. By the way, as you watch, notice he's human. Yup, Andrew Luck is human, The Herald has learned. He isn't perfect. He makes mistakes. The game and opponents sometimes beat him.

I'm sure someone will also bring up the fact he doesn't exactly play in the SEC, either.

But his footwork is awesome. He has a quick enough release. He moves well in the pocket and can run a little bit. His accuracy while on the move is outstanding. You will see him on more than one occasion come off one receiver and onto another. You will see him on more than one occasion look at one side of the field and come back to the other side and throw -- something Miami quarterbacks haven't done a lot of lately.

He can attack the seams of the defense, which has been lacking around here since Chad Pennington. His arm is strong enough. He already plays out of the pro-style set so there isn't a wide learning curve in getting him under center and familiar with drops.

So, yes, he will be the first overall selection in the next draft, assuming he remains healthy and comes out. And I will therefore feed your ravenous appetite for Andrew Luck:

After the 2010 season, Luck could easily have been the first overall pick in the NFL draft had he opted not to stay at Stanford. He stayed anyway so the rest of this season he must stay healthy, and show some improvement on 2010 play like this: