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Meyer is not a Dolphins coach candidate right now

You saw Urban Meyer talking to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for part of the fourth quarter and into overtime, didn't you?

It was obvious to everyone in the press box. It was obvious to everyone in the stadium. It was obvious to everyone who saw the shot on CBS.

He's not being hired as the team's new coach -- at least not right now.

Team sources are saying that Tony Sparano will remain coach of the team for the near-term, barring a significant change in thinking by Ross. Ross left town after Sunday's comeback 18-15 victory by the Denver Broncos over the Dolphins and is flying across country on business.

That makes a change less likely because it is hard to believe anyone would make such a significant change over the phone.

The same sources are saying the time Ross and Meyer spent on the sideline was completely coincidental. The owner intended to go into the Dolphins locker room to celebrate with his team when he left his suite. But by the time he got to the field level, the Broncos had scored and were lining up for an onside kick.

Anyway, while Meyer would satisfy the "superstar" label the owner is wanting out of his next hire, it doesn't seem terribly likely he'll be Miami's next coach once this season is over. Even the Dolphins believe his next job will be back in college.


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At least three bloggers said the 2 point conversion was going to be a QB draw. Maybe we should coach this team?

Great reporting!

Does anyone else get it?
Tebow could have scored at any time during the game that he wanted.
He didn't want to offend the residents of the State of Florida so he acted incompetent for the first 50 minutes of the game.
Had he wanted he could have put up 15 points on his first 2 drives and then ran out the clock.

Goodevening Dolphin Fans
From Captain Midnight Lives


Urban Meyer

Overall 104–23 (.819)

Bowls 7–1 (.875)

Dear Mr. Salguero

Free yourselfs of the thoughts and expectations of wins my brothers and sisters,
For they wieght you down with the sadness of loss

Do not follow the false prophet of Denver

Have ye faith in Moses Sparano for he will lead us, the Chosen fans

The day will soon be apon us my brother and sisters

There is only one true Franchise quarterback and his name is LUCK and Moses Sparano will lead us unto him for he will be our team savior

The Book of Dolphins

Soiled :)

If Ross was smart, he would go ahead and do what everyone knows is about to happen and hire Nolan as the interim coach. You see, when a decision by a coach that cost the team a much needed victory and embarrassment, then the owner has to do something drastic or he will loose the fans for the rest of the season. The defense played great. It is time to give rosenfel a shot too.

ARMANDO SAYS >> Ross left town after Sunday's comeback 18-15 victory by the Denver Broncos over the Dolphins and is flying across country on business.

ARMANDO SAYS >> That makes a change less likely because it is hard to believe anyone would make such a significant change over the phone

How soon you forget what Ross and Ireland are capable of doing on a Jet...

Need a reminder?

Jeff Fisher will be the next coach of the Dolphins........god willing!

Thank God owner Ross is staying the course!
Most Dolphin fans forget that football is only a game and way too much emphasis is placed on winning and losing.
Give Sparano and Jeff Ireland a few more years, and I guarantee they will straighten out the team and we will be Super Bowl bound!
But, if not, who cares? It is only a game.

Next year, the Dolphins' starting and backup QBs will be named Moore,

You heard it here first.

Bow to your sensei.

Here's a real Question.... Mila Kunis Or Mila Jovovich???????????????????????

"Tony Sparano will remain coach of the team for the near-term"...

Ross is either senile or stupid... or both.

Trade down.
Get more picks.
Draft acorns

Even I knew Tebow was going to run for 2.

Even I knew Tebow was going to run for 2.

Why didn't I know Tebow would run for 2?

Meyer will not do it. For the first time in a long time, he's enjoying his life and the time he gets to spend with his family. He's not going to be interested in dedicating 100+ hours a week to jump-starting an NFL franchise.

Mila Kunis is TOO Hot!

They both are, but I'm in love with Mila Kunis!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Now that my favorite TV show Breaking Bad on AMC is over for the season, AMC has just started season 2 of my second favorite TV show The Walking Dead.

No its not about the Miami Dolphins Front office or coaching staff all though there are some similarities.

Soiled :)

Since the Gators had a reunion, what say the Dolphins have a reunion of all the people who have absolutely destroyed this franchise? We can put them at mid-field during halftime and have a " Bring Your Own Eggs" promotion. You get the picture. I'll start the list, you add on (it will be therapuetic):


Uh, i have to go vomit now.

Just get it over with ross, even Ceasar had to yeild to the mob when all thumbs were down.

Even I knew Tebow was going to run for 2. whateverr

Nice to know how high a priority the Phins & the fans are for Ross. Everything has fallen apart & he takes off. What a loser. An 0-6 loser.

I also am a fan of 2..

Great list there Elf, But throw in Wayne(Please be kind,Rewind)(Or I'll charge you Five Dollars)Huizanga and your list is complete...

At least I was entertained...because the first 55 minutes was just too damn painful to bear.

One more thing Elf, Can they be Hard boiled eggs????? Just wondering..

Sean Smith has me longing for the days of Jamar Fletcher & Travis Daniels.

Why would we want Urban...really !!!Mike Leach or Cowher !!!

There are only three words to describe this mess: FIRE TONY SPARANO! Those three words go on the back of my pickup in white shoe polish until LOSS decides to FIRE TONY SPARANO!

Elf, you forgot Spielman...

Suck for Luck, sour for Cowher.

I guess you think Meyer's spread option running attack with a running QB will work in the NFL. I take that back. It would definitely work against the Dolphins, but what offense wouldn't. Anybody spending $$ to see the Dolphins play is truly throwing $$ away.

New Theme song for the fin faithful "Suicide is painless"......

The villagers are gathering with their torches and pitchforks...

The Dolphins lost for the 12th time in their past 13 home games.

Thanks Ross. Please keep up the good work!

I like the direction the Dolphins are headed in.

Urban? You gotta be kidding. Urban would trade 1st overall pick to Denver for Tim Tebow.

..and when you say Miami, you're talking toilet bowl..

Stop lusting over me.

XXX Warning XXX

Possible Icebergs, set apropriate speeds, use alternate shipping lanes, heed caution

Captain Sparano aboard the HMS Miami Dolphins : Full speed ahead, steady as she goes, I'll be in my captains quarters.

Crew (Offense and Defense): Fistpump salute as Captain Sparano leaves the bridge

Soiled :)

Why are you all always blaming me. I dont catch the ball i dont throw it. I just tell who to throw to.. NOt second the play calling yall i might be alittle rusty but i should have it down in a few weeks.. If you want to blame someone blame that guy up stairs he is the one who picked our players this yr.. And third can i get a peasnut butter and jelly sandwich im hungry..

This organization is a total disgrace from top to bottom.Don't the fans deserve better than this garbage? How is it they find new,more embarassing ways to lose? This is officially Rock Bottom,0-16 is around the corner. Very Disappointing.

So looking at the schedule, we can only really beat who..... Chiefs and Redskins?

I like our chances for Luck!!!

George Wilson - ex-Dolphins coach, or George Wilson - safety for the Bills?

Oh yall i more thing this Brandon Marshall thing. I think im gonna bench him tommrow. Hes making me look bad

I have been a Dolphins fan for 30 years -through the good and the bad. When the Dolphins decided to honor Miami's rivals, the Gators, in our home field I officially divorced the Dolphins. I truly hope they lose all games they play. What an incredible slap in the face of the city of Miami. Of course Donna Shalala is to blame as well but that is another story. Go Canes!

Come on guys, we're only 2-3 players and the year 2030 from reaching the super bowl!

Yeah #1

Chiefs beating Oakland in the 4th qtr!

Matt Moore is the Dolphins QB until such time as the head coach elects to start someone else.

So this is good news. Status quo is what I want. Not only that but I believe Ross is a lot smarter than most of us give him credit for. I think he realizes what a great opportunity this is for us to get a guy like Andrew Luck and what he could mean to this franchise. How totally ridiculous it would be to get rid of Sparano and hope Nolan could coach a few wins out of these guys and ultimately end up screwing the whole thing up. He knew he needed a change when he tried to get Harbaugh. I belive he'll be successful targetting the next guy and this time he'll get him. Ross gets a pass from me for now...

Elf, I don't know if anyone could get that many eggs...


Hope Sparano is fired now i cant stand him coaching this team.

Yes Cuban hard boiled eggs are ok. Frankly I would prefer to use live bullets they would really get the job done.
By the way angry elf throw Wayne H. in that bunch too.

Craig M,
Thank you for your endorsement of me.
Being a multi-billionaire has it's limitations. Now I can die whole because you approve of my decisions.

Based on today's performance and after a review of our remaining opponents, we might be in line for another perfect season, 0-16, this time.....we would therefore need Luck next season to improve!

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