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Meyer is not a Dolphins coach candidate right now

You saw Urban Meyer talking to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for part of the fourth quarter and into overtime, didn't you?

It was obvious to everyone in the press box. It was obvious to everyone in the stadium. It was obvious to everyone who saw the shot on CBS.

He's not being hired as the team's new coach -- at least not right now.

Team sources are saying that Tony Sparano will remain coach of the team for the near-term, barring a significant change in thinking by Ross. Ross left town after Sunday's comeback 18-15 victory by the Denver Broncos over the Dolphins and is flying across country on business.

That makes a change less likely because it is hard to believe anyone would make such a significant change over the phone.

The same sources are saying the time Ross and Meyer spent on the sideline was completely coincidental. The owner intended to go into the Dolphins locker room to celebrate with his team when he left his suite. But by the time he got to the field level, the Broncos had scored and were lining up for an onside kick.

Anyway, while Meyer would satisfy the "superstar" label the owner is wanting out of his next hire, it doesn't seem terribly likely he'll be Miami's next coach once this season is over. Even the Dolphins believe his next job will be back in college.


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Craig M, agree with you a lot but not this time. There comes a point where you can no longer be embarrassed. That time is NOW. If Ross doent make a move then he is committing fraud against all the Season Ticket Holders. You may think "Suck for Luck" is fine, but your doing it at the expense of people who spend hard earned cash and sticks with this team. Make the change!!

Dear Fans,
Why do you guys waste so much of your time and creativity on this website?
Why aren't you out trying to make money?

Thanks for the shout out Tim!


How could Sparano not be fired after that meltdown? If only to appease the fans for the rest of the season he has to be fired. If Ross doesn't fire Sparano now than it's obvious Dolphins will be the Clippers of the NFL for as long as Ross owns them and Ross is the Donald Sterling of NFL owners. It's bad enough Ross keeps talking about "superstar" coach or GM but not fire Sparano after that embarrassment? What a laughingstock the Dolphins have become.

Note to Ross:

Superstar coach or GM didn't work with Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban or Bill Parcells. Go hire the assistant GM for the Ravens or Steelers. They know how to draft players.


I understand what you're saying but we have an opportunity here to get a potentially once in a lifetime QB. 'Potentially' I said. I actually feel for the fan base down there and people that are shelling out their hard earned money but I feel if we do this properly we can do what they've been able to do in Indy for years, LARGELY because of Manning. I've seen the light and it says get a premiere QB and someone the rest of the team can believe in. I've been embarassed about this team for a long time now bobby. I can be embarassed for another 10 games if it means we're going to get one of the premiere guys at the position for years to come. That may seem short-sighted but I see nothing good coming from changing Sparano at this point in time.


Comon everyone... LET's go Vikings, Lets go Vikings...

I want to hear the cork pop tonight on ESPN with the Swannie..

LETS's GO Vikings...

Vikings are catching up...

Green Bay 33
Vikings 27

Major Medical!

Jets won! I guess that means they are getting worse and we are getting better huh Mando?

Christian Ponders 1st NFL Start and he takes the Vikings down for a 93 yard TD...

Let's go Vikings...

Cuban and company--you're gonna want to use uncooked eggs, or you will lose the salmonella effect.

There is no way I'm coaching here, this franchise is a disgrace.

If only my mother wasn't a ho and my father a pimp, I could have helped you guys out today.

Nooooo! Please not another college coach turned professional as the Miami Dolphins head coach

Even if you guys Suck for Luck, who will mentor him and be the backup if he fails? Is there such a thing as Suck because you Suck?

Urban Meyer as HC ain't gonna happen.

He ran the spread in college.

The Pro Set is not his specialty (nor is it Sparano's specialty obviously).

They reported on Sunday Night Football Pre-Game that Ross will be looking to Hire Bill COWHER...

Cowher says that $$$ has nothing to do with where he goes, he will go where he has the best chance to win.

LUCk anyone???

That performance smelled worse than a Sarah Palin snatch filled with a college basketball team's spooge.
One loss closer to the first draft pick.
Maybe Ross' plane will crash tonight. One can only hope.

Crap.. Looks like Aaren Rodgers will remain undefeated at least for this week.

The Vikings came close.

No poping corks with the Swanee tonight...

Dullphins Suck! Celebrating a Gator title and tebwo and meyer thier with his trademark smirk! BARF., Ross is the definition of idiot and clueless! Sparano is a joke, Taylor and the rest of the team don't understand the suck for luck philosophy and will play hard but it will all be for naught. These guys are soooooooooooo bad it defies description. Terms like inept, incompetent, lousy, worst ever don't even describe this bunch of over priced millionaries who don't give a flying you know what about the fans. A Free Ticket to the Dullphins is too expensive.

Fire this sorry coach. What else is left to prove ?

Tony Sparano post game excuses! It makes sense to me.

1. They got an onside kick.
2. They scored.
3. They stopped us.
4. They scored again.
5. They scored a 2 point conversion.
6. We conceded defeat by kneeling down with 17 seconds left.
7. We got the ball.
8. They stopped us.
9. They scored again.

Why is everyone so upset?

This team is an offense to football. What a disgrace. Disband the team.

@Tim in Tampa

And the Pee Wee set isn't working for Tony.

Wow! I can't believe Tony and the Dolphins are really that bad! But they are! The inept Sparano now needs an assistant coach by his side to tell him when to go for a two point conversion.

Overall 104–23 (.819)?????

Bowls 7–1 (.875)????

In College big deal, it means nothing in terms of whether or not he can coach in the NFL.

Does Steve Spurrier, Pete Carrol, Nick Saban, Dennis Ericksonm and on and on and on ring a bell, Please!!

How about an NFL Coach with NFL experience, haven't the Dolphins leaned enough already with these lames coaches, check out this list:

Nick Saban, Tony Sporano, Cam Cameron and not too mention Dave Wannstedt.

Nice Front office decisions!!

Dead man walking !!!

"It's tough to say, but man, Timmy did a great job," said Dolphins center Mike Pouncey, who played with Tebow at Florida. "Hopefully the critics will get off him about what he can't do and talk about the things that he can do, and that's figure out a way to win the game, no matter what."

That guy is our #1 pick? Hey Pouncey, you fatass, your not on Tebow's team.

10 more to go. then we turn this thing around

Amazing how Dolphin fans have the nerve to chant "Tebow Sucks!"

How about chanting, IRELAND SUCKS!

Tebow, while maybe not a great QB, has more heart then anyone on the Dolphins team.

The truth is, the DOLPHINS SUCK.

We are the pathetic team.

We are the ones other teams look at on the schedule and circle the game as a victory.


Tim Tebow urine can cure cancer

I joked about the idea of this team going 0-16 for weeks, but now that possibility is very real - or imminent. We could join the Lions in such ignominy and it would be a sad, dark chapter of this proud franchise to earn both bookend records.

Meyer can't handle the stress of college, what makes you think he could handle the NFL?!

yeah i hope Rosses cross country venture is to talk to bill cowher... these players need a bill cowher he spits when he talks he might even be the definition of man... these youngsters need him here in the locker room ... let him come in and watch and see what players he might want to keep thats what the last games can do for a new coach coming in ..... and lets not forget about the rest of the coaching staff too

maybe sparano might wanna make the team go work with him at a soup line for the homeless ... cause if the players and coaches dont figure it out soon they might be auditioning for that job serving people who dont care who you are they jus like that you can serve food

You think Urban Meyer wants to coach this team?

I don't think so.

You think Bill Cowher wants to coach this team after Ross last year told him he had to keep Ireland as his GM?

I don't think so.

You think Gruden is going to leave his comfy ESPN job for this mess?

I don't think so.

The Dolphins are going to have a hard time attracting a top coach. Even with Ross throwing his money around. He was embarrassed when Harbaugh turned him down even when Ross would have made him one of the highest paid coaches in NFL History. He took a smaller salary to go to the 49ers.

This is no longer a premier job.

This is no longer a proud franchise.

The days of the undefeated season, Killer Bs and Dan Marino are LONG GONE.

There is a new generation of "fans" now who only know the Dolphins as LOSERS.


Urban Meyer being the new Dolphins coach next season, bad idea... what happens if he burns out with no championship?

"Nothing is permanent in this world not even our trouble"
Charles Chaplin


***Dolphins at Chiefs***

Loser will be in prime position with the Colts in the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes!

Oh wait, KC won today. It's between the Dolphins and the Colts.

Start rooting for the Colts folks!

Even I knew Tebow was going to run for 2

If Tony didn't see this comin' he's too stupid too be a coach or he's in on it. Either way he's out!
Up by 15 and you go for 2? Really? You can barely get in the endzone but somehow you think you can do it on consecutive plays? With a fade no less! That play almost never works from the goal line, so STOP DOING IT! Have the fins ever scored with that play? Post Marino I mean.
The FIX IS IN I tell ya.

Tophermo - I'm with you - THAT PLAY NEVER WORKS!!! How about a fake to the RB and then a little roll and fire to the TE wide open in the back of the end zone - that plays ALWAYS works.
How about stop going to the prevent after you have held a QB to 14 yards passing in 3.85 quarters. I hate our owner, I hate our GM, I hate our coaches and I hate our players. I only love the logo - I don't even know why I root for this team. Pathetic.

Sorry. One to many too's. Or was it two to many too's?

I would be happy with an XP. I couldn't believe he went for two.
He was counting on a collapse and the players for both teams knew it.

You do realize that we can finish 0-16 and be stuck with the 3rd overall pick? How? Because the record of the AFC East is better than that of the NFC West or AFC South, which is one of the tiebreakers in determining draft order, IIRC. That would be brutal!

Goooooooooooooooooo COLTS!

Won't be a Dolphins fan if Meyer becomes the coach no matter what!

I don't even know where to start... Its been so hard lately to watch the games... I'm a die-hard fan so changing teams is out of the question, but it really isn't fair what S.Ross is doing to his fans... I found myself not even being able to cheer or get happy through this game... When we scored the first 6 points, I just sat there staring at the screen... When we scored our first offensive touchdown in 3 games, I couldn't get happy... Going up 15 nothing I couldn't get happy... I remember saying that 2 touchdowns, an extra point and a two point conv. away... And then the last 5 minutes... Then in overtime I had a glimmer of hope when the defense stood strong and again, nothing....
This really kills me as a fan and as a person spending all this money year after year on Direct TV to watch my team.... It gets to the point, I can't watch the games and when I do I can't cheer, get happy, or be comfortable with any lead at any time... What this man has done to my football experience is really not fair...
I'm sick of Sporano, Ireland, and Mike Dee get rid of them all... NOW!!! You have a franchise with some of the most wins in NFL history looking mentally and physically out witted and out matched on every play... It's hard to be a fan, and again, this just isn't fair...

Once again the Dolphins and Spar-oh-no put up their usual 15-16 pts.....and lose. One TD, three FG's, that's the plan. Oh-No has to go now, there's no point in letting him play out the string. Put in the most abrasive, demanding interim coach possible, work the roster to death for the rest of the year and dump anyone that can't handle it after the season. Separate the boys from the men on that horrid roster, lose the quitters and the flabby, winded losers. Then, for the love of God and country, find a real QB somewhere: not a retread or a roster-filler or a 2nd round project, but a real QB with real potential.

I keep hearing Bill Cowher being linked to the PHINS next year!! I rather do it now so he can get a feel of this team and get to know the players...to evaluate and weed out the bad ones!

I don't think Cowher would leave his announcer job and take over mid-season.

He may agree now to take over at the end of the season. I don't know.

We are better off NOT enhancing our draft position at this point anyway.

Jason Taylor is SOO the problem with this teams karma....8wins-32losses overall since he's bounced back and forth to teams......I blame him*lmao*

Nah, but seriously, 0-16 will get this team a new regime and better coached players who actually get sick of not winning and dont just leave with mediocrity....

Theres going to be a change-over in players as well as the staff in the offseason and I think they are all coming to their senses in FINALLY figuring that out as a team....which they are an embarrassment of to the name MIAMI DOLPHINS!!!


Video of what the current Dolphin team is doing to their fans who pay big bucks to attend home games...

This team couldnt even beat the special olympics team right now.....for which they themselves would be a close runner up!!!

This coach and GM have got to go. We all know that. Mr. Ross knows that (I hope).
I'm not down with this whole Suck for Luck thing. There are just too many variables. Ever heard of Leaf or Marinovich(?)? This team is gonna get us the first pick or at least a top five. So don't sweat it. Just saying Suck for Luck makes the fans a bigger joke than the team. I want a franchise QB just like everyone else... But Come on MAN!!!
Just rootin' for the jerseys at this point.

suspend everybody for the remainder of the season, geee we just freak'n suck.

time to trade for greg CAMARILLO

at least this miserable excuse of a team will be on the road for the next two weeks for the die hards(God Forgive Them) who are the season ticket holders.....

Paper Bags may be the way to go for the next home game against buffalo....just sayin

Not putting Cowher as a head coach but bring him in as the vice president of football operation and if he wants to coach than let him pick the GM and front office personel..




Phins are so bad that "YEAH!" has given up lol

no #1's today

Maybe he has had enough lol

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