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Meyer is not a Dolphins coach candidate right now

You saw Urban Meyer talking to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for part of the fourth quarter and into overtime, didn't you?

It was obvious to everyone in the press box. It was obvious to everyone in the stadium. It was obvious to everyone who saw the shot on CBS.

He's not being hired as the team's new coach -- at least not right now.

Team sources are saying that Tony Sparano will remain coach of the team for the near-term, barring a significant change in thinking by Ross. Ross left town after Sunday's comeback 18-15 victory by the Denver Broncos over the Dolphins and is flying across country on business.

That makes a change less likely because it is hard to believe anyone would make such a significant change over the phone.

The same sources are saying the time Ross and Meyer spent on the sideline was completely coincidental. The owner intended to go into the Dolphins locker room to celebrate with his team when he left his suite. But by the time he got to the field level, the Broncos had scored and were lining up for an onside kick.

Anyway, while Meyer would satisfy the "superstar" label the owner is wanting out of his next hire, it doesn't seem terribly likely he'll be Miami's next coach once this season is over. Even the Dolphins believe his next job will be back in college.


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Luck will NOT come to miami(WILLINGLY) if the names Sparano and Ireland are still employed next year by miami......

Sundays are really depressing! The longer Sparano stays the coach is the longer us fans are in purgatory!

Just fire Sparano already ROSS!!!!

This way you can start negotiating with a real coach to come in at the end of the year!

What can we do to make the Colts Win??

TS you just need to man the f$ck up! I can't believe we're stuck with you for another week.

the only thing reggie bush did right was admit that the dolphins suck!

No big time coach brought in will work with ireland as a GM......his crediablity in personality and in front office management is one of the worst.....

Good luck trying to land a star with this guy making the decisions for your team.....

Might as well give Nolan the job in that case!!!

Even I knew Tebow was going to run for 2.

I don't know if the Dolphins can out-lose the Colts. They are worse than the Fins I'm afraid.

the next thing reggie bush needs to admit is that HE IS NOT A EVERYDOWN BACK....PERIOD!!!!!

Its simple. do not go to the games.

As long as Ross has a full stadium, he could care less whether Tony Sparano or Carmela Soprano coaches the team.

When there are less than 20,000 fans in attendence, maybe he will react

Hey Go Canes when the canes get 2 national championships in 2 years then the Phins can honor them and by the way you can't spell scum without UM


After watching the game today or at least the last five minutes of it...I can assure u that we are just as bad as the worst high school football team in america right now

Dont worry.....Blackouts will be in full force for the rest of the year.....no need for gator-nation to bring up attendence anymore....

Tony is always "safe for now"....it's laughable, same headlines after every loss. Same as last year. Must have something on Ross.

well ppl....keep ur chins up high and hope for the best in the offseason....this season will live in infamy and embarassment but this is exactly what miami needed to do in order to eventually blow up this joke of a staff and office....

The wheels are in motion as we speak, im sure.....

we cant stop a T.E. and every Qb in the League can run it in on us. 1st and goal Qb draw automatic 6 against the dolphins.

Im actually with you CraigM....dont touch a thing...Sparano will get us the LOSSES we need...dont fix nothin


0-16 is a must if the Fins plan on beating the Colts for the #1 pick....

My mistake they were only up by 12 at the two point try. All these FG drive have me confused, about many things actually.

The problem is there are SO many inept teams this year. The Colts playing with Curtis Painter at QB are losing 21-0 after one quarter. Does anybody in their right mind think this team is playing full out every week? Not a chance!!

The team that beat us today is horrible, the good thing is we probably won't win as mmany games as they have right now. Seattle is bad. Minnesota is bad. Jacksonville is bad. Cleveland is bad. St. Louis is awful!! So many lousy teams and I really think it's been made worse by the lockout. So many of these times have lost the game before the game has even kicked off. Pathetic really!!

28-0 now.....how hard must it be for Manning to watch this crap from the sidelines. Another once proud franchise down the toilet.

The Colts have the #1 pick on lockdown. The Dolphins are bad, but unfortunately not Colts-level bad. Argggggggh!

The Colts will be able to beat the Jags later this year.

Im just hoping Miami doesnt screw it up and win a game too!

Tony NOT Fired after today`s MESS....WHY??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

From coincidence most of us were born, Armando.

That's what the Dolphins get for DISRESPECTING THE U. I hope they lose the rest of their games.

Only cowher will due, and he won't come mid-season.

I think you cannot pin this loss entirely on Sparano. If Marlon Moore had held on to that ball, game over. Or maybe they would have found another way to lose it.

Well I said at the beginning of the year I had bad feeling. What an absolute mess of a team. If Ireland doesn't get run out of town with daboll I'll eat my hat. If I see Reggie bush run between the tackles again I'm going to vomit. Bad bad team. Bad teams find waysbto lose and they did it again. The players can talk down suck for luck all they want. Truth is he would be the best player on the team and help win games immediately. Unless daboll and Ireland are around. Ireland will probably draft an olineman with the first pick or maybe we can get some more cowboy cast offs. How bad is columbo. I wouldnt hire him to protect my kids lunch money. And when is soprano actually going to rip his guys for sucking. Stop telling us how hard they work. Every NFL team works hard. They are called pros. Our guys are just below average joes. So weak. I bet Marino and shula are just livid these days. D man Canada out!!!

0 and 16! and secure Luck!

Tim Tebow himself, in talking about his Team, said what is wrong with the Dolphins, "when I play, I feel that the players next to me are going all out and we will cover for one another".

can we fire sparano and hire TONY DUNGY. he can find talent and win with it. EX. sapp, lynch. barber,alstott, brooks, dunn. then he did a great job coaching the colts. if not him bring in cowher

If Shula and Jimmy Johnson got run out of Town, you think Cowher and "Chucky" will cut it here? Give me a break.

Tony Sparano:

"Its not the best 53, it's the right 53 players".

Absolutely Tony, looks like you've finally found the right 53, to go 0-16!

ross is doing the right thing by leaving the HC and his sON UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR TO GET LAUGHED AT .

THEY LOST WOW!...You'll be surprise what a real coach and QB can do to a team..As for J.T..please retire when you play for the Fins I see players on D stand around ..when you're not here they gang tackle and play more as a team..

There is a deep malaise in this Team and it comes from persistently poor Organizations, both Huizinga's and Ross's. These Billionaires have many interests going on and just don't have the time and talent to run an efficient Football organization. My opinion.

Hey Sparano, it's always been about having the best 53 players. The best 53 players doesnt mean everyone's a superstar.

You get a real stud qb then add as much top level talent on both sides of the ball as possible.


The right 53 players = 0-16

If the Rams get the #1 pick ...I'll trade Jake Long and the first pick to get the #1 pick!

Nobody's trading away the opportunity to get Andrew Luck. Nice wet dream though!

Things could be worse: Tebow could be our QB of the future.

Ralph Ortega, funny thing is, when the game's on the line Tebow maybe light years better than Henne.

Like Apollo Creed uttered in Rocky IV. Let's not change head coaches "NO MATTER WHAT!". The Parcells cronies wanted this players NOW finish IT!

Anyone watching the Saints and Indy game right now? Saints up 41-7 and driving with 4mins. still left in the 3rd qtr.

The reason I asked is because when we play a good team this season we'll be getting blown out like that too.

After this debacle in Miami there wont be any trying to coax Parcells out of retirement again. Parcells has seen his last nfl team gig.

Enjoy the espn gig bum Parcells.

Look at the bright side. We have about 5 players on offense and 5 players on defense worth keeping.

True, yesterday's gone. In spite of today's horrid performance, the talent level of the Dolphins is much better than it was in 2004 or 2007, previous lower water marks.

Name those five players on each side yesterdayp's gone?

TonyCane you like the jest,err, I meant the jets of ny jersey?

Other question though, will the Dolphins have future days to honor Florida State, FIU, FAMU, USF, and UCF before the 2001 Hurricanes get a celebration?

I can't even believe this, really.

The 2007 team would have actually won this game.

I saw on my phone "Dolphins up 15-0 with 7:15 left to go" or something, and I was like "Hey first win, alright!"

Not 20 minutes later I checked again and saw "Dolphins fall to Broncos 18-15 in overtime"

WHAT THE @!#^&@#&^@&^^^%^#*@(#@#^@#%$%



Long, Pouncey, Bess, Thomas, Clay


Odrick, Wake, Starks

My bad, only 3 on defense worth keeping

Absolutely NOT! Keep Mr. Sparano till the bitter end. Suck for Luck.SUCK FOR LUCK!

ozkar? Serious comment about the roster. The talent level was much worse in 2004 than it is today:

2004 QB: AJ Feely
2011 QB: Chad Henne

2004 WR: Marty Booker, Sam Simmons, JR Tolver
2011 WR: Brandon Marshall, Bess, Hartline

2004 HB: Lamar Gordon
2011 HB: Daniel Thomas

I don't feel like going on, but overall the talent level was better. Insert Matt Ryan onto this team and we're probably 3-2. Take away Sanchez from the Jets and they're 1-5 or 0-6.

Misinformation yesterday's gone.

Where's Jim Bates?

TonyCane,WE are 0-6! ON purpose.Sabotage.

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