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Not Naughty by Nature: You down with Ohhh and 16?

I told everyone in my column following the Dolphins latest loss that the team was bordering on joke material, that it might not be long before the late night comics latched on to the Dolphins' struggles and use them for giggles.

Well, a local Miami comedian has beaten them to the punch.

Hialeah's own Will Lopez, whose twitter page says he is the lead singer for the group "Guajiro" (if you're not Cuban, nevermind), has put together a little ditty about the Dolphins road the rest of the season. Lopez apparently is set on that road leading to Andrew Luck.

And, of course, the quickest way to get to Luck is to go 0-16. Thus, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, 0-16:



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Just remember when Cowher decided to leave the Steelers, Tomlin came into a well established built system which was coached by Cowher.

I WISH we had Tomlin as I like him as a HC. Oh, by the way.. Tomlin was one of the coaches that interviewed for the Dolphin HC job but the Fins went for Cam Cameron.. What a mistake that was.

they choose sparano over rex ryan also

kyle were they stable when cowher took over in pitt?

Posted by: dusty bottoms | October 19, 2011 at 04:11 PM


You mean when he took over for four-time Super Bowl winner Chuck Noll with the same Rooney family as owners?

I'd say that would be a definite yes.

Nobody really knows if Cowher still wants to come back to coaching. There have been HC openings and he hasn't even interviewed for any of them. Nobody knows if he would even consider Miami if he was ready to come back. It's a wasted discussion until we even know he is looking to coach in 2012.

And folks, please stop mentioning Gruden, he just signed a shiny new contract with ESPN and is not available.

Ok they're not bad fans they're just morons. I won't characterize you that way Kyle since you actually have some common sense.


You are 100% on that the Steelers are the most stable team in the NFL... Been stable since Noll on up to today.

Wish we had the same. One day soon...

u mean kyle when he took over for aging noll who had made the playoffs once in the last 7 years. id say no

Well, thanks.

Hey, bottom line is that we don;t have any effect on these games either way so I'd just say let people handle it however they want as fans.

devils cowher would have accepted job last year but ross told him he wouldnt fire ireland so cowher said no


Hence is why they need to clean house and Ross needs to stop with the crap like hire a czar etc.

Ross just needs to throw COWHER the keys and give all power to him if he chooses. If he doesn't at least let Cowher pick the GM that he can work with.

dusty, Gannon sent him a thank you letter for the amazing year he had. He thinks he's the best coach he EVER HAD. FACT. He was hic OC. McCarthy was a coordinator. So was Tomlin. So was Payton. Nobody knew who these guys were. Read people's posts carefully before commenting,you silly sob...::) That just shows you the big names are not always the right ones. I'll bet my 2$ you have no idea who Marc Trestman is. I'd rather get a guy like that who's hungry and has something to prove, ala McCarthy, Tomlin and Payton, than a big name like JJ or Saban and all the other idiots who came here collecting the big $$$ and stank. Read JAM's posts and you'll see what I mean.

Really? You wouldn't have called the Steelers one of the most stable franchises in football when Cowher took over??

You're welcome to that opinion, of course, but I don't think too many people around the game would agree with it.

The Steelers have been a remarkably stable franchise, and it predated Cowher's arrival.

None of that makes him a bad coach (which for some reason you seem to think I'm implying) or that he would be a bad choice. Simply pointing out that the Steelers had a LOT of success prior to Cowher and have not missed a beat since he left. Doesn't that say something about the organization and ownership as well?

dusty, go watch tape, griffin is FAR MORE ACCURATE than Barkley. Barkley isn't even as good as Sanchez (so that should tell you how good he'll be in the NFL). Griffin throws very few INTs, a lot to TDs AND he's the most mobile of that bunch. Plus he has a cannon for an arm.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with RGIII. Compared to him, Barkley's a joke.

no trestman very weel, he was considered here at one point. no way do i want that guy, sorry. agree to disagree

Only downside on Griffin is he MIGHT be injury-prone (because of the pistol offense they run). Oh, and they run a pistol offense. But that didn't stop Cam Newton.

Does anyone personally know Steve White from WQAM radio show? This guy is so annoying, he's a Pats fan and keeps advocating suck for luck. We'll we suck but I dont think were doing it for Luck. Just plain suck oh yea


I can go on and on, but Im tired of typing...

cowher took over a bad 7-9 pitt team that was close to last in defense, he went 11-5 his first year with the defense being ranked number 2.

disagree big time on griffin, barkely in pro style offense playing very well. griffin runs around and makes plays but nothing screams nfl at me. ill go with the scouts that have barkley ranked number 2 and griffin ranked 7


Cowher wouldn't even interview while a HC was still in place. So we don't really know what would have come of it. Anything we've heard is nothing but posturing. Why didn't Cowher interview for any other vacant HC position? He may be too cozy in the booth now. And now its a new year, so who knows.

Anyway, don't need to worry, the Dolphins won't even consider him. They'll hire another dummy who will fail. I've gotten used to it over the years. Good day all...

Ross version of a "STAR" Head Coach who can fill the seats during the pre-game show would be to hire Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem...

could be devil. u get luck and u get whatever coach u want. we have to keep losing


Are you kidding me Matt Barkley rated #2? He's another USC QB who going to be a bust. RG3 has better numbers all around and his O Line is terrible. He looks to pass first and can move if needed too. 80 percent completion percentage.

Luck is the pick no matter what! Prototypical QB is what truly gets the job done. Griffen would end up like Vick, hurting every Sunday from the beating a running QB takes in the NFL. Eventually he would miss a game or two every year because of his style of play.

No for the coach. If Gruden is truly off the market, then the only choice is Cowher. No other coach is proven and has what it takes to win and get the FANS excited enough to bring up the ticket sales immediately.

Also Jeff Ireland has to go no matter who the new coach is!

If Ireland was a squirrel he would starve during this winter from all the ROTTEN ACORNS he collected!

Some of you guys are so dumb. RG3 does not look to run unless he needs too. What because he's black he automatcally runs first and get compared to Vick. He far more poise as a pocket passer than some of you a holes know.

I watched Andrew Luck play last Sat night and he made some throws that make him look like he's been a pro for years. I havent seen RG3 yet but am waiting to catch a game so i can see him in action also.

Some of you guys are going to kill your selves if we dont get the first pick. Guess what its a possibility. I want Luck just as much as any other guy but you have to look at all the other options just in case.

lol ok spiderman we shall see in the nfl. griffin is decent, nowhere near luck. jones will def be a better pro also than griffin

Whats the diffrence between Jones and Bradford? I'll take Jones over Barkley I wouldnt even draft Barkley he reminds me of Jimmy Calusen.

I've actually watched the RG3 youtube vids, he's a pocket guy. Quite an arm. But, he COULD run if he had to. I woulnd't compare him to Vick. Ironically, his knee injury was a non-contact injury, in my opinion. It buckled when he made a cut to avoid contact.

Spidey, reason I made the comment I made about RGIII is because he's in a pistol offense, and the most mobile of the group (not because he's black, just how the cookie crumbles). Therefore, he's taken more hits in college, and if he gets to the pros might take hits since he's more likely to run.

But I agree with you, he's one of the most accurate QBs I've seen in college. Great arm. Extremely bright. I'd take him in an instant.

My choices would be:

Griffin III
and we don't need to worry about the rest because we'll most likely get the 1st or 2nd pick.

NY "G", I agree with the cowher commensts 100%. I've said as much many times here.

This team needs credibility, Cowher brings it. Cowher's a winner. No question.

The Steelrs have been stable & Tomlin is a great coach. However, his Superbowl victory was mainly the team Cowher built & the team that wen't last year was still largely Cowhers team.

And yes, he had a major say in personnel. Back in the mid-late 90's, the Steelers let Donahue go so Cowher could get more say. It was a power struggle & Rooney sided with Cowher. They hired some one else with the title of GM but it was mostly Cowher.

However long it took him to win is irrelevant. He won when he got a QB. If he coaches this team, he'll get his QB!

If Cowher wants to be GM, let him. If he wants to hire his own GM, let him. This team can turn it around with a proven, no nonsense HC.

To me, it's a no brainer. Cowher is that guy. I only hope Ross feels the same & Cowher wants to coach again! That will exicte me as a fan!

Just a note..1st pick QB's since 1970
70- Bradshaw

If you put up this list to convince me that QB's taken #1 have a great chance of succeeding and being good you've done it. Couch, Carr, and Russell are the only complete busts on this list. So 3 busts versus 5 or more hall of famers when all is said and done. I'll take those odds anyday.

I say we pick;


Of course we would need the #1 and trade up to get the #2.

Let's really FU the NFL and have BOTH QB at the helm. Hey.. We had the Marks Brothers and R&R express so why not the L&G.

Teams will have no clue how to prepare against us.

Just sayin.

I like Jones because he's probably had the best receivers of the bunch, so shouldn't have a problem with Marshall or any diva WR here. I think he's better than Bradford (but that's just my opinion, not really based on anything but the few games I've seen each play).

What's good about all these guys is they're big. Jones and Luck are taller, but all are over 6', good NFL size.

RG's only similarity to Vick is his race.

I am on the SUCK FOR LUCK EXPRESS!!! But what liberal media and dumb fans do not realize is that no matter how much we as fans root for 0-16.

It is not in our hands. It is in the players and coaches hands. Right now they are not good enough to beat anybody on our schedule and with every loss it will get worse.

Broncos game is near a sellout and will be on local TV on Sunday.


Steve and those like him have no statistical understanding of things.

They love to point to some busts in the 1st round to say it's no guarantee that a 1st-round QB will be a franchise QB.

Ok, fine, why don't we put up all the 2nd and 3rd-round QBs and see how many of those became franchise QBs.

Answer, MUCH FEWER!!

It's just simple common sense. Yes, there's no 100% guarantee that a 1st-round QB will be successful, but the probabilities are MUCH greater than if he was in a later round.

The more intelligent point these guys should make is you really hurt your team if you Draft a 1st-round ANYTHING and they become busts. And it was worse in the past because you really had to pay those guys.

But 2 things make this year different for us. First, without a franchise QB, we don't have a shot in h*ll of doing anything, so that makes it worth the risk.

Second, new CBA means these players don't make as much in their 1st contract as they used to.

That means Miami (or any other team needing a QB) would be COMPLETELY STUPID not to try and get them in the Draft, and as high as they can, to try and get that franchise QB teams nowadays need to be successful in the NFL.

Joe Schmoe,

Thanks as I couldn't say it any better then you did.

Let's hope that Cowher is considered and he is itching to get back as his wife passed some years ago and he wanted to wait for his girls to get out of school.

Fu-k Tebow. We are Dolphin's Fans here. Fu-k UF. We eat Gator meat down here.

slippery have u seen denver play? they are horrible, we better find a way to lose this game

slippery, liberal media? Fox? I think a more accurate statement would be MSM (mainstream media). Don't fool yourself into thinking they're all liberal.

This situation with the Dolphins is depressing. I don't want to live any more. Please lend me a razor blade, I want to slash my wrist. No, wood won't do. It has to be made of metal. People are talking and singing about losing all 16 games to get the best place in the draft and hope to get Luck, who may not even be in the next draft. How can it get any more depressing than this. I can't even jump out the window to die. I live in a one-story house. We are not talking about winning games. We want to lose games to feed a hopeless hope. As if one player and one head coach are going to fix long and many years of neglect and stupidity. As if one player and one coach could fix the whole thing overnight. This Dolphin thing is like the economy: It will take decades to fix. This is not recession. This is the Great Depression.

It is amazing, to me, that most of you People are talkinfk about next year's Draft and this Season is not yet even half over. Do you know that you are the laughing stock of the Nation they smiling at the quitters here? Are most Dolphins "fans" like you? I will find that out by reading other Blogs from SoFL.

Sorry Oscar, but the fat lady has sung. You'd better start looking forward to April because that's all that is left at this point.

This debacle goes back to the owners Huizenga and Ross.

Huizenga just wanted out and played us all when he sold it to Ross. Huizenga should have 'Vetted" Ross but he wanted to take the $$ and run and Ross paid him.

Ross as a different owner is more about managing a circus. His circus is having all the pre-game side shows thinking that REAL fans will enjoy the show as well as the game. problem with Ross is that he concentrated on the singers VS the team.

Ross was more concerned with finding someone to sing Babalu vs finding a REAL HC and GM and czar.

Parcels was fishing and Tuna KNEW that Ross would take the bait and hire him.

Parcels has his home up in Saratoga, NY with his horses that run at the most pristine Race Track in the world each August.

Parcells also knew that deep inside he really SUCKS but what the hell, the media put him up on a pedestal as a great rebuild.

Parcells has not won ANYTHING without Bill Belichick. He sucked as HC or the Jets and Pats.

Ross proved that he has no clue how to run a football team and proved THAT when he went after harbaugh while keeping Soprano and Ireland.

After Ross took his beating it was Sparano and Irelands turn and both the GM and HC threw out the bait and Ross took it and ran by rewarding them both with 2 year contract extensions for back to back losing seasons.

So if you all believe that Ross is going to get all of a sudden into the Dolphins bu BAITING all of you as well as Armando... by saying he's going to hire a STAR head coach, bla, bla, bla..

I got a bridge I want to sell you all...

Don't believe it as Ross is full of it.

If by late December this year when I see that Ross fires everyone and hires COWHER.. Then we go after LUCK, then and ONLY then will I believe that anything with Ross has changed.

Until then I am feeling the pain as we all are.

Got ta go it's dinner time and BBQ me some gators...


Where the hell have you been, the season over buddy. Might as well talk draft.

Allright. As of now, every Fan of the Miami Dolphins is totally frustrated with the Team. Shortly after every Game we have lost, I feel like giving up and turn against our Team; but, after 1 or 2 days go by, I realize that I can't do it. Now, when will I be forced to quit? When there is no mathematical chance to get to the Playoffs, for, I never believed in playing for "pride", and only to win it All.

I cannot control what is/is not wrong with the Team, but only my desire to win.

parcells took a 1-15 pats team to super bowl, took a 1-15 jets team to afc championship. lets be a little more real here

Well then oscar it is probably only a couple more games for you then... 9-7 won't get you in.

Dusty Bottom,

In what year 1989! Cmon man the game has pass his fat ass.

Allright, Tom. It shall be so. If.


Oscar, keep rooting. A good fan does.

However, we'll be mathematically eliminated this weekend when we hit 6 losses, all in the AFC.

Too many teams stepping up this year for us to be able to catch anybody...

West: San Diego/Oakland
North: Pittsburgh/Baltimore/Cincy
South: Houston/Tennessee
East: Pats/Bills/Jets

We've already lost to 4 of those teams

By the way, who the hell is this Will Lopez?

Sure, Blog Fudder, I will prolong my suffering.

And no, once I start watching I can't actively root against them either...but letting go makes sundays and mondays a lot less miserable, when reality has sunk in about the rebuild ahead.

Please stop touching yourself inappropriately. It is disturbing.

This team needs a franchise QB, so I don't care what it takes 0-16, 1-15, whatever, to get Luck. I live out west now and have seen all of Stanford's games. The kid is methodical, and the best pure passer in college I've seen since Peyton Manning (who I got to watch for 4 years when I was at UF). Greg is wrong - Suck for Luck is exactly what this team needs to jump start the next decade. Start with the franchise QB, fix the O-line, beef the up D. But it all starts with the QB...

Well said Bob

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