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Oh, now it's the media's fault? Really?

So Reggie Bush said after Sunday's game that the Dolphins "stink."

Then Yeremiah Bell told examiner.com that, in part, Bush stinks for saying that.

And then today the Dolphins public relations machine tried to patch that crack in the locker room because, of course, 53 disparate men always agree on everything and it doesn't matter the entire NFL knows the whole franchise is broken anyway. Hmmmm. How to do this?

Ah, yes. After much discussion about stuff that doesn't matter one iota, the Dolphins decided to blame the true villian in all this -- the media. Yeah, that's the ticket. The big bad intimidating reporters are clearly trying to make Miami players say things against one another.

So after a long conversation with the PR dept., Bell walked back his comments and accused the media of taking Bush's words out of context. Bush, obviously not completely lobotomized by the Dolphins yet, disagreed initially even after a similar meeting with Dolphins PR. It is, he said, hard to take "we stink" out of context.

"What else would I mean," he asked.

But finally the men in the white coats apparently got to Bush. Late Thursday night he was fully on board with blaming the media for the misunderstanding!

"When your [sic] 0-6 it's easy for the media to create something out of nothing," Bush tweeted to his two million twitter followers. "Miami Dolphins are sticking together and believe in one another.

Then he tweeted:

"Because without each other we know that none of this is possible. We hold each other accountable and expect greatness from our teammates

Then he tweeted:

"With that said we are focused on one game this week. The NY Giants. Enough said..."

[Update: Meanwhile, Brandon Marshall tweeted this lovely thought last night -- To Media: When we win Sunday please don't say the Giants didn't take us serious."]

Whatever, dude.

What a total load.

Note to the Dolphins: The media isn't trying to "create" anything. You guys do it so well, no media member short of the most accomplished fiction writer could ever invent poop like 0-6, or losing to Tim Tebow on Gator Day, or not being able to ever stop a quarterback draw.

The media didn't force Brandon Marshall to say he was going to get thrown out of the Jets game in the second quarter. The media didn't invent the fact Marshall ripped the game plan for that Jets game because it didn't target him enough even though he was targetted a team-high 13 times.

The media also hasn't scored any points against the Dolphins this year or stopped them from scoring. That was Wes Welker going 99 yards for a touchdown, not The Miami Herald. No one holding a microphone has kept the Miami defensive backfield from failing to intercept passes at all-time frachise low rates.

The media did recognize right tackle Marc Colombo was a turnstile last year in Dallas and brought that up to coach Tony Sparano in the preseason. The coach would have none of that idea, saying he watched the tape of Colombo thus suggesting the media didn't know anything.

Um, well, Colombo is a turnstile in Miami. And, by the way, on twitter he follows practically every media member that covers the Dolphin but refused every interview request before even one disparaging word about him was written locally. (Strange bird, this one.)

The media did ask in print and on radio why not bring in a truly accomplished quarterback to compete with Chad Henne, with the loser of the competition becoming the backup. But noooo. The Dolphins went with journeyman Matt Moore. And now he's you're starter.

And the team has practically no chance.

The media continues to wonder why the Dolphins don't upgrade at tight end. Meanwhile, the Dolphins continue to wonder why they are so awful at scoring touchdowns in the red zone. Hint: Tight ends are among the most effective red zone weapons.

The media didn't get on that plane to go interview Jim Harbaugh. The media didn't cut Erik Walden so he could go to Green Bay and become a starter. The media didn't draft Pat White or Patrick Turner. The media didn't sign Ernest Wilford or Jake Grove. The media didn't fail to draft a quarterback in the first round every year since 1983. The media didn't guarantee Bill Parcells' his money even if he walked away. The media has not kept the Dolphins winless at home for almost an entire calendar year.

The media -- along with everyone else in the whole stadium -- knows the quarterback draw is always coming. The media didn't pass on Jimmy Graham. Or draft John Jerry.

If the Dolphins want to maximize their time, they should stop trying to keep the media at a distance and instead think about stiff-arming potential tacklers. If the Dolphins want to see the enemy they should turn their gaze away from the media.

And look in the mirror instead.


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world series tied....wow

With this kind of lockerroom talk and bickering, it gives me hope that the Dolphins might end up with a good chance for Luck. I think the Colts have a chance to win this week. St. Louis will win some games with Stephen Jackson and Bradford on offense. Keep fighting with the media, guys.

That was an excellent read Armando some of the best writing you have done in awhile but you forgot one.......

"The media didn't trade a 3rd round pick for Reggie Bush and sign him for 2 years at 9.5 mil., instead the Dolphins could have just signed Darren Sproles straight up for 1 year 4 mil."

Bush was just trying to rally the troops with 'we stink'

"The media didn't bench the 3 starting wide receivers and match up a rookie (Gates) against Darrell Revis in the Jets game on 3rd and Inches and the media didn't pass the ball to Gates when the fullback was wide open in the same line of vision for what would have been an easy first down"

That season is a collective suck job by the owner, coaches and the players of the Miami Dolphins!

It really hurts to watch this team play.

Truer words have never been spoken. Hit'em in the mouth Armando. Well deserved!

The entire South Fla media DID say that they should draft TE Jimmy Graham from Miami, for a need position.

They didn't listen.

Armando, this column should be in the paper! Not just on this blog...

I'm not usually a fan of your rants Armando but this was dead on! Agreed!

Great post Armando!! Agree 100% with you. Put these clowns on notice like they need to be.

amen amigo

Go get em Armando!

Excellent observation, I will never ever accuse of being the master of the obvious


I must agree that this is the best writing I've seen from this guy. Period.

The dolphins are an absolute embarassment. Everyting about this organization makes me want to throw up. Season ticket holder section 429 but not for long. Ross needs to sell the team to someone woth a brain. Apparantly he doesnt know that owning the team requires LEADERSHIP!!!!!!

Spot on!

100% true Armando!!!! And everyone is using sparano as the scapegoat too!!! Excluding that jerk Ireland !!! Ireland is the most to blame he doesn't know anything about building a team!!! Our offensive and defensive coordinators are terrible too!! I mean our offensive coordinator had the WORST OFFENSE IN THE FREAKEN LEAGUE LAST YEAR!!! And Nolan was this great defensive mind until he got here!!! Our first year with these guys got all this credit when in fact that year we played no one good!!! And still had close games!!! IRELAND SHOULD BE THE FIRST ONE FIRED IF WE LOSE ANOTHER GAME HE IS THE FIRST PROBLEM !!! It's up to Ross now to get the right people in and if he keeps Ireland we will lose again and no good coach will even come here with Ireland as GM!!!!let tony finish the season there is NO ONE GOOD ENOUGH OR DESERVING ENOUGH ON THIS COACHING STAFF TO TAKE OVER!!!! Let them finish then after the season start with Ireland and let all the others follow him OUT!!!!

....and the media didnt get rid of the family ginn junior, and his help on the 5 and 1 49ers, he did win a few games for us and was believe it or not more reliable than most we have now.....and the media didnt DRAFT the ginn jr family with tthe 9th pick.....

I come here to read dolphins news not see you engage in pissing contests with the local team. Just because you have a forum to snap back at players doesn't mean we want to read it...

I wonder if Tony LaRussa knows anything about football.He seems to know how to lead a team from nowhere to the championship game.GO CARDS!

The organization is one giant pile of steaming, rancid sh** from top to bottom in every aspect.

And oh by the way, did the media ask Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute?

Maybe they asked Harbaugh too and that's why he didn't take the job.

Hey max then go to the news section!!!! This is armanado"s posting There is dolphin news ,armanado"s and NFL section so if you don't want to here these things then stay off this section!!!! Geeeez

Wow..not that anything you said wasn't true. But seems awfully defensive. how long have you been doing this? should you not expect this from pro athletes/teams by now?

The media"s fault? WHAT A JOKE!!! Listen it's good we didn't get graham or dez or any of those guys cuz Ireland and crew would have ruined them!!

Finally telling it like it is. I still don't understand the defense of Morano as he is personally responsible for many of the examples listed along with Parcells and Ireland. There have been too many mistakes too avoid a total housecleaning in FO and coaching staff. Sure some players need to go to, but I'd rather wait til the new FO is in place to make those decisions.

Can you blame Ross for the cross country trip to talk to Harbaugh. The guy is a hell of of coach. Sure he handled it terribly, but he had the right idea is the point. If not for the looming lockout, he probably would have canned the whole coaching staff the day after the season.

All this misery will finally lead to a top QB and real coach. Can we please fast forward to April?

..Armando. Perhaps this is rock bottom. The addict is always the last to realize they have a problem. In this case the addict is the Franchise. And Ross is the guy on the corner peddling the junk to feed this losing habit.

There is nothing wrong with Bush telling a reporter that the team stinks...The media can probably figure that out on their own. And if it ruffles some feathers in the locker room, or throughout the franchise..Good. Do soemthing about it. Change, find a way to turn the attention away from the media, or whoever the team wants to blame. Onto the field, where it matters.

This is a by-product of frustration. I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what we may see going forward. You have to feel for the players. Playing for a franchise with maybe the worst owner in the game. A G.M. that has done little to improve personel. And a pizza cook for a head coach. Add that we have no chance because our quarterback play has been among the worst in the league over the last 2 seasons...It has to be tough being a Dolphin right now.

Great piece Armando. I've been critical before because I felt you were letting alot of these guys off the hook too easily.Glad to see you call these clowns out. They need to stop pointing fingers and focus on their game although I'm not so sure I'm interested in meaningless wins at this point.Keep it up dude.

Pow pow pow!

Mando you spent 3 years blaming everything on Henne.
When Henne got here we were 1-15 and running the BACKDOOR wildcat as our base offense. We had a QB named NoodleArm.
Now Henne's out and it turns out Henne was elevating this team from horrible to mediocre.
Now Henne's out and we're horrible.
And he's a free agent we get nothing for.

And you haven't pinned the blame of the last few losses on Moore; why is that?
Moore makes twice as much as Henne.

Anyway we got QB's:
Losman + Moore + Devlin

We need T.
1st pick

Khalil T USC

I agree, this is your best writing yet, Armando. I also agree that it should be an article in the paper.

And with the first pick of the 2nd round:
________ T Big-10.

We'll put that guy at RG but don't tell him till game time so he'll be pissed off.

(Between Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan there has to be someone who can block available).

Right on the ball with this one Armando. The Dolphins organization just doesn't get it and they haven't for a very long time. Hopefully we get some stability one day...#SuckforLuck

Quitting doesn't mean players are saying, "Well we just can't do it yet".

Quitting means players are saying, "When the limo gonna be here?" 5 minutes into the game.

Bush was right the first time. Wish he wouldn't have back tracked. Original comments respectable.

You are dead on accurate Mando. They are blaming you guys for reporting the truth. You can't cause shitty ass play.

Is there some back room deal between Ross, Ireland and Sparano. Coach out the season and get paid, save face for all of us and secure me a No.1 pick? I mean seriously some of the decisions Sparano and Ireland have made are ridiculous. The more you guys point out the decisions in the drafts and personnel moves the more incompetent they look. Who the hell are their scouts?

There is a backroom deal it is called: Depreciation+Revenue Sharing+TaxCredits=20%ROI for Ross and his fellow investors.


Dead on.. I agree. Looks like we are headed for a Mike Brown Cincinnati regime.

You know, after reading this, I see how bad Armando really feels for Tony Sparano...
A very heartfelt insight Armando, I never knew you had so much love in your heart.

Sounds like Armando is blaming the Dolphins for all these problems they have...

Can't we all just get along?

Ok Fin Family,

You just became the new GM, what players to you keep?

Bring it?

Thing is, everyone is congratulating Mando and to be honest, he should be giving credit to us. Where do you think he got the material for this?


I demand that we are recognized in postings that point out anything about Columbo! We've been his biggest fans! We know how good he is and have watch his every move (I think he's moved once, from Dallas to Miami).


Nick M. for President. No wait he deserves a more important job.... Nick M. for Dolphins GM.

Ps. Mandos' Maniac will provide you free chapstic to help with those duties Ross deems as "Responsibilities to be named later"

Telling it like it is!!!!!!!!

Blame the media...hahahaha. This franchise is a horrible joke. The interview room when Ross met Harbaugh... And this will be your boss (pointing or Ireland). Harbaugh says, get outta my house.

Season was over the minute they signed poor ol Colombo and made him a starter. Betty White could kick his ass. Who dat ol lady dat keep runnin past me???

still hope they bring henne back,who else would U have to teach luck? Moore?losman?NOT,Don't matter who the coach is,bring henne back for min pay.

Mando they should not blame the media. HOWEVER, your readers could give a &*$@ that the media is blamed. It is the last of a Finfan's problems. When you have such talents as yourself and Omar Kelly, people have as much use for the media as they do the Fins.

Get back to writing columns on college QB's that you mention you did not watch any of them but still comment on them.

I disagree with both Bush and Bell. They don't stink, but they both suck.

I think Mando could have added another 3 paragraphs about the wrong players they signed or the right players they didn't sign.


My bad...i got lost in my thoughts.....

I love bush's comments.....The Dophins stink.....

Bush stated that he couldn't agree more with Bells comments....

Bush stated HE stinks too....

Bush stated that your jusged in this league by WINNING...and if your not doing that...then YOU stink.....

Bush has not been infected by the cancer or losing that many Dolphins players and fans are now immune to......

Now I just wish his words would translate in to better play.....

Bush and Bell are correct. The media for the Dolphins do try and make something out of nothing, just to authorize their existence (the medias). I get tired of hearing from you reporters, who can't back up what they are saying, by saying " I heard from a reliable source", and then you babble on about something you can't prove. If that source is so reliable why DON'T you mention that source, like you mention players. For instance a reliable source told me your an inept reporter!! You try and make something out of nothing.








Awesome article. The Dolphin's PR dept. stinks too.

Jay - a writer has to protect the identity of their source, or that source won't confide in them ever again.

The 'Source' is the actions on the field and the final score! The play of the individuals on the field, the coaching on and off the field and the drafting of players is another 'Source' of information. Armando called it right. This franchise stinks! It starts by the actions of the owner and goes down from there. His franchise, he can ruin it if he wants to! Who ever comes into south Florida better be ready. You will have to turn things around above and below. The whole attitude and process is broke. The outlook is broke and priorities are broke. It's supposed to be a Football game, NOT a Broadway show or musical..





1st,3rd,4th,5th NEXT YEARS 3rd,4th. POIINT IS WHAT EVER.






thanks armando! you have been saying it for 3 years;you knew the regime was a fraud. dont forget that penne was the coach the year we won the division;sparano just watched.

Raul Soto....

It kind of is.....check out the article below if you haven't already...


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