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Oh, now it's the media's fault? Really?

So Reggie Bush said after Sunday's game that the Dolphins "stink."

Then Yeremiah Bell told examiner.com that, in part, Bush stinks for saying that.

And then today the Dolphins public relations machine tried to patch that crack in the locker room because, of course, 53 disparate men always agree on everything and it doesn't matter the entire NFL knows the whole franchise is broken anyway. Hmmmm. How to do this?

Ah, yes. After much discussion about stuff that doesn't matter one iota, the Dolphins decided to blame the true villian in all this -- the media. Yeah, that's the ticket. The big bad intimidating reporters are clearly trying to make Miami players say things against one another.

So after a long conversation with the PR dept., Bell walked back his comments and accused the media of taking Bush's words out of context. Bush, obviously not completely lobotomized by the Dolphins yet, disagreed initially even after a similar meeting with Dolphins PR. It is, he said, hard to take "we stink" out of context.

"What else would I mean," he asked.

But finally the men in the white coats apparently got to Bush. Late Thursday night he was fully on board with blaming the media for the misunderstanding!

"When your [sic] 0-6 it's easy for the media to create something out of nothing," Bush tweeted to his two million twitter followers. "Miami Dolphins are sticking together and believe in one another.

Then he tweeted:

"Because without each other we know that none of this is possible. We hold each other accountable and expect greatness from our teammates

Then he tweeted:

"With that said we are focused on one game this week. The NY Giants. Enough said..."

[Update: Meanwhile, Brandon Marshall tweeted this lovely thought last night -- To Media: When we win Sunday please don't say the Giants didn't take us serious."]

Whatever, dude.

What a total load.

Note to the Dolphins: The media isn't trying to "create" anything. You guys do it so well, no media member short of the most accomplished fiction writer could ever invent poop like 0-6, or losing to Tim Tebow on Gator Day, or not being able to ever stop a quarterback draw.

The media didn't force Brandon Marshall to say he was going to get thrown out of the Jets game in the second quarter. The media didn't invent the fact Marshall ripped the game plan for that Jets game because it didn't target him enough even though he was targetted a team-high 13 times.

The media also hasn't scored any points against the Dolphins this year or stopped them from scoring. That was Wes Welker going 99 yards for a touchdown, not The Miami Herald. No one holding a microphone has kept the Miami defensive backfield from failing to intercept passes at all-time frachise low rates.

The media did recognize right tackle Marc Colombo was a turnstile last year in Dallas and brought that up to coach Tony Sparano in the preseason. The coach would have none of that idea, saying he watched the tape of Colombo thus suggesting the media didn't know anything.

Um, well, Colombo is a turnstile in Miami. And, by the way, on twitter he follows practically every media member that covers the Dolphin but refused every interview request before even one disparaging word about him was written locally. (Strange bird, this one.)

The media did ask in print and on radio why not bring in a truly accomplished quarterback to compete with Chad Henne, with the loser of the competition becoming the backup. But noooo. The Dolphins went with journeyman Matt Moore. And now he's you're starter.

And the team has practically no chance.

The media continues to wonder why the Dolphins don't upgrade at tight end. Meanwhile, the Dolphins continue to wonder why they are so awful at scoring touchdowns in the red zone. Hint: Tight ends are among the most effective red zone weapons.

The media didn't get on that plane to go interview Jim Harbaugh. The media didn't cut Erik Walden so he could go to Green Bay and become a starter. The media didn't draft Pat White or Patrick Turner. The media didn't sign Ernest Wilford or Jake Grove. The media didn't fail to draft a quarterback in the first round every year since 1983. The media didn't guarantee Bill Parcells' his money even if he walked away. The media has not kept the Dolphins winless at home for almost an entire calendar year.

The media -- along with everyone else in the whole stadium -- knows the quarterback draw is always coming. The media didn't pass on Jimmy Graham. Or draft John Jerry.

If the Dolphins want to maximize their time, they should stop trying to keep the media at a distance and instead think about stiff-arming potential tacklers. If the Dolphins want to see the enemy they should turn their gaze away from the media.

And look in the mirror instead.


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Let's get real coach! Here are my preferences in order.

1. Gruden
2. Cowher

Pass on Fisher.

Let's repeat these choices ad nauseam until January! Let's!

Let's get real coach! Here are my preferences in order.

1. Fisher
2. Gruden
3. Cowher

Let's repeat these choices ad nauseam until January! Let's!

So wait Armando...what are you trying to say?

Armando sounds angry.

The only way he can cleanse himself is to repent.

Beg forgiveness from the Miami Stink Bugs!

Just kidding Armando.

Any suggestions for our next coach?


Any thoughts on these guys?

Hmmm, interesting choices, haven't thought of them yet.


Don't forget about how the media brought in Bill Parcells and all the little Tuna Helpers.

And with that, the assimilation of Reggie Bush is complete. The Dolphins losing culture claims another victim. Bummer, we never really got to know him.

Hang in there Daniel Thomas, and all you other Rooks. Stay golden. And whatever you do, don't look directly into their eyes.

I find that I am having to fight off the urge to go all ALoco. My fight or flee instincts are pushing me to invoke my Caps-lock key and write nonsensically. But I refuse, I must maintain my composure long enough to deliver this urgent and late-breaking news:

This just in...the Dolphins don't stink.

The Rams & Colts, however, are what their record says they are...

We should hire the best coach possible. Someone who can finally turn this team around.

And also its time to choose a first round quarterback! Any thoughts on that?

Hey, what's that smell??? It's NOT the Dolphins.

good to know.

Latest line has the G-Men at -10.

Giants appear to be getting healthy.

Just a guess here but:

Giants 30
Dolphins 19

Miami won't cover the spread.

Posted by: Tim in Tampa | October 27, 2011 at 06:03 PM


Upon further review:

New York Giants 30

Miami Stink Bugs 16

Nice regurgitation of Omar's peice.

Upset much mando?

The cracks are forming and there are TEN games to go! Put on your lab coats and safety goggles folks. This may get messy.

Brandon Marshall saying what!!! To Media: "When we win Sunday please don't say the Giants didn't take us serious."



The Dolphins aren't winning a game this season, why doesn't he tweet I might try and hold on to a couple of balls thrown to me this Sunday. Gosh, I really wish he gets kicked out of a game, it might give us a better chance of winning.

BM: "The media got in my eyes..."

Fact is Tony has them playing not to lose, which makes players play scared.

As long as he is coach this will not change.

Attack Attack Attack.

I think he is holding back the OC, who was way more open the 1st game of the season and now has gone into the kippy brown offensive play calling of run run run punt.

Rumor has it Sparano may be fired at the end of the season. I've been thinking of some possible replacements.


Has anyone thought of any of them as a possiblity?

jeff, for what it's worth, I agree. Geez, Kippy Brown? I'd successfully repressed that era.

I didn't need to read that on a Friday...weekend shot.

Hey, ChitChatFanX...You don't think we need a new GM?

I don't know if you know this, but a lot of people 'here', think we need a new GM. Do you think we need a new GM? I think we need a new GM.

We should get a new GM.

Way to tell it how it is Armando! Amen to that. This franchise has been so disappointing. I understand they can't "keep it real" to quote the vernacular but come on! It's better not to say something stupid than to try and use such a pathetic scapegoat as the media causing all these issues.

Great article Mondo. Right on the money! At the end of the season Tony, Jeff and a bunch of these player will be gone. I'm sure they will think that is the "media's fault" too....

Well said Mando! This franchise has become a joke! You forget trying to be "smart" and trade down to get Odrick vs taking Dez Bryant.. Among many more moronic moves!

Damn it Armando, I LOVED IT! Talk about ripping the Fins a new finhole. Woooohooooo.. passion from the press which is something missing from the Finholes. Look, I love the Dolphins, but this franchise is just as pathetic as it can get. It is about time that the media really rips into the Finholes. It is your job to put it out there regardless of whose feathers you ruffle. You are finally doing the way it should be done. Screw politcal correctness.

news flash: we're going 10-6.


Pot calling the kettle black? You know before the 2010 draft I mentioned to you the Dolphins should draft Jimmy Graham.








Im a dolfan no matter what. Armando show's in this article he's not a true dolfan. The past decade has been a very bumpy pothole filled ride for all of us. In the end, when the dolphins return to glory will be made just that much sweeter because of the very rough roads traveled to get there.

Yes, like most of you I'm disappointed in what's happened over the last decade too. But I can guarantee each and everyone of you I'll never be disappointed to be a Miami Dolphins fan.

Wins and lossess, they come and they go. Real fans last forever!

Truth be told, this franchise has been in slow decline beginning with the 1984 33-16 loss to the 49ers. Just so happens it would be over 20yrs later before the wheels really began to fall off the wagon.

Shula bares some responsibility for where we are now too. Sure he deserves high accolades for the championship seasons. But the demise began with Shula, which is evidenced from his forced outterture.

It wasnt like this was a playoff calibre team when Jimmy Johnson took over. But Im sure many have forgotten this. IMO, the franchise's fall from grace begin that easily forgotten SB day when Marino and company where routed 33-16 by eventual SB champs San Fransico 49ers(1984).

Yes guys, the bearings in the wagons wheels needed severe maintenance in the Shula/Marino years. But for some unknown reason it seemed because Shula knew he had a high speed mazzerati in Dan Marino. He deviated from the normal maintenance schedule.

In the end the mazzeratti itself would eventually break down(Marino's worst season ever 1999).

What would everyone be saying if Reggie has said instead "We are really a good team and bad luck has costs us a few games. I think we are a playoff caliber team." You would all be running him out of town.

The Dolphins do stink, but I think they can do much better. Look for Bush to go over 100 and score a couple of times this weekend. I think the boy has something to prove. let the overhyped D. Thomas watch from the sidelines.

You are right the media did not do any of those things...
BUT the media is South Florida is awful you guys DO NOT report facts mostly opinions and last I checked none of you played a down in the NFL. So stick to facts and stop creating hatred amongst fans.. this is not fans vs. dolphins.... one of the many reasons why South Florida Sports suck...

Henning > Dabol

Stats and records prove it. Hennings offense fared better with less. Dabol has a 1st round center, two better RB's and speed to stretch the field.

Dabols offense only looks better.
Hennings offense performed better.

Dat be da facts!

Dabol stinks! Flush the whole herd of dead brain cells!

Dabol? Hahahahaha....give me a break.

The Fins recruit the worst OC in the league and bring in Moore to compete with Henne?

Sign Bush when they could have gotten Sproles for half the price?

Yeah man, lets lose!


Man that is some funny sheeeeeeeet!



Wasn't the tooth fairy available???

Mando,I'm with you brother!As a retired Public Information Officer,I can tell you that often times when my employer was in the wrong,and they knew it for certain,their first reaction was to give the cold shoulder to the media.When that stroke of genius backfired,as it always did,they would blame the media.Man am I glad not to be dealing with that load of hooey anymore!

0-6 does smell pretty bad.


Believe it or not but we do think a like.

I said the same thing about Marshall's tweet. First thing I said was "whatever man".

I'm not gay or anything (not that there is anything wrong with that) but Mando get's me aroused when he speaks the truth.

This Pulitzer stuff Mando! I just don't know why this team is so upset with Bush. Usually, that type of talk gets the team fired up. Seems like they are getting defensive instead of getting fired up about winning.

They better win or Marshall's prediction will fall flat just like his time in Miami has.

Good call mondo....... It boggles my mind how this front office and coaching staff can keep screwing up royally and still act like they are smarter than pretty much everyone....... You left out trading away satele who is still the starting center for a pretty good rushing offense in Oakland..... This forcing us to draft a center at 15 this yr, when we couldve got much better value for it...... I'm pretty certain the Miami HURRICANES could beat the dolphins right now....... Couple tough plays last night and sum questionable short yardage calls at the end, but the U is gonna be real next yr......... Eff it....... Suck-fer-Mofuggin-Luck........ And a decent O line coach...... And an O-coordinator that's a disciple of andy Reid or Sean Payton..... And a DC that's a disciple of Dick Labeau....... Hell Mondo could be our head coach then....... NJFinFan can be our GM......

Way to bring, Armando. Truer words have never been spoken. When I first read the media comment I shook my head. Glad this slacker (or this team of slackers) didn't get a pass for the stupid comments. Keep the heat on. NOT ONE OF THESE GUYS has earned a pass.

all draft picks should be QBs and receivers. Everyone else can come thru other means

Well written. The mirror doesn't lie. If they are looking for answers they should try gazing in one!

Armando - very true about the media, unfortunately most of you hacks at the Herald don't qualify as media... You write a blog and an occassional opinion.. So you are correct that the media didn't create this mess, what you are not correct about is assuming you are media.

A short post on why we can't stand to watch another sorry effort against the Giants.....what else can we say? Bill

This post is seriously awesome.

Wow mondo best thought out article I've seen from you 10 outta 10!


The Dolphins organization has been terrible in dealing with the media and the fans since DICK SABAN. It is about time someone stood up against this dictatorship.

P.S. Why is there no local coverage calling for IRELAND's firing? He is the BIGGEST PROBLEM OF ALL, even more so then Sparano. But all we get is coverage on Sparano?


Great read been waiting for Mando the Fan to finally call it like it is. I`ve been reading your articles since the early 90`s and know you and Cote are both fans as well. I did always understand that it was your job and you couldn`t afford to alienate the team but in the past you did tend to be more critical when the situation warranted.

I will give you a couple more though, it wasn`t the media or the fans that passed on Aaron Hernandez in Rd.4 for AJ Edds either (situational player they envisioned)

It wasn`t any of us either that gave Justin Smiley a 25 Million Dollar contract while cutting Donald Thomas who could have been a solid back up at either Guard spot while bringing in former Cowboy after former Cowboy to replace him to no avail.

It wasn`t any of us who passed on MLB Barret Rudd to sign the often injured Kevin Burnett or let FS Renaldo Hill walk to replace him with Gabril Wilson.

It wasn`t any of us that drafted Phillip Merling while passing on sure fire DE Calais Campbell whose now blowing it up in Arz. which in turn made the move more necessary for osteosperosis ridden Jared legs Odrick while passing on FS Earl Thomas and WR Dez Bryant.

I`ll stop now !!!! I just got the sudden need to visit the corner liquor store and pound a gallon of whiskey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets get Spurrier!! He's never won a super bowl.. Or Butch Davis.... LOL. Or.... Terry Bradshaw.... Yee Haw!!

this is so right on...

Well said Armando. I think that was the best posting I've ever read by you.

Luck will never play for fins, he will pull a John Elway or Eli Manning. So we all better start thinking of alternatives.

I would be willing to bet that as bad as this team is, the fins will move to another city. Especially with the fan support leaving enmasse. Ross might think that will fix the financial aspect, but it will still be the same story in the new city, as long as he owns this team. He needs to buy back the minority interests that he sold to the "celebrities" and get rid of the night club and orange carpet and turn this organization back into a football team. I live in PA so I don't hear all that is going on in Miami, that's where you guys come in, but imho I wouldn't be surprised if Ross hasn't thought of moving this team, just to screw the local fans, Ross seems to do things just to aggravate the locals.

It's not a matter of the media "forcing" athletes to say things they don't want to. It's the ridiculous amount of over-analysis that every little quote and story gets. After a very disappointing loss, Reggie Bush tells reporters that the Dolphins stink out of frustration. Yes, he was probably being honest because the Dolphins really do suck.

The media loves to complain about athletes not giving them truthful answers enough of the time, but then when they say something honest it becomes the biggest story of the week and gets played out. They keep talking about it and talking about it until it gets picked up by the national media where it goes completely out of control. They need to stop being so critical of every single word that comes out and stop acting like like sticking a microphone in somebody's face when they're mad doesn't bait them into saying something stupid.

The blame does belong with the person speaking because ultimately the words come out of their mouth, but the media needs to quit pleading innocence. They are absolutely responsible for choosing how much coverage one story gets over the next one and they focus on the controversial stuff that sells the most, ignoring all ethical common sense.

Best one yet Mando, but I do agree you guys harp on one issue but not another.

Media stinks

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