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Players react to another loss, being 0-5

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- I have nothing else to say about Miami's 24-6 loss to the Jets. I've made peace with the result in this column that appears in today's Herald.

This, meanwhile, is what players said after the Dolphins lost to the Jets on Monday night:

Wide receiver Bradon Marshall, who dropped a TD pass and fell out of bounds as he was running up the sideline on a play that could have been yet another score: "It's tough right now. When you lose, everything looks bad. It's a nasty feeling in the building. The only thin we can do is try and fight to get a win. We're not going to give up. We have way too much character in the locker room. We owe it to the city of Miami. We owe it to ownership to play better. This is embarrassing. We have way too many players in our locker room to be sitting at 0-5. Hopefully we can get this turned around."

Outside linebacker Jason Taylor, who had one tackle, on whether he felt a sense of 'here we go again' when the game began to slip away: "I never feel that way."

Tight end Anthony Fasano, who caught one screen pass for 13 yards, on whether he felt a sense of 'here we go again,' when the game began to slip away: "When things go badly, it's tough not to revert back to what you've been doing but good teams don't do that. I think we're a mentally strong team, but we're not showing it right now."

Safety Yeremiah Bell, who led the team with seven tackles, on whether the effort was good for four quarters: "Oh, the effort is there. We're just not getting it done. We have to get that first one out of the way. With our team, we haven't figured out how to get on top and how to win games yet. We get out there, we're playing hard, but it's just things aren't going our way sometimes. We're giving up plays here and there and it's hurting us."

Defensive end Kendall Langford, who had one tackle, on whether the effort was good for four quarters: "We're digging ourselves in a hole. Miami is beating Miami. Those guys, they made some plays out there and hats off to them. But at the end of the day we got to play 60 minutes of football. We can't just play 30 minutes."

And finally, linebacker Karlos Dansby, who had six tackles and a sack:



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the recieving core need to be re built. Hartline is good, everyone else can go. Both the offensive and defensive lines are bad. The defensive line is really bad. Havent generated a sack in 5 games????? Thats horrible. Theres prob 10 players I would keep on this team. Thats how bad it is. They are...Jake Long,Mike pouncey, Brian hartline, Daniel Thomas, Yerimiah Bell, Jimmy Wilson, Paul Soliai, Cameron Wake....wow thats only 8...maybe dansby and burnett, but they have also played bad this season. Its a downward spiral until some major changes happen. Oh yeah, Sean Smith dropped another int...he could have 10 in his career and prob be known as a pretty good corner, but he has dropped EVERY one. So hes not the real deal and thats the truth. 1-15 this season....and that one win is just for pride. Horrible effort.

one more thing....im sick of SParano yelling and fist pumping after we settle for field goals EVERYTIME in the redzone. I like the guy, but he has to go. just the truth.

we still dont have a 2min offense. we still cant recognize a QB draw. clyde gates cant get a kickoff past the 20 and will end the season injured. coach quit at the end of the 1st half when we decided to sit on the ball. players followed coach. team is a disaster. remember feed the wolf? and change the culture?


Did you really write that stuff? With the "tell me again" girlish nonsense. Requesting the show of hands again?

Get off it already with the Henne & Marshall stuff. Poizen's moved on from the Henne argument, you should too. You're just coming off stupid now.

Take Marshall out of the game yesterday & what would Miami have done? Notice how you can only talk about the few plays Marshall couldn't make instead of all the plays he did. Or maybe, rave about the plays somebody else made for Miami?

We're waiting.......crickets!

Yes, Marshall was running full speed across the field. We should expect him to become gumby & jump in the complete opposite direction he was running in to be able to catch an underthrown pass.

Yes, he was running full speed across the field & caught a pass. When he turned to head up field his momentum started to carry him out of bounds.

Yes, he did drop a laser throw behind him in the end zone but, that was certainly no easy catch.

Have some objectivity. He manhandled Revis between the 20's & was the ONLY reason we scored ANY points or moved the ball at all.

He was the ONLY guy really open consistently and able to make ANY plays. Yet, all you do is harp on him for the few he couldn't make?

Did you forget Clay's drop down the sideline for about 40 yards? Did you forget Hartlines 2nd & 17 drop in Jets territory which would have been a 1st down? How about S. Smith dropping an easy INT?

Apparently not, because your too busy hanging on to Marshalls jock strap. Get over it!


In week one of sean smith's training camp

HOME has been pounding the table that

sean smith SUCKS


and for 3 yrs all u writers and bloggers have chosen not to believe HOME

Yet every week u see with your own jaded eyes
The Poser Boy Fraud CB seam smith
F'KN Suck

sean has never made even one game changing play

sean is rated an "F" CB

QBs misfire almost every week & throw the ball in BOTH of HIS HANDS, yet

all he does is drop it

Shucking & Jiving are not NFL Stats !






yes indeed above is the wolf's final ECG

i finally karked it

unable to communicate while my body was in the morgue and my spirit wandering aimlessly for a couple of weeks I have finally reached the ethereal plane

i'd like to take this opportunity to apologise for the optimistic bullsh*t i wrote all offseason

the pile of utter sh*t spouted by myself including an amazing 11-5 prediction will be to my eternal shame

the unpleasant nature of my heartless starvation by the miami dolphins means I shall be doomed to wait wandering the ethereal plane forever!

time to take out the garbage


Ok this takes the F'KN Cake

The Florida Panthers hockey team scored more points than the Dolphins !!!

Panthers scored 7 goals last nite

Dolphins 6

The Dolphins Suck





La cosa esta fea

You have to fire Sparano, and now. Team needs a shake-up. Everyone on that team knows deep down they have no chance of winning with this coach. Let Nolan take over. What's the difference? If I'm Ross I fire Ireland today & have one of his lackies get on the phone & start trading some players for 2012 picks before the deadline. Because if Jeffie still thinks he might have a chance at keeping his job he sure as hell won't do it. Gotta get a couple picks in the 3rd & 4th rounds. That's as high a pick as your going to get for anyone on this team.

the dolphin players are "going thru the motions" having already "mailed it in early". matt moore and marshall continued to fight the whole game,granted with mistakes,but with effort. how come nobody on the 53 man roster can make a play????? coaching is horrendous; players are underachieving and clearly not motivated.

And who says you can't hire a new coach midseason? Has it ever been done. Has there ever been a coach with Fisher or Cowher's credentials sitting there? What's the worst that can happen? Miami scores less points than their hockey team and they lose? Well, that's already happening.

I agree with DC

Guess the coach?

137 yards total offense and three points in Monday's first quarter of nationally televised MNF's huge rivalry

I Know
That was easy

Tony Sparano's Miami Dolphins


Joe (and your aliases),

Are you really saying Marshall had a good game last night, cause if you are, you're in the minority. Even Gruden said a number of times last night 'you've got to make that catch'. The first pick by Revis was not a penalty Joe but I put that one on Moore. How about the running out of bounds, Joe. What do you want to say about that one?

My comments were simply based on people on here blaming Marshall's inability to catch the ball on Henne. It's a different excuse every week. He's paid as a number one receiver and he doesn't perform as a number one receiver. And the inabilities to get the ball into the end zone while in the red zone, which too many people want to blame on Henne, were very evident again last night. So once again, it's clear the problem of struggles in the red zone aren't all on Henne. Would you like to argue that point too?

So, Joe, instead of coming up with aliases and trying to make it look like there's an army of people who don't like my comments, why don't you just comment under YOUR name. If you don't like the fact that I comment on here and what I have to say, then too bad for you. Don't read it if you don't like it.

How about the early drive, 3rd & inches, throwing the ball. Then from the Jet 40, punting? LOL

4th & inches, on a winless team, on the opposing 40 & you PUNT?

Couple that with not trying to move the ball at the end of the 1st half & you have enough to know Sparano is oblivious.



sparano quit at the end of the 2nd quarter;players followed his lead. team is gutless like the coach. nolan for interim asap! bring in a brad childress,mohrningweg or eric mangini for interviews. forget cowher/gruden(spoiled with cushy t.v. jobs).

How bout those Dolphins?

anyone still think seam smith is the best in the league?

best Cb tandem?

sean smith best take away CB?

sean smith good ball skills?

sean smith good hands?

tee hee

Did not want to listen to Home?!

Well enjoy your #1 CB

tee hee

LMAO !!!

Miami sucks real time losers 4 ever sort it out Ross otherwise leave this franichise alone you have no clue how pissed dolphin fans are this season and it is ugly already and about to get worse.
Can we suck for Luck now nothing else to play for in 2011.

A die hard Dolphin fan from London, U.K.



It's really hard to go 16-0.
It's really hard to go 0-16.

So, yes, I'm predicting if they are going to win at least one game, Denver will be one of them.

I've been more than ready for 2012 NFL Draft, baby!!!

Craig, instead of accusing me of nonsense, why don't you READ my post before you go on a tirade?

Would have spared you the air time you just gave yourself. I already commented on every play you asked BEFORE YOU ASKED IT.

yet, you did not comment on the Clay drop, or the Hartline drop, or the Smith int drop. You aren't even clever enough to play this back n forth game. You just wanna look right. Even when you're blatantly wrong.

I mentioned every play you talked about yet you're asking me about them. You don't read or don't know how to.

Yet again, I asked you to name plays other players made for Miami. No answer. Crickets!

You fail to get into it and instead throw accussations & avoid the topic & contents of my post.

You're worthless. Move on hump. You don't like me calling you out for the nonsense you post, stop posting nonsense!

Why don't you go toot your horn some more. We're sure you will!

home, i reported the same thing about sean smith from davie in training camp. he cant cover,cant tackle,cant finish, never giving 100%. oh, and cant catch. i cant believe he is a starting cb. i'll take jimmy wilson anyday.


Jimmy Wilson is a playmaker


the one TD that went inches over his fingers was cuz of NO safety help

Jimmy has one INT
Easily had a second but guess who ran into him and knocked Jimmy's 2nd easy INT to the ground, ... none other than sean smith

Jimmy forced fumbles on defense and last nite on ST's Kick Off

Jimmy Wilson has only been w the team 5 games and NEVER has started


SOORY...tried to hang in there as a die hard fan/supporter. Can't take it any more!
Terminate Today!
Saparano....make Nolan the interim coach till we are able to find a proven winner/leader. Tony ain't it! To walk his team off the field with time on the clock before half was a joke! Nolan ain't a Head Coach either but can fll in. Bench Marshall for a couple of games to see if he'll get his head out of his butt! replace Ireland and Dabol as well at the end of the year. Sell the farm to get Andrew Luck. Ross needs to worry about the team and not the Orange Carpet Guests as mentioned by Gruden and others last night. Pay to get Gruden out of his ESPN contract....bring in Josh Daniels as the Offensive Coordinator or Charlie Wiez...

Jimmy knows WINNING football


With that many dropped passes on offense there's no other explanation than this team has lost focus. But that's stating the obvious. They're playing hard but that spark/mental edge is long gone. And in a league where everyone is close to the same in skill that is the kiss of death.


The conversation was about the $50 million man Brandon Marshall. He's the guy we expect to make the plays. He's not doing it and it has nothing to do with Henne, Moore or anybody else. There's only one guy he needs to blame and it starts by looking in the mirror.

I cant believe we as fans stayed up till midnight to enjoy 2 field goals and a bunch of (THE MONSTER/BEAST) dropp some more pass beyond the 20 yard line. PLEASE CUT THIS JOKE ASS RECIEVE SOON. + MATT MOORE REALLY MATT MOORE STILL TO THIS DAY PONDERING WHY THIS GM MADE THIS MOVE????? CANT WATCH TOO MUCH MORE OF THIS CRAP. please MR. ROSS get your head out of your rich ASS and put a product on the field P L E A S E!!!!!!!!!!

Marshall's not going to last the year. He's going to get kicked out of a game or do something stupid to get suspended by the team. He's a ticking time bomb and when things go badly he goes off. He did it in Denver, he's sure to do it here. We've only played 5 games and there are 11 games to go. Anyone want to take me up on that bet? There's a good chance he even erupts when Denver comes to town this week. Let's watch and see....

I'm not blaming Sparano for the dropped passes of every WR on the team. Am sorry for Moore who otherwise played pretty well.

I agree with Criag M on Marshall in the sense that a blow up could be imminant. Still think he's a huge talent when his head is right but it clearly is not. Still think he can be a huge asset next year with a new regime and QB.

Chris in the 623,

I'm agreeing with you on that point to. I'm not advocating moving him for a second or anything. But I don't believe this year his mind is totally into it. I think he sees all the writing on the wall. Different coach and a different QB and a I think we see a different player.

Carson Palmer to the Raiders. Deal getting done.



I just read that....wow!! Apparently for a first and a conditional. That's OK....I'd rather have a young, less beat up guy than a beat up 34 year old. Raiders are a playoff threat and they are going for it. I think they are pretty much out of draft picks now for next year. Weird!

CraigM, everytime someone tells you how much of an idiot you are, you always respond the same "post under your real name" bs. Joe told you how it is, accept it. You don't know s**t. The Dolphins have no free safety, quarterback, defensive line, offensive line, tight ends and linebackers. That's not very good. Marshall is the least of our problems. Why do you think our quarterbacks are always looking for Marshall??? Maybe, just maybe, it's because he's the only one getting open. Ever thought about that???

Two 1st rounders for Carson Palmer? Are we sure Al Davis passed?


Go f*ck yourself!!,,,,told you before I'm not interested in what you have to say. Skip over them if you don't like it.

Have a GREAT day.....a**hole!

WHAT A PATHETIC Team this is...our FINS

Coaching ....BLOWS

Brian Hartline....more or less BLOWS

JT....I hate to say...BLOWS, not a difference maker anymore, really?

Reggie....flashes of SPEED, is it because our BUTTHEAD coaching staff can't use him right??

Our O line....BLOWS in General

Our current Q Back....flashes of good, overall MEDIOCRE

Brian Daboll...c'mon...looks like a construction worker..OC? Please...

Im so pissed off...Our owner is a JERK, sad to say....

Don Shula.....shaking his head in disgust...right now!!

Andre Luck.......PRICELESS!!! But we have to endure 2.5 months more of this S***!

Dolfan fan in MD, who by the way turned off the game at 11pm in the 4th quarter... I Don't do that often...U know its BAD!!!!!

CraigM, start following badmington or bowling...Chances are you'll understand it better...LOL!

Last night was a pathetic showing of a football game by the Dolphins. I wanted Marshall to get kicked out of the game so maybe Moore would of finally start looking at the other receivers. Can someone please tell me WTH happened to Davone Bess?

I dont know if the team quit on Sparano or they just plain suck?

Sean Smith is a worthless corner, I've never seen a corner who can't catch a pass that touches his hands.

I will not be picking the Dolphins to win anymore games this weekend. And to the fans who are still showing up to the Dolphins game I hope you wear a paper bag over your head.

2 first round picks for Carson Palmer? No way!

In one of my previous posts I joked that the tag line for the Jets-Dolphins game on ESPN was going to be:

"Monday Night the New York Jets take on the Keystone Cops in what is sure to be one of the funniest games since the Harlem Globetrotters took on the New York Knicks"

I didn't realize I would be that close to summarizing last night's game.
This team looked like the three stooges out there. After watching the Brandon Marshall interview I began to feel sorry for these guys. I was pissed that they weren't winning games but I now feel nothing but pitty.

DA, it IS really hard to go 0-16. But if there's a team to successfully make that happen, it's your 2011 Miami Dolphins. Not saying that with any pride or happiness, that's just how bad they really are.

What you're not giving Tebow credit for, is he's a WINNER! More so than Moore, or anyone else on our team. I'd say we're the underdog simply because Tebow is a true leader, and a winner.

What an embarrassing game, and it is all Henne's fault. What Henne did not play, you mean that was actually the franchise savior Matt Moore. That must mean that this team is actually horrible with poor talent and a bad coach, and Henne was not the problem after all. Hmmmmm.

Has Tony been fired yet ?

Thank GOD we didn't get Carson Palmer. If this team gave us a first-round pick for him, I would have become a Jets fan. Seriously.

The bengals drafted a good young QB in Andy Dalton...And they get 2 first round picks for Palmer. LOL!! The Bengals and the Lions are making smart moves...As far as the Dolphins are concerned, we're still waiting.

Why the gloom?

The first half- when we were playing well enough to win- was enjoyable.
The second half- competing with the Colts and Rams- was anything but stressful. We need to enjoy and savor the good things in life.

One of the commentators, I believe it was Jon Gruden, mentioned that one of the Dolphin players had stated that conditioning was a problem for the team. He then went on to question why the team wasn't in better condition for the games and the people responsible for that aspect of their play weren't doing their job.











What I think you're not giving enough credit to is how hard it is to make a play in an out-of-sync offense. The NFL pass game is based on timing and fluidity. It's getting in and out of the routes in a fluid manner. Getting the timing right. It's more than pitch and catch. Since this offense is totally off, even simple catches become difficult. Difficult catches become almost impossible. It wasn't just Marshall missing catches. THEY ALL DID!!!

And they will continue to because this offense is out-of-sync. It's more than being 1 player's fault.

Also, let's see Brandon Marshall for what he is. A very good possession receiver. That's NOT an A-receiver by the way. A-receivers (Fitzgerald, Megatron, Steve Smith) are PLAYMAKERS! They make that TD play, they make the circus catch in the end zone, they SCORE! Marshall is NOT that. Hasn't been for many years. He's a possession receiver (best between the 20s). You need that on your team. But if Miami wants to score next year, they need an A-receiver, a playmaker, and not just a possession receiver. Keep Marshall, but upgrade your other receiver to be the guy to score TDs (or else get a TE that can play that role). Marshall can only be what he is.

Did anyone here Jon Gruden's comment last night about one of the Dolphin's players saying their conditioning wasn't where it should be and that's one of the reasons they weren't able to compete? You could tell that they still are behind in conditioning when you see guys out there gasping for air. It is pitiful how every aspect of this team's prepartation is subpar. The head coach sucks. The gm sucks. Bryan Cox sucks. Position coaches suck. Strength and conditioning sucks. There is nobody doing their job on this team. I saw Sean Smith on the sideline with a leg cramp getting his leg massaged by someone who looked like they were 16 years old. WTF?

Jared Odrick is the biggest draft bust ever. (left on the team) What is he good at? Not stopping the run or pass rushing.

The Jets offense sucks and our defense can't stop them. Where does that leave us? Dansby claims to have a bunch of great players in the "D". If so where are they? What are they doing? If Nolan is such a great "D" coach why aren't they stopping a lousy Jets Offense? Coach Tony, unless you plan to retire from any kind of coaching after this year you got eleven games to win nine; if you wind up with another loosing season you don't belong coaching at this level.Mr. Ross call Tony Dungy ask him no beg him to help your team out of this mess.

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