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Players react to another loss, being 0-5

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- I have nothing else to say about Miami's 24-6 loss to the Jets. I've made peace with the result in this column that appears in today's Herald.

This, meanwhile, is what players said after the Dolphins lost to the Jets on Monday night:

Wide receiver Bradon Marshall, who dropped a TD pass and fell out of bounds as he was running up the sideline on a play that could have been yet another score: "It's tough right now. When you lose, everything looks bad. It's a nasty feeling in the building. The only thin we can do is try and fight to get a win. We're not going to give up. We have way too much character in the locker room. We owe it to the city of Miami. We owe it to ownership to play better. This is embarrassing. We have way too many players in our locker room to be sitting at 0-5. Hopefully we can get this turned around."

Outside linebacker Jason Taylor, who had one tackle, on whether he felt a sense of 'here we go again' when the game began to slip away: "I never feel that way."

Tight end Anthony Fasano, who caught one screen pass for 13 yards, on whether he felt a sense of 'here we go again,' when the game began to slip away: "When things go badly, it's tough not to revert back to what you've been doing but good teams don't do that. I think we're a mentally strong team, but we're not showing it right now."

Safety Yeremiah Bell, who led the team with seven tackles, on whether the effort was good for four quarters: "Oh, the effort is there. We're just not getting it done. We have to get that first one out of the way. With our team, we haven't figured out how to get on top and how to win games yet. We get out there, we're playing hard, but it's just things aren't going our way sometimes. We're giving up plays here and there and it's hurting us."

Defensive end Kendall Langford, who had one tackle, on whether the effort was good for four quarters: "We're digging ourselves in a hole. Miami is beating Miami. Those guys, they made some plays out there and hats off to them. But at the end of the day we got to play 60 minutes of football. We can't just play 30 minutes."

And finally, linebacker Karlos Dansby, who had six tackles and a sack:



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We will see soon enough.

We know Tebow WAS a winner in college, I don't see him being one in the NFL. All reports out of Denver was that Average Orton was clearly blowing him away in the practices. I don't think he will have enough success passing in the NFL.

Time will tell. I'm sticking with my prediction.


You forgot to add he's got the most drops in the NFL since 2007. That's who our number one receiver is. We need to recognize this guy for what he is, as you've said, a good, not great receiver. They overpaid for him with draft picks and overpaid moneywise. We're stuck with him and we have to hope things change with a new coach and a new QB.

Joe not trying to take sides here, just my opinion. Marshall is Henne, Henne is Marshall. Both very good between the twenties and then both choke in the red zone. That's all. Doesn't matter how many catches Marshall had or how many yards. His inability to be a number one wide receiver in the end zone is seriously hampering this teams ability to win games. More than any other players on the team, Marshall and Henne just can not get it done when it matters. I've never heard so many excuses given for why a WR drops catches as I've heard in here. Even the guys in the booth were pointing it out, it's not good. Same goes for excuses involving Henne.

You're asking why someone didn't point out Hartline or Clays drops. WHO? Marshall is a number one wide receiver and gets paid like one. Those guys are afterthoughts. They dropped passes but how many passes has Hartline dropped this season? Maybe two, hell that may have been his first. But Marshall is LEADING THE LEAGUE in drops. Clay is a rookie FB trying to make a catch 30 yards down the field with a guy inches in front of him. Lets give him a break, it's not fair to compare his drop with Marshalls multiple screw ups.

The running out of bounds is all on Marshall. Screw momentum, he was so far in front of the db he could have practically stopped, readjusted, and scored the td. He wasn't in full stride toward the sideline, he had plenty of time to readjust but as usual he doesn't think, has very little instinct, and didn't even pay attention to where the sideline was.

If that guy is going to be our best receiver here going forward, if he's our #1 and he doesn't get this crap straightened out we're never going to be a championship team. We need a true #1 and Marshall imo isn't it.

I understand that Marshall missed on a few last night but you have to agree that he was playing extremely hard. He was fighting for everything he got with Revis in coverage. He had a really good game. You can't argue that.

Now, back to the last drafted. I had commented that Bess should be used for trade bait along with Sean Smith and Hartline. Some didn't like the idea of getting rid of Bess, "how can you say that! He is one of the best possession receivers in the game!" Well, he's done squat so far this year. Last nights game was one where they could have used Bess but he wasn't even close to being able to get open. He can't get off the line and although he is quick he has no speed. They should have cut him loose in a trade when they had a chance.
I wanted them to go after Nhamdi or draft a top corner and I got the same reaction. "What about Sean Smith? What are you going to do with him?" Well, Smith is another character that has done nothing. He dropped a bunch of int's last year and he has done nothing but sucked this year. He can't even keep up with opposing receivers.
Last but not least is Hartline. The fastest guy on the team. Whoooopie! Doesn't do $hit. Sucks, sucks, sucks.
Why does this team continue to hang on to mediocre players that they could have done better with a trade for draft picks. Now, they won't be able to get $hit for them because the whole league sees that they suck.

Nobody should feel frustrated about Oakland signing Palmer. The Raiders are playing good football and contending this year, we are not. It makes sense for them to go after a decent QB.

Besides, Palmer is not what he once was. We would have to be fools to give up any high round picks for him at this point. Maybe his career will be revived at Oakland, but, you all know what would happen to him here. Matt Moore barely survived the game last night and he's somewhat mobile. Palmer would have been a highly paid tackling dummy in our backfield.

Maybe Mike Brown is smarter than anyone gave him credit for. He knew there would be a team in the exact position that Oakland is, and now he has 2 first round picks to play with.

There is no reason we cant win out and be 11/5.that will get us a wild card.a couple of upsets and were in the super bowl.if you bleed aqua and orange you can see it happening.GOOOOOOOOOOODOOOLPPHHINNSSSSS..GGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Can someone please tell Clyde Gates to stop attempting to bring kickoff returns out from 8 yards deep in the end zone??? Every single time he tries it, the team starts around the 12 yard line, either because he gets tackled there or because of a holding penalty. Stop putting your offense in a huge hole, idiot. It's obviously too much to ask for the coaching staff to tell him not to do it.

Yeah that made me laugh. How are the coaches supposed to condition the players if they get a 6 day vacation right in the middle of the season?

Welcome to pu**y ball folks. Don't be confused, it closely resembles what we remember as "football" but it's not even close. Thanks to the new CBA two a days are a thing of the past. They're not allowed to practice twice a day because it's too hard on the incredibly overpaid players to handle. For some reason back in the day before all of our technology, before all of the new training techniques and supplements the players could handle it. But not today, too fragile I guess, pu**ies.

They also have to have 4 days off during a bye including the weekend. Ridiculous as Gruden pointed out seeing how your starting QB goes down and you're not even allowed to practice your backup for a week.

Then you pile on the ridiculous rules made up to specifically hamper defenses from doing their job properly. OOOps I mean the rules to "protect the players" even though the offensive players are still allowed to cut block and spear.

And there you have it,,,,pu**y ball. It's like money ball but with a BIG pu**y instead! Glad I was able to watch football when real men played, it's a memory I will forever cherish.

That 'someone' would be a coach...if we had some.

But, you see, we're too desperate to save our jobs here in south florida so we're going to take chances when we shouldn't and, simultaneously, be conservative when we shouldn't....basically, we're just going to continue to play dumb football.

I agree Craig. Wouldn't dare say Marshall is great. Maybe he's great at dropping passes, but that's about it. He's good (and sometimes very good). But certainly hasn't ever been great here.

Another poster I read earlier said Sparano said he has no idea how to fix this situation (I guess in his presser). Can anyone confirm that? Did he really say that?

If so, I agree, dump Sparano now. Yes, I DO want to Suck for Luck, but am confident enough that we just plain suck as it is that another Coach wouldn't make a difference.

But for a HC to say, "I have no idea how to fix this..." that's WORSE than what Marshall said about getting ejected from a game (which never happened by the way). Much, much worse. If your HC doesn't have a clue, and says it PUBLICLY, then what the h*ll are you keeping him for?


We had alot of open receivers.Moores inexperience had him targeting marshall all night.Thats why tony left the half with a minute on the clock.we wre still in the game no reason to throw a int there.moore will improve as the season progresses.we will get a couple of wins.this will be good enough to landry jones.hopefully marshall can be traded.we dont need him yelling at our young qb just because he is upset he cant catch a ball or stay inbounds...he couldnt even get kicked out of the game like he promised.or was all that just to get him up for the game.worked real well.lol...

Can we trade all of the starting d line for some draft picks?

All of my Dolphins merchandise makes for a nice sized pile.
Will be setting fire to that pile.
Should make a nice bonfire.

Will use my Dan Marino Jersey to initiate the fire.

Sorry, People, for any inappropiate comments I might have made last night here. I was angry, and now remain totally frustrated and impotent to do anything about this whole situation.

Marshall does not have the hands of a Larry Fitzgerald type who reaches out to snag the ball to OWN it. Seems like Marshall just waits for it to get to him time and again, giving others a chance to make a play.


Sparano did say in a presser - "I'm baffled. I have no answers.". I think was was right after game 3.

remember those days as well, If you cant practice how can you be prepared. But then again, other teams seem to be prepared, somehow they make it work. In that situation it has to fall back on the HC, but I think there are many other issues that help make Sparano look worse than he actually is. Im not in this suck for luck campaign, Luck is not the answer. But there are a few other QB's in that draft that are very interesting. Luck is just not one of them..Wish we had Crowder back, Lot of our defence issues revolve around communication, getting players in the right position to make plays, etc..Crowder was that link. I do feel Ross should get rid of Ireland "now"..Just need to find a GM to fill the position, Cowher in the short term till season ends, then give him the control as HC.But I do not think Cowher is interested in coaching.

Thanks DA. And this is the guy Mando has compassion for? The EFFING HEAD COACH who publicly states he doesn't know what he's doing?

Someone please tell me why I should give more credit to the idiot in charge who does nothing but yell and walk the friggin' stadium steps before each game, over the athlete that puts his body on the line every down, every play, every day, only to be discarded like trash when he's over the hill at 30 years of age? Please, explain to me how I should feel sorry for a Coach, that's PAID TO HAVE ANSWERS, who says, "I don't have any answers."?

Just wondering. Anyone else feel the same, or am I alone here? Mando was WAY OFF-BASE with that heart-felt blog about Sparano. WAY OFF-BASE!! Trying to get us to feel sorry for the guy. For what?

I tell you who I feel sorry for: this week, it's Joe and Poizen and NY Scott and the other NY-based Dolphins fans who have to take abuse form their friends about their crap team. Next week it'll be Boulder, week after (sorry guys) Joe and Poizen and NY Scott, week after dusty bottoms, week after ME! THAT'S who I feel sorry for. I'm here everyday trying to come up with answers. What's Sparano doing? Putting his house on the market? Well, if he's smart.

That was not a well-thought out blog right there, I'm sorry. Maybe I'm making too much of it, but after dissing Marshall for saying something stupid, Mando deserves some of his own medicine.

Feel sorry for the fans, NOT for those supposedly in charge yet have NO ANSWERS!!!

The Dolphins best player last night was Marshall. Not one player made a memorable play last night EXCEPT marshall. Yet, he's the one getting killed this morning?

Yes, he bothced a few. I went so far to say that. It's not like the ones he dropped were gimmies however. How does anyone gloss over the Hartline drop to call Marshall out? He was wide open & hit him right in the hands in stride...Drop. Marshall was blanketed all night & had to fight for every inch.

He had Revis on him almost all night & still MADE plays. Some of you just remember the bad ones. Sad.

Had it not been for Mrshall making ANY plays, he would not even have been in position to botch the few he did.

Had HALF the team played with the fire Marshall did last night, Miami wins. Let's not forget, he was competing against the best DB in football since Deon sanders & had 1 of his better games.

Who else made plays? Name one...Who else was open consistently? Who else put the effort out that he did?

I'm not saying he's the best wr in the NFL but christ o mighty people, have some perspective. He's the best offensive player on this team by a country mile.

Yes, he makes big money & has to make more plays on the gaoline. Yes, he suffers the dropsies. But, using a stat from ESPN since 2007 saying he has the most drops & not factoring the amount of targets? Run with it if you want.

Ssome of the criticism here is just blatantly far fetched & moronic.

i am sorry i have disgraced the dolphin organization.i do not know how to coach....motivate...or lead this team.i only know that 3+3=6 will not win any games but it is the only time i can fist pump.and i like to do that.

You know what would really suck? We could finish 0 and 16 and draft third.

Oakland lands Carson Palmer. 2 1st1st Rounders?? Glad Miami didn't make that trade either.

DC Dolfan

All of our receivers dropped catchable balls. What's the answer?

DC, don't feel sorry for us NY fans. I had 2 Jets fans come up to me and say the EXACT same thing this morning.

"I'm just glad we played Miami because if not, we would have lost"

They know we both suck & I know too. This game simply validated both more strongly LOL

I have to agree with Joe on Marshall. I'm not completely behind Marshall, but he was the only one making plays last night.

Seems like people were thinking up stuff to say about him before the game was even played

The people we should feel sorry for are the loyal season ticket holders. Better times are coming.

remember the Mark Brothers...those guys made catches+yards after the catch.remember marshall........marshall who!

First Drive I think: 3rd & short, pass. Incomplete. 4th & short from the Jet 40, punt?


End of the 1st half, traling w/ about a minute left. Run the clock out?


Sorry guys but Jared ODrick is a bust...Another Philip Merling..A stiff.A pure Parcells/Ireland pick!

Fire no one. Do nothing but "prepare for Denver." Stay the course.


Mando feels sorry for Sparano because they are one in the same... a decent, nice guy who has no idea what he's doing and should not have the position he's in.

If this team played the Lions' team that went 0-16 they would lose 19-6.

Joe, Marshall is an easy target because he was brought to be the alpha guy, the playmaker. So obviously people are going to highlight him. Also, he got a majority of the looks.

I don't single-out Marshall, I think they all suck. What I haven't heard hear is why was Moore ONLY looking at Marshall. That one play, Clay is WIDE OPEN. It's a busted coverage, yet Moore doesn't even LOOK that way (and had time to throw, wasn't being pressured). Yet throws it to the guy covered by the best cover guy in the NFL. Does that make sense to anyone?

I can't really blame Hartline or Bess because if I'm not thrown to ALL game, then get a ball, heck, it's kinda hard to be in sync. You've been out of the entire game. But all of a sudden you need me to make a play? That's not how it works in the NFL, you have to keep receivers loose, keep them involved. You need to spread it around (like the elite QBs do). Marshall got WAY TOO MANY looks in that game.

Who's fault was that? Moore? Daboll? Sparano? Dunno. We don't have enough info.

But one thing is Marshall isn't getting paid to be a possession receiver (and I'm as big a Marshall fan as Poizen is a Henne fan). If so he'd be making less than 1/2 what he's making. Let's not forget, Marshall wanted out of Denver because he didn't feel he was being paid for his services adequately. Miami then paid him. And he thanks us by NOT being a playmaker.

Anyone can say what they want, but Marshall is PAID to make the tough catch in the end zone when you're team is 0-4. THAT'S BEING A MONSTER!!!

I don't mind that people are singling Marshall out, THEY SHOULD BE! I DO MIND people are making excuses for ANY of their favorites.


They all SUCK. That's my opinion, that's what I see. I don't stand up for a single one of them. Even my favorites. They don't deserve it. And you guys shouldn't do it either.

%90 of this team sucks and everybody thinks Luck will turn it all around.WTF He's only 1 man.What about the rest of the losers on this team?

A drop by any paid player is inexcuseable, under any circumstances in any game.

LETTER TO WAKE.................



If last night's loss was embarrassing - wait till the Sunday's game against Denver. Imagine this team losing to a back-up named Tebow and lowly team, at home again, to a virtually empty stadium made up of mostly Gator fans and angry die-hard Dolfans watching the FO honor the Gators. It could be the worst public humiliation this proud franchise has ever received. If these things happened, then Ross would have to dump Sparano immediately to save any face for this team.

DC, me making excuses for this team or players? I think you got the wrong guy. I told you this team sucked before you came to grips with it LOL

FYI, I think I noted on my first post in this thread Moore missed a wide open Clay in the end zone.

I haven't really defended Marshall this year too much. I am defending him in this game however becase going aganst Revis & Cromartie you aren't going to win many battles.

Fact of the matter is, he won more than he lost. If you think Marshall played a bad game, we didn't watch the same game.

It's time for this "organization" to GENUINELY put the Rooney rules in effect, instead of blindly going for the hot names (Cowher,Fisher,Gruden) who just happen to be white. This organization had Mike Tomlin in the building, whom many FO people said was an impressive interview, and yet we hire this hard gum chewing, grammatically challenged, excuse for a coach. Time for this "organization" to get real, and get with the times...

I am amazed that people still believe in Mrshall.He has done nothing.He is targeted more because he is supposed to be the best receiver.He does not play like the best.5 straight games he has had an oppurtunity to score a touch down and he failed patheticly.
He never gets yard after the catch.He looks like a crippled balerina dancer after he cathes the ball.you can tell he wants to get away from the defender,but he cant.

Now I am not saying Bess and Hartline are better.All I am sayin is marshall is better at talking than doing.


our QBs certainly aren't playing to avoid injury! Neither is Bush.

Ralph, there IS no answer to a team that's infected with losing. The only answer is to change what needs changing. This year, there is no answer, so we'll just need to suck it up and keep our fingers crossed we don't get beat out by Indy for the 1st pick.

After the Season, dump the HC/GM, get your franchise QB, get him some weapons.

But I think Luck himself (or any QB we draft if it's one of the top 3 in the Draft) should be able to work with the offense we have (especially with an oline that plays the way ours did last night). That's all any franchise QB SHOULD need to get the job done.

I'd spend a lot of the Draft (after 1st-round) on defense. That's where we need tons of help. We need a LB that can pressure the QB. We need Safety help, CB help, etc. etc.

I'd let the new HC/OC decide who to keep/get rid of on offense. We can't fix everything in 1 year, and a new and TRUE franchise QB should totally change the outlook of whatever offense he has to work with. One more year of experience for Long, a year under Pouncey's belt, hopefully that will solidify the line (actually, to Joe, THAT unit played well last night).

So there's no answer to fix things under this leadership and QB. Sorry Ralph.

Eagles shopping cornerback Samuel

That's why Marshall was saying he was gonbna be a beast again..cause he could control Matt Moore to look his way.And he could't do it with Henne.Also why do they always look to Marshall in the redzone what about the TE's?

I don't feel sorry for multi millionaires who are set for life, have their health, and are still pretty young that lose their jobs. Its what the rest of us pray for.

Screw this team. After 40 years of loyalty I have had enough. Sparano might be a "nice guy" in real life but his football team has zero balls at all. Every week it's the same pathetic showing, there's no entertainment value at all watching this bunch. It's just boring, lousy football featuring boring, lousy players. I'm done with them until they give me a reason to give a damn again.

Cameron Wake is not playing all out!

C'mon Man, Marshall was All-Pro for 2 years and he caught over 100 balls in each of those years. Now, here in Miami, he flounders. Don't you see the obvious, that this Organization sucks and that it is not the Player's fault? If you don't see this then, who is paying you to see otherwise?

Brandon Marshall is a BLACKCEROTE!



How in the world did we get three national TV games this year? Next national TV game in 2023. FYI, just heard Andrew Luck will be on Jim Rome is Burning today. Might be interesting to see what he thinks about "suck for Luck".

Joe, you're right, you were one of the first to see how bad we'd be this year. And I wasn't singling you out for making excuses.

My point is, if you're saying Marshall had a good game, in comparison to the rest of the team, I can accept that. He was one of the better players on the field last night.

BUT, if you're just straight out saying he had a good game, then you're right, we didn't watch the same game. Because he didn't. He's not being paid to make catches between the 20s. He's being paid to score a TD when he makes a catch behind the defense, and is 5 yards from the sideline, and somehow let's his momentum take him out of bounds. There's was no reason for that. He's being paid to catch a pass, slightly behind him, for a TD, being covered by Revis. Yes, he's PAID for that.

A good game for Marshall would have been 2 TDs (which he should have had). An ok game was the game he had (over 100 yards catching, no TDs). That's good. It's adequate. It's certainly not worth $50 million dollars though.

My ultimate point though is unchanged. We shouldn't be singling any player out for having a good game or bad game. The team is 0-5. Good is relative on an 0-5 team. Whether it's Marshall or Colombo or Moore or Davis or JT, good obviously isn't good enough to win anything. Therefore I believe it's pointless in he exercise of who's playing well or not. They didn't score a TD last night, who wants to claim any member of the offense had a "good" game?

Has Bush played a game yet with out a fumble?

Fire Sparano, fire Daboll, trade Hartline, then hire Jeff Fischer, let him find an offensive coordinator. Fischer will then have more than half a season to evaluate the team for next year and get a few wins to finish the year. He will bring a winning attitude to the team.

I mean, letting the clock run out with 1+ minutes left and still with a timeout. That is again obvious of a conspiracy to lose Games. What you People think?

Carson Palmer is an Oakland raider. Apparently everyone wants to win but us


It's just gutless, Sparano a wimp!

He has fumbled a lot.


It's the SAME argument he's using to slam Henne. I don't know how people don't see that. 'Marshall's trying hard'. Are you kidding me? And Henne's not? He took Henne to task for not making the plays insisde the twenty when it was needed most and that's EXACTLY what Marshall is doing. I don't need Marshall to have games over 100 yards I need him to make the catches when they matter and earn his f*cking money!

Anyone think the results would of been diffrent with Henne in there?

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