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Players react to another loss, being 0-5

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- I have nothing else to say about Miami's 24-6 loss to the Jets. I've made peace with the result in this column that appears in today's Herald.

This, meanwhile, is what players said after the Dolphins lost to the Jets on Monday night:

Wide receiver Bradon Marshall, who dropped a TD pass and fell out of bounds as he was running up the sideline on a play that could have been yet another score: "It's tough right now. When you lose, everything looks bad. It's a nasty feeling in the building. The only thin we can do is try and fight to get a win. We're not going to give up. We have way too much character in the locker room. We owe it to the city of Miami. We owe it to ownership to play better. This is embarrassing. We have way too many players in our locker room to be sitting at 0-5. Hopefully we can get this turned around."

Outside linebacker Jason Taylor, who had one tackle, on whether he felt a sense of 'here we go again' when the game began to slip away: "I never feel that way."

Tight end Anthony Fasano, who caught one screen pass for 13 yards, on whether he felt a sense of 'here we go again,' when the game began to slip away: "When things go badly, it's tough not to revert back to what you've been doing but good teams don't do that. I think we're a mentally strong team, but we're not showing it right now."

Safety Yeremiah Bell, who led the team with seven tackles, on whether the effort was good for four quarters: "Oh, the effort is there. We're just not getting it done. We have to get that first one out of the way. With our team, we haven't figured out how to get on top and how to win games yet. We get out there, we're playing hard, but it's just things aren't going our way sometimes. We're giving up plays here and there and it's hurting us."

Defensive end Kendall Langford, who had one tackle, on whether the effort was good for four quarters: "We're digging ourselves in a hole. Miami is beating Miami. Those guys, they made some plays out there and hats off to them. But at the end of the day we got to play 60 minutes of football. We can't just play 30 minutes."

And finally, linebacker Karlos Dansby, who had six tackles and a sack:



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Maybe, DKM, but he has been involved in Football all his life and I'm sure he knows much more about the topic than you or I.

There is NO WAY I would have wanted Miami to trade a first round pick for Carson Palmer. That would be stupid

Oscar, in my opinion, the end of the 1st half is inexcusable. For an NFL HC to be that gutless is unfathomable.

I've seen teams who are up going into the half, with less time try to move the ball. It's not like we were up 24 points and didn't need to risk injury or turnover..we were LOSING!

I don't know if that was worse of throwing on 3rd & inches & punting on 4th & inches at the Jet 40.

Both are fine examples of play not to lose coaching which haunts this team weekly.

These people from the Dolphins are very good at talking, most of all useless words. Every week they say the same garbage.
But when it's time of playing, staff and players perform like the worst diarrhea.
The only player who plays consistently and never say a word is Dan Carpenter.
This guy will be playing for a different team next year. Because that is what the Dolphins can do very well: getting rid of talented players and welcome junk and recycled players.

In my almost 35 years as a Dolphins fan, I do not remember a pathetic game like last night's. Because the Jets played like garbage but the Dolphins just showed up. Sparano's calls were pitiful. Players attitude were shameless.Everything in this team sucked in the worst possible way a thing can suck.

Sparano and most of the players should be working for free. They don't deserve a penny.

As for Ireland, he's just a crackpot GM.

Langford has played in 54 games & has 7.5 sacks(thats less than 0.2 impact plays a game. Sean Smith has 1 interception in 34 games. Some kind of talent. When was the last time Odrick had a sack? Vontae gets an illegal contact penalty on 3rd down? I mean we just have no talent.


Yeah, it is obvious(again) that with the Carson Palmer trade to Oakland, the Dolphins are tanking their Season and "Praying for Luck".

And Rex Ryan is a classless POS for sending non stop blitzes at the end of the game. There 1 min left and he's dialing up blitzes all over the place, I guess he wanted to kill Matt Moore.

Ok, so you get the first pick in the draft. If you're the GM it's a nobrainer. You pick your franchise qb. But, what about the remainder of the draft.
Again, like I stated last year, you trade Bess, Smith and Hartline. Get what you can. Hopefully, you can get at least one third and two #4's.
If that is the case:
Rd 2, Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin, moving Pouncey to right guard and Carey back to tackle.
Rd 3, Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor
Rd 3, Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia
Rd 4, Harrison Smith, SS, Notre Dame
Rd 4, Jarius Wright, WR, Arkansas

Good starting point. Of course, if I am the new GM i am going to be extremely aggressive with my picks. Trading players to pick up additional picks and moving around to get the guys I want is a must. No more of the wait and see approach like Jeffy does. In round 5, you may get lucky with another qb. Currently, Nick Foles and Russell Wilson are projecting in that area. Not bad to take a chance on one of these guys if you can pick one up that late.

So, whomever the new GM is, let's hope he has a killer instinct and goes after guys that can really help this team. No more tweeners.

I just DON'T get the Raiders trade for Carson Palmer. That's an awful lot to give up for a guy who hasn't played in a year and doesn't know the offence. GREAT trade for the Bengals! I don't even think Palmer is worth one first round pick, never mind two! And what happens to Jason Campbell when he comes back? Asta la vista.....strange move for a team that was playing well with Campbell.

And I sure don't get the Rams trade yesterday of adding Brandon Lyoyd. WHY? I get that maybe they don't NEED Andrew Luck bu they're going nowhere this season and may have had a chance to get the number one pick and the bounty that comes with it. Strange move by a team that is already FIVE games betweeen the Niners for the division lead. I think they just did us a favour.

Ross, whatever tactics you used to make your $ in Real State, will not work in a highly publicized area as the NFL. Besides, with Internet now, Everybody can see those tactics and object if deemed so. Guaranteed, you will have much trouble in the Future.

Palmer wouldn't save this team. He probably wouldn't make it through the season.

I don't think they should mortgage any more draft picks going after would-be or should-be retired QBs.

They need to save and stockpile whatever picks they can. This year is a bust, there is no saving it.

The Lloyd trade makes more sense for the future of the Rams though than the Palmer trade does for the future of the Raiders.

Both are fine examples of play not to lose coaching which haunts this team weekly.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe

You'd think once the season's lost, both Sparano and Nolan would be less "cautious", but it's only going to get worse!

Geez I keep checking out here hoping to see that TS is finally gone. Damn Ross get off your A S S and get some talent in here. Fisher would be better than what we got. May need to use a very small number of plays, but at least it's a start. From what I saw last night, TS just didn't give a shyt. He got money coming his way either way.


Lloyd's a free agent at the end of the season. Think it's a sure thing he signs back there? It's a strange move. Can you imagine if we had made this trade? Crazy!


I didn't realize he was a free agent at the end of the year, that changes my opinion.

Palmer would have been an even crazier move for us. I can't believe they got a first rounder for him. He threw like 20 interceptions last year and is getting older, and they were playing well with Cambell? It's a sexy move for their fans, but we all know sexy moves don't always work out in the NFL.

It became very apparent last night why Henne is so criticized by the fan base. Andrew Luck will get killed like Penny, Henne, and Moore was on his butt more times than I can count. No offensive line, receivers that can't get separation, when and if the do they drop the ball, 0 def, Least Henne can't be blamed for this one. Even if Peyton were behind that line he be a dead man walking!

Who's going to the " Andrew Luck Bowl" on Sunday from this blog.


I agree. This fanbase would have been ticked if we'd given up a first and more for Palmer. (Apparently it also includes a second that could become a first). The Raiders always seem to do things the hard way. Just when they were starting to see the light again they make a move that will set them back further. Guy in the bar last night told me they should trade Richard Seymour for a QB and as crazy as that sounded I'm not so sure it wouldn't have made for sense.

He's had injury issues too

All, Robbie, Huizinga and Ross are(were) were mistaken to think that the redne-ks Football Fans here all moved north when we Cubans arrived here. They moved farther south, Man! They can't stand contact with Northeners that like Baseball.

Tebow..Tebow..Tebow ! ! !

0-6..0-6..0-6 ! ! !


Clean House ! ! !


#4 what happened. u were 1 of the last ones on the ship.?.lol

The END is near with this H.C and G.M.

Please HURRY.

When Wayne H. sold the team he didn't tell Ross he was giving him Waste Management but he sold that idiot all the trash 53 pieces worth.

Worse Dolphin team ever? I don't know.....that 1-15 squad in 2007 was awful, of course if this year's team goes 0-16....

Forget about Andrew Luck, no chance acquiring him. He'll stay in school another year before latching onto to this pitiful organization and could you blame him?

I could see Luck ending up in Indy as Peyton's replacement. Perhaps the next great Colts qb? Unitas, Manning, Luck?

i don't think cowher or fisher or any of those quality coaches would want to come here. miami has been in rebuilding mode for nearly 10 years. at a certain point, i would think top nfl people would look upon the dolphins as a bottom-feeding team with a bottom-feeding executive management. they have many average to crappy players getting top salaries, and an institutional habit of losing. the days of a proud, winning tradition are gone. joy for dolphins fans is j-lo singing the national anthem, or serena williams waving to the crowd, or jimmy buffet selling his latest cd at halftime. ... i was at the dolphins first-ever game, and watched them go from no-names to champions seemingly overnight. their fall to becoming the nfl's worst team is heart breaking. i'm done watching. of course i'll root for them, but i'm going to spend sundays riding my bike, or going to the beach. watching a terrible team week in and week out is not fun. and with the current management in control, i don't believe it's going to get any better.

Mando always attacks the players but never has a harsh word to say about Tony or Jeff. Care to explain Mando?

If he really sat down and thought about it, he would realize the only thing that separate players around the league is the coaching and management.

Hey Mando, if its all the players fault, then that must mean Dan Carpenter called that 4th and inches play right?

ALoco: I apologize in advance if your comments about Bill Parcells are sarcasm, but I took you seriously.

Please remember, nobody chased Parcells out. He quit.

Please look objectively at your expectations for the team and the results of your hero Parcells’ tenure in Miami.

I can not comprehend sympathy for the duplicitous and supremely overrrated gasbag Parcells, or any way for a Dolphins fan to spin Parcells’ Miami tenure as something besides failure that leaves the franchise languishing. Look at the front office he installed, the coaching staff he hired, the expensive free agents he signed, the draft picks he approved, and look at the players he failed to draft. Look at the obsolete 1980s-style offense he championed. Then look at his relations with the community, media and, by extension, the fans. Look at how his administration disrespected this franchise’s culture, from Don Shula and Dan Marino to JT and Zach. Then look at him scuttling out early, under cover of bye week, like a fattened rat. Look at him aiding the enemy, evidently over and over, while still collecting our franchise’s millions. Finally, look at him lobbying to leave his minions, fast authoring their own failure, in place for another year.

How does this slob escape the wrath that Wannstedt, Spielman, Cameron and Saban earned?

The only suggestion I can make is that to many fans, he’s still “The Tuna,” that out-size, irascible personality who charmed the New York media so many decades ago. Perhaps all the fans who guilelessly repeated, “In Tuna We Trust” during his first year here are too proud to admit they were gullible.

Reviewing history that was evident in 2008: The washed up Parcells last won a Super Bowl decades ago, when a mediocre kicker choked a 47-yarder. Other than that, Parcells has as many championships as Barry Switzer. The one he earned without a blown kick occurred back in ’86! This great football mind has NEVER had a talent for “buying the groceries,” despite his braggadocio. George Young built his Giants teams. And in every job since, as he’s had increasing personnel responsibility, he’s had diminishing results — you could look it up. He would never have even taken the Dallas job, with Jerry Jones dictating the “grocery list” (Terrell Owens!) if not for a financial motive following his divorce.

Ernest Wilford, Gibril Wilson, Jake Grove and illustrious Eric Green are among the expensive groceries Parcells foisted upon South Florida football fans. He had the Dolphins resign mediocre Channing Crowder and Vernon Carey to lucrative contracts. Among Parcells’ draft groceries are Chad Henne, Philip Merling, Pat White, Shawn Murphy, Patrick Turner, John Jerry. But hey, at least Parcells has padded the roster with lots of Dallas rejects.

Sure, those players may have succeeded with better coaching, but who do we hold responsible for the Dolphins’ hiring of Dan Henning, Paul Pasqualoni, Mike Maser and the rest of the sorry batch that Coach Sparano keeps needing to replace? (It’s lucky Sparano is such an expert on offensive line and special teams!) Blame Sparano for that mess if you like, but guess who’s accountable for putting Sparano in place?

After his disgraceful performance in Miami, so-called Dolphins fans have the temerity to criticize reporters and fans who tell the truth about Parcells. These blogs would be better if everybody who ever wrote, “In Parcells We Trust” would just admit that they were miserably wrong. (And you should be waiting in line behind every fool who carried on for a year that the Dolphins should have drafted Brady Quinn, another worthless media darling.)

“The Dynasty Be Fins”? Down and to hell with Bill Parcells ... and his blind or willful apologists.

DC Dolfan,

Am I nuts or is this pretty much the same team with a few additions from last years team that went 7-9? WTF?

Why cant we rush the passer??? Where is our pressure up front? NON existent

How can these F'in coaches justify getting a paycheck for preparing this team to BLOW week in and week out??

I want some F'in answers DOLFANS...like we all need!!!!

THIS S*** SUCKS.....


Tony T

Cowher is not the answer if Sparano is let go. Why is everyone so high on him and Gruden. It took both these guys awhile to get that title. There not gonna get the Fins to the promise land

I'll say it again:

Fire no one. Do nothing but "prepare for Denver." Stay the course.


I think everyone who thinks it matters if we get LUCK are nuts! LUCK will be another in a long line of failed QBs. If LUCK is lucky he won't go to Miami. Miami will make LUCK look horrendous. Why? Too many reasons. Dolphins have stuck for over a decade. They have not been competitive for over two decades. Even with MARINO, we never won a Super Bowl & Dan was the BEST QB ever! Yes, we probably need a new coach as much as I love Sparano's spark, but we need so so so many new things in Miami. Guaranteed, if LUCK comes to Miami, Dolphins may win 3-4 games next year due to even weaker schedule from 0-16 2011 season. The entire hierarchy or this organization must go as well as at least half the players. Yes, it will be a decade before Miami wins a playoff game. AT least!!!

Brandon said he would play like a monster but instead he was more like a T-Rex with extremely short arms and insignificant little slippery hands.

Brandon Marshall is an embarassment to all monsters, gremelins, ghouls, gobblins and every other mythical creature on and under the earth..

Apparently, Mr Ross needs another week to re-evaluate. Re-evaluate WHAT !

@SoiledBottom at 08:37 AM

I usually chuckle at you observations. This one, however, is one of the most disgusting thing I've read on here in a while.

C-mon man. Starts with, nothing but lies, Ross. Ross needs Go, and then, Go from their.
We have the team.Need some coaching

Mamdo, only watched 6 min of 2nd qt, but what I saw was a players who could have cared less. I watched our pass rush(if u call it that) just lean on the Jets Off-linemen. Koi Misi(sp) actually rested on the shoulder pads of an OLmen, it was surreal. Almost like watching practice. I saw a non-husseling Marshall drop two TD passes and run out of bounds on a thrid. Marshall loafed on the Revis Int TD run, not to catch Revis, but during his route running, loafed all the way, Moore threw the ball where Marshall was supposed to be,,,but,,,Marshall should be benched NOW. And last but not least, the Dolphins coaches, all of em, arent any good. Mike NOlan's defence is terrible, the offense sucks. No heart, no hussel, no wins. period.

DID i READ THE BIGGEST MISTAKE WAS TO LET TUNA GO!!! OMG! Bill Parcells is what ruined this team,he is the biggest loser of all of this, he could not get it going with his ideas, by the time he got to the dolphins everyone knew his flight....He was finished, He did absolutely NOTHING for the finz except take their money!!
Where was a Quarteback Bill?? Where??? He really messed up the Dolfins!!! Please don't go there!!!

Brandon said he would play like a monster but instead he was more like a T-Rex with extremely short arms and insignificant little slippery hands.

Posted by: godzilla | October 18, 2011 at 10:47 PM

Best post on this thread! LMAO

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