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Rex Ryan thinks floundering Jets are Super Bowl bound

Rex Ryan's New York Jets are in the throes of a three-game losing skid and, in his words, food doesn't taste as good is it normally does, beer isn't as cold as it usually is. "It's rotten. When you lose it's absolutely rotten," he said.

But has his confidence that his team can recover disappeared?

No, not really.

Ryan, who guaranteed the Jets would win the Super Bowl this season, after he predicted they'd go to the Super Bowl last season, is still thinking the Jets are bound for the Crown Jewel game in February.

"Yeah, I definitely think we are," he told the South Florida media moments ago. "But facts are facts. We have lost three games in a row. There's no question about that. And we've been there before. Unfortunately, this is my third year in a row, my first year we actually had two three-game losing streaks so I know what it feels like. But I also know we can get out of this. We have to this week. We know Miami is in a similar situation that we are. Both of us thought we'd have better records at this point. We've earned what we are right now."

Ryan, who has earned a reputation as something of a gasbag media darling in New York for his audacious predictions refused to back away from the Super Bowl talk when pressed on the subject.

"I can guarantee you we're going to chase it, that's for sure," he said. "Do I think we'll win it? Yeah, absolutely."

Ryan, whose team hosts the Dolphins Monday night, is obviously aware his team isn't playing well right now. But he couldn't resist tweaking the Dolphins cornerback tandem of Vontae Davis and Sean Smith whie discussing the difficulties of his own team.

"Well, we dared New England to run on us and they did," he said when asked if he'd dare the Dolphins to pass. "So I don't know if I want to dare anyone to do anything now. We've got two excellent cover corners. I know we're not as good as Miami's but we're pretty good."

In the preseason, Davis claimed he and Smith were the best cornerback tandem in the NFL. Um, they are not.

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[PRACTICE UPDATE: Koa Misi (neck) is practicing today but he seemed to be limited during the 30-minute window open to media ... Everyone is working on the field today, including Chris Clemons, who has been trying to get healthy much of the past three weeks.] 


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Ryan is another delusional fat ass. Like the one we have.

So Ryan the Hutt is gonna make fun of someone saying something outlandish ? I hope Vontae and Smith each take one to the house off of the most overhyped QB ever.

If we are going to upset a Team this season, next Monday will be the night.

The jets are going nowhere with that qbs. They've done well up to now with an excellent supporting cast but everyone's seen what they can do, the cast is getting older, and their o line is almost as bad as ours.

Now Armando, you can't say with uncertainty that Vontae and Sean aren't the best. Vontae hasn't seen the field is some time, so how can you claim such a thing.

This just in.

Marc Columbo hit with a breeze of wind, bad technique, fell to the graound.

the good news, he blocked the sun light from hitting that piece of the ground. Progress.

I somehow like Marc more than this fat a*# rexy

Just a little more. cant help it.

I have the greatest idea for this stellar RT.

We need to teach Marc @ the snap of the ball to try and sack our own QB. By doing so he might accidently run into the lineman or linebacker trying to kill our QB. Block by accident! Now I'm on to something

davis and smith should have this pinned to their lockers all week!! Motivation

Can't argue..Davis and Smith are having a terrible year.

Mark, our fat as* is much less fat than the other fat as*.

Sanchez is awful. But, all he needs is 60 minutes with Smith, Carrol & Davis to look good again.

I really hope we can beat the Jets. If not, all we'll hear is how the Jets are "back on track" after beating a winless team.

We need to win just to keep Jet fans quiet.

What's Rex fat a** talking about "Superbowl bound"? There the third worst team in the division right above us.

At least Sparano doesn't go out and make ridiclous comments like this, it gets so tiring. Somebody needs to scream in his ear,

Joe, that is true. We have the skinnier assed coach.

Personally I don't want Miami to win. Let the jet fans brag for a week, they still won't make the playoffs anyway. Let them laugh for a year at us.

For the next 10best years while they have mark Sanchez and we have a real qb. We will see who laughs best.

Karlos Dansby - 16 tackles.
Kevin Burnett - 13 tackles.

Yeremiah Bell - 38 tackles.
Reshad Jones - 26 tackles.
Sean Smith - 20 tackles.

KD and KB need to step up.

0.02, they're being smothered & blocked at the LOS. Their lack of tackles has more to do with our "deep & talented d line" allowing Olineman to block them.

When your secondary leads your team in tackles, it means 1 thing.

Your D line sucks.

Hopefully, Sparano the "stat guru" is showing Dansby and Kevin "I want to fight Omar Kelly" Burnett" that.

Tweet from Marc Columbo:

Who is this Poizen idiot? I can block things, I have a shadow to prove it... Moron...

Good point.

Here's the offer: Brandon Marshall + Karlos Dansby for a FS + and next draft's 1st rounder.

Oak, San Fran, Seattle

I think we get Tony McDaniel back this week.
Maybe he can help.

I am all in on trading Mrashall, I dont care if we get a container of icey-hot for him. He needs to go, a quitter.

I can not agree with trading Dansby. He is playing hurt and there are far to many broken pieces to dismiss the talent this guy has. He was great in Arizona IMHO. I think we hold on to him, he can be a good leader.

We traded back from #12 2 years ago passing up Dez Bryant & Earl Thomas to draft Jared Odrick & Koa Misi. Yes, we got Marshall but, how's that worked out for us?

Yes, Jeff Ireland is a pretty smart fella.


Did Columbo really say that? If he did he is a jack ass.

funny shot at Vontae Davis for being the best duo

I believe that, now that C. Crowder is not here, Front 7 Players are not being aligned correctly. Easy to prove or disprove. Ask some of those Players.

off to lunch talk to you all in a bit.

Sorry you had to read my useless columbo posts today, frustration overflow.

Marshall & Dansby are taking up huge cap space.
QB, RT, RG, NT, OLB and FS all have expiring contracts and need to be replaced.
If we sign Luck and don't move those guys then draft picks will be starting at those positions next year.

I'm sure Columbo cares what Poizen says or that he reads blogs.

He's too busy earning his guaranteed millions to get our Qb's anhiliated.


Please do alittle analysis on Landry Jones. this kid looks pretty good as well.

"QB, RT, RG, NT, OLB and FS all have expiring contracts and need to be replaced."

Posted by: PriceMaster | October 13, 2011 at 11:56 AM

Ever hear of Free Agency? You do realize when their contracts expire, they won't count against the cap anymore. Instant savings.

You don't need to trade 2 of your best players to save money when you'll save it when their contracts are up.

Rex Ryan loses 3 in a row and tells the world he's going to win the super bowl.

We lose 3 in a row and cave. We cover up our cowardice with a slogan: Suck for Luck.

But we're still cowards.

Is Chris Clemons going to play next Monday?

Let's go Jets! That's right....LETS GO JETS!!! SUCK FOR LUCK!!!

Can't help but marvel at Rex's quotes.

cries out loud. the jets are terrible, as I told you after week 1 when everyone laughed at me. please try to pay attention. jets will end up 8-8 or so.

We should sign Channing Crowder for a week so he can once again return to his natural role as the Dolphins trash-talk monkey.

Honestly, if your a dolphins fan and can say Let's go Jets and mean it. Please stop supporting this team, that is a disgrace.

Football Gods will not allow the Fins to "Suck for Luck"...they will go undefeated the rest of the way, make the playoffs, keep ireland/sparano, and by this time next year- they will be off to an 0-5 start and we'll be talking the same jazz we're talking about now....

I agree with Poizen, if you are saying "Lets go Jets" for any reason at all..........you are not a true Dolphins fan

I used to hate Rex Ryan with a passion!! But after this mess weve been put in by our own people, I kind of respect his will desire and decision making!! I can only hope for a new coach here with similar passion. I aint holding my breath as long as we have the baboon we have for an owner

Forget about Mr. Luck, yes we suck so far and it don't look to hopeful, however there are way to many teams who suck more then the Dolphins, so we should think of the very good #2 and #3 QB for 2012, perhaps with a top line QB and a new coach we may have a chance to earn a few wins. Bill

I agree totally Bill!!! I think Indy is gonna edge us out

Some observations:

1) I'll be going up to Toronto this Saturday to see my family. Hey, Mark in Toronto, are you responsible for the reelection of Liberal Dalton McGuinty? I couldn't vote in the recent Ontario Provincial election as I've lived in the U.S. now for over 5 years.

2) Rex Ryan has a foot fetish. I have a garter belt and stockings fetish. My fetish is a lot better (and healthier).

3) I have astounded people with my devotion to the Dolphins. Even when they were having their worst seasons, I inexplicably (to outsiders) would go out of my way to make sure I could watch EVERY MOMENT of every game. I saw every game, no matter how "meaningless," as an existential struggle, where victory meant heaven and defeat meant hell. But even I have to admit that I'm KINDA getting on the "Suck for Luck" bandwagon. Not that I would ever actually root for the Dolphins to lose - but at least when they do lose, I focus on the positive side - i.e. the Dolphins being one step closer to drafting Andrew Luck.

4) Aaron Rodgers may have the greatest combination of power and accuracy of any quarterback in the history of the NFL.

5) I have a nephew who looks like Tom Brady. But he doesn't have a Brazilian girlfriend - yet. He's only 7 years old.

6) Sometimes I think Armando actually reads my comments. Sometimes I feel really good.

Poizen, losing to the jets is like answering that old age question straight guys sometimes ask each other, "would you suck c**k for a million dollars". Performing that act would be degrading and disgusting for a straight man but for a few minutes of humiliation, all your financial worries would be absolved. Losing to the jets may help take care of this franchise's biggest problem (on the field) but it also involves a degrading and disgusting act.

Point is, everyone has their price and to some fans, losing to the jets is it. Personally, up here losing to the bills or Steelers is a lot worse. Canada is a great place -and no jets fans.

What does marc columbo do every time he sits behind a computer?

Disable pop-up BLOCKER.

god forbid anything he touches gets blocked correctly.

You fair weather fans need to get off the Luck thing,it is not going to happen. This team is not as bad, an 8-8 finish is not improbable.

Yes, changes are needed in the off season. The best thing is for Ross to sell but not likely.

We have the team we have now. Quit whining and get behind them now. We want to beat the freeking Jets NOW.

Go Dolphins!

Mark in Toronto, just how many millions are you worth now?

Hey Fatso GasBag Ryan, this newsflash is for you! The J E S T s are NOT going to the SB, in fact not going to the Playoffs this year! Enjoy watching your overhyped team and the overated Eagles BOTH go 8-8!! hahahahhahah And lay OFF the burgers and fries!!!!!

Nathaniel, great post. I am not responsible for the liberals having another term. In my opinion, no party in Canada is right wing enough for my taste. Heck even our conservatives would make the democrats look like the most right wing party in the history of mankind. I can't willingly extend my support for any party that continually raises taxes.

And on Aaron Rodgers, he may also be the best combo of pocket passer and scrambler in the history of the game. His athleticism is so underrated.

I get it Mark, Or at least I "hear" it.

I guess I am the idiot fan here.

I refuse to hope for losing at all. I can't do it. If it happens so be it, but when the team I root for hits the field I want to see a win!

I would love to have Luck also, but not create a losing atmosphere just to get him. Who the hell wants to play for a team like that?

I hope people realize that there are past QB's who are to be drafted by a team, that refuse to play for those teams. John Elway was one, and Eli Manning was another. If we suck that bad maybe he does the same to us.

I can not buy into this Suck for Luck garbage at all. PLEASE PLEASE!!! KILL these Jets.

Guess what, I will be rooting for columbo to get out of his 3 point stance before the 4h quarter against the Jets also!


Ryan's always putting his (or his wife's) foot in his mouth, but I must admit the comment about the cover corners was pretty good.

Haha, Nathaniel, no millions.

I hear you Poizen. I can't cheer against them either. But worringly, them losing doesn't impact me negatively anymore.

So jets r going to the super bowl per Rex and he, to emplore his team to do well, says the dolphins are still a good team. Has he noticed that if the jets lose the dolphins will be tied with them for last place in the division?

Mark in Toronto, I used to live between Finch and Sheppard, and Dufferin and Bathurst. What's happened to the old neighborhood?

YOU are NOT a True Dolfan if you want them to lay down and let any team beat them, esp. the stinkin Jests! You are a Sissie and should NOT post on here, LOser, if you want our Team to lose, doesnt matter What the Record is , Loser, a true Fan will cheer on his team to WIN every week! GO FINS CRUSH THE JESTS!!!!!

We just need to draft a QB next year no matter what. Its just that simple. We got lots more problems than that.

Nathaniel, its still there. Not much has changed over the last 20few years there. Some affluent Jewish neighborhoods still there. But if you go west of suffering towards Keeps St, you may want to bring a vest.

Nathaniel, its still there. Not much has changed over the last 20 years there. Some affluent Jewish neighborhoods still there. But if you go west of suffering towards Keele st, you may want to bring a vest.

Hard to believe almost a year ago the Dolphins went into Green Bay and won. Many will cite Green Bay injuries as helping the Dolphins that day. But Green Bay is banged up again this year, and is still arguably the best team in football. The difference is that Aaron Rodgers improved his game from very good to elite over the last 12 months. He can carry a team on his shoulders now, when 12 months ago, he couldn't. Any Dolphins players improve their game over the off season?

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