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Stephen Ross: I have not reached out to Cowher

There have been multiple reports of undercover and backroom wheeling and dealing by owner Stephen Ross as he tries to land a new coach for the Miami Dolphins.

The latest is an NFL.com report citing an unnamed league source that states Ross has been in contact with Bill Cowher's agent about making the former Pittsburgh Steelers coach the next Dolphins coach.

The report is not true, Ross is telling The Miami Herald.

"I have not reached out to him in any way and will not so long as Tony [Sparano] is the coach," Ross said in a statement tonight. "I will not reach out to anyone so long as Tony is the coach.

"And," the short statement concludes, "I hope Tony wins and stays the coach."

I also contacted Dolphins CEO Mike Dee and he was aware of the owner's statement to me. Dee highlighted that the Dolphins are not making contact with anyone through any back channel, removing speculation team intermediaries might be working on the matter.

"As Steve has expressed in recent weeks," Dee said, "we remain fully supportive and committed to Tony and there is no discussion under way, either formal or informal, to talk to anyone."


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What a circus...

May I ask a question? at what point are we to start believing what the leadership of this team says? We have a team that is supportive of its coach because most of the players, realize that this is their last time to play the game, what team will want to use a Marc Columbo, or some of our other Dallas cast offs?
Or a star reciever who drops the ball everytime he's in the endzone?

Fire half of the coaching staff now, and replace them with fans...

Start your HC, GM hunt immediately afterwards.

However, this may get us a few wins, and take us out of the #1 pick.

Tim tebow as coach & QB!!!!!
If he can't fix it, nobody can!!


But really, guys, I'm starting to doubt this whole Cowher thing will pan out, although I do like the chap (the jaw reminds me of Shula in his prime)


FYI in the link above - Cowher seems to like his cushy job just a little bit too much

Btw, what's the knock on Gruden again? Didn't he win a SB against a team that used to be his? That's gotta count for something.

Oh you all hate these guys now but when we end up with LUCK, Cowher and a GM with some balls becuase of how this season unfolds you will then realize just how smart Ross is for the mess he created and you will thank Sparano and Ireland for being so stupid to be in a spot to really change this franchise for good.. I already am thanking them all. Dont F this up Tony!

Seems like ross and the gang are more concerned about not hurting sporanos feelings rather than doing what needs to be done.

Ross Sucks

It seems like he should (and might be)catching on that the chances of getting a quality coach if Sparano doesn't work out depends on how he handles Sparano. Simple matter of professionalism and integrity. It starts at the top.
BTW Cowher was gifted his only Super Bowl win. That game was rigged.

I guess this means I suck. Oh, well.


Does anyone really get the idea this team is going anywhere soon? We are still 3 seasons away from anything.

Guys, check out the Tug Toner, and We Didn't Stop Tim Tebow on You Tube, LMAO!

Like I said in a previous post, Luck will never play for Miami, he will pull a John Elway or E. Manning. Also Cowher is not the answer, like TC just posted Cowher was gifted his one and only super bowl win, I live in PA and I remember how the fans here were calling for Cowher's head, but Cowher had one thing going for him(a good owner), Miami does not. I'm not sure who fins should go after for HC or GM, but Cowher isn't the answer. Miami needs youth, not someone in his retirement that wants one last hoorah, Miami needs to wake up or repeat the last ten yrs all over again.

Ross shouldn't of said anything publicly, makes him def look like he's lying. I really doubt Cowher comes here. My hope is that the Eagles tank and fire Andy Reid. He would be ideal since all he does is develop quarterbacks. Gruden wouldn't be terrible IF you got him an excellent personell guy.

Cowher is not an ideal hire for the Dolphins. With today's offenses dominating, recruiting an offensive guru is the better option. The Dolphins are also in need of a General Manager, personnel guy. One who can identify talent and execute getting players with athletic skills. Building with the draft is one thing. Getting players in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and releasing them within 2 years is unacceptable. Moreover releasing players that excel on other teams can not continue. That shows a lack of skills in identifying NFL talent. Examples: Why dump Anthony Armstrong, now a WR with the Washington Redskins. Why release Channing Chowder and then have the defense fall apart.......This regime has to be the most non professional group in NFL history.

Sporano has two games away to get a stay of execution if he wins both. If (or rather when) the Finholes come back 0 and 8, Ross won't be able to give away tickets. Blackouts galore, no TV revenues, little if any fans, no sales of anything Dolphin, nothing,,, zero, zilcho.

Let Ross make the mistake of not making a change and he will lose his a s s. I personally think they are all full of it. Really, do any of you trust what anyone associated with the franchise tells you? Didn't think so. They are all full of crap.

Ross take a chance on Luck. Trade everything if you have to. People thought the Giants where crazy. It worked out just fine for them. I think you'll find that the fans would back off. If you was to get us a QB to believe in. What does Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, and Rotenburger all Have in common? Besides SB rings.They all can take over games. The hard games. The games that the teams match up well against each other. Playoff games.And most of the time. They win those games. And the fans will remember those games for the rest of their lives. That's what I want for Miami and the fans.

Leigh Bodden was released by the Pats today. I say sign him immediately because he's better than most of our secondary and could really help out. Also would like to see Jeff Fisher as next head coach, he's still hungry for a super bowl win and always had good teams with Tn. Just say NO to Gruden, he's not a good coach. He won his S.B. with Tony Dungy's team. His team got worse every year after the S.B. win and then he got fired. Enough said on that.

I don't like what has become of this franchise
it used to be a classy organization and was respected throughout the sports world. Now it is known as a bottom feeder, a back stabber, and a team for FA's to avoid as well as potential coaches. This team is in for a very long rebuilding period, don't be surprised if we rebuild as long as or longer than the Detroit Lions. I hate to sound gloomy, but the future of this team is bleak, no matter who the coach or QB will be, as the losing mentality is so deeply embedded. I saw an interview with Sparano, and he looked like a broken man, now before you all beat me up, let me say I'm not a Sparano supporter, but I really feel this team could handle this whole situation with more class than it has so far. Ross needs to do the right thing instead of letting this go on. Ross you know what needs done, just do it.

The DB's that other teams are releasing around the league are better than our whole depth chart at the position.

Just ask Olshansky and Bush: you can be washed up anywhere else but come here and you're immediately made the starter.
And Olshansky's been our MVP so far this season.

Let's face it in this town the order is 1.LeBron 2. Wade 3. Olshansky 4. Bush (tie) 4. Bosch (tie)

If I were an agent I would set up tryouts for all of my washed-up clients with the Dolphins. Just because you're out of the game in another city doesn't mean that you can't start in Miami.

PA finfan,

We were classy for so long, that it would only take a future (2012/2013 etc.) wildcard birth to create another Dolphin fan frenzy...

Agreed, Ross just needs to do the right thing. The right thing starts with burning down the circus big-top.


I agree that a playoff berth would be a refreshing change, but with so many pieces missing, it looks like it's gonna take forever to get there. All one can do is stay the course and hope for the best, hope we draft well, and don't sign has-beens in FA.

Cowher has made it quite clear that he'd prefer Andy Reid's job in Philly, so it's probably best to steer well clear of him.

It is about time Steve Ross steps up and addresses all these rumors. I'm sick and tired reading about source this and source that.

Thank you Armando for talking to the guy and directly.

Most boring game 7 ever. Just shut it off.

I believe in Santa claus, the tooth fairy and Mr Ross.....kinda reminds me of the car commercial where the guy says "trust me"...LOL

Committed to a loser... Say no more!!

Our starting lineup is full of holes due the following decisions: Philip Merling, Chad Henne, Pat White, Pat turner,John Jerry, Matt Roth, Channing Crowder. We got nothing at all for those players/draft spots.
The holes are being filled by Columbo, Taylor, Olshansky, Incognito, Reshad Jones etc.

Seriously this is the only team in the USA where interest in a potential coach cannot be just interest in a coach but it has to be "BACKDOOR negotiations".
Let me guess who the BACKDOOR intermediary is: Chad Pennington

Dumb Ireland cursed the season. Plaxico, Shockey and Bradshaw were begging to be a Fin and Ireland said no. Now all his draft picks suck. He turned the franchise into a joke.

Our starting lineup is full of holes due the following decisions: Philip Merling, Chad Henne, Pat White, Pat turner,John Jerry, Matt Roth, Channing Crowder. We got nothing at all for those players/draft spots.
The holes are being filled by Columbo, Taylor, Olshansky, Incognito, Reshad Jones etc.

Posted by: PriceMaster | October 28, 2011 at 11:00 PM

This is not a football team. It's the Island of Misfit Toys!

An ageing lion that used to terrorize the jungle is dying in his cave. All the animals come around to watch the lion die, pointing and laughing. With his last breath the lion says ' laugh all you want, but I was a lion once'. Not much solace now, but it gets me to sleep at night.

The latest promtion from Dolphins Media Source:

The Miami Dolphins. The Ford Pinto of the NFL.

Straight and to the point.

Some guy just traded Reggie Bush for a pizza. I bet Bush is regreting making that commercial. "That's about all he is worth" is probably the #1 comment heard from Dolphin fans after that commercial.

When all was said and done, more was said than was done.
- author unknown

Of course, in Spanish speaking countries Reggie Bush's nickname is "Nova." In Spanish "Nova" means "doesn't go."

When all was said and done, more was said than was done.
- author unknown

Posted by: PriceMaster | October 28, 2011 at 11:24 PM

when all is said and done Mike Dee needs to be given his walking papers along with the rest of the Barnum and Bailey crew.

If this was a circus it would be Cole Bros not Barnum & Bailey

"Kelly Staffing services. May I help you?"

"Yes, We are looking for a head coach for our football team."

"I'm sorry sir. We don't have anyone with those qualifications who are available. That's alright. Do you have any former circus performers?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact we have some clowns, a trapeze artist and a fire eater."

"I'll take all of them."

Green Bay & New England would be the Barnum & Bailey's.
Not us.

Our circus would be the one with the washed up performers starting: Columbo, Olshansky, Bush, Marshall

If you take any 2 teams and just compare the players each has signed and the records of each team then there should be evidence of cause and effect.
Look at the players we've signed and look at our record: cause and effect


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is there a harlem globetrotters of the NFL?



Investment Banks do 'Sales Finance'...

What do YOU do ?

SO, DID YOU KNOW THE MARKET WOULD GAIN 14% this month ? or (( nflx)) would lose 200n dollars in 2 months ?

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The guy in Sears gets 'Commission when he sells me Washing Machine...
is that the type of Commission you get?


I do not have advance knowledge of market price movements.

Most of you guys sell 'Fantasies' instead of dreams...

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