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Perception may hurt Dolphins in hunt for Cowher

Sometimes perception is reality. And sometimes that's enough to hurt.

Well, this morning, I'm told the Dolphins may have been hurt in a self inflicted way by the lasting pictures of former Florida coach Urban Meyer sharing time on the sideline with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross at Sun Life Stadium Sunday afternoon.

I wrote in Monday's Herald how Ross and Meyer shared time on the sideline before the game, during the fourth quarter, and during overtime as the Dolphins lost to the Denver Broncos. I made the point that the time the two spent together during the game was coincidental because Ross was headed toward the locker room rather than the field had the Dolphins held their lead.

I also wrote that Meyer isn't a coaching candidate for the team on an interim basis, but if you know Ross and his desire to hire a "star" coach next January, Meyer cannot be discarded longterm from the conversation until either he or Ross says he's not a candidate.

So basically, the time the men spent together wasn't a big deal from a practical standpoint. But apparently from the perspective of football people, the time could be costly to Ross and the Dolphins.

I'm told the sight of Ross laughing and talking with with Meyer while current coach Tony Sparano was busy trying to get his team its first win upset some football folks around the NFL. This morning, I already have three three emails from football people around the league who are livid at the Dolphins owner for "dissing," as one put it, Sparano on his own sideline.

And apparently Bill Cowher could be one of those that might have been left shaking his head. Cowher, by the way, is on Miami's informal list of coaches to approach once the season is over and the Dolphins go searching for a permanent coach replacement. Fact is, Cowher might be the leading candidate for the Dolphins if anyone can be considered that.

But one person who is familiar with Cowher's thinking tells me the former Pittsburgh coach cringes at the idea of working for an owner who would "show up" his current coach as some football folks believe happened Sunday.

Cowher, you see, is keeping close tabs on how the Dolphins are conducting themselves these days because he recognizes Miami is a possible landing spot. But, my source said, Cowher has apparently been disappointed in some of the things he's seen from the Dolphins as to how they treat Sparano, dating back to last year.

It's plausible if you believe Cowher wanted nothing to do with the Dolphins last year when Ross was looking around following a 7-9 season. Cowher was rumored to have told Ross he would not speak about any coaching vacancy while the Dolphins had a coach still on the job.

I cannot say that Cowher actually got that message to the Dolphins or not. But I know people close to him are convinced Cowher doesn't take kindly to other football coaches being mistreated. And, as I just said, a handful of football people who emailed me this morning thought Sparano was disrespected by Ross and Meyer.

So it's quite possible what Ross might see as harmless happenstance time spent with Meyer on Sunday might cost him a chance to land Cowher because the former Pittsburgh coach and other NFL football people have a different opinion what that time meant.

Again, the truth is the Meyer-Ross show on the sideline during the game was coincidental. But that doesn't matter to some people. They perceive that time the owner shared with a potential future coach as disrespect toward his current coach.

And, true or not, perception is reality in their minds.


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Sparano isn't arrogant, he's ignorant.

Texas, just wondering, what's the 1 game you have as a possible win for us?

I don't see a Miami offense vs. Miami defense scrimmage on the schedule, so can't fathom which game you might be talking about.

I see KC as a slim chance. I say slim because we're playing in KC.

how and why does any one on this team (player, coach, office even ownership) still have a job. i can drop balls, make bad play calls and hire stars to be minority owners for just a fraction of the cost (50 mil for a wr that drops everything thrown his way, go for 2 when you dont need to, the star things is a circuc side show) just pay me 5 mil and i could at least win a game or two. this whole damn season is a " come on man " highlight real.

I don't care what you guys say, this is SO MUCH BETTER than going 7-9, 8-8. I'm telling you, my favorite Season in a decade (minus '08) BY A LANDSLIDE!

A bit sensitive all these football people. So Ross isn't supposed to be seen with any FORMER coaches? What a joke!! and he shouldn't be talking to Mangini or Peterson either? Not sure what Cowher has actually said about all this stuff but I get the feeling he thinks he's the Messiah. Really good coach but he's not the only one who could do this job. He's just a guy near the very top of the list. There are other candidates for the job.

I think the Denver game was the last winnable one. I don't see Miami being able to beat any of the other teams on the schedule.

I thought Miami would be 6-10 this year, I think I was WAY off.

I agree DC. As the old saying goes - Mediocrity begets more mediocrity. 6 and 10, 7 and 9 would just keep us where we are. If there was any year to go win less it is this year.




The same KC that spanked Oakland 28-0? The one with a TRUE #1 WR (Dwayne Bowe) and a legitimate game manager QB (Cassel). That KC?

Don't think so bro. You just saw what a guy who can't throw an accurate pass over 5 yards can do to us, think about what KC will do. No chance.

0-16 is already a given, only question is if we're the only 0-16 team or not (has there ever been a Season with multiple 0-16 teams?).

Only six teams have less than 2 wins. Arizona and St Louis have their franchise QBs and play in a God aweful division.

Jacksonville and Minny already have a win and both have their QBs of the future.

Indy is the only team we need to worry about. Their season is over, they could use a young stud QB and they appeared to quit last night.

If you had ANY faith in ANY current or former GM in the last decade, all you had to do was watch the NFL yesterday.

Matt Moore - Current Dolphins QB - Embarrassing (L)
John Beck - Former Dolphins QB - Embarrassing (L)
AJ Feeley - Former Dolphins QB - Embarrassing (L)

Could it be any more stark for anyone?

The only thing I take from this season is FINALLY.

FINALLY we can fire the coach

FINALLY we can fire the GM

FINALLY we can address the QB problems



They say when you're at the bottom, there's only one way to go......

You have to love the Miami media for creating more drama than is necessary. This team is already in trouble, and you are now hurting our reputation around the league by writing this story and making it REAL! We all know Ross is making huge mistakes, but the media making it more than it is, is making matters worse and making the Dolphins look like the team to avoid! Keep it up and it wont matter if we land the 1st pick, because we wont be able to land a solid coach, which would mean Andrew Luck will stay for his Senior year! Double Whammy! Thanks a lot!


Oakland did have an anemic Palmer and Boller playing QB yesterday. Did you see any of the action. If I was a Raiders fan I'd be cringing that my team gave up multiple picks for Palmer after yesterdays game. He looked like the guy I've thought he was all along.

The Colts and Rams, among others, are going to give us a real run for that last place finish. Two absolutely putrid teams! I think our only saving grace as far as the Rams are concerned is that they play in an AWFUL division. I can see them winning 1 or 2 games against the Cardinals and Seahawks. Us?....I don't see the victories.

DC, there hasn't been a season where 2 teams or more went 0 and 16. There has been only 1 season where a team went 0 and 16 and that was the recent Detroit Lions. I believe 3 years ago. This is of course since the 16 game season started. I am not sure about times when we had a 14 game season. I believe Tamp went win less one season.

Wow NICK M, youre always bashing Armando, keep it up. And welcome back Poizen, you didnt miss much. And the Dolphins are, well there, ummm just dreadful. sigh........

Who was on here saying that the Colts would bring Manning back this season? Why the heck would they do that? They are perfectly capable of winning the Andrew Luck derby and they're going to screw it up by bringing Manning back and ruining their chances to pick first? Not a chance!! They also wouldn't want to risk injury to Manning. We need Jacksonville or the Titans to drop a game or two to the Colts.

ANYONE but Cowher and Luck!!!
there, I said it! Now all the haters come forth!

The loss to the Broncos had to have been one of the top 5 most ridiculous losses in Dolphins history. I remember the Miracle on Monday Night, but I can't remember any other collapses as bad as that one. 15 point lead with under 5 minutes left? Can anyone remember any worse ones?

Its stories like this that get media types punched in their faces in the locker room and then they make it seem like it came out of no where, like it was unprovoked.
Armando, low man, just like last weeks hyped up fabricated Marshall article...
At some point you're going to be held accountable by the Dolphins front office bro, and you'll have nothing to write about because they're going to bar you from the facility. MARK MY WORDS...
Why don't you just report on the facts surrounding this team? Report on things that have substance instead of this wash woman rumor mill garbage?
You can't feel good about printing this junk, its amateur and very unprofessional...

Craig, missed that game (and didn't catch highlights). However, I have faith Oakland will get Palmer up to speed by the time they play us.

Oh, and we have absolutely NO chance against KC.

I'm fine with a 1st, 2nd or 3rd pick in the Draft. Of course I'm all in for Luck, and would give up ANYTHING any team asked for to move up and Draft him (1st-round pick for a decade would be worth it IMO), but truthfully, for me it was never about Luck.

It was about moving on from this leadership that I knew would NEVER get us where we wanted to be with their failed philosophy. It was about FINALLY realizing only a true franchise QB will turn things around here (so no Henne, no game manager and build the team around him, etc.), which means getting a 1st-round QB, this year and every year until we land the guy.

So, beggars can't be choosers. I'd be happy simply with that. To me, landing Luck is like winning the Grand Prize. But getting one of the Top 3-5 rated QBs in next year's Draft, a new GM, new HC, ain't so bad either. I'll take 2nd place.

By the way, any team finishing last will pick Andrew luck or pick and trade him. He is the highest profile pick to come out in forever and you think anyone would pass on him? No chance.

IF any of this had an inkling of truth, the person to get upset at is Ross. Meyer is the 2nd-coming of Sparano. He's NOT a winner in the NFL, he hasn't proven he knows ANYTHING about winning in the NFL. He'd be a HORRIBLE choice as next HC. He's a nobody.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 24, 2011 at 09:15 AM


Maybe Meyer will be a bad NFL head coach, but comparing him to Sparano is RIDICULOUS! Meyer has had tremendous success and won two BCS Championships. Sparano has won nothing, done nothing. Meyer is a WINNER. Sparano is a LOSER.

It would be great if the Dolphins could land Al Golden for their next coach. He is young, and motivated, and can motivate a team. I don't know what it would take to get him from the Hurricanes though.

Seems to me from the schedules below that the Dolphins have a tougher schedule and the best possibility of going win less.

Colts have 5 games that are possible wins and the Rams have 5 games that are possible wins. IMO the Dolphins have 1.


I think Miami COULD win KC, Washington or NY Jets at home (which could be a meaningless game for the Jets). Doesn't mean they will win any of them.

Remember, the tie-breaker is EASIEST opponents. I believe we will lose the tie-breaker, Miami is going to have to lose outright.

After watching the Colts last night, I don't think they are beating ANYONE.

Still, a top 5 pick will enable us to get a franchise QB (even if no luck).

IrelandSucks, how'd the NFL work out for Saban, Spurrier, Pete Carroll?

You're right, the Sparano comparison was lazy on my part, but my point was I'm not willing to put my faith and a brand new 1st-round QB's career in the hands of an unproven college Coach.

College is littered with Coaches who thought they could be successful in the NFL and realized they were in way too deep.

Let's get a proven commodity here, not chance it with a guy that can't handle the stress of winning.

I think everyone needs to remember the BIG contract Indy signed Payton to before this season got going...

Granted there are clauses involved if he doesn't play, but we're talking $20+million per season folks...

Not convinced with all their shortcomings being exposed this season they could afford to roll the dice on developing a QB behind Payton.

If the fins go after a DC to be the next head coach I'd like to see them give Mike Zimmer a shot. He's always been able to assemble a top notch defense (even at Washington State!) and currently his defense @ Cincy is ranked 1st in Total yards/game.

A bit sensitive all these football people. So Ross isn't supposed to be seen with any FORMER coaches? What a joke!! and he shouldn't be talking to Mangini or Peterson either? Not sure what Cowher has actually said about all this stuff but I get the feeling he thinks he's the Messiah. Really good coach but he's not the only one who could do this job. He's just a guy near the very top of the list. There are other candidates for the job.

Posted by: Craig M | October 24, 2011 at 10:26 AM

Another one. Why are you running with the BS rumors with no credible sources or proof?

Armando is influencing simple minds. Yes, let's all run with it & call Cowher out for being high maintenance, a messiah or whatever other phrases people here have come up with this morning.

Craig, you said you didn't know what Cowher ACTUALLY has to say about this, because NONE of it is confirmed, but STILL get the feeling he's the messiah? Way to buy into the rumors.

Aarmando, this article & premise is pathetic. This is NOT journalism, it's TMZ`esque rumor mill fodder.

This regime built thier own coffin and dug thier own grave. Ridiculous article here. My friends may think they know how I think, but, at the end of the day I'm still my own man.

Guarantee anyone we get the #1 overall pick Cowher will be in Miami faster than the fastest Nascar speed wagon. Anything less than Miami getting #1 overall pick then and only then would cowher's decision to become the Dolphims newest savior coach would be up in the air.

What potential hc in thier right mind wouldnt absolute leap off the ledge to coach perhaps the greatest college pro-prospect qb to come into the league in maybe 30yrs? Armando you and your supposed "contacts" need slowly back away from your bomg pipes!

Honestly, if that's how Cowher or anyone else feels, then go F yourself Cowher. I don't want you coaching the Dolphins. I want someone to coach the Dolphins that has bigger things to worry about than how the owner upstaged the coach, which I find extremely humorous given the fact the coach was busy losing a 15 point lead in the final 4 minutes of a game to lose his 9th straight. How anyone believes that can possibly be upstaged is beyond me and personally if you feel that way, please stay the hell away from Miami you loser!!!


STOP WITH THE "Give this guy a shot" stuff...

This College coach, that college coach...



They both have the ability to draft, coach, and win...

Anything else is an experiment and I think we've had enough of those...

SO PLEASE.............STOP..........

Some of you guys take everything Armando says as gospel. You need slowly back away from your bong pipes too!


I'd echo your last two posts. I don't know an awful lot about Urban Meyer but I'd be awfully hesitant to turn thing over to ANOTHER College coach. I guess he's a candidate, just not sure how high on the list he'd be.

I honestly can't see the Colts winning a single game this year. Pray they get dumb and fire Caldwell and that gives the troops a charge to go on and do some good things.

thanks DKM. I can not believe what I saw yesterday. You think Columbo married Madusa? He seems to be made of stone in that 3 point stance. Excellent form however.

If Cowher was really considering this job, and we are seriously looking at him, then he saw this conversation on the sideline and decides not to come because of it. F him, that is petty and just plain pathetic. This is such a non F'n story.

Man, I hate this losing crap. Tebow sucks by the way.

Ok, I will admit it. I am the one who emailed Armando that I think it was inappropriate for Mr. Ross to be talking to Urban Meyer on the sidelines. If he continues to do this, he won't be able to find any good employees to run his team for him. I mean it!



Craig, I thought our defense was bad. Colts are just pathetic. And they are a team that's ALREADY tanked a game before. So they probably have the inside track on Luck right now. But Miami is motivated. Won't go down without a fight. It's reverse King of the Mountain. It's King of the Basement.

Like Michael Anthony Hall in 16 Candles. King of the Geeks, lol.

Dolphins need a hc the players will respect walking in the door. Meyer, are you kidding? I can definitely see this guy absolutely pulling a Nick Saban in 2yrs.

This guy lost his desire to remain in coaching as soon as Tim Tebow left. Do we really need another college hc(Saban) that doesnt have a REAL DESIRE to be here?

Don't look now, but the next home game, against the Redskins, will likely feature one John Beck starting at QB, looking for payback against this hapless franchise. Any doubts that he will make the team look even worse for giving up on him?

Showing up the coach on the sideline? HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW???!!!!!!! WTF did he do to show up the coach? He talked to the coach of the team that won the championship, the same team the stadium was honoring that day!

Did someone have a freaking microphone taped to Ross' chest? Were they talking about Urban being the next coach? NOOOOOOOOOO!

tHIS IS A F***ING WITCH HUNT AT THIS POINT! Now Ross isn't even allowed to talk to someone who was a coach because it may hurt Tonys feelings????? WTF get this f***ing guy out of here already! Now he's hurting our chances at signing a real coach? Are you kidding me with this nonsense?!

Who gives a s**t about Tony and his feelings he SUCKS. S,,,,U,,,,C,,,,K,,,,S,,,,, SUCKS.

But you know what, I'm actually happy if this is true. If Cowher is such a whiney baby then I certainly want him no where near the Dolphins sideline. I just heard last night that he probably won't go to the Dolphins because he has supposedly told people he wants a ready made team. A team like the Giants that only needs a couple of tweeks. Sound like a coach YOU want to get this turned around? A guy who is so afraid of a challenge that he will only go to a team who is ready? Sounds like he wants to put the work in right? F**k him. Fisher is the man for the job period, let Cowher go rot in the swamps of Jersey where he belongs.

If I were a pro player I would have zero desire for Meyer walking in the door. The guy quit on his college team(UF) as soon as Tim Tebow walked out the door.

AL Groh as new Dolphins hc? Someone here has really bumped thier head!

I think everyone needs to remember the BIG contract Indy signed Payton to before this season got going...

Granted there are clauses involved if he doesn't play, but we're talking $20+million per season folks...

Not convinced with all their shortcomings being exposed this season they could afford to roll the dice on developing a QB behind Payton.

Posted by: NICK M | October 24, 2011 at 10:49 AM


The first pick WILL be Andrew Luck. If St Louis or Indy get it and decide they don't want Luck, they will trade the pick for MULTIPLE first round picks. The pick is that valuable! Don't think for a 2nd we will get Andrew Luck at #2 if Indy doesn't want him at #1. They will TRADE THE PICK. And if they traded it to us, you are still looking at MULTIPLE first round picks and players. The #1 pick this year will be the most sought after and valuable 1st round pick in LEAGUE HISTORY (especially with the new NFL rookie wage scale).

I'm no expert on Urban Meyer but didn't he step down at Florida because of stress or something? And aren't the hours in the NFL longer? That makes no sense.


CHILL! I didn't say 'Cowher thinks he's the Messiah', I said 'I GET THE FEELING he thinks he's the Messiah'. Big difference, bud!! I'm expressing an OPINION. Listen, I know you're the staunchest Cowher supporter and here's to ya! I'm a fan of the guy too. I'm just saying if there IS any truth to it then I think he's being way to sensitive. I don't think there was anything wrong with what Ross did last year looking into Harbaugh but then I'm not in the coaching fraternity. I only care about what happens to my team.

Poizen, you still going to the game Sunday? I'll be there. And, cover your mouth so you don't barf up your breakfast, I'll be wearing my BRANDON MARSHALL jersey, lol!!!

I have to bro. I've worn it all Season, and we're a perfect 0-6. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I wore anything else and we won. So forget the Zach Thomas, the throwback Marino, can't do it. It's gotta be 19. Gotta keep the streak alive, help the team any way I can.

Has Tony been fired yet? Whats the hold up?

Oh gosh Odrick has a leg injury again, what are we going to do without him. We need him to complete our 0 and 16 record!

Who we get as new hc will depend on one thing and one thing only.


On the same note....how's Plaxico Burress working out fellas? Yeah I thought so....try a little hot sauce on your crow....it's easier to get down.

Posted by: Craig M | August 14, 2011 at 10:43 AM
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Let's see, Burress 3 TouchDowns against San Diego. You tell me, how's that working out Fella?

"If I was a Raiders fan I'd be cringing that my team gave up multiple picks for Palmer after yesterdays game. He looked like the guy I've thought he was all along."

Is this a stab at humor or are you actually trying to be serious?

You're making a claim like this after almost 1 year off with no traning camp, hardly any practice, on a new team, doesn't know the playbook, new players etc...???? Seriously?

When will your nonstop, premature gloating, "I was right fest", ever cease?

Cowher is a good NFL coach who would give the Dolphins credibility -- something they haven't had for a long time. Cowher is not going to save this franchise though unless he finds a franchise QB. If we had a franchise QB, Sparano would still be coach & Ireland would still have a job and the Dolphins would be in the playoff hunt.

The sheer awfulness of this season has reached such epic proportions that you almost can't blame Sparano any more. Even Bess has joined the other receivers in dropping passes and the OL is porous from all sides.

We certainly shouldn't blame Sparano for the personnel.

This just in, Ted Ginn is still not the best punt returner I have ever seen...


watch and laugh hysterically!

They may want to activate Devlin for the NY game. With Colombo having played in Dallas I am sure the NY guys know how to play him and they are licking their chops. What is the record for team sacks in a game?

Joe go f*ck yourself this morning....you're in your usual argumentative state!! Seriously get a life....and take Mr. Crow with you...

If you don't like what I have to say then DON'T F*CKING read it....I trust you've got the point!

I'll express any opinion on here I want Joe and because it doesn't jive with yours, I couldn't give a f*ck! As I said, skip over it and the world will be a happier place...

I think lots of this "chatter" (if there is any) stems from the league disliking Ross for breaking some of the "unsaid rules" last year. The NFL is a club, like the Senate, where you have to learn how to "play the game." Ross has upset the Old Bulls and they are making him uncomfortable so he gets back in line. Basically teaching him a lesson.

Joe Schmoe,

Yea the Armando article is BS to stir the pot. No need to call people out (including me) about "simple minds".

You can quote on the article in two ways.

First that Armando is full of it. Second that "if" the sources are correct then you have to question Cowher.

Urban Meyer has had some health issues. He is very intense. As for those stating his offense wouldn't work in the NFL, please note the Gators and Patriots have run very similar offenses in the past. Sure Brady doesn't run, but they have had similar running games and spreading the field. Urban Meyer and Bill Belicheat are good friends.

I wouldn't dismiss Urban immediately cause he is a college coach. Harbaugh is having tremendous success this year in SF. Just cause Dick Saban was a complete failure doesn't mean Urban would be.

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