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Perception may hurt Dolphins in hunt for Cowher

Sometimes perception is reality. And sometimes that's enough to hurt.

Well, this morning, I'm told the Dolphins may have been hurt in a self inflicted way by the lasting pictures of former Florida coach Urban Meyer sharing time on the sideline with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross at Sun Life Stadium Sunday afternoon.

I wrote in Monday's Herald how Ross and Meyer shared time on the sideline before the game, during the fourth quarter, and during overtime as the Dolphins lost to the Denver Broncos. I made the point that the time the two spent together during the game was coincidental because Ross was headed toward the locker room rather than the field had the Dolphins held their lead.

I also wrote that Meyer isn't a coaching candidate for the team on an interim basis, but if you know Ross and his desire to hire a "star" coach next January, Meyer cannot be discarded longterm from the conversation until either he or Ross says he's not a candidate.

So basically, the time the men spent together wasn't a big deal from a practical standpoint. But apparently from the perspective of football people, the time could be costly to Ross and the Dolphins.

I'm told the sight of Ross laughing and talking with with Meyer while current coach Tony Sparano was busy trying to get his team its first win upset some football folks around the NFL. This morning, I already have three three emails from football people around the league who are livid at the Dolphins owner for "dissing," as one put it, Sparano on his own sideline.

And apparently Bill Cowher could be one of those that might have been left shaking his head. Cowher, by the way, is on Miami's informal list of coaches to approach once the season is over and the Dolphins go searching for a permanent coach replacement. Fact is, Cowher might be the leading candidate for the Dolphins if anyone can be considered that.

But one person who is familiar with Cowher's thinking tells me the former Pittsburgh coach cringes at the idea of working for an owner who would "show up" his current coach as some football folks believe happened Sunday.

Cowher, you see, is keeping close tabs on how the Dolphins are conducting themselves these days because he recognizes Miami is a possible landing spot. But, my source said, Cowher has apparently been disappointed in some of the things he's seen from the Dolphins as to how they treat Sparano, dating back to last year.

It's plausible if you believe Cowher wanted nothing to do with the Dolphins last year when Ross was looking around following a 7-9 season. Cowher was rumored to have told Ross he would not speak about any coaching vacancy while the Dolphins had a coach still on the job.

I cannot say that Cowher actually got that message to the Dolphins or not. But I know people close to him are convinced Cowher doesn't take kindly to other football coaches being mistreated. And, as I just said, a handful of football people who emailed me this morning thought Sparano was disrespected by Ross and Meyer.

So it's quite possible what Ross might see as harmless happenstance time spent with Meyer on Sunday might cost him a chance to land Cowher because the former Pittsburgh coach and other NFL football people have a different opinion what that time meant.

Again, the truth is the Meyer-Ross show on the sideline during the game was coincidental. But that doesn't matter to some people. They perceive that time the owner shared with a potential future coach as disrespect toward his current coach.

And, true or not, perception is reality in their minds.


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Raiders gave up a 1st and 2nd for Palmer. Potentially 2 1st rd picks. However I dont see them making the afc championship game this season for the 2nd rd pick to turn into another 1st.

Dolphins gave up two 2nd rd picks for Brandon Marshall. I would call that a worse decision than the Raiders decision. Marshall's only proving to be a top #2 wr at best. We dont have room to scoff at anyone's trade decisions seeing the bufoonery of our fo decisions over the past decade.

Believe that!

I think it's even worse to let Coach Sparano twist in the wind like this.

But DC why even talk about it? Your just adding fuel to a fire that shouldn't even be burning. Ross did nothing wrong by talking to a retired coach who was being honored at his stadium that day. There is NO story because he didn't talk to him about a job. It didn't happen, period. So anyone who talks or writes about it as if it did happen is living a fantasy. He did absolutely nothing wrong and I am more convinced now than ever that Armando has an agenda against this owner. I've said it before and I reiterate my original opinion. I don't know what Ross did to Armando but he obviously, as evidenced by past articles as well, did something bad in Armandos mind. It's glaringly obvious and this latest article is such a load of bull s**t and I can't believe I'm even in here defending Ross for an innocent action.

And no, Craig, before you accuse me of it, I am not Mr. Crow.

Regarding the Cowher stuff, you said you get the feeling Cowher think's he's the messiah.

Why do you get that feeling based on pure speculation & rumors? Nothinbg Cowher has said or done gives that impression so I don't know what would make you believe that nonsense if you weren't buying into the rumo mills.

FYI, I'm totally chilled, BUD.

Odrick is hurt? Probably from that hump dance thing he did yesterday...WTF was that?

Columbo hasn't gotten a penalty all season. He never moves, so never a false start, and never holds because the defense is past him before he can get his hands up...nice coaching Tony...and a sweet pickup Jeffy...

Phins, because we're on page 4 and it's not even Noon yet, that's why Mando's talking about it.

If you were here yesterday morning, GAMEDAY, and saw the PAGE I wrote all by myself, for over 1/2 hour, with NOBODY else coming on the blog (and it wasn't that early, 8am), you'd realize Mando got spooked. All this losing means loss of interest in the Dolphins and fewer hits on the blog. Mando must have realized he needed to stir controversy to get hits. His plan is working perfectly.

Anyone missing Huzienga yet? At least he had class, and always got the coach he wanted. Everyone wanted JJ and Saban, only Wayne could get them. Yeah he struck out with Wanny and Cam, but still A for effort. Ross is a complete clown who falls all over himself when he meets a celebrity. It's just pathetic really

I'm just saying if there IS any truth to it then I think he's being way to sensitive. I don't think there was anything wrong with what "Ross did last year looking into Harbaugh but then I'm not in the coaching fraternity. I only care about what happens to my team."


Craig look at what's going on. After hearing that Cowher wants a ready-made-team it almost seems as if (if any of this fantasy is actually true it would be the part that Cowher is upset)Cowher is reaching for any excuse he can find so his reputation doesn't get tarnished. Believe me his rep is going to take a hit if people start talking about Cowher wanting a ready made team and how his heart just doesn't seem to be in it this time.

If we're sitting here looking at red flags like this already I am damned sure I don't want Cowher any where near the Miami Dolphins.

Soup of the Day - Puree of Crow with Jalapeno.

1/2 price special for Craig M. with extra hot sauce.

I've always thought Cowher had a strong opinion of himself. It has nothing to do with what Armando reported. The reality is he won a Super Bowl with some very questionable calls against Seattle and coached in a very stable environment with great ownership. He's always come off to me as a guy who feels he was responsible for the Super Bowl victory, when in reality it was band of thousands. Not saying I don't rate him as a coach and I'm not saying I don't want him as our coach, I'm just saying sometimes he rubs me the wrong way. OK, if I express that OPINION, Joe?

perfectly said Phins78. Mando has nothing constructive to write about, so he concocted this nonsense instead.

DC: But you know, credibility comes with the responses. And Armando doesn't have any of it at this point.
I can understand some sensationalism, heck throw the wildcat possibility out there, that will get some talking...
But the whole "sources" and the made up Marshall and Ross articles the past 2 weeks, that's just destructive bs.
Not entertaining, but detrimental. I honestly hope that word gets to the Phins front office and Armando gets barred from the facility and no longer has access to the team at all.
I could make this stuff up a 1000 miles away and be just as accurate.
I'm not saying to make sugar out of dog sh-t, I'm just saying if you report on something be accurate and stop fabricating in an attempt to stir the pot unnecessarily.

Meyers was a top college recruiter. So is and was Saban. The nfl's an entirely different ball game. In college a hc can have upto 75 guys under scholarship. In the nfl it's a 53 man roster.

Top universities attract the very best high school players. Nfl uses the draft. The draft brings in anywhere from 7-10 new players per year. Scholarships can bring in 20 or more new players per year.

Nfl has far less room for margin of error. The ncaa doesnt. It's an entirely different ball game in terms of bringing in impact personel. That's why upto 95% up college coaches never cut it in the nfl. Its always better to have a proven nfl coach who has already cut the mustard. Because even that isnt always successful.

JJ is the only college hc that's ever had real success at both the college and pro level as a hc. Do we really wanna play those nearly insurmountable odds?

Miami Spread at 11:09 AM October 24, 2011

How bout Sun Sentinel's Coconut Head Kelly's scouting report ?


The last 3 years, every year Coconut Head Kelly emphatically states, sean smith will go to the Pro Bowl!


Yet sean smith has never made even one game changing play in 3 years, last year gave up more YDs per reception than any other starting CB in the NFL, set a Miami Dolphin franchise record in DROPPING potential INTS, cannot cover ANY WRs -never mind big Pro Bowl types, cannot cover TEs and has the worst hands of ANY CB in the NFL, cannot tackle very good at all, is constantly out of position and turned around, hips the wrong way, cannot even recover a fumble that lands in both of his hands.

Pro Football Focus now lists Omar's Fav wanna be a Pro Bowl player as the WORST STARING CB IN THE NFL

Great insight from Omar Kelly ? NOT

Could not have been any wronger about his Dolphin scouting

What does Omar watch at these practices and games?

Please apologize to the life long Fin Fans for your absolutely misguided terrible reporting and scouting

Horrendous Job Omar, u earned an "F"


Craig, it's funny. It's a blog. You post an opinion, people will challenge you on it. People can challenge others viewpoints except you? You always take offense. You're overly sensitive & resot to the f*ck you schtick.

Every single time, never a logical retort. Just a duck & doge mission. Way to go Bud!

If you're opinions had any resemblence to common sense, I & the many others, wouldn't challenege you. The fact is, your comments are so ridiculous at times, they beckon being challeneged.

The fact you will tell the blog you were right about Palmer after his 1st action in over a year with no practice or ANYTHNG, is further proof that you have more desire to prove how smart you are than everyone else.

Even when it makes you look like the biggest & most incoherent dill weed in the world.

IrelandSucks, now let me put it back on you. PLEASE DON'T compare Urban "The Stress is Just Too Much" Meyer to Harbaugh.

There were about 4-5 teams interested in Harbaugh. He was an NFL QB.

ANYONE ever mentioned Meyer's name in NFL circles? Before this incident, anyone ever mention him as a possible HC? ANYONE?

Meyer is about as good an idea as keeping Chad Henne as your starting QB, about a good an idea as drafting Jared Odrick, about a good an idea as being a run-first team in a pass-happy league, about as good an idea as taking Culpepper over Drew Brees.

Even discussing half in jest Urban Meyer as the new HC is a complete joke. You don't even need to think about it for 2 nanoseconds to realize it's a bad idea. And last thing this team needs is ANOTHER BAD IDEA!


I think you're right.

Anyways guys, I didn't watch the game yesterday (not wasting any more time on this inferior product) and I'm not going to waste the day away on here debating the merits of an 0-6, hopefully 0-16 team. Enjoy the day!!...

Miami Spread at 11:09 AM October 24, 2011

How bout Coconut Head Kelly's scouting report ?


The last 3 years, every year Coconut Head Kelly emphatically states, sean smith will go to the Pro Bowl!


Yet sean smith has never made even one game changing play in 3 years, last year gave up more YDs per reception than any other starting CB in the NFL, set a Miami Dolphin franchise record in DROPPING potential INTS, cannot cover ANY WRs -never mind big Pro Bowl types, cannot cover TEs and has the worst hands of ANY CB in the NFL, cannot tackle very good at all, is constantly out of position and turned around, hips the wrong way, cannot even recover a fumble that lands in both of his hands.

Pro Football Focus now lists Omar's Fav wanna be a Pro Bowl player as the WORST STARING CB IN THE NFL

Great insight from Omar Kelly ? NOT

Could not have been any wronger about his Dolphin scouting

What does Omar watch at these practices and games?

Please apologize to the life long Fin Fans for your absolutely misguided terrible reporting and scouting

Horrendous Job Omar, u earned an "F"



Where did I say I was 'right about Palmer'? Why don't you show me the quote. What I said was I'd be ticked if I was Raiders fan and that's what I'd given up. I can't exppress that opinion without you turning it into a 'I'm right, you're wrong argument'. So isn't it really you whose making it personal Joe?

Perception? What a joke? The reality of this god awful place is why no one in their right mind would want to come here.


Andrew Luck is NEVER coming to this third-rate trashy city. NEVER! If the Dolphins are moved to another city outside of Florida and the South then maybe … but Andrew Luck will NEVER play for the MIAMI Dolphins. NEVER. They would need to give him an ownership stake and that is NOT going to happen. Perhaps they can make that useless stadium in the middle of nowhere into the world’s largest casino and OTB site.

Stupid Floriduh people wanted Baseball instead of Football so now LIVE with your choice MIAMI.

What you reap is what you sow! Do I need to translate for you?



DC good point at 11:14. I usually am aware of that but this thing burned me so bad I overlooked the blog hit thing! Hahahahaha good job by Armando if that's the case. Very bad job by me feeding into it!

I thought it was a ridiculous trade at the time and I still do. It's not disimilar from you expressing you're feeling about the Dolphins talent base. I don't agree with you but you don't see me calling you an idiot or saying you're making ridiculous statements. I think they are and I think you are but you don't see me saying it.

Ok crow....I mean Joe, have a good day!

Washington and the Bills (Split) worry me as a possible wins. Outside of that I don't see how this team wins any others.



What a ridiculous article. Talking about inventing something to write about when there's nothing to write about...this "story" is exactly that.

Must be nice to be able to use weasel words like "football people" in an article to support your made up story, Mr. Salguero.

"Football people"? Really? What "football people"? Names? Or, at a minimum, names of positions these "football people" hold in league offices or on team staffs?

Oh, nevermind, because your "football people" are just figments of your imagination to get your story over.

You're really going to posit that professionals in the league are somehow annoyed that Ross had a cordial conversation with Meyer on the sideline? Really?

What should Ross have done? Put on blinders and pretend Meyer wasn't there?

This was a very irresponsible piece. Yeah, it's sports, but it's poor journalism all the same.

unfoiled Omar is a player wanna be, nothing more. His writing is horrible and his grammar is atrocious. He tries to work out with players and is always falling in love with whomever has the most swagger in his step. He comes off like an authority but in reality he is so blinded by his fanatical love of certain players that he can't properly assess a players talent. Hey! He's just like Tony S.!

I don't agree with you but you don't see me calling you an idiot or saying you're making ridiculous statements. I think they are and I think you are but you don't see me saying it.

Joe, c'mon man, you have to admit, THAT WAS FUNNY!!!

I think they are and I think you are....LOL!

Andy J

Only snowball in hell hell's chance we have of winning a game this season is against KC Chiefs. Our greatest chance of victory passed with losses to Denver and Cleveland!


Word is Jorge Rojas was seen talking to Omar Kelly at the water cooler...Rojas likes that he can handle making up stories and getting threatened by players like Burnett a few weeks back...

Just sayin...watch your back...


What a load of crap. Your blogs suck just as much as the Dolphins. Try writing for TMZ!!!

So, with the trade deadline over what the hell does Jeff Ireland do? If it weren't for a quick pre-season appearance would we even know he's still alive?

What kind of first name is Urban? Never heard of it anywhere else.

Andy J

We have the worst secondary in the league. No way do they hold up against the Bills passing attack. Us beating the Bills is a fairy tale.

So is beating the Redskins. Our horrible offense scores 3pts max against thier defense. We all know our defense cant stop a nose bleed.

DC, I owe you an apology. I am basically selling my tiks to a Giant fan, The next day is Halloween and my 3 year old is excited. So to not destroy my life any further my wife thought it would be best to not go to the game after my reaction to yesterday's debacle, and then my mood today.

I hope we can meet up again sometime at a different game. I see the light at th end of the 0-16 tunnel I guess, I just can not take it on sunday's at all.

I would get into an epic fight at Giants stadium if I ws there I am sure.

Again, I apologize!

yesterdays gone: Worst secondary in the league? No, that can't be true...why it was just a few weeks ago our group was among the top tandems in the league...



yesterday's gone,

I hope your right bro!

This could become a very historic nfl season. Never have 2 teams gone 0-16. Both the Awfulins and Dolts are well on pace.

This just in:

Revis mugged Marshall on that 100 yd int return that should not have been. (Illegal contact first, pass interference 2nd, strong armed robbery in the 2nd degree 3rd, assault, and evading arrest)


Marshall wasn't even headed to the left side...

On the same note....how's Plaxico Burress working out fellas? Yeah I thought so....try a little hot sauce on your crow....it's easier to get down.

Posted by: Craig M | August 14, 2011 at 10:43 AM
- - - - - - - - -

Craig, since you are constantly trying to point the finger where others have made an error in judgement, care to step up to the plate and admit you were WRONG here? Or do you prefer to just weasel through life laughing at others and making believe you are above them?

Nick M

Truth be told, Vontae Davis is a #2 corner at best. Sean Smith is a backup nfl corner. If I were Dolphins hc I would try Sean Smith at free safety or bust.

Sean Smith is not a starting nfl corner. Neither do we have even one legit nfl starting calibre safety. Neither ss or fs.

Wonder why our secondary's so awful?

I say let the firing begin, the dolphins aren't the only team that that hasn't won a game. Start talking with any good coach-young or old- that would actually want to be in Miami. Most likely your not going to have many takers. Let them run the team including drafting new players. Get rid of spazzo and irish head now before its too late.

Nick M

Marshall was so busy falling into Revis on the 100yd pick 6 he never turned his head around to locate the ball. Revis was clearly the better wr on that play.

Marshall sucks guy. He's a #2 wr at best.

And one more thing. Regarding the players preaching to us how we're bad fans for not supporting them. Jason Taylor calling it ridiculous to want to suck for Luck and Dansby chastising us saying we're not "real fans".
They tell us we should be rooting for them and sticking up for them.

When ticket prices go up every year, virtually making it impossible for a middle class family to sit anywhere close to the field, do the players come out against it? Have any of the Dolphins spoken up for us fans,,,,,,EVER?

Parking, concessions, apparel, tickets, all way over priced, regular people can barely afford this stuff. Did Taylor or Dansby stick up for us? Root us on?

NO, they went on strike so they could make more money. So if I have to pay this much to watch a f***ing game then I want to watch a winner. Anyone who isn't helping us to win is an enemy of my time and money. Therefore it's laughable to expect fans to stick up for this crap shack of a team.

Smith did pop someone yesterday, Y Bell was doing a nice job on blitzes too...

I don't think this team is as bad as their record, but as Denny Green says "THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE..." LOL...we're 0-6 and no hope in sight...

But I truly believe its a coaching issue, players not buying in, and overall philosophy. Look, they lost yesterday because red zone philosophy stinks and has for years. FG's are supposed to win. And playing "safe" is ALWAYS the way to go with a lead in the 4th quarter under Tony's watch.

One of these days, and I hate to say it, Tony is going to realize HE HAS NOTHING TO LOSE and he is going to start gambling, and unfortunately, its going to work...and that will end up costing Miami their shot at Luck.


LOL Poizen, you don't need to apologize my man. Would have liked to meet up with you, but I definitely understand. Heck, I was trying to get out of going too (but my brother-in-law would NEVER have given me tix again if I did, so I'm just gonna suck it up and go). Plus I'm kind of a sado-masochist, so I'm into self-mutilation, lol.

Should be fun. I won't be getting into any fights though, unless there's a Colts fan there who wants to fight me for Luck.

Actually on the 100yd pick 6, Revis feigned press coverage and Marshall's momentum caused him to fall forward into Revis. Revis feigning the press coverage had the equivalency of pulling the chair from underneath Marshall.

Just a great strategy by Revis, not pass interference. The refs got it right. Also Marshall made zero effort to chase Revis and prevent the 100yd pick 6.

Nick M,

Tebow isnt a great passer. Y Bell's strength is against the run. He was effective blitzing becuase of Tebow's lack of passing prowess and and long delivery passing maotion.

true nfl passers have Bell for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and inbetween meals snack.


On that 2-pt conversion, just wondering, where was JT? Dansby? Solia? Burnett? Where were ANY OF THEM? Did they really need Nolan to tell them to line up in front of Tebow?

I don't buy it. I think they ARE Sucking for Luck, AND I don't think there's much talent on the team.

I think they have just enough talent not to be confused with a lingerie football league team, but folks still need a double-take to make sure that's not what they're seeing.

I've watched the Revis thing many many times...

At the very least, illegal contact, happened beyond 5 yds, almost 10 yds out.

So there was contact, Marshall was going on a slant inside and Revis cut off his route, again, WR has right to run his route. Marshall lost balance in the contact. Then Revis wrapped his arms around Marshall and basically pushed him to the right as the ball was thrown left...

If you want a slow mo link, I can post it...

Either way, INT should not have counted and Phins should have had a fresh set of downs...but it would've been at best a fg anyway lol...

How many home losses in a row is that now? How many home losses period? What are we like 12 losses 1 win in the past 13? And Armandos worried about hurting TONYS feelings? Bwaaahahahahaha

DC: Funny thing is, THE SAME EXACT SNEAK was pulled by Sanchez only a week ago...does anyone review films? Does the strategy ever change?


The Stinkos spread the defense out so they couldnt pack the middle of the field. What really made the qb draw successful was our slot defender taking a very bad angle to the play.

We had 2 guys playing middle. They both played pass first with that slight hesitation opening up the qb draw. Things happen very fast in the nfl. One false step on any type of play can be disastrous.

I think instead of Luck we should talk DON STROCK out of retirement! I bet he could still get it done!

..I know this has been reviewed already. But any coach, or player upset that Ross was chatting it up with Meyer needs their heads checked. BFD. If this costs us a chance a prospective coach, and I cannot believe this has. That was the wrong coach. There are a lot of questionable choices Ross has made that would make any prospect weary. But this non-story is jibber-jabber.

Nick M

I watched the replay of Marshal/Revis many times too. Marshall caused the contact. He was off balance from the beginning of the snap. No refs going to bail a reciever out when his own awkwardness is causing contact with the defender.

The refs got it right. Im a dolfan and that's ezactly what I saw. Marshall caused the contact not having control of his own body.

Cowher should also realize that Tony is way out of his league and has no business being on an NFL sideline...for any team.

If I watch Tony get excited and start clapping about one more goddamn field goal, I'm gonna get in my car, drove down to NSU, and punch that worthless hack square in the frickin jaw!!!

DC: Just looked at the replay of the 2pt conversion, we had a corner blitz coming on that play, and Tebow was going opposite JT.


Denver looked like they pulled the guard to help and the hole was enormous...


yg, I understand that's what the Broncos were doing. My point is, did you or ANYONE believe Tebow WASN'T going to run it? So why even cover anyone? Why not just stack 11 guys on the line. Force him to throw it.

I would have called an all-out blitz. Leave the 2 safeties to each cover 1/2 the endzone, everyone else blitzes.

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