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Perception may hurt Dolphins in hunt for Cowher

Sometimes perception is reality. And sometimes that's enough to hurt.

Well, this morning, I'm told the Dolphins may have been hurt in a self inflicted way by the lasting pictures of former Florida coach Urban Meyer sharing time on the sideline with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross at Sun Life Stadium Sunday afternoon.

I wrote in Monday's Herald how Ross and Meyer shared time on the sideline before the game, during the fourth quarter, and during overtime as the Dolphins lost to the Denver Broncos. I made the point that the time the two spent together during the game was coincidental because Ross was headed toward the locker room rather than the field had the Dolphins held their lead.

I also wrote that Meyer isn't a coaching candidate for the team on an interim basis, but if you know Ross and his desire to hire a "star" coach next January, Meyer cannot be discarded longterm from the conversation until either he or Ross says he's not a candidate.

So basically, the time the men spent together wasn't a big deal from a practical standpoint. But apparently from the perspective of football people, the time could be costly to Ross and the Dolphins.

I'm told the sight of Ross laughing and talking with with Meyer while current coach Tony Sparano was busy trying to get his team its first win upset some football folks around the NFL. This morning, I already have three three emails from football people around the league who are livid at the Dolphins owner for "dissing," as one put it, Sparano on his own sideline.

And apparently Bill Cowher could be one of those that might have been left shaking his head. Cowher, by the way, is on Miami's informal list of coaches to approach once the season is over and the Dolphins go searching for a permanent coach replacement. Fact is, Cowher might be the leading candidate for the Dolphins if anyone can be considered that.

But one person who is familiar with Cowher's thinking tells me the former Pittsburgh coach cringes at the idea of working for an owner who would "show up" his current coach as some football folks believe happened Sunday.

Cowher, you see, is keeping close tabs on how the Dolphins are conducting themselves these days because he recognizes Miami is a possible landing spot. But, my source said, Cowher has apparently been disappointed in some of the things he's seen from the Dolphins as to how they treat Sparano, dating back to last year.

It's plausible if you believe Cowher wanted nothing to do with the Dolphins last year when Ross was looking around following a 7-9 season. Cowher was rumored to have told Ross he would not speak about any coaching vacancy while the Dolphins had a coach still on the job.

I cannot say that Cowher actually got that message to the Dolphins or not. But I know people close to him are convinced Cowher doesn't take kindly to other football coaches being mistreated. And, as I just said, a handful of football people who emailed me this morning thought Sparano was disrespected by Ross and Meyer.

So it's quite possible what Ross might see as harmless happenstance time spent with Meyer on Sunday might cost him a chance to land Cowher because the former Pittsburgh coach and other NFL football people have a different opinion what that time meant.

Again, the truth is the Meyer-Ross show on the sideline during the game was coincidental. But that doesn't matter to some people. They perceive that time the owner shared with a potential future coach as disrespect toward his current coach.

And, true or not, perception is reality in their minds.


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Sparano, cry me a river. Step down you are pathetic!

Again on the Meyer/Ross issue:

Everyone with at least half a brain knows 2 things.

1. Meyer is an "EX" college hc
2. There's about 99% certaincy Meyer hasnt a desire to coach anywhere next season college or pro.

Thanks Nick, good to see that again. You see #29 and 27 over there, back to the play, covering the TE/WR? WHY WERE THEY THERE? What was the purpose to cover any receiver is my question? Tebow was NEVER going to throw that ball.

seeing ross standing on the sidelines yucking it up with meyer, who was barely paying attention to the guy as he was pulling for his old qb, was just downright embarrassing

also, just listened to the sparano press conference and in btween the "how do you stay holding up" questions (cue violins); nobody asked sparano who made the dumb decision to run the ball 3-and-out twice once the phins went up 15-0... that was the *worst* decision in the whole game

these dudes went way too conservative and NO you can't put it on the defense sense they played well the bulk of the game... at some point the offense was supposed to put denver out of their misery

And another thing Armando (gawd I hate that name, it sounds like you want to sell me a Cordoba with Corithian leather), how come your so busy sticking up for Sparano when it's obvious that this year's team is THE WROST DOLPHINS TEAM EVER!!! What don't you rip into Tony for leading us to the celler!! How about you write some articles expressing your extreme dissatisfaction with his complete lack of intensity or drive to win!! Let's get excited about some more field goals!!!

It's time to put an end to the Sparano Apologetics Club once and for all!!

DC: Totally agree, they should stacked as a goal line stand. But hey, why start questioning things now? NOTHING has worked so far, so why buck the trend...

If anyone was totally out of position on that play, look at Dansby...totally out of position...

He not only looked out of place, but confused at the snap...and Y Bell should've gone with his first instinct, instead, blown up by the offensive line surge...

Everything is a joke with this team. The 'star' minority owners, the way it is ran, etc...
I don't blame Cowher if that’s the way he sees it because most do.
What is even more entertaining is that Ross thought it a good idea to honor the gators in UM country. What made it worse is that Denver was to be in town and their starting QB is from the championship team. Yes it generated more ticket sales, but at what cost? I personally wore my UM gear instead of my Fins gear and walked out during the ceremony.


With all of Denver's recievers spread wide I guess what you're saying is the defense should have totally dismissed that and packed the middle. Had that happened Tebow would have had the easiest 2pt conversion throw ever.

Plain and simple, the Denver offense spreading all the recievers wide dictated to the Dolphins defense if they didnt honor that Denver would have taken the too easy throw for the conversion.

We had two defenders at the 2nd level whose discipline was to honor the qb draw. They broke discipline by honoring pass 1st. Leaving the qb draw wide open.


And another thing Armando (gawd I hate that name, it sounds like you want to sell me a Cordoba with Corithian leather)

You must rrrrrrrrrrrrrrroll the tongue on Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmondo...

The two 2nd level defenders were suppose to stuff the hole on the right side and let the backside pursuit make the play on stopping the 2pt conversion if they couldnt do it themselves.

If the hold was stuffed it would have forced Tebow to hesitate just long enough to allow our backside pursuit to make a play.

The primary reason qb draws work so well against us is because our 2nd level discipline truly sucks. Everyone back there is in pass not run discipline.

Its not on the dline, its on our 2nd level defenders.

Miami's opponents as we speak have the weaker record at the end of week 7. Right now, Andrew luck would be a Miami dolphin.

yesterday: Not a single defender in the middle. NOT ONE. Y BELL and Dansby on ends in 2nd tier. Bells TE immediately blocks, he should be coming forward. Dansby never had coverage on his side at all, it was an Offensive Lineman, so Dansby is HOPING it may come his way...

And with all that, we're blitzing a cb...

How about the only real strength of this QB is his legs as proven throughout and you stack the defense accordingly. Knowing you got burned the same way only a week before might have been a good indication on what was to come.

..First of all..And this is from Tebows mouth. The Dolhpins had the play covered(2 point conversion) Tebow had one of the infamous Check with Me audibles and he changed the blocking at the line. It was never going to be a pass so get that out of your heads. The Phins failed to recognize the "kill" and didn't reset. They were in the right play originialy, but to Tebows credit he recognized this and got in the right play..

Now this is right from his mouth to a local reporter. This answers the question about the 2 point try.Luckily for us, we are bad a t every level from talent, to coaching to recognition of a simple audible...

No one on the 2nd level of our defense "spies" the qb for the draw. Most times back there everyone has thier backs turned to ball and qb.

THIS JUST IN: Dolphins sign Columbo to a 10 year deal

Can clown Sparano have some freaking dignity and quit on his own?

You guys have your own interpretations to what you saw. Im sticking to mine. I guess things happened to quick for you guys to see everything that happened on that play.

You have a right to your opinion and so do I. If Sparano sees what you guys saw, its no wonder we cant ever stop a qb draw.

yesterday: DANSBY IS TOTALLY OUT OF POSITION ON THE PLAY and not a single defender in the middle of the field.

Dying Breed..This came out of the mouth of Tebow himself..So I know that you are the omnipotent football guy. but the play was designed to be a run to the left.Tebow explained this. He recognized that the play was a bad one because the Phins had sniffed it out....He CHANGED THE PLAY AT THE LINE.. The Phins did not. That is why he walked into the endzone on the RIGHT.

Oh and that was holding on Revis..Every day all day.

I don't get it. For a guy who personifies toughness, Cowher sure is sensitive to Ross and Meyer talking. He acts like a scorned teenage girl pouting when the boy who likes her is casually talking to another girl. C'mon Cowher, Ross was playing a gracious host to the coach they were honoring. He was also talking to Shula as well. What do you make of that?

I'm really high on Cowher and would love to have him in aqua and orange, but if he's a prima donna like this, then let's keep looking.






Nick M...I my server will not let me onto the sight..Is it backing what I'm saying?

Nick, GREAT link, thanks. DD was absolutely right, it was a Tebow audible.

And the Dolphins, once again, had no IDEA what they were doing, proving no one on defense has the intelligence to play this game at a high level.

Darryl D: Oh they break it down frame by frame with explanation...you are on the money...

And yes, DANSBY is lost, from start to finish lol

At least everyone else had assignments...

Ross did not know what he was getting into when he bought this football team. Ross apparently was sold a bill of goods by Huizenga, and it seems as if there was a conspiracy beteen Huizenga and Parcells to make things look better than they were in order to entice Ross to buy the team. Why do I think this way? Well, look what happened after Ross bought the team. As it is right now, the best thing Ross can do is sell the team. I think this clouster fu ck is beyond repair as long as the present owners and managers are there. Thank you Wayne Huizenga for fu cking this up for all of us. Hard for us to take while at the same time we realize that Huizenga and Parcells are laughing all the way to the bank.


It was an embarrassing loss for this once storied franchise. The 'crash and burn' that this team needed to have to finally show everyone that they almost all need to go. I had been hoping entering the year that Ireland and Sporano would use the year to finally get it on track. It is now clear to me that it will NEVER Happen.

Matt Moore is awful. Colombo and Carey on the right side are awful. Our special teams are awful (except for Fields). Bush as an every down back is awful. Dansby and Burnett are awful All our Safeties ae awful. Sean Smith is awful.

Besides the onside kick, which was awful, there are three players that really hurt us during the last few minutes. And lets face it, it doesn't matter what happened for 3.5 quarters. If you don't finish the game you will lose. Two players were to blame at the end.

Sean Smith - The first TD was a basic out pattern. Smith couldn't cover his player for 3-5 yards? Really?

Matt Moore - holding on the lead you are going to drop back to pass, hold the ball with one hand and hold onto it for what seemed like an eternity? Really? All he had to do was see nobody open and drop to the ground.

Will Allen - on the two point conversion he was supposed to be blitzing to put pressure on Tebow. He did nothing!!! Watch the play...he stood there and watched Tebow run it in. Allen was two yards onto the Denver side of the ball and stood there. Really?

JPAO: So basically if I got this right...

The Dolphins are awful?

To be honest, I sit in confusion most of the game...

Then when I see the Phins lose, I just laugh...

What else can you do?

It's laughable...

I wish some of our beloved retired dolphin players would band together and buy Ross's shares of the team.



Nastiest sandwich I ever tried in my life by the way...made the mistake of trying one last year...


Are you kidding????????????? If you were Cowher, why in the world would you take a job with this organization who has an owner more concerned with getting B-level celebrities as minority owners, $10 mil under the cap, and no direction???? Cowher would be a complete sucker to take this job!!! And for that matter, what high priced free agent would come play for this organization? There is absolutely nothing positive about the Dolphin organization in the foreseeable future!!

As for the Ross bashing, I don't think he's the problem. Remember, he bought this team with Tuna and the boys, he didn't rock the boat when he took possession of the team...

This is his first chance, and while he isn't yelling and screaming in public, I think he's ready to get very proactive.

He was cut to shreds for running around last year, and I don't think he wants to handle things that way now.

But I do think he is ready to make things happen when this season runs its course. So don't smash him, give him a chance to get people he actually believes in now. Let him make the front office and coaching moves and we will see what he's made of...

The one thing I sense is that he isn't going to be a cheap owner, I think he'll be willing to push the salaries up if he has support. And that will be an uphill climb after this years disappointments...

Mam, ALoco, we are all waiting for your opinion.

Crowder would have known to change the call. With Crowder in, we stop that play.

Don't choke on it, that is reality. Burnett is a downgrade.


Is that the same Crowder who was middle linebacker against Houston, in Houston, with Houston on our goal line.

Houston had an empty backfield, Crowder moved to the tight end side and the QB walked into the end zone. We lost.

I agree with some of my fellow Phin fans that maybe we should not get to worked up that our gutless owner does not have the balls to fire our inept Coach...Captain Fistpump...Maybe I am not giving Stephen Ross enough credit..Maybe Stephen Ross figures that if he gets rid of Fumblano...An assistant may come on board and win a game or two...Either way...This season is an epic disappointment...I hate to admit it..I am on the Suck For Luck Bandwagon..I hate to root for the opposition...But Ross...Ireland....Morono...these three stooges have ruined our Franchise...Why Would An Established Coach Like Bill Cowher want to get involved with this mess...The Phins are the Detroit Lions and Oakland Raiders of Years Past...Sad....


Owner - Ross is catching heat for his two minutes on the sideline with Meyer. This is BS. They thought the game was over and they headed down to the field. Then the PLAYERS and COACHES fell apart. Ross killed us last year by not addressing the head coach spot properly. He will need to pay big money to make it attactive for a top candidate to take on this hot mess. Ross has made mistakes, for sure, but this Meyer thing was not a big deal. Move on!

GM/Coach - Assuming we go 1-15 or 0-16 I shoot for Chucky. Give him Thomas, Long, Pouncey, Marshall, Bess, Clay, Incognito, and Luck and I think a solid Offensive minded coach will do wonders for this club.

If we can't get Chucky then I think we pursue Rob Ryan. He can bring energy and a nastiness that our defense has basically never had. If we go after a Defensive minded coach I hope it's him.

Players - There are only a few keepers on this team. Fields (MVP), Thomas, Long, Pouncey, Incognito, Marshall (yes, even with his drops), Bess, Clay, Wake, Odrick, Starks, and V. Davis.

And...I know this won't be popular...But if we can't get Luck or Jones in the Draft then we need to sign Henne for another year. There really won't be anyone to serve as a starting QB 2012. He was showing some progress and heart. I just can't see anyone realistically available that will be any better next year.

I thought Ross showed great courtesy and restraint by not smacking the chewing gum and sunglasses off of Tony Spumoni and telling him to get the f-ck out of the stadium.

WOW.. This is a business dealing with grown men, i highly doubt cowher cares about who stephen ross conversates with, AND if he did then he would obviously need to get his head out of his #$$. thiers no flucking crying in FOOTBALL!! What a POS article.

Mike L, you are a pansy. That's why YOU wouldn't play for this team, that's why YOU wouldn't coach this team. A real man doesn't look at an NFL job and laugh at it, it's an honor to be working in the NFL at those two positions, no matter what team you're on. If no one would coach or play for this team then why would you root for it. Do us a favor and never let the words Miami Dolphins pass through your lips again. You're a disgrace as a fan and a human being.

Jones would be a very bad choice! I would take Foles, Barkley, Griffin III, Tannehill or Cousins before I even debate about Jones. Jones stares down receivers, is not accurate and is a big baby like Cutler. The pressure in the pros may be way too much for Jones to handle. This is just my very humble opinion of course. BUT I have watched this kid since Bradford left.

On the 2 point conversion Will Allen ran right by Tebow. Thats all he had to do was slow down and wait for him instead he ran right by him look at the replay.

I have written here before that in my opinion Stephen Ross is an idiot. He again proved to the world how clueless he is by standing next to Urban Myer while his current coach is basically walking the green mile and his team is once again blowing another home game.. NO self respecting coach would want to be associated with such an insensitive clueless owner. PLEASE somebody buy the Dolphins away from this IDIOT.

JPAO: Rob Ryan huh?

You officially became my least liked person on this board. Not that it means anything to you, but I know to take your posts from this point on and throw them in the trash.

Obviously you don't think the Dolphins have had enough of the Dallas influences here. We need more...not enough Dallas in the front office, the sidelines, the players...oh no no...Let's get Rob Ryan...

Let's get Rob Ryan so we can have a loudmouth circus twice a year with his brother Rex, another blowhard that has done absolutely nothing in NY...

Yeah, sounds like a great plan...


Oh good grief -- CRY ME A RIVER -- So what Ross was standing by Meyer at the game.

"I'm told the sight of Ross laughing and talking with with Meyer while current coach Tony Sparano was busy trying to get his team its first win upset some football folks around the NFL. This morning, I already have three three emails from football people around the league who are livid at the Dolphins owner for "dissing," as one put it, Sparano on his own sideline."

This part of the article is the biggest embarrassment to professional journalism that's come around in a long time. I like how he quotes "dissing". Roflmao Really, one put it as "dissing"? Who were you talking too the fresh prince of Bel-air? Dissing ,,,hahahaha. They're livid? lol Really? There are "football people" who are so mad that they're "livid"? About something that's going on within a 0-6 team? Who in the hell are you trying to fool, no one cares about the Dolphins or their problems besides us. LIVID ,,,,,,,LOL!

albert: ever take the time to think that ross was speaking to meyer because his franchise honored them at halftime?

why is it when people say things like idiot, then tend to shine the light a little brighter on themselves?

Phins78: THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR! Sweetness!

I wonder what he said when he left..."Smell ya later!"


Nick, that's not even the worst part of his post. The worst part was him saying if we didn't get Luck or Jones, he'd re-sign Henne (sounds like as the starter). LOL! Now I know why women stay in abusive relationships. They don't know anything else.

This guy thinks Henne would be better than ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD. AND thinks a new HC would trust in the QB who basically got the last HC fired.

Talk about dumb. I know the U.S. is falling behind the World in school, but this is ridiculous.

JPAO, please write another post telling us how you would keep Matt Moore as the 3rd best option if Henne didn't want to come back and we couldn't get Luck or Jones. Or how you would keep our run-first philosophy intact next year. Or how we should re-sign Ronnie Brown and release Bush.

Please, we need to see genius in action, lol!

And why are "football people" emailing a reporter about football business or what they perceive as a "dis"? Who are these "football people"? I mean that leaves an incredible amount of room for guesses as to who you may be talking about. Equipment managers are "football people". Towel boys are "football people". The hot dog vendor is a football person. Armando's family and we fans are all football people. Who are these scathing remarks coming from Armando? inquiring minds want to know.

I'd ABSOLUTELY re-sign Henne, as our scout team QB and nothing more.

I thhought Ross showed great civility and restraint by not smacking the chewing gum and sunglasses off of Tony Spumoni's face and telling him to get the f out of the stadium.

Craig, for the last time. I am not Mr. Crow making fun of you over Burress. You can try to pin it on me, but, that won't make it true.

Ask Armando to verify it. I implore you to do so, so we can see how wrong you are, AGAIN!Getting everyone, including yourself, to believe it wont make it true. But, feel free to keep up your exercise in futility.

When will you accept the fact that there are MANY posters here who think of you the same way I do? Your arrogance & ignorance knows no boundries.

FYI, the Palmer statement you made was that after watching him play for this first time in a year, without practicing, training camp, playbook knowledge, new teammates, you said:

"He looked like the guy I've thought he was all along."

So, you're telling everyone what? That you were RIGHT about him? What else were you meaning? You sure didn't imply that he was rusty, right? You implied you felt he was never that good and yesterdays game proves it.

Why are you denying what you said..AGAIN?

Give us ALL a break with your know it all attitude. It's chilidsh. The only thing that makes you relevant here is your irrelevance.

Tell us again how the rookie QB's aren't playing well & Ireland was right to pass. Tell us again how Ireland & Sparano deserved their extensions. Tell us again how the Jets didn't improve with Buress or NE without Haynesworth. Tell us again how you can't fire a coach with the threat of a lockout & expect to succeed(Harbaugh)

We simply can't get enough of your wisdom! VOMIT

smell ya later,,,,,,lol. I thought nah forget it, yo homes too Bel Air!

Ross continues to make professional blunder after blunder. As soon as I saw Ross trying to yuck it up with Meyer on the sideline and the generally serious, perturbed look from most shots, I thought immediately how awkward it must have been as Meyer was clearly there in support of Tebow. Very bizarre.

If I'm Ross, here are the stipulations I put in any contract for a GM/HC:

If I (Ross) see any names below on the team come June, you're fired:


That should get the point across clearly.

Perception may be reality Mando but money and Team control will sway even the most *Star* caliber type of coaches to their teams cuases...it just would create even more incentives for someone like cowher or fisher to come here and work for ross...

The sideline incident might cost Ross in the wallet, as did the Harbaugh incident, but won't deter a new head coach. And since it's not my money what the hell do I care.

More classic Craig M. below:

How are people ready to draw so many conclusions about players and teams after ONE week of football? I mean seriously??...talk about knee-jerk.

Posted by: Craig M | September 11, 2011 at 08:48 PM

------- Then only 45 minutes later -----------

Both these QBs suck....the teams win DESPITE these two guys not because of them. Shows it can be done if there's enough talent on the team.

Posted by: Craig M | September 11, 2011 at 09:31 PM


DC: I have to say, I dont think Bell and Taylor have been THAT bad honestly. It's easy to point to them when everything around them is crumbling...Honestly, JT has played better than I anticipated...

Until a true "scheme" gets into this defense, I give everyone of them a pass...

As for Columbo and Co. prove they are capable of ANYTHING, they are all on notice...

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