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Perception may hurt Dolphins in hunt for Cowher

Sometimes perception is reality. And sometimes that's enough to hurt.

Well, this morning, I'm told the Dolphins may have been hurt in a self inflicted way by the lasting pictures of former Florida coach Urban Meyer sharing time on the sideline with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross at Sun Life Stadium Sunday afternoon.

I wrote in Monday's Herald how Ross and Meyer shared time on the sideline before the game, during the fourth quarter, and during overtime as the Dolphins lost to the Denver Broncos. I made the point that the time the two spent together during the game was coincidental because Ross was headed toward the locker room rather than the field had the Dolphins held their lead.

I also wrote that Meyer isn't a coaching candidate for the team on an interim basis, but if you know Ross and his desire to hire a "star" coach next January, Meyer cannot be discarded longterm from the conversation until either he or Ross says he's not a candidate.

So basically, the time the men spent together wasn't a big deal from a practical standpoint. But apparently from the perspective of football people, the time could be costly to Ross and the Dolphins.

I'm told the sight of Ross laughing and talking with with Meyer while current coach Tony Sparano was busy trying to get his team its first win upset some football folks around the NFL. This morning, I already have three three emails from football people around the league who are livid at the Dolphins owner for "dissing," as one put it, Sparano on his own sideline.

And apparently Bill Cowher could be one of those that might have been left shaking his head. Cowher, by the way, is on Miami's informal list of coaches to approach once the season is over and the Dolphins go searching for a permanent coach replacement. Fact is, Cowher might be the leading candidate for the Dolphins if anyone can be considered that.

But one person who is familiar with Cowher's thinking tells me the former Pittsburgh coach cringes at the idea of working for an owner who would "show up" his current coach as some football folks believe happened Sunday.

Cowher, you see, is keeping close tabs on how the Dolphins are conducting themselves these days because he recognizes Miami is a possible landing spot. But, my source said, Cowher has apparently been disappointed in some of the things he's seen from the Dolphins as to how they treat Sparano, dating back to last year.

It's plausible if you believe Cowher wanted nothing to do with the Dolphins last year when Ross was looking around following a 7-9 season. Cowher was rumored to have told Ross he would not speak about any coaching vacancy while the Dolphins had a coach still on the job.

I cannot say that Cowher actually got that message to the Dolphins or not. But I know people close to him are convinced Cowher doesn't take kindly to other football coaches being mistreated. And, as I just said, a handful of football people who emailed me this morning thought Sparano was disrespected by Ross and Meyer.

So it's quite possible what Ross might see as harmless happenstance time spent with Meyer on Sunday might cost him a chance to land Cowher because the former Pittsburgh coach and other NFL football people have a different opinion what that time meant.

Again, the truth is the Meyer-Ross show on the sideline during the game was coincidental. But that doesn't matter to some people. They perceive that time the owner shared with a potential future coach as disrespect toward his current coach.

And, true or not, perception is reality in their minds.


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ALoco go make us some mint tea!

ALoco please clean your trailer.
It is full of Iguana poo!

Other than the o-line, I say we can contend for the playoffs.

I know a lot depends on Henne, but I believe his improvement will continue to shine in Dabolls offense. HenningS is and always was a quarterback killer.

I think we're one starting calibre offensive lineman away from contention.

Posted by: odinseye | August 31, 2011 at 06:21 PM

This post from the fool Odin.,LMAO only one player away from playoff contention.What a Dolt.

A lot of conspiricy theorist on here today.....DC..your really trying hard to fit a ROUND peg in to a SDQARE hole.....

This "Collection of player" (as others have stated, and I agree with).....Suck....

They don't need to "suck for Luck.....

They suck all on their own...no conspiricy here.....just plain old bad play.....and bad coaching......

Nothing more....and nothing less.....

Ross does not understand NFL protocal when it comes to whom he speaks to. He showed that by his visit last year to the west coast. I think since the Gators were being honored, he was being a good host by talking to the coach of that team. People speculate way too much about stuff. It was a chance meeting and what was Ross supose to do, ignore the coach? He knew Sporano has his hands full with his team and no need to bother him and why get cosy with a guy your going to be firing soon.

That's what they say, but I'm not so sure. I was pretty drunk at the time, I think he just got "BUZZED"!

Then again, I have been called a Rabid Phins Fan!

Who knows-Fist PUMP!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | September 08, 2011 at 01:57 PM

More evidence that Odin needs rehab.

......and no need to bother him and why get cosy with a guy your going to be firing soon.

Posted by: mike LeBlanc | October 24, 2011 at 07:18 PM

Great line......and very rational post....

I do think it looked in poor taste...and I can see how other "proffesionals" might be put off by such behavior from the owner....especially after last year....

In the end...WHO CARES....Sporano and Ireland did this to themselves....if the WON more....nobody would give a rat's @ss who Mr. Ross speaks to....



Steven Ross left the country this morning. Perception...

Your a high powered head Coach and you see how Ross is as an owner.....would you want to come here? Really??

sadly enough another bad move by ross. guy just needs to stay away from cameras till season is over. offer cowher the gm/coaches job. let him hire anyone he wants and back a brinks truck up to his house. he will bring back respect to this organization. keep losing we have to get luck

This is the dumbest column ever! It was Florida Gator day you idiot! I know you, Armando, want to make a splash with this season being a waste, but you missed it big time and make South Florida reporting look as dumb as the coaching staff! Speculation, rumors, fan pleasing......that is what the south fla media is all about; and ironically, the same as this dolphin front office.....look in the mirror please, ONE TIME!

Cowher can't be that thin skinned or stuck-up! If so we don't need him! Well, maybe we do!

Cowher is not a football GOD- if he wants to work in the sunshine state and live in beautiful south florida then he will have to negotiate a few things. These minor issues he seems to not care for- too bad. There wont be too many coaching opportunities next year for him to apply for.

The Below is what I want to read and hear from the next Dolphin Head Coach and GM.

To all my fans,

Just a quick update on where I stand on joining YOUR, the fans team in Miami.

I will not make any decisions until the head coach and GM positions are vacant.

The following conditions must be meet for me to take over.

1) Total unconditional control over all football decisions.
2) Total control over hiring and firing staff, players.
3) Total control over all draft choices. (no exceptions)
4) Total control to hire if I choose to a GM.
5) Total control over all contractual obligations.
6) Total control of free agency acquisitions.

If I accept the position to right the sunk ship I want to let all the Dolphin Fans know that I am with you and will do everything in my power to right all the wrong from all my predecessors over the past several years.

I promise to regain your trust and bring the Miami dolphins back to the top like the good old days when my friend and Hall of Fame Coach Don Shula was here.

Don and I talk often as he is a wealth of knowledge of which we all envy to be.

I promise all the fans that i WILL draft a QB in the first round. If we have the #1 pick, It WILL be Andrew Luck if he's available.

I will try and fill all the holes which are currently occupied by ACORNS with new talent.

I will interview each and every player immediately and lay my cards out and let them all know that they are being paid to produce and I expect production. Anything else and they will not be privileged to wear a Miami Dolphin uniform,.

This goes for everyone from Branden to Pouncey to Long. Produce or seek employment elsewhere.

This is going to be a team with players that want to be champions. Anything else is unacceptable.

Thanks again to all the fans and look for updates on this fluid situation in the coming weeks.

The Jaw.

PS... This is what I expect from a star head coach named COWHER.




Im so tired of people trying to feel sorry for sprano, this is a business the man makes millions of dollars I dont feel sorry for him, I hope we go 0-16. If any of us regular folks would have done the same piss poor job as sprano, our bosses would be looking to replace us to.

This JUST IN......Pun Intended......


Ya get it......

Maybe he has had something to do with Dungy's success in his stint with INDY.....

I'm sure that was probably wasted on your neaderthal mind....you probably want to meet me at lunch time for a fight on the play ground now....

Sparano is pure garbage as a coach. He looks more like a low-budget mobster than an actual football coach. This is the mess Parcells left behind, and when a mess it's turned out to be!

The best thing the Dolphins can do is blow this thing up, cut some losses and hope to land a decent coach and QB who can be a difference maker. Holding onto game managers like Henne and Moore is a prescription for more of the same next season.


People Please disrespect! this is a business! You know what is disrespectful paying someone to go winless!!! Sparano is stealing ROSS'S Money!!!!

Let Ross be Ross

This is such a bunch of pathetic BS. Ross is the owner, he can do what he wants. If football people want to be sensative little pansies then I for one dont want them to coach or have anything to do with the team.

All of this judgement is stupid. Ross wants to do whats best for this team. That, I am confident of. Everyone that talks about how bad it looked when he tried to go after Harbaugh needs to just shut up. If he would have landed Harbaugh then nobody would say anything, he might even be called a genius at this point if the Fins had the same record as SF.

The only sure thing that will happen at some point is that Sparano will be FIRED and hopefully takes Ireland with him. Get rid of the Parcells people and hopefully we get Luck in the draft and can start over.

The owner does not play the game, the coaches and GM are responsible for the talent and effectiveness of the product on the field.



DSopn't take this as disrespect to your opinion, but you're a nut, dude. Think about waht you said: Trade away the #1 pick for a "quality" QB in the 2nd rd????!!! Are you fu.king kidding me??!! Trading down is why we don't have a franchise QB. I think, if whoever we hire to run this hodgepodge next yer, trades away the #1 pick and the chance to land a franchise QB, should be let loose in the streets of Miami for the natives to run down and tear apart limb from limb!! I fu.king mean that!!!!!!!!!

I feel for Andrew Luck if dolphins have the first pick im going back to college the team sucks and so do the worthless fans who say Suck For Luck even Luck said that it was a stupid phrase lol

Well, if ALoco doesn't answer, then I will give another opinion. Billionaires like Huizinga and Ross are "hands on", they don't delegate, too afraid of losing their $. And look where it's gotten them. Now, some of them, like Bob Kraft, do things differently with excellent results. Again, my opinion, it's the organization that has sucked here for the past 20 years.


Truly great Men don't believe in personal Glory, rather on the Collective's. The rest, although mentioned, have always been a-sholes.

Now, Amigos, really, did you think I was gonna let you off the hook?

Internet won't change People drastically, but it's putting great pressure to.

Well I admit that I didn't give Jacksonville a snowball's chance in Hawaii.


Honestly I had the same thought. Rather than yucking it up at a very critical moment with Meyer, who is obviously rooting for Tebow, was a very inappropriate and tone deaf gesture. No matter what the "coincidence" stop being so f-ing star struck and know when to support your coach. Ross deserves this criticism hands down...he made a fool of Sparano...again!!! That picture pissed me off more than the game because it was classless and clueless and I agree it will hurt us. Sparano deserves better.

Hey I don't see anyone blame it on Henne or QB anymore...lolololol how about blaming the WIDE RECEIVERS and the CHOKE DEFENSE!!!! the true culprits of this team sucking so bad.... Moore has done a decent job considering he is a mediocre QB at best.... BUT ALL THE WIDE RECEIVERS AND DEFENSIVE PLAYERS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEIR PERFORMANCES FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS.... they just plain SUCK!!! and that includes everyones pretty boy Marshall... 4 TD's in 2 seasons... PLEASE... THE 3RD WR IN ANY TEAM HAS MORE TD'S THAN THAT!!!! JOKE OF AN OWNER!!! and JOKE AT THE WR position.. it has been the cancer for this franchise.... ITS NOT HENNES FAULT, NO WONDER HE CHOOSE TO END HIS SEASON... I WOULD TOO, WHO THE HELL WOULD WANT TO TAKE THE ABUSE FOR THIS S*HIT PERFORMANCE BY EVERYONE AROUND YOU!!!!!

I don't want cower anyway. He won one SB in like 14 yrs. Being out of football for years I'm not sure he is ready to jump back into the 14 Hr days it will take to fix this mess. Pass on him and go with another up and coming coach

"And apparently Bill Cowher could be one of those that might have been left shaking his head.

Pretty far reaching speculation.

Id think for someone who didn't think it was a big deal for Ross to meet Myers on the field you would shoot holes in the ideal rather then reluctantly go along with it just because you got a couple emails.

"But one person who is familiar with Cowher's thinking tells me"

Right. Then you ask this knowledgeable source "would cowher like what ross did" ,even though you dont think its a big deal, you ask anyway right? And now it looks like Cowher said this and is mad because some guy who knows how cowher thinks said something.

Lame story. Find a real one instead of making one.You would think you would rather write about something you and most fans believe in, rather then 2 or 3 "football sources that sent you emails"

This story was linked from espn. Only flames the fire more over 2 or 3 people you wont name that sent you emails

Goodevening Dolphin Fans
From Captain Midnight Lives

Say it ain't so!!!

by the time we lost the game after being up 15 points, i shook my head and wasnt suprised. We have some wierd curse over us. The oddest things seem to happen. We lose and win in spectacular fashion. The oddest fumbles and drops from people never known for it. Players known to play an elite level look pedestrian this year

Blah Blah Blah, we aren't going to get Luck because he'll refuse to play for Miami, we wont get Cowher because he thinks we hurt Sparanos feelings. i freaking hate journalists. You are all naysaying jerks. Go to hell.

Im actually surprised armando thinks we are a major rebuilding project.

I think if anything, out of all the bad teams we are the least worse of them all.

I honestly think we will be lucky to lose out, our luck we win just enough to not get a qb.No pun intended.

I think our lt lg c will be savlable making next year still salvagble. I think the phins will be the cushiest spot to land for any head coach. We have all our picks and might be close to #1 pick and we have a pretty deep team.The wheels just fell off and its too late to trun things around. Its also not in our best intrest anymore.

I just think its 2 bad. We finally start seeing Henne play well and his shoulder gets blown up. Just our Luck. People can deny it, but Henne was actually looking good this year, Had it not been for Marshal and Bess dropping so many balls it would be obvious on his stat sheet.

Goodevening Dolphin Fans
From Captain Midnight Lives

Say it ain't so!!!

Goodevening Dolphin Fans
From Captain Midnight Lives

Say it ain't so!!!

I can just see it now.
the media will cause us to lose all the excellent candidates by continually undermining every move ross makes.
Heck, the guy can't stand on the sideline having a conversation without him being seen as "interviewing" someone.
They'll print bad stories about the organization and then print how they failed to get anybody they wanted.
If I was StephenRoss, The team would be silent and not allow any media around except for the required time allowed by the league.

A coach is only as good as his players. Some can tweak players to get the best out of them but you can't shine Sh__, well you know. Cowher knows players so does Gruden and Meyer. That being said the new coach must have complete control over personnel. Also a new GM of his choice. Ireland could not catch a good draft laying by an open window in Alaska. No more of the Dallas dropouts. And Ross don't become Jerry Jones. Sit back and pay the bills (Cowher I hope. There is talent on this team but it is miss used. Some should stay but most must go!!! I've been a Dolphin fan for 40 years and this is the worst stretch ever. at least Detroit gives me hope. Just Believe!!!

Come on Armando! Are you seriously trying to defend/apologize for Ross and his ineptitude? Do you think we are that stupid? Ross has no clue! He wants to be Jerry Jones, but doesn't know the first thing about football. If he did, he would not have Carl Petersen hanging around. He is a joke, and clearly he is seen as a joke by most of the NFL. Stop sugar coating if for us and for him. You can roll a turd in powdered sugar, but doesn't make it a jelly donut.

If Ross really wants a top caliber coach and Andrew Luck the best thing that he can do is stay in the owner's box with the celebs he likes to have around and stay out of all football matters until he's ready to take firm, decisive action.

Does anyone care if Cowher's feelings are hurt? Does anyone care if Sparano was "dissed", does anyone care about their feelings? Win some damn games, it is a joke! Fire Ireland, and Sparano asap, I don't care about either ones feelings, they make a ton of money and obviously can't do the job, go away.... If they had any self-respect they would resign!

ok the way i see it the owner (of any team) owns the team and isn't involved in the day to day football operations (unless he is Jerry Jones or Al Davis). So prior to Ross buying the team Huzinger gave Parcells and co. their contract, so what was the plan? we were 1-15 when they came on and drafted Jake Long so you would think they were going to start with building a good line but Ireland takes 4 years before he drafts another star O lineman in Pouncey. Again what was the plan? how were they going to build a team without a plan?

By honoring the opposing qb college team at half time was the ultimate showing of disrespect to the Dolphins and their fans especially those who root against the Gators. The sidelines incident with Myer is just the final nail in the coffin. It is sad to see this once proud franchise sink so low. We need a wholeale house cleaning and put in place a team who's first priority is supporting the Dolphins and not showing them up in their own stadium.

Another reason Mr.Ross is Not qualified to be a Sport's owner !

Leave sport franchises to Owner who love to win and care about their fans Not just filling their pockets with people's money !

Walk with Christ and be saved !

Why not bringing TONY DUNGEE?

How about TONY DUNGEE?

Mr.Ross please sign Bill Cowher and also hire a franchise quaterback. the rebuilding has to stop the time is now to make the Miami Dolphins one of the elite teams in the NFL.

Angryfan i agreed 100 percent about that.


Miami Dolphins: Same circus, different clowns...

I think that the Dolphins ownership(s), Heinzenga and Ross, have driven this organization into the NFL abyss. First, bringing in Parcells, Sparano, and Ireland to cut, chop, trade, and massage this team with no accountability is absurd. This guy has bought into a business that he knows little or nothing about.

Just look at the personnel movements that have been made. Most have been talent give-aways as was true in the trading of Wes Welker to the Patriots (oddly to our division opponent) and also lets get rid of Jason Taylor who was the reigning Defensive player of the year and trade Cris Camarillo to the Vikings for a DB named Sapp, the get rid of Sapp for 1 egregious error on a monday night game that was lost on many plays, not just the one on Sapp against Welker.

Then there was last year with Ross barfing all over himself with the Jim Harbaugh feasco. Also, Sunday's game honoring the Gators in the very stadium where the Miami Hurricanes play and where their fans make up a large part of the Dolphins fanbase. Do I think this man is stupid, well hell yes! Not to mention the absurdity of Ross being on the sidelines with Urban Meyer who coached Tebow at Florida and stands there while the carnage on the field ensues.

I am just in misbelief at the spectre of everything.

From a longtime fan.
when does the Bleeding Stop?Have To cleanhouse Again!

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